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Take charge of your fertility by knowing your ovulation and period cycles! The [email protected] Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) powered by the Premom smart fertility app helps you understand your cycles better so that you can get pregnant quickly and naturally.

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All-in-One Solution

Dual Charting & Personalized Reporting

First Data-Based Fertility Consultations

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All-in-One Solution

The Premom app incorporates multiple ovulation calculation methods in one platform to pinpoint your fertile window more accurately. Whether you have irregular cycles or not, Premom can help you figure out what method combination is right for you.

Dual Charting & Personalized Reporting

The Premom app digitizes, calculates and interprets all fertility test results and combines OPK charting and BBT charting in one place. If both ovulation tests and BBT temping predict the same ovulation time, you will be more confident in the accuracy of your ovulation prediction. Premom also provides personalized analysis and guidance that helps you optimize your time trying to conceive.

First Data-Based Fertility Consultations

Sometimes we need additional support when trying to conceive. Premom has made it easier to have your home testing data, charts, and other symptoms analyzed by a fertility specialist at any point in your fertility community journey.

Supportive In-App Community

A community for Premom users: Connect and share charts and tests, stories with other TTC & pregnant peers, get personalized advice and answers from experts, and more educational content to guide you on your TTC journey!

Features & Specifications

  • ✔Specially designed for “trying to conceive” women to get pregnant naturally: These [email protected] ovulation tests give women a greater chance of predicting their most fertile days, even if their cycle lengths vary. Pregnancy tests can tell pregnancy sooner than a missed period. The [email protected] 100 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Kit are supported by the FREE Premom Ovulation Predictor App.
  • ✔Helping to track your ovulation progression, the ovulation test strips also minimize the chances of missing your LH surge. Levels of hCG as low as 25 mIU/ml (FDA cleared) can be detected in 5 minutes. Results are 99% accurate.
  • ✔Easy to test: simply dip the test in your urine until the dye rises into the result window (approximately 5-10 seconds).
  • ✔Easy to read: Ovulation tests -- a test line as dark or darker than the control line indicates a positive result; Pregnancy tests -- two lines means pregnant and one line means not pregnant.
  • ✔100% customer satisfaction guaranteed: Contact our experienced and professional customer service with any questions you may have. Refunds or returns are acceptable by brand owner, who is dedicated to being the best provider of home health tests.

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So thankful I bought these!!!! Okay so i have PCOS and hypothyroidism and my husband and I have been TTC for 2 years now with no luck even after 3 cycles of Clomid with progesterone. Before trying anything else I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try to actually see when I’m even ovulating. (with PCOS I almost never have periods) with all of the apps saying between CD 16-21 I was convinced I was doing something way wrong. Well these showed me that I am ovulating BEFORE CD 16! So my husband and I have been too late when we try on day 16! These things are amazing!!!! Buy them! (I still don’t know if I’m pregnant but it was able to help me pinpoint what I was doing wrong so that’s a win in my book!!!) *************UPDATE*************** Omg you guys!!!!! get these get these GET THESE!!!!! It only took ONE CYCLE AND IM PREGNANT!!!!! I owe it all to these bad boys for helping me pinpoint ovulation!!!!! I’m still in shock and disbelief and so freaking excited I just got my blood test results from my obgyn and she confirmed!!!!! Do not hesitate!!!!! Check out the pics!

1st month and we're pregnant! My husband and I had been TTC for ~1.5 years, and not preventing pregnancy for about 2 years. We had been told that we may have issues with conception long ago as my husband had chemo as a baby and experienced low sperm counts because of it. Still, we tried every month the good old fashioned way. I hadn't ever bought any sort of ovulation predictor for a few reasons. One, I just assumed my app on my phone (Ovia) was accurate (silly me) and two, I didn't want to take the "fun" out of it so to speak and three, those suckers can get expensive!! Finally, after the heartbreak getting worse and worse after each month passed when my period came or we got negative pregnancy tests, and seeing 2 fertility specialists (spending hundreds of dollars mind you) I decided that these were worth a shot before we tried IVF. Now I have to tell you, that my husband was put on a medication to help boost his counts also, but we have not rechecked to see if it actually worked or not yet. Anyway, I decided that these were good for the price so it was worth a shot, and I was curious to see if my app on my phone was accurate so I bought them. I saw the reviews from other women out there that made little charts to keep their sticks to track the results. LOVED it! I ordered these bad boys and immediately created my own chart to use complete with the date of test, a space for the strip, my CD#, and a little column for if we "tried" or not that day ;) The box instructions say to dip the strip in room temperature urine, but who has time for that?? I used little dixie cups to collect urine and it worked great. I would get a sample, let it sit for a minute or two and dip away. Then I would lay the strip flat on top of the cup and wait the 3 minutes. The first few times it was hard to really know what I was looking at. The control line always came up, but as the 2nd line started to get darker I found myself not being able to tell if it was lighter than the control line, darker or the same color. A positive LH test is when the control line and your 2nd line are either the same color or your 2nd line is darker. Once you finally get that same color line or darker you'll know. Another good reason to keep all your tests in a chart so you can see the progression. SURPRISE! my Ovia app was off by 3 whole days. Easy at home strips said I was ovulating on Tuesday/Wednesday and my app said my most fertile day was Friday/Saturday. Something to consider, these apps go by women with "normal" cycles. It never occurred to me that my cycle wasn't normal. And truly, how would my phone know what hormones were running through my body and when? Fast forward a week or so, and I found myself super antsy again to see if this time it worked. I read that you can take a HCG test ~10 days DPO (days past ovulation) I waited 13 just to be on the safe side, and 3 days before my missed period. I know youre suppose to take the HCG test in the morning but I took mine around 5:45pm. To my surprise, i got 2 pink lines! In complete disbelief I dipped a total of 2 more strips. All 3 were positive. I proceeded to then get in my car, head to the pharmacy and pick up 2 separate brands of pregnancy tests (ya know, to be sure!), chug some water, go pee and used one of each to compare. Positive and positive!! oh BABY! 5 positive tests! Then I retook another one the following morning... pregnant! Its very early on, and anything can happen. But I wanted to share our story because I know other women out there are struggling and frustrated. These tests are super easy to use and worth the money. I would recommend anyone who is trying to conceive to give these a shot. I have another friend who tried them too and her app was off by a whole week. Good luck ladies and gents, baby dust to you all! <3

Wouldn't Be Pregnant Without Them! I have extremely irregular cycles and after 2 years of trying to conceive with no luck I purchased these. I got pregnant after the 2nd month of using these tests. I started testing twice a day (first pee and after dinner) from CD 10. I kept a log of my tests, along with my temperature and any notes. The month I got pregnant I had a negative in the morning, and a positive at night. We had sex once 3 hours after the positive test, and my temperature spiked 12 hrs later. For me, I would always have a test line appear and they would get darker each day until I ovulated. I would get "positives" for three days. My first positive test day the line will be darker than the control line. Followed by two more days where the test line was the same as the control line, but not darker. I got a faint positive on the Easy @ Home pregnancy tests 6 DPO with a 2 hr hold. Positive First Reponse at 8 DPO with FMU. I'm now 9 months pregnant. Thanks to these tests my husband and I finally get the bundle of joy we tried so long for!

These strips work. These strips work amazing. The first month I used them, I just guessed when I should ovulate and I started testing and reading the strips myself which they are easy to read but was not successful the first month. The second month I started testing right after my period and downloaded the app that comes with the kit and it reads the strips for you and tells you when you peak. So the first month that I tested everyday and used the app, I conceived. Currently 6 weeks and couldn’t be more excited. I highly recommend this kit and to use the app because it is extremely easy and helpful.

THESE STRIPS WORK!! These strips are the key to getting pregnant. They are extremely sensitive. With discipline, you will be able to get pregnant, FAST! Yes, I did get pregnant my first month trying them out. But don’t focus on that. If you don’t get pregnant the first month, you WILL the second. Its just a matter of conducting the testing properly. A little background about me: I am 30 years old and this was my first time TTC. I got off the pill and I didn’t have a period for 6 weeks. I was worried. But that’s ok, your body just needs a little while to level out. It will return! Once you get your period you can try these strips out. It is crucial to know the exactly last day of your period and log that in to the app. Knowing the last day of your period is also important because most women ovulate 12-18 days after their period ends. The more accurate your last day is, the more you will be able to estimate the window in which you will be more likely ovulating. Also, when you do get pregnant, your doctor will use the last day of your period to estimate your due date! Before you start on your journey know that getting pregnant isn’t some mystical meant to be or not meant to be process. It is scientific. These strips literally give you the ability to run tests on your body so that you’re not shooting in the dark (literally and figuratively). You are measuring your LH levels to determine when your body is most ripe for fertilization! It might not be romantic, but hey I am here writing this as 2 months PREGNANT and I could not feel more blessed!! First- Download the app. It is an incredible resource. Don’t bother with keeping a physical journal (amazon should take those photos down) because the tests are not accurate after 7-10 minutes. (more on this below) Focus on doing the test strips correctly. 1. Buy tiny cups to catch urine. This allows you to control the saturation and duration of each test strip which is key to conducting the tests correctly. I bought the 2 oz disposable plastic cups here on Amazon for about $6 and kept them in my bathroom so I could reach for them easily while testing. 2. Place the tip of the strip in the urine. Wait until the strip saturates the dye packet (you will know because it will start to turn purple). DO NOT keep the strip submerged in urine until it wets the entire strip. This will lead to OVERSATURATION. Oversaturation will give you a lower reading of LH because it the strip is too wet and can’t dry to get darker. 3. Wait about 4-5 minutes before reading. The key here is to make sure that the strip is DRY when you get your reading. That will allow the strip to give you your darkest results. If you do your reading earlier (I know, it’s very exciting) it will be too wet and your LH results will be lower than they actually are. 4. Your results will be ARTIFICIALLY HIGH if you wait too long (10 minutes). This is because the strip will have dried and given the dye an opportunity to artificially darken. You can conduct a test and do this yourself if you like. 5. Test multiple times a day. My readings in the morning were always low. Other users comment about this too. That’s because you don’t secrete LH ( the stuff that the test is measuring) as much when you’re alseep. In fact, you can see that even during my LH Surge, I had a reading of .18 in the morning (10 am) and .53 in the afternoon (3 pm). Personally, I always had my highest readings in the afternoon. Make sure you hold your urine for at least 2 hours so that you can store a concentrated amount of LH for your afternoon reading. My evening readings were also never my highest. But I still got pregnant after having sex consistently in the evening. Pay attention to the afternoon numbers more than you morning or late evening readings because that is when your body stores up enough LH during the day to give you a solid indication of what is happening with your body. If your afternoon number is high or at its peak- go for it that night and you will still get pregnant! Other things to mention: The algorithm on the app estimates your ovulation days pretty early. After reading many comments it seemed like some women reached their LH Surge at CD 12-15 (that means 12-15 days after your last period) but about HALF of the women reach it about a week later at 15-18. I reached my peak at CD17. I was so anxious that I would miss my surge that I had sex for the 5 days that premom predicted I would ovulate, even if that’s not what my strip results indicated. So basically I made my husband bang for about 2 weeks straight even though my strips did not indicate that I had high levels of LH. Remember ladies, the app’s ovulation predictor is just a tool to help you know when to start testing often and when you can start looking out for your surge! If your predicted ovulation days come and go without a surge (surge meaning at least .4+) not (.2+) THAT’S OK!! KEEP TRYING!! KEEP TESTING! It will come soon, maybe even a week or a week and a half later. Your surge will be like day and night. All of a sudden… BAM your test strips are dark. You will test .1-.2 for days and days until all of a sudden there is a huge difference. One day you will get a . 4 reading, then .8, and some women even get 1.2+. Think about it, I tried for 17 freaking days before I saw anything. It was depressing. And then BOOM there it is!! Its unmistakable. All of you beautiful ladies will have a surge. Don’t give up. Stay on it. Be practical and understand that this is somewhat of a science project. You will ovulate, it’s just a matter of doing the tests correctly and doing it often. Tests multiple times a day when you start seeing a surge. I tested x2 a day just to be super careful. It takes literally 5 minutes and it’s kinda fun! Last bit of advice.. Start testing with the HcG strips about 8 days after you ovulate. THE HcG strip are the pink pregnancy strips. You will be able to see a very very faint line. Your partner will think you're crazy. But if its kinda there, it's THERE! Test again the next day and you will see that it's true-- you're pregnant!!! Those strips are just a pure positive or negative so any line means PREGNANT!! Good luck to all of you and I hope this is the key to starting of your beautiful family as it was mine.

Great product, TTC and success after one bout! A quick Google search for ovulation predictor kit (OPK) and aside from the digital expensive ones, this one was highly rated. I even found some YouTube reviews and I thought, for $20ish bucks, why not? Been trying to get pregnant for 9 months now. For 8 months, we simply were just having sex. I tracked my cycle with Clue- great app. I simply tracked when my period came and when we had sex. There are other things you can track but I figured, I'm 29, Latina, I should have NO problem. My husband is Mexican...we are practically ancient in the Latin fertility world. All jokes aside, I was getting worried around 8 months that something was wrong. Went to my gyno and he basically said, keep doing what your doing... Maybe try an OPK...come back when you've been trying for a year (in about 4 months) and if you still haven't conceived-we can go from there. I really didn't like this whole "we'll go from there" bit. So I sought out OPKs and maybe some natural fertility boosting thing (Maca 2x daily for 2 cycles Femmenessence). Who knows. I consider myself healthy, I exercise, but my cycles were long and varied from 30-40 days, every month different. so it would make sense that an OPK could help me. So I bought this, it came promptly. Looks exactly like it does in the pictures. $20, can't lose right? So cycle day 10, I started the LH strips. Pee in a cup, dip the stick, count to 3ish, lay flat, wait 3ish mins, and see that pink line appear. I saw women were saving their pee sticks on a chart, and noting each day/date-like a science experiment. I dug it. I did it. Cycle day 15 was the first faint sign of the second positive line, oooo, that was exciting. Taped it down on my pee stick chart and made a mental note to get some intimate time with husband that night. Day 16, the 2nd line was brighter, more prominent. Day 17, faint, lighter than day 15, then day 16 just the one control line. And that was it. That was when I was ovulating. My Clue app had predicted my ovulation to be 3 days later. I guess these OPKs would have a leg up on a stupid phone app that doesn't actually know what hormone you are secreting that day. Go figure! Noted the tests in my Clue app, made sure to get some quality time with husband. Day 27 for S&Gs I took a pregnancy test using the HCG strips. You start to get good at peeing in a cup, get a clean sanitary technique down and everything and it was absolutely negative. Just one bright fuschia control line staring at me, and an empty abyss below. That instantly went in the trash, but I wish I kept it. So now it's cycle day 31 (long cycles, remember?) and my evenings have been cut short due to passing out on the couch, and my breasts have been increasingly getting tender. This typically means period time. So I took another HCG strip test this morning and booyah, two lines appear. One dark fuschia line, and one visible but not as dark, but not too faint that you question it's there, line. WHOA. Ok, I saved the pee, and dipped another test. Same thing. And another. Positive, positive, positive. Then I went to work. That was joke, highly unproductive day as i'm Googling possible due dates and signing up for all the mommy newsletter blogs, etc. lol So 8 hours later, I came home, took another strip test...and this time, the 2nd line was darker and JUST to the safe side, I went to the drug store and bought a fancy digital easy to read 2 pk pregnancy tests. Boom, positively pregnant. So because of this I wanted to share my story because, it was stories like these that gave me hope that a 50 pk of pee sticks can possibly accurately tell me when my egg was ready to play. The convenience of having 20 pregnancy sticks was super awesome as well. I took a total of 9 LH sticks and 5 HCG sticks. Not bad for a simply packaged, simple directions, and inexpensive product. I highly recommend this and hope that you too find the success that I found. Here's to about 8 more months!


Don't trust the hcg strips. These seemed ok for detecting ovulation, but the hcg test strips are horrible! I had been using these strips for months and I am usually like clockwork. Last month I was late and kept using these strips and getting negative results. Finally, on day 32 I went and bought a 1st Response pregnancy test and Boom! POSITIVE! so I repeated the test with these strips again the following day and nothing. Went to my doctor and my hcg was 469 on day 34 and still getting a negative on these strips, which claim to detect hcg levels as low as 25. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant with hcg levels over 29,000 and i'm just getting a faint positive. Maybe I just had a defective batch, but I was not happy with the hcg test strips.

If you have PCOS, READ this before purchasing. I am writing this review, because I have PCOS & I wish I knew this before. So, the process of trying for a baby can be hectic and frustrating, especially if you have PCOS. Therefore, like myself, you might go on and try to purchase an OPK to track your ovulation. Now if, you have PCOS, irregular crazy cycles (40+ days) & have the symptom of HIGH levels of LH (luteinizing hormone), then OPKs (not just this), but in general might misguide you. This is how OPKs basically work, they track the increase of your LH hormone, which is a hormone that is released just before ovulation. But for women with PCOS, we generally have high levels of LH, all the time. So when using OPKs you might find MANY strips to give you positive/almost positive, and you'll find yourself confused. Here's my trick to know if my positive is a PCOS positive or a REAL positive, so when you have an LH surge (very high increase of LH just before ovulation) you might find your OPK SUPER positive and dark (more positive than your usual dark OPKs) so you might be actually ovulating! But, another thing about PCOS, you might release more than one LH surge throughout your cycle, so say you might get a very dark positive CD 20, then you actually get another very dark positive CD 45 and that's when you ovulate. (This is what happened to me). Therefore, these kits give you a slight hint you might or might not be ovulating, but you need to confirm it throughout tracking your temperatures or an ultrasound at the Doctor. But again, since you'll be getting a lot of positives, it will be quite hard to point out which is the darkest positive of them all and is a real LH surge. Now, it's not the brand's fault I have PCOS and their kits aren't working so well for me. But, the reason I have a 3 star on is for general reasons: 1) Some of the OPK strips turn out very wiped out and you can't see the lines clearly. So you need to reuse another strip. Which isn't a huge issue since there are a lot of strips in the box. 2) The pregnancy tests almost ALWAYS give me false positives due to evaporation lines, even within a 5 minute wait not longer. So if you're addicted to analysing lines, you might interpret positive results while they are just evaporation lines. Good things about the OPK strips: 1) There are a lot of strips. 2) They work as good as a clear blue digital. Whenever I got a positive OPK, I got one on the clear blue as well. Will I purchase again? Yes, I already purchased a 2nd box. Understanding this kit's flaws and my PCOS problems, I manage to KIND OF benefit from this kit.

PREGNANCY TEST STRIPS DO NOT WORK. I used 3 strips a day after my missed period and all were negative. Ran to target to pick up a few things and after having a head ache for two days straight I decided to throw a set of first response tests into my basket and they were both positive!! DO NOT BUY THESE. Just to test them out again I did three more tonight and all were negative. Just an awful experience. VERY disappointed.

One Star is One too Many. I agree with the general consensus of reviews. this product accurately detected by LH levels but I was five days late and THREE other tests told me I was positive (First Response, Equate, and Meijer brand). I'm not 8 weeks pregnant and still getting negative results on these tests, they simply don't work at detecting HCG levels and quite frankly should be dropped by amazon and never sold. If anyone knows how to report this to the FDA I'd love too....

HCG STRIPS DID NOT WORK. Only deserves 1 star. Ovulation strips worked well but when it came to test hcg for pregnancy they did not work! I took other tests from first response including digital and they were all positive on the same date as the [email protected] brand. Clearly they are not as sensitive as they say for early detection or they don't work at all!!! DO NOT BUY FOR HCG TESTS

Pregnancy tests do NOT work. This product does not deserve any stars. Those were my clear blue tests after a First Response. I used the strips and got nothing. I do plan to see my doctor today but how can a batch of test say I'm pregnant and a strip say I'm not? I've never got thenovulation strips to work either and I follow the directions as exact as possible. Wish i could get my money back on these because they're a joke. Never again will I buy these.

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