Heating Pad – Electric Heating Pads – Hot Heated Pad for Back Pain Muscle Pain Relieve – Dry & Moist Heat Option – Auto Shut Off Function

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Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pads - Hot Heated Pad for Back Pain Muscle Pain Relieve - Dry & Moist Heat Option - Auto Shut Off Function

Deepsoon This deluxe heating pad is made of plush microfiber and provides an extra large comfortable and ultra-soft heating solution for Muscles and joints in your neck, back, legs, arms and more.

Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pads - Hot Heated Pad for Back Pain Muscle Pain Relieve - Dry & Moist Heat Option - Auto Shut Off Function

Measuring 33x17inch, its wide coverage provides comfortable contact to muscle group areas, Provides extended heat to a wide range of body areas.

Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pads - Hot Heated Pad for Back Pain Muscle Pain Relieve - Dry & Moist Heat Option - Auto Shut Off Function

Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pads - Hot Heated Pad for Back Pain Muscle Pain Relieve - Dry & Moist Heat Option - Auto Shut Off Function

Product Specifications:
  • Pad Size: 33 x 17inch
  • Power Cord: 7.2Feet
  • Input: AC100~120V, 50/60Hz, 120Watts
  • Material: Pad upper side 100% Polyester
  • Maximum Auto Shut-Off Time: 120 minutes

Product Features:

Deepsoon Heating pads give you most comfortably in anywhere, such as at home or in the office.The heat pad is the best choice for family and friends.

  • Colorful colors cater to different people’s preferences
  • Extra Large Size 33″ x 17″ Pad: Offers excellent coverage for large muscle groups
  • 6 Temperature Settings: controller adjusts heat easily with 6 temperature settings to accommodate your comfort level
  • 120min Auto Shut-Off: Conserves energy and prevents caused by excessive heating
  • 7.2-Feet Extra-Long Cord: Makes it easier to use from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair

Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pads - Hot Heated Pad for Back Pain Muscle Pain Relieve - Dry & Moist Heat Option - Auto Shut Off Function

Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pads - Hot Heated Pad for Back Pain Muscle Pain Relieve - Dry & Moist Heat Option - Auto Shut Off Function

Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pads - Hot Heated Pad for Back Pain Muscle Pain Relieve - Dry & Moist Heat Option - Auto Shut Off Function

Double-sided Design Soft Skin-friendly

Distribute ultra heating wire provides average heat, maximum coverage of your body and to relieve your pain and cold.

Moist Heat Option

Provides deeper penetration for more effective muscle relief.

1. Dampen either side of the heating pad with water by patting the surface with a wet sponge or cloth or use a spray bottleto apply a fine mist. Do not thoroughly soak pad.

2. Do not spray or dampen the pad connect. The controller must never come into contact with water or other liquids.

Machine & Hand Washable


1. Make sure the product is absolutely dry before plugging in.

2. Initial water temperature should NOT exceed 30⁰C when washing the pad.

3. Never put the pad in tumble dryer.

4. Do NOT dry clean or iron the heating pad.

Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pads - Hot Heated Pad for Back Pain Muscle Pain Relieve - Dry & Moist Heat Option - Auto Shut Off Function

Care for Your Family

The innovative technology gives consistent heat to keep you warm and cozy. Our heating pad can be a great gift in festivals like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day.

Features & Specifications

  • This electric heating pad can provide full body relaxation, heating and soft structure to embrace different body areas like neck,back,abdomen,or legs snugly. Some professionals also recommends moist heating pads.
  • King Size Heating Pad to cover larger areas; also features an extra long 7.2-foot power cord, o you can comfortably lounge on the couch or relax in bed.(Do not use as a seat cushion)
  • 6 Temperature & 4 Timer Settings for Your Needs :You can control the temperature of this electric heating pad via the controller, it can adjust the temperature easily with 6 temperature setting to accommodate your comfort level. This large heating pad with timer function provides 4 timer auto shut off range from 30 to 120min,conserves energy and prevents excessive heating which is very safe and energy saving.
  • Daily Maintenance: Our electric heat pad is machine wash-safe to make clean-up a breeze. Easy-care, gentle, machine-washable microplush heat pad with offers maximum comfort for daily use.
  • If there are any quality problems, Within the period of warranty, we are glad to offer replacement or refund to make every customer have a happy purchasing on our store. And it’s also a great gift for your friend or family.

Pros & Cons


Soft and pliable. At first glance, I thought this heating pad was smaller than my previous one, but the extra length makes it look thinner. It was in fact bigger! I love how soft the exterior was. It is also very easy to bend and easily wraps around my hands/feet when cold. There is no removable cover to easily wash. It says you can put the whole thing in the wash. Mentally, I can't get over that, so I haven't done it yet. The only other part is how the controls are done. I would have preferred them to be in line instead of both wires on the same end. And maybe the cord longer between the wall and the controller. Otherwise, it heats great, timer function shuts off even when you leave it on (great safety feature), and it bends around various body parts

Soft and wonderful heating pad. This is really soft and great for using heating pad for any part of the body for pain relief. This heating pad have 6 heat settings and I am using only 3rd level and it heats up really good. And for timing you can set from 30 min to 120 min on 4 settings. I have tennis elbow and it hurts mostly so I bought this as my doctor suggested using the heating pad and I am glad they I bought this, this is so soft that it’s so easy to wrap around my elbow and can use the right heating level that is good for me. Love this and highly recommend it.

Fantastic Heating Pad! Love how soft it is. I ordered the larger pad since it fits over both of my thighs and I often get muscle cramps. Also keeps me warm when I'm chilled. The heat is distributed evenly around the entire pad. Unlike the pads you buy in the store which only have a few wires inside. The wire is long enough and the timer has several options in length of time, then automatically shuts off. Great purchase! I bought one for my disabled Mom, as well as myself. I will be ordering more for gifts as this makes a wonderful gift to anyone that has aches and pains. Thank you for making such a great product!

The dream heat pad. Love the size and the material used. Wonderful that it has an adjustable timer, which is very useful for times one may fall asleep from period pain or any pain. Is a real life saver for lower back or abdomen discomfort and pain. Even the cats enjoy some of the warmth. Versatile and practical and very soft and flexible material and the cord is long which is great so you’re not too locked in. Would definitely recommend buying this heating pad!

The perfect heating pad. Got this for my back. It was a lifesaver and helped enormously with my physical therapy. Getting a 2nd one just for my husband. It also wraps around neck and shoulders easily. The timer and multiple heat settings work well, but the hottest settings should be used with moisture or a thick towel, as they get very hot. As others have noted, if it turns off because the automatic timer has ended, you do have to slide the switch back to the off position to turn the pad on again. Not a big deal.

Can it be used wet? Used for first time today. Pros: heats quickly, has 6 heat settings, has timer with 4 settings, has soft comfortable fabric cover. Cons: Listing on Amazon says it can be used moist, by spraying with water on one side. Instructions that come with the pad say nothing about being able to spray it, and in fact warn “DO NOT USE WET (caps in original). So which is it? Also, lacks a closure such as ties or Velcro which can sometimes be useful for a wrap.


Heat does not work on the higher settings for me. I bought a smaller one a few years ago and I loved it! It recently died though and decided to buy a bigger one. I realized that the one that I have has a malfunction as it won't heat if I put it to the 2 highest settings. Which totally sucks, but at the same time I will be keeping it, cause I don't like the hassle of returns. I will just deal with it and when this one dies out, I will get a smaller one again. If you don't mind doing returns, then at least try it. Maybe I got a lemon. If this thing heated up like it should, I would have definitely given 5 stars.

It WAS perfect. It was prefect but it didn't last long the lights started flickering and it wouldn't get hot

Wanted to love it! I bought this to use during my VSG surgery. Used for not even 48 hours and only part of it gets warm now.

to small and timer doesn't work properly. Heat is. nice

Does not distribute heat evenly nor hot enough. I was really excited about the new heating pad since I had not bought one in 20 years. It is very pretty, soft, and modern, however it is not as good as the old one by far. The highest heat is about equal to my old one at medium. I need more than that. Might be good for a child?

Good but has limits. The heating element and pad are of good quality. However, the pad must auto shut off which is a deal breaker for me. I have a need beyond the max shut off time. Also, when the pad auto shuts off and I restart it, the pad starts over in settings instead of remembering last settings which is another deal breaker for me. I returned for these reasons.

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