Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Indoor Ultrasonic Repellent for Roach, Rodent, Mouse, Bugs, Mosquito, Mice, Spider, Electronic Plug in Pest Control, 6 Packs

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Ultrasonic Pest RepellerUltrasonic Pest RepellerUltrasonic Pest RepellerUltrasonic Pest RepellerUltrasonic Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
ZEROPEST Electronic Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 6 Packs ZEROPEST Electronic Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 6 Packs ZEROPEST Electronic Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 6 Packs ZEROPEST Electronic Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 6 Packs ZEROPEST Electronic Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 4 Packs
Item Package 6 pack 6 pack 6 pack 6 pack 4 pack
Covered Area 1300 sq. ft 1200 sq. ft 1200 sq. ft 1200 sq. ft 1800 sq. ft
Human And Pet Friendly

Features & Specifications

  • Intelligent Frequency Conversion: press once for the first level, the frequency is 25KHz-65KHz, suitable for common pests. Press again for the second level, the frequency is 10KHz-15KHz, suitable for heavy pests (Note: the second level is working with external sound, it is recommended to use when no one is at home); press three times to turn off
  • Efficient Pest Repellent:2022 newest pest ultrasonic repeller that will help you get pests out of your home, office, hotel, warehouse, restaurant, cafe, BBQ place, backyard and apartment.
  • Eco-Friendly and Friendly: Throw away harmful poisons, hazardous chemicals and traps commonly, which always used in households and control technicians. Ultrasound is inaudible to humans and household pets. It is an eco-friendly alternative to harmful and dangerous chemicals, poisons and traps, no unpleasant odors.
  • Easy to Use: just plug the electronic pest control ultrasonic repellent in power sockets; it will start to repel the pests when the blue light on.
  • After Sales: If you have any questions, you can contact us directly. We will sincerely help you solve the problem.

Pros & Cons


Best Thing Since Sliced Bread! I recently moved into a new apartment (Nov 4-2022) and to my horror less than two weeks later after I unpacked my pots and pans and started cooking again, I started noticing rodent droppings. I tried to convince myself there’s no way, it has to be something else but noooo it was exactly that, not to mention the germ carriers got brave and started showing themselves…Ugh One of my biggest fears had come through. I called my friends who along with Google advised me to leave Irish Spring soap lying around ✅ Seal all holes with steel wool ✅ Leave poison baits…I have a dog who I’m madly in love with so WON’T do that! Soak cotton balls with peppermint oil. Dogs are highly sensitive to smells and upon further research I found out they’re not to inhale peppermint oil. You name it, I tried it as long as it wasn’t toxic to my baby. I came across the ZEROPEST Ultrasonic Pest Repeller and decided I had nothing left to lose. A day or two after I plugged them in, and pushed that button for the blue light to come on (I had one in each room) I noticed at least 90% less droppings. I cleaned all that up just to be sure, then after that and to this day (Jan 14-2023) I haven’t seen one dropping or one mouse sighting. My dog’s ears are sensitive so whenever she’s at her dad’s for a couple days, I put them on high frequency before I leave for work. I have nothing to gain from writing a review that is dishonest. I don’t think you should spend your hard earned money based on a lie. I truly feel badly for anyone these don’t work for but if you have those suckers running around drinking and eating from your pet's bowls availing themselves of the food in your pantry crapping all over your stove and counters …just try it!! I live in NYC and they say mice are everywhere. I can tell you one place they aren’t anymore…my apartment

ZERO Pest repeller. This product is as simple as plugging it into an electric outlet. It seems to be working extremely well. Prior to using we were constantly having problems dealing with centipedes in our basement which is a bit damp and probably ideal habitat for them. About once or twice a week one or two would show up in our 1st floor rooms. I find them extremely disgusting and was willing to try anything. I ordered the 6 pack of zero pest and after plugging in only 4 through the basement and 1st floors I have not seen a single one of them. Having had them in use for 2 months I think it’s safe to say that they have left their nest or whatever the creatures live in. You must give this a try if any pests are giving you a problem because they seem to work and I have them on the quiet mode which doesn’t upset my two dogs. The higher setting is audible and I would recommend that for outdoors use. This doesn’t bother my pets and it seems to be silent to everything but what you want to annoy. With a money back guarantee it’s worth trying out. I found it hard to believe but it does seem to do the trick.

Great value, great product. Construction next door and rainy weather brought mice into my place. I was cleaning daily and I had my clothes and food stored in plastic containers, but I was still having an issue with the mice. Once i installed the ultrasonic devices, I noticed a difference. Previously I would open drawers and find mice droppings even though there was nothing in those drawers. Once I installed the devices I noticed a significant change in mice droppings. I still find some droppings here and there. There is non stop construction going on next door and it’s cold outside, so I know I will be dealing with this issue for a while, but I 1definitely have seen much less droppings in my place. Very happy with the product. I can now sleep at night. Thank You!

happy w results! this product was easy to set up, all we had to do was plug them into the wall around the house and wait.. we have had them all set up for about a month now, and have not seen any insects and a lot less mice. the product does warn that you may see more pests in the first couple of weeks (which we did thanks to our two cats showing them off to us after the mice started to flee their hiding places). i think we have gotten over the hump and we have seen significantly less evidence of pests around our very old house (even now that its gotten colder). also love that it is pet friendly! happy with our results so far (fingers crossed)!

Pretty good. I’ve been using all 6 of these in my small 1 bedroom apartment for the past couples of weeks, it’s been extremely infested with roaches of all kinds ever since we’ve lived here. We’ve tried everything, pest control, glue pads, bait traps. Nothing has gotten rid of them including these Pest Repellers, but I have noticed the numbers have gone down a little bit since using the Pest Repellers compared to the other stuff. I’m sure if I did the high setting it would help even more, but I’m always at home so I’m not able to because the sound it makes on high. Even though the roaches aren’t completely gone, I have a little peace of mind knowing that the Pest Repellers are doing something when I can’t since they stay plugged in 24/7 and they’re better than continuously spending money on traps. I will never try a roach bomb because of the residue it leaves on everything so I will stick to healthier methods like this.

No more critters. We moved across country from Az to NC and bought a house. Finger settled in and found we hab an unwanted guess that was eating things and leaving a mess. Tried these traps from home depot the only feed the mice and didnt work. Saw these zero pest on Amazon and said what the heck I will try them so I ordered them. I was always skeptical about these contraptions. I got it pretty quick and opened it and read direction, still didnt think they would work, plugged the thing in in the kitchen and hit the button and said well let's see what happens. Well a the next morning we looked in the areas where the mice had been and it was clean. Checked other areas and clean no evidence of any mice anywhere. My wife put some appetizers out for the little guy and we checked for a week after and it still there. Put more of these out, one in garage, upstairs,and under the house. It's been over a month and no mice, spiders anything. Extremely happy with this product. Will buy again if I need to and have suggested to family to get. I recommend to buy this product, it works.


Easy to use, arrived on time and as ordered, Effectiveness, we wait and see. I thought I had written a review after getting frustrated trying to contact the seller d/t not receiving all 6 units. My mistake, one fell out of the box and I just found it. Now I can't find that review so I'm assuming I did not hit submit. I received (all six) quickly, late in the day. I found droppings last year after I moved in and found where mice had chewed through some food packages. Apartment management put two traps in my kitchen which the mice ignored and I finally tossed them. I bought larger plastic storage containers to keep anything they might get into and that has helped a lot. This year I didn't see droppings when the weather turned cold. I saw the mice. The apartment management again put two black traps which the mice ignored but seemed to attract ants. I complained again when I saw mice under the baseboard and another time coming out from under the stove. Next day I come home to lumps of poison on three paper plates in my small kitchen. I don't want poison in my kitchen. I don't want to kill them, just make them go away. The night they arrived which was two days ago I was tired, thought I'd read the instructions and plug them in the next day. Sitting on the couch thinking about heading for bed I hear little feet in the heat register, again. I grabbed the units and plugged them in. I have a two bedroom apartment under 1000 sq ft. I put one in the living room, one in the dining room and one in each bedroom. That was two days ago so I can't say how effective they are yet. There is a button on the front, push once for inaudible for smaller pests, press again for audible for larger pests which is faint but I can hear within two or three feet. There's light on it when you press the buttons to indicate what level you're on. Listings says each unit covers up to 1300 sq ft. I figured one in each room. Can't do the kitchen or bathroom as I don't have an outlet closer to the floor. So far so good. I thought I heard something last night, little feet on metal sound. Then, it could be my imagination but a tiny yelp and feet runing away in the other direction. Maybe I was just too tired and hopeful but I'm hoping it was the effect of the Zero pest repeller and that it means it's working well. I would promise an update at a later time but we all know that's not going to happen! Like one in a thousand people actually post an update when they say they will. So fingers crossed! Oh, I lent one to my neighbor next to my apartment who said she can sit there and watch them come from under her dishwasher into her apartment. Hopefully she will be able to tell if it's helping. Oh and...maybe it will help with the ants and the flies in the summer! Hopefully!

Preventative, yes. Remedy, no. The arctic blast we experienced a few weeks ago brought in rodents. In an act of desperation, I tried a little bit of everything. This device did not drive them out; however, it did annoy the heck out of them. It bought them out of their hiding, but it was not enough to make them leave. When it’s that cold outside (negative temperatures) it will take more than annoying sounds to drive them out. Rodents are not stupid – they’ll weigh their options (freeze to death vs. enduring annoying sounds). I caught 6 rats and 4 mice on glue traps with these devices plugged in throughout the house. Once I got those out, no more have come back in, and it’s been cold since. We have another cold snap coming, so I’ll see how it goes. From what I can tell thus far – it deters them from coming in, but once they are in, it’s not enough to drive them out. So, these are good for preventive measures, not remedies once the issue is inside.

Please read review, to understand the stars, it might be perfect for someone else. I liked the design, that there are more audio 'vents' than some of them on the market. The packaging was excellent; It arrived in a timely manner in perfect condition. For someone who doesn't have pets or children and leaves for work, it might be excellent ! You could turn them on when leaving, and turn off while you -or any other human was- were home. Maybe after having got rid of everything inside ? plug it in outside to repel them before they get to the house ? +-30 years ago, we'd bought a home that had been vacant for several months, so there was a veritable colony! We purchased a larger unit than this that was very loud, and we turned it on once a week when we went to church. When we remembered, when we all went shopping and made sure the cat was outside ;) It was VERY helpful. It took a while for the rodents to get the message, but eventually, they were all gone and we had some peace in that aspect of life. These are much softer sounding! And I would recommend more than once a week, but even that seldom or often, whichever way you consider it, was helpful for us. I feel like I would like to encourage companies toward this technology, and I don't want to dampen anyone's enthusiasm for engaging a more humane resolution than sticky traps and poison and all... I think these kinds would be great in a house for sale with the electricity still on, you could just press the buttons just before you showed the house, or as you entered each room, they didn't give us a headache in 20 seconds and I'd think any realtor would benefit from this product for a vacant house. These particular ones didn't really work for us because there are so many animals that stay inside when all the humans are gone, but maybe it will for you without inside pets. I am sure it will keep the rodents away on the setting that can be heard and give you a headache! I don't think it necessarily has to be on 24/7 to work and the turning on and off might be a great option for those who can.

Still have mice and insects present. I bought these awhile back and spread them throughout my house, since the cold weather kept bringing in mice, and I haven't notice much of a change. I started noticing mice droppings in a specific room more so then the others. I placed three of these ultrasonic pest repeller just in that room, and found a scorpion on the wall right next to one the next day. I will continue to check day to day to see if, hopefully, they start minimizing the insect's and rodent's presents, but losing confidence.

Easy to use not sure if it's working. Easy to set up, package came in great condition, I have read similar reviews that say it took a month or more to notice a reduction in pests. Our issue is mice, I have noticed a slight reduction which is great but activity definitely increased at first. They are not completely gone unfortunately which is why I gave 3 stars. I have been using the product for over a month

Time will tell. I have had these installed for about 3 weeks. I wasn’t overrun with mice but still see evidence occasionally they are around. I think they work as advertised. Slimmer than other brands I have used before. I would rate these higher if they didn’t have a logo printed on them. It’s not discrete, it says right on them you have a pest problem.

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