Comfitech Migraine Relief Ice Hat

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  • Whether you are suffering from migraine or headache, Cold Compression Therapy is the perfect answer to help you heal faster and more effectively than traditional pills alone. ComfiTECH Instant relief headache ice hat works by permeating deeply and instantly to skull and reducing blood flow to head, reduce inflammation that causes pain.


Kindly Reminder

If you feel the freezer makes this ice hat wrap much too cold over your head, we would recommend you to keep it in the refrigerator than the freezer.

Outstanding Feature

Practical Hair Hole for Head Long hair – Hair hole on the top allow long hair to pull through from this for perfectly contours head fit.

Unique V Shape Design – More suitable for facial contours and smooth breathe and won’t add presure to nose.

Flexible Even Forzen – After -18℉ frozen, gel eye mask still keep flexible and snug-fit.

Safe Expert-grade Cooling Gel – Solid gel headache relief hat is totally safe and resists tearing and leaking

ice head wrap

Why choose ComfiTECH Migraine Ice head wrap?

  • Say goodbye to old style of bloated ice packs for head.
  • 360 degree head coverage for ease of movement and faster recovery.
  • Slip-on design means no need to fiddle and fuss with several straps, wraps, or multiple ice bags, you could wear it on for pain relief in seconds with ease.
ice hat ice hat wrap Comfitech Migraine Relief Ice Hat ice pack for neck ice pack for elbow ice pack for back
ComfiTECH Migrine Ice Head Wrap Black ComfiTECH Migrine Ice Head Wrap Blue ComfiTECH Migrine Ice Head Wrap 360° full Coverage ComfiTECH Neck Ice Pack ComifTECH Elbow Ice Pack Sleeve ComfiTECH Wasit Ice Pack
Cover Material Hypoallergenic Lycra Hypoallergenic Lycra Hypoallergenic Lycra Hypoallergenic Lycra Hypoallergenic Lycra Hypoallergenic Lycra
Stuffing Solid Soft Gel Solid Soft Gel Solid Soft Gel Solid Soft Gel Solid Soft Gel Solid Soft Gel
Cold Therapy
Target Area Head, Eyes Head, Eyes Head, Eyes Neck, Upper Back, Cervical Elbow, Arm, Wrist Wasit, Back, Shoulder, Leg

Features & Specifications

  • Stretchable migraine ice pack now available in 2 sizes! Medium size fit head circumference less than 22.5''. Large size fit head circumference over 22.5'' and those prefer less compression.
  • 20% More Coverage Area than Regular Migraine Ice Head Wrap - Upgraded with 20% more gel around, headache ice pack nearly cover whole head from front to back. 360° full coverage headache ice pack can be worn over or pulled down to sooth tension. Hair can be pulled through the top so coldness and pressure can reach to scalp directly.
  • Convenience One Piece Design - Slip-on migraine hat means no need to fiddle with several ice packs in and out like other ice pack for headache. Just keep this reusable ice cap for migraines in freezer for 2 hours and it is ready for cold compress when migraine attacks.
  • Comfortable and Instant Relief - Thick ice pack for head works by coldness and compression to relieve pain. Thanks to innovation malleable gel and stretchable Lycra, these highly elastic materials make ice cap flexible and perfectly snug-fit on head even frozen. The cold compression from ice hats for migraines pushing in on the head really help.
  • Upgraded Form Tailoring - Migraine head wrap with unique shape design is fill with thick cutting-edge gel. Also dark color headache ice pack head wrap can block up light when relaxing. A must have for releasing head pain, puffy eyes, bruise, swelling, sore, tension, sinus headache when lying on bed.
  • Safe Expert-grade Cooling Gel - Solid gel migraine wrap is totally safe and resists tearing and leaking so headache cap could be used on bare skin. ComfiTECH customer support team provides 100% satisfaction service to customers. You will get 30 Days free of return and prompt and satisfying customer service. Hassle free and try migraine relief cap now.

Pros & Cons


REALLY impressed with this. I waited to review this product until I’d used it for an actual headache but man, this thing is a lifesaver! Nice soft gel, no frozen packs to try and wrestle into pouches while they’re as hard as rocks and your head is pounding, the fit is good, and the relief when I put it on was incredible. Far above my expectations! I’d been fighting this particular headache for almost 24 hours before I remembered I had this product and ibuprofen and heat weren’t touching it. I took it out of its bag in the refrigerator and put it on to go lay down and by the time I reached my bedroom I was starting to perk up. The gentle pressure of the hat was soothing by itself and the coolness, especially extending onto the base of my skull and down to my brows, was so refreshing. It was comfortable to lay on and barely noticeable in terms of interference with my ability to move around or function. My only complaint was that the coolness only lasted half an hour or so but flipping it inside out bought me a few more minutes and by the time it faded the worst of the pain was gone anyway. I’ve already purchased another so I can alternate them for longer periods of cooling. My only complaint is a slight odor but that might just as easily be from my refrigerator although I kept the product sealed in a ziplock bag to prevent that. Might try double-bagging the next one as an experiment or putting a small baking soda packet in with it. Not enough to bother me in any case!

Fits nice. I wanted something like a sleep mask but more form-fitting and more cushiony. I found these headache things and ordered this one and the name brand both from Amazon. I like this one better than the name brand because it covers the head more fully. You might be the sort of person that wants a larger hole at the top so your head doesn't feel confined or something, so get the name brand if that's the case. If I put this in the freezer it is just too cold to use for very long. I try to keep it in the fridge or just in the freezer for a short amount of time. I'm not using it for migraine relief so much as for complete shut-off from the world relief! But the coolness is so nice to go to sleep with. I did buy a third migraine head cap thing with the fabric cover which you may see in the "similar items" Amazon shows you like I did. That one has little ice packs that are removable and I did not like that one, because of all the parts. However the cover is nice, and so on nights when the ice pack for this model is too cold, I put the fabric cover on my head and then put the mask over that, and then the mask is not too cold!

Good for more than migraine. I ordered one for my daughter for Christmas, and my grandson's friend, both have migraines. They said it works wonders. Then my best friend got shingles with the blisters on her head. I got her one, and she's been able to use it to help the headaches. I am in the process of ordering my other daughter and myself one. Highly recommend this.

Where has this been all my life? I had a pre migraine. We all know the symptoms and slipped this bad boy on and now my headache is gone. It's super easy to use, just take out of the freezer and slide over your head. It's tight without being constricting. I tend to move around after I fall asleep and this didn't slip off my head at all.

Awesome! So excited I had to write a review! I've been looking for a headache cap for a while. This one is perfect, exactly what I wanted. No bulky ice packs like rocks on your head and little compartments. It is like a soft gel, all one piece and pretty thin. There is a hole in the top for ponies. It gets cold very quick and covers your eyes in front and down to your brain stem in back. The instructions say to wipe with a damp rag to clean. I would maybe try gentle soap and water if it gets funky. Keep in a bag to avoid smells and you only need to freeze for about 20 minutes. A lot of people remarked keeping theirs in the fridge. It is very comfortable and has a bit of pressure which is nice. So pleased!

I just bought another one!! I get Botox for chronic migraines which is a miracle worker, however, I do get breakthrough migraines. I’ve always used cold packs but when cold caps came out I checked a bunch. The ones with ice pouches inside them are hard. This is cushiony and the compression helps too. I would care this a medium. If you have a large head it might or not be comfortable. I would like it to stay cold a bit longer but it’s ok. The reason I ordered a second one is because sometimes it’s a long day of headache. I keep it in the freezer full time but it takes awhile to get cold enough so two will be perfect. I’m also looking at the neck cold pack….


Comfortable and is a great idea but.. It fits very good. I like that it can be used cold or hot.. it just don’t seem to hold the temperature very long.. I would give it hands down a 5 ⭐️ Review if it stayed warmer longer.. probably will buy a different one next time

Comfy but not cold. Super comfy and I love the compression. I wish it was tighter but it will do. Has some weight to it but it doesn't hold your head down at all. I gave 3 stars because it only stays cold for 10 minutes while it's worn and I really hoped for at least 30 solid mins. I got it for migraine relief so I will definitely not be trying to warm it.

It works but... I get frequent headaches and pretty regular migraines. This cap works...but not for long. I like the materials, the feel, the stretch, the pressure while wearing, the fit, everything. Except that it doesn't stay cold long at all. I'd say no more than 10 mins. That's following instructions and leaving it in the freezer for minimum 2 hours. Used it today after it being in the freezer for the past several days. When you first put it on it's almost too cold to tolerate, then gets to the perfect soothing temp for about 10 mins, then it's time to put it back in freezer.

I really hoped this would be a 5. but. At first I thought this would be the most comfortable ice pack i have tried. But after using it for a while the seams on the side did begin to part, inside not outside. I probably have a medium size head, so if you have a large head, don't get it. The material is comfortable and there is good coverage. If you put it in the freezer it will be too cold to wear. Keep it in the fridge. The coldness/coolness doesn't last very long. to use it for a migraine you will have to keep taking it off and re-cooling it. This was the breaking point. Maybe the coolant needs to be thicker? so disappointed.

Too small. Its too snug to work as it tries to pop off the top of your head. I have to just use it behind the back of my neck like an ice pack, or lay it on my face, but you can get ice packs for $1. Does not stay cold enough long enough either. Would not purchase again. UPDATE: seller reached out to me and refunded my money. Good seller.

Doesn't stay cold long. The idea is great and it's very comfortable to use, but for needing to be in the freezer for two hours, the cold barely last 20 mins. I used it when I had shingles nerve pains and it felt great until it was no longer cold.

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