Plantar Fasciitis High Arch Support Insoles for Men Women, Flat Feet Orthotic Insert, Work Boot Shoe Insole, Absorb Shock with Every Step,Maximum Cushioning,Men’s/Women’s

Insoles,Neutral Arch Support

Dumqiry strong firm support insoles give your foot comfort.

Set your feet free, relieve them from foot pain!

Insoles,Neutral Arch Support

Dumqiry inserts for men and women fit all orthopedic- athletic – casual – hiking – sports – hiking – basketball – tennis – snowboard – ski – golf – gym – walking shoes or work boots.

Don’t use these insoles in shallow mouth shoes.

WARNING: you may feel foot pressure while 3-7 days of wearing.

It’s normal because your feet are not used to arch support.

We strongly recommend starting from 2-3 hours a day and increase the time each day gradually.

Insoles,Neutral Arch Support

1.The lightweight EVA absorbs the impact of each step, distributes foot pressure and reduces fatigue.

2.Suitable for those who are standing down to earth all day and those who want to keep their feet in good health.

3.Fit for all types of shoes, such as hiking shoes, running shoes,large dress shoes ,work shoes. Don’t use these insoles in Shallow mouth shoes.

4.Keep doing foot exercise every day after a day’s work to make your foot plantar fascia work well and keep your foot healthy.

Insoles,Neutral Arch Support

How to use it?

1. Take out your original insole;

2. Take out Dumqiry insole and overlap it with the original insoles and line up the trace with pen correctly;

3. Cut out the shape of insoles along the original insoles;

4. Put it into your shoes.

Insoles,Neutral Arch Support

Features & Specifications

  • 【LASTING COMFORT-HIGH ARCH SUPPORT INSOLES 】Arch support improves foot and leg alignment, enhances comfort, and helps ease stress and uncomfortable caused by flat feet (Pronation), bunions, arthritis,good for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain & heel spurs), Achilles Tendonitis. Recommended sole shoe inserts for men and women minimize arch pain and offer excellent comfort.
  • 【DEEP HEEL CUP】To maintain correct foot positioning.protects your heel during the heavy impact of landing during walking or running and stabilizes the foot.Provide extra stong high arch support plus shock guard technology to relieves foot & leg fatigue and reduces lower bak pain and distribute weight and reduce the impact of each step.
  • 【PREMIUM EVA MATERIAL】Plantar Fasciitis Insoles for Women Men durable and comfort support with made of multiple layers of cushioning materials.It is excellent for shock absorption and foot fatigue,Heat and friction reducing fabric helps feet stay cool, dry, and odor-free during strenuous activity.Replace insoles every (6) months or at first signs of wear.
  • 【DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY USE】Flat Feet Insoles Supports all arch types–low, neutral, and high arches. High arch support insoles for women men fits casual shoes, sneakers & Work boots/shoes wide. Provides moderate control and support in walking or casual hiking shoes, work shoes and boots. Comfort and cushioning for all types of leisure or everyday footwear.
  • 【FREE PURCHASE】If you are not satisfied with our insoles,please be sure to contact Dumqiry CUSTOMER SERVICE with your order number before you complain our return policy,we will offer a reasonable and acceptable solution to make it up for you. Friendly reminder : Dumqiry insoles are packed in resealable ziplock bag, Free to open and seal, please kindly keep the package intact before return. To avoid Amazon refuse your return request due to packaging damage, Please DO NOT use scissors to open it.

Pros & Cons


Arch Support is the Key. I am 70 years old and I suffer from knee and hip pain. These arch supports helps with relieving the stress. I am able to walk longer without having to stop and sit down. Everything isn't always boiled down to surgery. Arch support is very important for mobility and it works for me.

Walking on clouds. This is the second pair I’ve ordered, since I have rheumatoid arthritis and need extra support for my feet when my arthritis is really acting up. It helps my heel pain and my arch. I would definitely recommend these for anyone who needs the extra support on their feet!

Great support. These inserts helped to support my arch. I had been having foot pain for about 6 months. Was using some basic Dr. Scholl's inserts but the pain wasn't improving. Came across these on Amazon & decided to give them a try. My constant foot pain lessened almost immediately & continued to improve over the next several days. Definitely worth giving a try.

Saved me a trip to podiatrist. Suffer from plantar fasciitis. Used to go to podiatrist for painful cortisone injections. Have tried other(more expensive) insoles which were uncomfortable and failed to relieve symptoms. After 2 weeks pain was gone. Easy to adjust to my size foot. Ordered a second pair. Now I’m a lifelong customer

Really does help relieve the pain. I was able to install this set without having to trim to fit. I walk around for +12 hrs each day I work. These have made enough of a difference that I do not even notice the pain until I am ready to go home for the day. I will also be buying a few for my home shoes as well.

Helped Relieve Pain. Paid $60 at foot doctor for somthing similar and did not do as good a job as this pair of insert. Very happy with purchase.


El precio. Me agradaron mucho, quise comprar otros tres pares y de18 dólares subieron a 40 dólares, ósea que a ese precio ya no me interesan, es un descaro ese aumento de precio, gracias

Smells so much like chemicals I returned it. I should have listened to the guy who said this smells like rubber cement. These are manufactured in china, and they smell like they have just been pressed in a chemical factory. The smell was so overwhelming when I opened them I had to put them back in the bag cause they were making my whole room smell like chemicals. I am not sure I want to put my feet against something like this for an extended period of time, even with a sock on. It just doesn't seem like its a good idea to me. The support pads were harder than I expected, I expected more of a soft almost gel-like texture. These were too firm. I returned them.

Not unisex these are for men. They're comfortable, But the only pair of shoes I own that they fit into along with my foot is my Crocs. These are designed for men's shoes not women's shoes. Update - they don't actually work in my Crocs after walking more than 10 ft... What a waste of money

Overwhelming smell. The smell of rubber cement was so overwhelming it made me cough and my eyes burns so I'm in the process of returning them.

Good value proposition. Value proposition was spot on.

Difficult to gauge the correct size to cut and once you’ve cut them it’s all over. I was excited to get these. But the method of sizing the fit for your shoe did not work well for me. I ended up with an insert that was too short for the shoe. The inserts are VERY wide and would not fit any of the shoes I had intended to use them in.

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