ToughBag 42 Gallon Trash Bags, 3 Mil Contractor Bags, Heavy Duty Large Trash Can Liners, Black Garbage Bags, 38 x 48″ (50 COUNT) – Outdoor, Construction, Lawn, Industrial, Leaf – Made in USA

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ToughBag Trash Bags

ToughBag for tough jobs

It doesn’t matter what job you have ahead of you. For every need there is the bag you need. With the size and thickness necessary for each occasion. Take a look at the wide variety of options that we offer you and choose the one that best suits each moment.

Trash bags are indispensable in any home or commercial establishment. You need them to line your indoor or outdoor garbage cans, or for gathering raked leaves and twigs out on your lawn. Maybe you even need them as you’re packing for a big move, or you simply have a lot of miscellaneous items that you need to contain in one place before putting them into storage.

Whatever the case may be, you can’t go wrong by choosing top-quality garbage bags. Whether it’s for containing rubbish or storing household items and supplies, you need strong, durable trash bags to hold it all in. And, you need a supply that doesn’t easily run out.

Construction Site

Stock up on the ToughBag Heavy-Duty Trash Bags for your indoor and outdoor waste disposal needs. Each bag fits perfectly over large drum cans. If not used for residential waste, they’re also tough enough for construction settings, workshops, or landscaping jobs.

Each one features a gusseted design which allows for a more seamless fit inside trash cans. The gusset seal also helps keep unwanted leaks at bay, which helps for a cleaner, more sanitary waste disposal. No longer will you have to clean up nasty drippings on the floor or breathe in foul odors as you take out the trash!

And neither will you have to deal with junk falling or poking out of holes. Each polyethylene trash bag can withstand tears and punctures, which means these bags are less likely to get ripped easily.

After party


Recycling plastic

Many sizes

ToughBag 55 Gallon Industrial Trash Bags, 35 x 55” Large Black ToughBag 65 Gallon Industrial Trash Bags, 50 x 60” Large Black, Toter Liner ToughBag 44 Gallon Commercial Trash Bags, 38×46” Black ToughBag 55-60 Gallon Contractor Trash Bags, 38 x 58″, 3 Mil, Black ToughBag 55-60 Gallon Industrial Trash Bags, 38 x 58″ Large Black
Color Black Black Black Black Black
Pack size 50 50 100 50 100
Thickness 1.5 Mil 1.5 Mil 1.5 Mil 3 Mil 1.2 Mil
Size bag 35 W x 55 H 55 W x 60 H 38 W x 46 H 38 W x 58 H 38 W x 58 H

Features & Specifications

  • Industrial-Grade Large Trash Bags - These 42 gal large black trash bags are suited for a large volume of heavy waste. These big trash bags are generously sized (38x48") and come in packs of 50.
  • Multipurpose Contractor Bags - Use these black garbage bags for industrial/construction waste like wood, metal, ceramic, or glass without worries. They're 3 mil-thick to withstand tears/punctures.
  • No More Ill-Fitting Bags In Trash Cans - Lining your garbage can with these heavy duty garbage bags is easy because the gusseted design makes for a better fit. This also helps keep nasty leaks at bay.
  • An Eco-Conscious Choice - Each polyethylene heavy duty trash bag is made of partially recycled materials, making these lawn bags a good choice for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Locally Made - The large garbage bags are made in the USA. This allows us to ensure the quality of our outdoor trash bags. Our contractor trash bags are also backed by a lifetime money-back guarantee.
  • Dimensions: ‎17.01 x 5 x 10.98 inches
  • Weight: ‎0.3 Pounds

Pros & Cons


So Convenient. Bags are perfect size for the new roll out trash cans. I clip a 55 gallon bag with 3 clothes pegs to side and so easy to dump trash in and on trash day just tie up the bag. Keeps the trash can clean. They also fit the old trash cans for yard cleanup. This is a repeat order. Highly recommend.

Tough bags! Who made them? So far these bags are proving to be as tough as advertised. From regular household trash to yard debris, they hold up well. Only criticism is the packaging. They were delivered in a plain cardboard box (in good condition). The only writing on the box was the shipping label. There is no way to confirm that I actually got the brand I ordered. There was nothing in the box besides the bags to identify them. They perform well so I am not returning them.

Strong bags. REALLY big. I've been using these for leaves. They're HUGE. I like that since I don't have to fill up as many bags when I'm stuffing in the leaves. And they don't break when I drag them across the yard or up the concrete driveway.

Great bag. Would have got a 5 if the were attached in a roll but great strength and size

It FITS! Locally I could not find a trash bag large enough to fit my trashcan.. this is GREAT

Note the width stated in the description! No tie tabs. Don’t expect a nice graphic covered box like you would buy at your local store. These come in a plain cardboard box and are packaged in a funky way that it’s difficult to just pull one at a time out. I don’t have a problem with that. I just picked them all up and dropped them in the bottom of the trash can. That's where I store them. I just put one bag on the can and when it's full there are more bags right there waiting and ready to be put into service. I do have a little trouble putting them in my 50 gallon trash can. I have to stretch the bag around the rim and if I’m not careful the bag will easily tear. My fault for not noticing that in the description it says that they are only 35 inches wide. I didn’t pay attention to that. I just looked for “55 gallon”, found what looked like a good deal and added it to my cart. Other 55 gallon bags have a wider width making them easier to fit your large wide mouthed trash can. So, they’re not the toughest bag out there, but they’re not the thinnest either. Anyone who tells you they are tough is lying to you. Anyone who tells you they are thin and useless is lying to you. I’ve purchased more expensive ‘tougher’ 55 gallon bags with similar issues, considering the price and quantity you get here, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. There is no plastic string through the top edge to pull closed and there are no premade tabs to grab, pull together and tie. The top of the bag is a straight edge. Since they are slightly too small for my can I just go around the top edge pulling and stretching it very lightly. Then it fits fine. Because the bag is longer than normal, when I pull a full bag out of the can there is plenty of bag on top for me to tie it closed even without the tabs found on other bags. I actually use these in a large 50 gallon trashcan in the house. Yes, we generate that much garbage. If I use a normal trashcan I would be taking the trash out every day. I'm too lazy to do that. I've only had a couple of these split on me when taking them out of the trashcan, but that was due to a big piece of cardboard or a stick poking into the side of the bag. I have yet to have one leak fermented juice all over the floor when taking it out of the can which was a problem I repeatedly had with a well known 'tougher' brand. Yeah, the size of these is a little strange. They're not the toughest, but their not the weakest either. They're trash bags. They hold trash and will quickly end up in the dump. If someone wants to spend more money on trash bags just to through them away every week that's their prerogative. I'll stick with these.


Not contractor grade bags. If you need big black basic trash bags, these would be great. However if you want really strong thick contractor grade bags- look elsewhere. These are thin and flimsy, not for construction or heavy cleanout of your home/garage.

Does not come in a “Tough Bag” box as shown in product photo. These may be good bags but they arrived stacked in a difficult position to pull out one bag at a time - in a flat generic cheap too small box that had split at the edges and corners (in other words damaged and useless to utilize to hold the bags). We must devise our own container to hold and pull the bags from. Seller should change their product photo which makes it look like its packaged, neat and organized.

Not as thick as I was expecting. They are decent

Sent wrong size. I ordered the trash bags well before I needed them so we wouldn’t run out. So I did not review the product until now. However upon trying to put the 55 gallon bag into my 40 gallon trashcan. I discover that it barely fits and I have to stretch it a lot to get it to stay on the rim. The reason we do 55 gallon bags is because we really like the bag hanging over the trash can so when its full, there is still enough bag left to tie. It’s too late o return them, so I guess I’m going to have to buy a smaller trash cash so I can use these, because I’ve ripped 2 trying to stretch them to fit our trash can. The bags are really nice, just the wrong size.

Very large but thin. The bags are really large but a lot thinner than what I usually buy. I think they work fine for my needs.

i would NOT call these tough. I don’t think these trash bags are very durable. Every time I put quite a few items in, it always ripped. If you’re trying to do a big job and fast… spend the extra money and get the hefty or you’ll be double bagging these for heavy items or anything with a sharp edge. not great

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