Reliefband Premier Anti-Nausea Wristband | FDA Cleared Nausea & Vomiting Relief for Anxiety, Migraine, Motion Sickness (Car, Air, Train, Sea), Hangover & Morning Sickness | Drug & Side Effect Free, Long Lasting, Fast-Acting (Charcoal/Slate Blue)

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Reliefband, Nausea Relief, Drug free, Fast Acting, PremierReliefband, Nausea Relief, Drug free, Fast Acting, PremierReliefband, Nausea Relief, Drug free, Fast Acting, PremierReliefband, Nausea Relief, Drug free, Fast Acting, PremierReliefband, Nausea Relief, Drug free, Fast Acting, Premier

Reliefband Classic Reliefband Premier Slate Blue Reliefband Charcoal Conductivity Gel
Reliefband Classic Reliefband Slate Blue Premier Reliefband Charcoal Premier Conductivity Gel
FDA Cleared
Drug Free
Side Effect Free
Fast Acting

Reliefband, Nausea Relief, Drug free, Fast Acting, Premier

Features & Specifications

  • RECLAIM YOUR LIFE: No longer will you be held back from doing what you love. Get back to living your life without the feeling of nausea and vomiting. Now with Reliefband, you’ll take on the world with ease and comfort.
  • 100% DRUG-FREE: With an 85% success rate according to our clinical trials, the Reliefband Premier is the #1 FDA-cleared, all-natural wearable solution for nausea and vomiting. Our fast-acting treatment puts you in the driver's seat in the fight against nausea.
  • FAST ACTING: Once activated, this anti-nausea band releases a specific pattern of pulses that stimulate the median nerve under the skin. The pulses normalize the nerve messaging from the brain to the stomach which rapidly relieves symptoms of nausea and vomiting without any side effects.
  • PREMIER FEATURES: Created with a contemporary user interface and hypoallergenic contacts made of surgical grade steel, our new Premier model is entirely latex-free. This band is also fully rechargeable and has 10 intensity settings, easily adjustable to your precise need.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: The Reliefband Premier comes with a USB rechargeable battery and charging cable. Additionally, you will receive 1 hypoallergenic conductivity gel tube. Fits wrist sizes 5.5" - 9.25"

Pros & Cons


it works. CAN WE PLEASE MAKE A BETTER CHARGER. Like come on a 2 inch cord is ridiculous i literally plug it in at night and the next morning it’s dead because the charger is so freaking small

Significantly Improved My Morning Sickness. I tried multiple options that my doctor recommended before trying the relief band. I have been using the relief band for two days and it has significantly improved my morning sickness and nausea. I had been getting sick multiple times a day and now I have not gotten sick once while wearing it. My nausea has become way more manageable.

It works! Learning how to fly and I was getting very nauseous. No longer a problem after using the band.

It works, but it took a lot of effort. For some background, I grew up traveling and never got motion sick. I spent weekends on boats and riding backwards in station wagons. Never had a problem. Suddenly in my 30s, I can't look at a canoe without getting seasick. I've tried most of what's out there and resolved myself to the idea that I had two choices: get sick or sleep from medication. I had a trip coming up that involved commercial flight, private planes, buses, limos, and riding in the back of trucks. With meetings in between each. Basically, I had no time to be sick. So I bought the reliefband Thankfully, it worked, I didn't get sick or feel motion sick at all. It was pretty amazing. On one of the private flights, the pilot thought it was hilarious to bank the jet and play around. I prepared myself to barf, but nothing happened, I was totally fine. Normally, this trip would have destroyed me. And I didn't have any issues with battery life or charging. The proprietary charger is a dumb idea and it's super delicate, but it worked fine. You definitely have to confirm it's connected and charging. And one charge would last me a 12 hour day of travel Now the bad... it only worked if I had it on a very specific spot on my wrist. And the band would not hold it in that place on its own. And if I shifted my arm, had to readjust. This was fine for air travel where I could sit in a seat and not move my arm or hold it in place with my other arm. I 100% would not trust this on a fishing trip offshore. There is no way it would stay in place and hit the nerve while moving around on a boat and actually trying to fish. Otherwise I highly recommend as long as you understand there are some significant design flaws in a $300 device that best I can tell is just designed from a PT stim machine

It's worth the money, it's not worth the money, it's worth the money. There are some design flaws that make it impossible for me to give it 5 stars. The charge cable is way too short, and the connection for charging is weak - I struggled to keep the charge cable connected to the device and have to place it *just so* so it doesn't slip off. For this price tag, this issue should be resolved. The rigid nature of the device also makes it slightly hard to fit comfortably in the right spot on my wrist, but this is workable. All that said, I get moderate motion sickness, and also significant/life limiting nausea related to anxiety. I used this prior to a root canal last month - typically the night before/morning of such a procedure would mean that I would be in and out of the bathroom repeatedly. This did not happen this time. No bathroom issues at all. That is a major win for me, and is hopefully a good indication that I will be able to open my world up a little more to other things that caused anxiety and/or motion sickness (traveling by plane, riding rides at amusement parks). I am supposed to fly in a few weeks (another major bathroom issue event), so we'll see if it can tackle that level of anxiety. I'm hopeful for the first time in YEARS. Fix the design issues, perhaps resolve the short battery life and this thing just might be a miracle.

Reliefband us great! But needs some work…. I’m torn on how to write this review. I love the band and it works great when the band is being cooperative. I’m on my second reliefband. The first one worked wonderful until the charger stopped working. I sent it back and they sent me a new one immediately. The second band has been working great but I’m having a hard time keeping it tight on my wrist. The tightening mechanism seems to not work properly. In order for the band to work to help with my nausea, I need it tight on my wrist. It keeps loosing every couple of minutes, which is frustrating. So I love this reliefband but I feel like it wasn’t made of great quality band and charging capabilities. The charging cord is also challenging to stay on. You have to put it on just right or it falls off. I wish the band was made of better material and the charging cord was more secure, but other than those small glitches, the reliefband itself does the job! I used to get super nauseas on car trips, but after using this, it has helped tremendously.


Charging cord is a bad joke. The charging cord is stupid short. It has a magnetic attachment that is so weak that the cord is almost impossible to keep linked. When you carefully get it linked, the second you put it down, the stiff little cord will immediately angle it back out of contact. At this price, this is beyond absurd.

Disappointed from start to finish. I ordered this for my wife after doing my research with hopes to at least ease my wife's extreme moring sickness and help her headache all things it claims to help with. Right when I receive there package I was less then impressed. They shipped in a box that was 4 or 5 times larger then was needed with no padding inside the box, meaning this $200 electric watch like item got banged around the whole trip. Next when I looked at the box it looks like someone had peeled back the stickers holding the box closed and then put them back. However once I got it open and did an invitory everything was there and looked 90% untouched do not the biggest deal. The instructions claimed you could charge 6 hours of charge in 15 minutes, and while I will not say this is fully false I will say it took a half hour to get past 15% battery. (go from red flashing to sold 1 sold blue bar (~15-25%)) once again annoying but no deal breaking if it worked. Since this deals an eltric shock I wanted to make sure I was there when my wife frist tryed it so we took it off the charger at around 50% (two blue bars). we followed the drictions to make sure the arm wad clean and to apply a quarter size blob rubbed in of the contact gel. Two fingers up the wrist, and then proceed to tighten it down snug. Next we powered it on and followed the instructions to keep increasing power till its uncomfortable, well we put it all the way up to max lvl (10) and she said well she felt it and it was annoying it was not uncomfortable (I'll admit she has a high pain tolerance). We let it sit for a while and it did not even take an edge off her headache or nausea my wife then proceeded to mess with it and try all different things to try and get it to do something (different arm, more gel, up and down the arm, cleaning everything) with no difference in the results. I almost wonder if it made it worse since she kept less food(no food) down then average yesterday however that could also just be a bad day for her. Today I decided to fully goop up her arm and try slowly moving it up and down her arm slowly to fid the point that she could feel it the most (still max power) and try tighting it down and leaving it with no better results. I then proceeded to try it on my self (gel and all) and well. I feel fine I fully agree with her that the device is not that powerful(I also have a high pain level) and I could of probably doubled the Power before it would have been trully painful and probly 50% for before I would say it was uncomfortable. I fully intend to return this device for a refund, since it does not work as advertised.

Didn’t work for me. I bought this for a recent cruise to Antarctica. I’m very prone to sea sickness, so I though I would try this (along with prescription medication). The device provided the tingling sensation described in the directions; although I needed to keep holding the band against my wrist for better contact. Unfortunately I still got horribly sea sick on the Drake Passage. ( worth it for this trip!)

The Original Relief Band is Better. The original relief band, the gel, and two extra batteries lived in my purse for years and used regularly The new version doesn’t work nearly as well for me. I have slender wrists and could never get the band adjusted to fit. The charging cable is fiddly and fragile. The charge didn’t last long - I had a daily 25 minute shuttle ride in Cairo, Egypt, where evening traffic makes just about every passenger urpy. A full charge didn’t hold overnight. Just ordered another classic version. Can’t recommend that one highly enough.

Band is a joke. I have only had Reliefband Premier Anti-Nausea Wristband for a short time and do not yet know how helpful it will be. It is nice enough looking and I am hopeful it will work. However, it has a major flaw, the band will not stay in place, which is absurd for an item that is premised on staying in place so the contacts can do their thing. I sure hope this is fixed and a replacement band is made available. BTW because of this defect, I was considering returning this item, however, I now see the it cannot be returned as it has a lithium battery. So I would think twice about buying. Frustrating for those of us with nausea issues.

Proprietary Charger is Cheap Garbage. I can’t really say whether it helps or not, yet. I came in with pretty level expectations, low risk since free returns are offered. But my review isn’t as much about how effective it is. Design, comfort, quality, etc is what I’ve assessed so far. I can definitely feel it (be sure you don’t skip the conductive gel included) It’s pretty much a tiny wearable tens unit, which is exactly as expected, but I’m pleasantly surprised with the intensity. The quality of the charger is what gets me. It is a cheaply made, terribly designed magnetic charger with tiny contacts. The wrist band does not offer a way to cover the contacts when not using. And the cord itself is VERY SHORT and CHEAP. It’s very stiff and the magnets do not hold to the band very well so it is hard to line up. I’m young enough and can see, but I can imagine this would cause even more problem for someone who is elderly or has bad eyesight. It would have made sense to use a usbc, micro usb or some other port, and have a plug to cover it on the unit. A longer and better made cord would have made sense. If I was dropping 30-50 dollars rather than 250 I wouldn’t make such a fuss. The stiffness of the control part of the band is terribly annoying, especially if worn on dominant arm. I had hoped the control part could be worn on the inside of wrist with the contacts underneath. But the control panel must be on the outside since the contacts are on the band. This would definitely make it harder to get a proper alignment and fit if you had a very large or very small wrist. Perhaps they had a good reason for doing this, otherwise that should have been considered in design. I’m going to give it a little longer trial, but since the other issues are so annoying I can’t feel good about keeping it at this price point. If it works for me I’ll likely find some cheap brand and give that a go, The technology itself isn’t new or expensive, what we are paying for is execution and for the price they’ve missed the mark in my opinion.

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