Britenway Wedge Pillow Set

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Prevent bad posture while you are watching tv, just sitting, or relaxing on the couch and avoid long-term health complications to your spinal cord with the Britenway bed wedge pillow set that has a pillow for every part of your body that needs support. These pillows are also great for post-injury or surgery care to help the affected area heal faster by supporting it.



– You can now easily relieve built-up stress in your back, shoulder, neck, and head with this pillow set.

– With contouring memory foam that can adjust to your body shape for incredible support, this wedge pillow set will give you unmatched comfort and softness.

– Use this pillow while you are resting to catch a quick nap or support your posture while you read. You can use it effectively to alleviate arthritis pain.

– Great support for muscle, ligament, and bone injuries.

Non slip


– Our pillows have an intelligent design that will give you superior support.

– Designed to shape around your body, these pillows have practical Velcro straps that will hold them in the right position without slipping off and causing discomfort to you.

– Unlike other pillows available on the market our wedge pillow set is extremely comprehensive, and one set can cater to all your needs.

– Relax your body and feel rejuvenated with this wedge pillow set.


Includes and dims

The best


Made from premium quality 45D memory foam that is incredibly soft, durable, and will not rip or tear easily, this bed wedge pillow set is extremely breathable and is sure to give you a comfortable experience without causing irritation or allergies to your skin.


Our bed wedge pillow set comes in a soothing grey color and includes:

1 Base Pillow, 1 Angled back Pillow, 1 Head Pillow, and 1 Knee pillow. You also get an instruction guide. Follow the instructions to use these pillows in the right manner to avoid any injuries.


Want to give a thoughtful gift to your friends and family that are suffering from pain or recovering from surgeries and injuries. Make a special gift that is meaningful with our wedge pillow set for all festive and non-festive occasions such as Christmas, New year, and more!

Features & Specifications

  • 4PC BED WEDGE PILLOW SET – This orthopedic bed wedge pillow set comes with 1 Base pillow, 1 angled back pillow, 1 head pillow, and 1 knee pillow along with an instruction guide. Mix and match these post-surgery wedge pillows to customize them for your needs.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT & PAIN RELIEF – Whether you are lounging on your couch or are facing serious pain issues post-surgery in your neck, back, and feet, you can now enjoy superior unmatched luxury and comfort while alleviating your pain with Britenway bed wedge pillow set.
  • ERGONOMIC & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Effectively support your spine and maintain the right posture with our bed wedge pillow set for sleeping that is designed to contour around your body quickly to give you an incredibly personalized experience – MUST HAVE wedge pillow set.
  • EXTREMELY SOFT & COZY – Made from the finest quality 45D memory foam that is very thick, extremely soft, and breathable, this bed wedge pillow set memory foam is sure to make you feel like you are floating on the clouds. Enjoy great stability with the non-slip Velcro straps.
  • VERSATILE RELAXATION AIDE – Unwind and relax your entire body or give yourself targeted support to the specific area with this bed wedge pillow set (foam) that can be used as individual wedge pillows to relax the head, arms, shoulders, and more!
  • Weight: 13.07 pounds

Pros & Cons


Better nights rest. Have been sleeping better since getting this device. Sleeping night thru instead of being woken up by nagging back pain. Do not use foot portion for sleeping as it caused more swelling than overnight relief, however it is great for general resting.

Excelent. Excelent

Great support! This amazing product gives me a variety of ways to add further support to aching areas of my body in bed. It was worth the price!

Son Loves it. My son loves it.

Needed for aches. These pillows are fantastic in every way. You have to get them because they’re so worth the money. Several ways to arrange and use them. They are made very well.

NICE SET! been looking for this sort of support for myself but mom had a fall and came out of hospital limited and not sleeping well and Couldn’t lay flat. I had 2 days and let her try and she loves this and can rest easily now. I got on a sale and haven’t seen near that price since so it’ll be a while before I get my own again - it’s ok she needs more and is so happy with this set!!!


Needs solid backboard. Amazon used to have some great looking legs and back wedges that had a suede covering which is bug proof and came in just two pieces. This product has so many pieces it is a pain in my hands which are arthritic to put together and it is not healed up by my not solid backboard on the bed. Also it has velour on the side which is prone to mites and I believe although I have not used it that long yet that the covering portion of it which is also cloth is however probably might proof mites as in bugs. Pardon any typos I cannot type I am dictating due to my arthritis if I could afford it I would’ve gotten a set that only had a couple pieces. You don’t really need a special little pillow although it’s not a bad pillow for your little head. Also it’s a bit wide making it useless if you want to use the cushion pillow part for a back support or anything else I don’t see the need for it to be this wide. It’s hard to fit the knee pieces into your bed if you need to use it at night under a blanket. Especially if you sleep with a dog. All in all I really dislike products that come with farm that is smooshed together in a box I like the form that is more high density. I guess that’s how it has to be though for Amazon to mail it all in a little box and then put it into a huge but it has their brand name on it! I despise that about Amazon why must they waste so much cardboard can’t they just stamp there a brand on the outside. Seeing it doesn’t make me happy it makes me sad I have to crash all this cardboard up somehow get it down to the trash! This obviously is not the products fault this is Amazon’s fault. I know there’s some kind of way to get this stopped but I can’t figure it out and I have arthritic fingers which prevent me from using the phone much to figure out clicking on every little button and see the settings and figure out how to get rid of all these boxes. They should make it easier for us to save the world and the climate not make it so difficult it’s ridiculous the box and so it was at least 12 ft.² larger than it needed to be now I didn’t measure it so I could be wrong they could be 2/3 of a foot each but still that’s a lot of space wasted in a box. I was wondering why the box felt so light for its size. Back to the product: If you need a basic recovery set and you had a knee injury that will not last you too long this is good and will serve your purpose if you wanted to last a long time and be easy to use for one person in your bed a lot of the time because you are permanently disabled this may not be the best sit and you might be better off spending more money. I couldn’t but I would’ve I knew that already when I ordered it because it said you have to put one wedge under the back thing which is basically just a big old sloping flat cushion. I would’ve been fine with a big triangular piece of farm and a smaller triangular piece of farm for my knees. And I would’ve really like some thing like plastic or leather that is impermeable to bugs dirt, etc. . If I wanted to cover it with some cloth or something more comfortable I can I could put a blanket over it but I just don’t need another item that needs laundering I will need to remove the covers to launder this stuff. Since I have arthritis in my hands and a bad back this is not a fun game for me to play. However I have to admit there’s no false advertising the pictures are clear as to what you’re getting I already knew I didn’t like it before I got it. I guess the lesson is spend more money to get what you want. But if you need it fast you might not be able to do that so just know that’s what you’re getting into . Good luck with your knee pains and back pains and being more comfortable in your bed I hope everyone who words this likes it and enjoys it. And buy a different cushion for your back and a chair because the head cushion will be used for the hat it’s too wide and your arms will not be able to swing freely. However I guess the web does come in handy when you’re in bed so you can lay your arms onto the cushion with you. You do need it to be somewhat wide to be able to sleep comfortably on it. I have not managed to do that yet though but I didn’t buy it for that I bought it to be able to sit in as it is in a chair because I can no longer use chairs because my knees are so bad I can’t lower myself into a regular chair and I cannot afford a real expensive recliner or some such and I don’t really want it in my house either. So as a replacement for a recliner that is inexpensive but will ruin your mattress where your butt lands unless you’re very small like the woman in the picture., Or you have a very expensive high-quality mattress which I do not. My mattress is another thing that comes in a box all rolled up and smashed down and if that’s not for a minute will have to support anyone’s back for but for long term. I apologize for the wandering a review but but it’s kind of hard to dictate and I also have brain damage now from auto accidents yes I can’t even remember what from other doctors are disputing that don’t you hate doctors sometimes? Enjoy! May your day be healthier and more safe and healthy and less painful than mine. PS did you know how you get rheumatoid arthritis? You get it from ignoring strep throat not getting your anabiotic‘s because you might’ve been on some strong painkillers. Then it turns into big inflammation in your joints immediately and later on your life is destroyed. You will just be a head on a body that can’t move so you youngsters out there take care of your health and learn some basic preventive medicine about serious diseases that can Develop from minor health problems left untreated!

A bit disappointed... I got this two nights ago. I took it out of the shrink wrap and let it expand for 1 day. The knee and smallest head/arm portions expanded to full size, but the other pieces still have loose fabric - almost 2 days later. Going to give it through the weekend, but even so I've already observed a few things I don't care for. The knee pad is hard, really hard. I have slept with a pillow under my knee for years and was looking forward to something just a bit more, this would be fine if it weren't so darn hard. It might work for sitting up, but there's no way I could sleep with it. The other thing is the fabric. It has rubbery nodules all over it. I understand why, so it doesn't slide around. But, it's like that on all 3 sides of the knee pillow, even though it's clearly designed so only one side is down. The rubbery fabric picks up lint. If you have a pet (even if you don't let it in bed), you're really in trouble. I can't even comment on the rest of the pillow yet because I'm afraid to use it before it's expanded. I don't think it's going to expand at this point, in which case I will lug the huge thing to Whole Foods and return it on Monday, since it will be defective. My friend received a different one with just a back pillow and likes his a lot. At this point, I think I would have been better off just getting an angle back pillow and separate, smaller knee support. Will update this review if the pillow ever fully expands. Update: pillows are fully expanded, and even more uncomfortable. Honestly, I'm really puzzled about the other reviews. I'm 5' 8" and have long legs. The knee pillow is unbelievably uncomfortable. Way too tall and rigid. It feels like "resting" your knee on wood. The other pillows are equally hard. Since I am out so much money I'll use it, but have to put two pillows to make it comfortable. I like a firm mattress, and firm pillows, but this is a whole other level. Keeping the rating at 3 stars because it's relatively well made, just not very usable for me.

Needs a cover! The pillow support is great but needs to be a different color and material.

I can say that it is comfortable material. The reason I got this was for acid reflux. I kept sliding down off the pillow, so it did not help me get a good night's sleep. I recently had surgery on my hip, and no matter how I put these pillows, I was leaning on my hip, increasing my pain. As far as helping decrease the swelling in my legs after surgery, I had to lay flat and have my legs propped up straight and not bent, which would have given me more comfort. All I use these pillows, for now, is on my couch to keep me from getting and sinking far into the cushion, making it easier for me to get out.

Not our cup of Tea. The quality of this product is fantastic. My husband recently had shoulder surgery and missed sleeping on our bed. We purchased this product to help him. Unfortunately, it slid down during the night, and he ended up flat on his back. He has returned to the living room recliner.

Way too bulky! This thing is huge. Way too bulky and cumbersome for a 70 year old woman. Unless you never intend moving it and just staying in one position for the rest of your life don't buy it. It's a real pain to try to move it around and takes up so much space!! The material also picks easily. I would like to return it but it comes all squished into a much smaller size and one it expands there's no way to get it back in the box and Amazon says I have to repackage it to return it!

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