iHealth Track Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Adjustable Cuff Large Arm Friendly, Bluetooth Blood Pressure Machine, App-Enabled for iOS & Android

iHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure MonitoriHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

US based service

US Based Service

Our customer support team is right here in the bay area, California! Feel free to connect with any comments, questions, or concerns.

iHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Taking your blood pressure has never been easier with iHealth Track! With the press of one button, you can view your result directly on the display without connecting to a smartphone.
  • As the first blood pressure monitor for iPhone available in the market, iHealth Track can be connected with smartphones and tablets, allowing you to monitor your heart health and improve your day-to-day wellness.
  • Clinically validated, FDA approved and doctor recommended
  • Color-coded backlit to indicate different blood pressure levels
  • Stores up to 99 readings on the device, unlimited in the App
  • Wide-range cuff size with diameter of 8.7″-16.5″ (22-42cm)
  • Share your results with your doctor by exporting data to Excel, PDF, or CSV file

Clinically validated FDA cleared Doctor recommendedSee your results on color-coded display screen

Approved accuracy

One button measurement

Compatible with iHealth MyVitals App, Apple Health and Samsung Health

Approved accuracy

Meeting the latest European Society of Hypertension 2010 standards, iHealth Track is also an FDA cleared, clinically validated and doctor recommended blood pressure monitor. It measures your systolic, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate and detects irregular heartbeat.

One-button measurement

Allows you to measure your heart health by pressing one button without connecting to a smartphone. The device itself can record and store up to 99 readings.

Sync and track your health

All readings can be synced to your smartphone and tablet. View and track your results against the JNC guidelines via easy-to-understand graphs. Compatible with Samsung Health and Apple Health.

iHealth MyVitals App Features

Features & Specifications

  • Clinically Accurate: Easy Operation by two buttons, Advanced Accuracy, No Calibration required.
  • Large Multi-Color Backlit Display: The large, oversized numbers make reading the results from this upper arm blood pressure monitoring device a breeze. Coded (GREEN/YELLOW/RED) display tells if your blood pressure readings are optimal or not.
  • Easy Management: Manage and track up to 99 readings on your blood pressure monitor and unlimited readings on your smartphone with iHealth's free iOS and Android applications ( iOS 8.0 or later. Android 5.0 or later.Requires Bluetooth 4.0.and up).
  • Heart Rhythm Disturbances: This unit automatically identifies and alerts you to any heart rhythm disturbances. If detected, a warning symbol will be displayed after the measurement is taken.
  • What You Get: 1 x 510K Cleared & Medical CE Approved blood pressure monitor that meets ESH 2010 performance standards, 4 AAA batteries, 1 wide range cuff that fits upper arms with Circumference of 8.7"-16.5" (22-42cm),1 Instruction manual & 1 Quick User Guide (English, French and Spanish),our worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly California-based customer service.

Pros & Cons


Good for elderly and easy to use without help. We needed something for my mom who hates to write the logbook everyday so I searched through the Amazon and selected the iHealth Track wireless blood pressure monitor. My criteria was that the unit must be easy to operate, easy to upload the data and most importantly accurate! We have tried the Omron blood pressure monitors from the local CVS store and found the Bluetooth connection is not that easy and the app is quite simple and does not provide enough features what we need. Here are what we are happy about this blood pressure machine: 1. Easy to use with one button and just press it. 2. Multi-color backlit LCD display and extra large digits which easy to read even for elder people. Nice big numbers for reading. 3. App is super easy to use, no problems with my iPhone XS Max and also no problem with my mom's Samsung S9. It's a powerful digital logbook for all people with hypertension. 4. Enough memory storage space as 1 user with 99 times with time and date (MM/DD/YY) . Other blood pressure monitors we bought before is without the year information.

Good gift for parents. I've been using iHealth product for close a year now and it's their thermometer ( not a smart thermometer just a forehead thermometer). It's almost the best value and good design forehead thermometer I could found in the market and the accuracy is guaranteed by following the instructions as it's an infrared thermometer. I bought this iHealth Track wireless blood pressure monitor for my parents. Their readings are always higher at the doctor's office so I just wondered about the accuracy for this machine, but explained by the primary care doctor it maybe related to the white coat hypertension. For me I tried it and the readings are almost the same as the reading at the doctor's office so I trusted our family doctor. We used Omron 5 blood pressure monitor before but it's without the smart feature that allows my family member to upload the data to the smartphone. Thanks for the smart app by iHealth , they allows to export to CSV, EXCEL and PDF file directly and it's the most time saving to type manually via email to our doctor! COMPARING OMRON 5 SERIES AND IHEALTH TRACK BLUETOOTH BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR : CUFF, DISPLAY, POWER AND FEATURES OMRON 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor : -2 Users and 100 Reading memory (50 memory per user) -Soft cuff which I like better than iHealth Track, it fits arm circumferences from 9 to 17 inches in circumference -with lens cover which iHealth Track does not have, it's for the protection of LCD display. -4 AA batteries -Hard plastic shell -Measuring during deflection which same as iHealth Track, around 40 seconds for me to finish a testing. -Size is bigger than iHealth Track blood pressure monitor. - Accuracy is okay as same as the iHealth Track, normal for me but higher for my parent's readings comparing the results tested at the doctor's office. iHealth Track Bluetooth Upper Arm blood pressure monitor: - 1 User only with 99 reading memory, unlimited storage in the app and cloud! Yes, iHealth does provide free cloud service to their hardware users and you have to register an account to use it, even without the devices and use that app as a digital logbook, guess very few people using it for digital logbook if they don't have the device. -Seems regular normal cuff as the Relion blood pressure monitor that selling in Walmart I like Omron's cuff more. The Track's cuff fits upper arms with Circumference of 8.7"-16.5" (22-42cm),quite similar like Omrom 5's 9 to 17 inches. - Multi-color backlit LCD display!!! Guess this feature is from the genius' brain! Green means normal BP level, yellow means high blood pressure and red means severe hypertension which you need to take good attention. Even without the lens cover like Omron but it doesn't matter at all with this great feature. -4 x AAA batteries -Hard plastic shell -Measuring during deflection and same as Omrom blood pressure monitor, around 40 seconds for me to get a result since press the start button. -Size is quite handy comparing with Omrom 5 series BP machine. -Accuracy is great for me as I got the almost the same results from the doctor's office. -Bluetooth! YES! I love this feature as bought it and the iHealth's app is a great tool to track the blood pressure! Same as ads. I see the reviews people said it does not support iPhone 10, I think they may don't know how to connect as it's a Bluetooth 4.0 and needs to connect by launching the app. No problems for the app set up. You can do the things from this amazon app : ->View results and learn more about each measurement. ->Check if your blood pressure is in the normal BP range. ->Take notes and record your mood or activity with each measurement. ->Store results in a digital logbook. ->Real-time results and trends. ->Set reminders to measure your blood pressure. ->Export your data as CSV, XLS, or PDF to share with your doctor. Everything you need for a good wireless upper arm blood pressure monitor iHealth Track all has.If ask me to soccer these two blood pressure monitors, I will give 6.5 to Omron 5 and 8.0 for iHealth Track. But for this price I can complain nothing as it's almost the unbeatable price on Amazon for a blood pressure monitor with these features and nice app.You can use with or without smartphone which it's easy for elder people using. Hope this review has been of help--thanks for slogging through all the detail. These are all good blood pressure monitors depending on your specific needs or preferred cuff, brand, display and wireless feature. HAPPY MEASURING!

I'm not Doogie Howser. I have high blood pressure and the Doc said I need to monitor it at home. So now I do, when I can remember at least. I did it a lot for a while but have been slacking lately. The machine does great, and I have yet to replace the batteries. Very impressed with their life span. I love the way it syncs up to my phone. When I last went to the doctor to get a refill on my meds, I just pulled it up and showed him. He looked at it for a minute and was happy with it, so I got my refill.


Medical Data Privacy Issues. In order to get any significant functionality from their wireless features, you will have to use their App and create an account with iHealth and the App will upload your medical data and who knows what else to them on their website. No apparent encryption, data security or safeguarding of your data or ownership of the data by them is discussed or exists as far as I can tell. It seems like a great scheme to gather private medical information by a company I know nothing about except for a slick website.

Unhappy with unit. Unit gave extremely high readings! Went to Doctor with this unit and compared reading! Doctor’s read 130/80 This unit 210/120 Tested several times and readings were all different and all extremely high!

Painful to use. I just got mine yesterday and have tried to use it several times. Every time I turn the monitor on, the cuff squeezes down way way too hard until it hurts and leaves red marks. I know I have the right size cuff, so that isn't it. I can adjust the cuff as loose as it goes (where I can put my whole other hand between the cuff and my arm), and it will either still do this or just error out. When I posted a question on the listing here, asking what was going on, I got a slightly condescending reply explaining how blood pressure checks work. I've had my blood pressure tested plenty of times before, and it has never been this tight or this painful. When this thing tightens, it reaches about the pressure I'm used to, but then it keeps right on going until I'm worried it's going to bruise me. Either my unit is defective, or this device is not designed properly, because this is NOT what it should be doing. I will be returning it and getting one that actually works without hurting me. Buyer beware.

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