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mega liquid multivitaminLiquid vitamins absorb up to 98 percent by the body, 5x more than pills capsules or gummiesdoctor recommended liquid vitamins health and nutritionAnti-Aging Formula, Formulated with 85 Vitamins & Minerals, Contains 23 Amino Acids and CoQ10gluten free sugar free gmo free artificial coloring free flavor free lactose freeYou may also like our other supplements and vitamins multivitamins from Tropical Oasis

kids liquid multivitamin premium Joint complete premium sleep a weigh plus sleep aid vitamins liquid womens liquid multivitamin calcium magnesium liquid vitamins glucosamine and chondotimin
Kids Liquid Multivitamin Joint Complete Premium Sleep-A-Weigh Plus Women’s Liquid Multivitamin Liquid Calcium and Magnesium Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM
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Features & Specifications

  • ✅ OUR STRONGEST VITAMIN FORMULA EVER: Tropical Oasis Mega Premium Multivitamin is an "Amped up version of our Mega Plus Multivitamin." Mega Premium Contains DOUBLE the Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E and is formulated with over 110 ingredients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.
  • ✅ POWERFUL BLEND OF 110 INGREDIENTS FOR IMMUNE SUPPORT & ENERGY: Mega Premium’s powerful blend of 110 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants can help boost your immune system and energy levels to keep you feeling great all day long!
  • ✅ ANTI-AGING MULTIVITAMIN FOR MEN & WOMEN - W/ PABA & COQ10: Our powerful formula has natural ingredients with anti aging properties to ensure you have healthy, vibrant hair, skin & nails.
  • ✅ 5X HIGHER ABSORPTION RATE VS PILLS: Liquid Vitamins go straight into your bloodstream and therefore are absorbed up to 98% by the body, compared to pills or capsules which are only absorbed about 18% So stop wasting your money on inferior products, and give liquid vitamins a chance.
  • ✅ QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Non-GMO, Sugar Free, Gluten Free. NO Artificial Flavoring, Coloring or Additives. 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – MADE IN THE USA in GMP Certified Facility –

Pros & Cons


Tropical Oasis the better brand. I have been taking Tropical Oasis B-12 for a few months and it's great to get up in the morning and take 5 droppers of the B-12 and actually feel l'm ready to face the day. Due to the great benefits I'm receiving from the B-12 is why I decided to try the Mega Multi-Vitamin because I'm sure I will benefit from this supplement as well. Well I was right I am 73 years old and haven't felt this great in years. Takes me back to the good old days when I could exercise, dance and enjoy life. I've even gone back to work because feeling as good as I do I can now supplement my social security. Thanks Tropical Oasis!

After taking Tropical Oasis for just a few days , I'm FEELING SO GOOD !! WoW :-). WoW ~ just ~ WoW !!!! I read article after article talking about how our food supply is lacking in so many important Minerals & Vitamins caused by decades of soil erosion here in America .. so like millions of other people, i researched "Liquid Minerals & Vitamins" .. which brought me to Tropical Oasis brand .. not knowing what to expect, I received my Order, cracked open the bottle and was at first, really happy that it tastes so GOOD .. so many other supplements I tried over the years do not compare to how good the Tropical Oasis tastes .. but the reason why I said "WOW" is because about 4 or 5 days after starting my daily shot of Tropical Oasis Mega, I feel GREAT .. I have more energy, more mental clarity, I'm sleeping more soundly at night and I just feel Healthy .. wish I would have found this product YEARS ago :-)

PERFECT VITAMIN FOR GLUTEN FREE DIETS. I was recently diagnosed with Celiacs Disease, which means all the tablet and capsule supplements I was tested and found to be “malnourished”! I was eating a very healthy diet along with a hundred dollars of supplements monthly. However, because of my disease, everything I was taking was just not being absorbed. My gastroenterologist recommended I find a good LIQUID vitamin supplement so my body could absorb it. That is when I discovered Mega Premium Liquid Multivitamin. I ordered it and immediately began taking it daily. Within just a couple days I could feel a difference; I was stronger and felt better all over. I am continuing to take it and find it very palatable, very effective, and especially my bloodwork now comes back showing no vitamin deficiencies I had previously. I highly recommend this product for people with any kind of digestive problems; it’s easily absorbed and a great overall supplement. I keep mine in the refrigerator and take it every day.


Full spectrum liquid vitamin. Wish it had zero sugar alcohol! This appears to be a very thorough vitamin. It tastes okay (sweet & sour), but has a slight cloying aftertaste, due to artifiicial sweeteners. Note: it has a small amount of sugar alcohol per serving. I wish they would leave it unsweetened or use honey; as I am allergic to most artificial sweeteners. It does give me gastric pain, but anything with sugar alcohols does. The good thing is that it is s comprehensive liquid vitamin supplement and that it’s quickly absorbed by the body. I would have given it 5 stars if it were unsweetened or sweetened with a small amount of natural sugar (honey, cane sugar, etc).

Very disappointed. I was so disappointed. I bought the bottle but the people at the company when I asked how much iron was in it weren’t able to answer. So they called me back and told me it contains 1000 msg of iron!!! That is a toxic amount. So I called back to verify this was accurate because it was toxic amount of iron and the woman never called me back!

Synthetic Vitamins. I really wanted to like this.. But I didn't really feel better while taking it. Looked closer at the Supplement Facts and noticed these are synthetic, incomplete Vitamins (For example: Ascorbic Acid is synthetic incomplete vitamin C. Thiamine Hydrochloride is synthetic b1). I'll just get my vitamins naturally from rich food..

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