Bitvae Cordless Water Dental Flosser for Teeth, Portable 300ML Water Teeth Cleaner Picks, 3 Cleaning Modes 6 Jet Tips, USB Rechargeable Water Dental Picks for Cleaning

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Water flosser

Water flosser

Water flosser

Water flosser

Water flosser

Water flosser

Water flosser

Water flosserwater flosser

Features & Specifications

  • Wide Mouth Reservoir Easy to Clean - Keeping your water flosser clean is just as important as keeping your mouth clean. With the upgraded detachable wide mouth water tank, users can completely clean the water fouling in the tank, which is impossible for the traditional water flosser picks with a small mouth water tank.
  • Large Capacity Water Reservoir - The Large Capacity water reservoir is enough for a 60-second full mouth clean. No need to refill or pour out the remaining water.
  • Advanced 40-Day Battery Life - Battery life can last up to 40 days in the lowest pressure mode, while most similar water flosser picks can only last up to 10 days of use. The cordless design makes it convenient to use both at home and on the go.
  • Key Features - 3 pressure settings provide a wider range of intensity options (30-100 PSI), 6 replaceable nozzles (including a tongue scraper nozzle), 360° rotating nozzles, 60-second flossing time, IPX7 waterproof for use in the shower, universal USB cable, silent design.
  • More Ergonomic Design -The compact size of this water dental flosser makes it perfect for travel and small bathrooms. The connection line is higher than the traditional water tank, preventing the bottom from being too large and heavy. Users will feel more comfortable when picking it up.
  • 24 Months Warranty - During the Warranty period, please contact bitvae fast and friendly Customer Service Team if you have any question, we will do our best to sovle any problem to your satisfaction.

Pros & Cons


The Water flosser for Teeth is very good. The Water flosser for Teeth is very good. I have been looking for a water flosser for a long time. And have also used a few others before. But it hurts my gums because the water force is too strong. Or they are too bulky to carry around. I came across this Bitvae toothpick on Amazon while looking for a replacement for the old one. For those who have never used a toothpick, this is a tool to help you remove leftovers and even plaque on your teeth. No more needing regular toothpicks. You can use this water flosser to make removing leftovers from your teeth easier. Highly recommended for those who are having dental problems, or braces. Regular toothpicks don't get rid of food particles and hurt my gums. I switched to water flossing recently, which is my best choice. It is easy to use and has 3 levels strength, medium, and light. If you have sensitive gums, then a light level will be very suitable. The water force is very good, even, and not too big to pick up the leftovers. The water tank is just enough for one rinse, no need to refill water many times for one cleaning. In addition, it also comes with 5 or 6 toothpicks head to change. These toothpicks' head is made of very sturdy plastic and is recommended to be changed every 3 months. You can still buy a separate water flosser for an affordable price. The product charges quickly, so it is quite safe to touch water (not recommended to use while charging). The design of the product is quite beautiful, compact, and suitable for holding when traveling. The colors are elegant and look very clean. I bought 3 colors pink, blue, and white for me and my parents. Since using it, I find that my mouth and teeth are cleaner, it thoroughly gets food in the small slots, and I often find a lot of food residue even after brushing my teeth. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good water flosser. This is a product that I would buy again if something was damaged during use, but so far it is still very good.

If you hate flossing, use this! Ok . SO I took 6 months to write this review on this because I Wanted to see the difference between my last visit to the dentist(Did not use this) and the most recent one. Now, I will say that my teeth are awesome and I have no cavities at all, ever. However there was always a problem with Plaque build up and this little tool, does its work. I love it! It cleans between the teeth with accuracy! I take care of my teeth and even with brushing daily (2-3 times) this little tool can still find particles tucked away which can cause other issues. Still floss from time to time but this little tool is worth getting. Its compact size is great and the battery lasts a long time one charge. I have never taken it traveling( and I am sure it will fit) but who knows about the travel restrictions these days. Oh, and my doctor recommended the setting to be on medium(not full). As well as do not point down into the gums since it could damage the gums(yeah, full charge it can). Remember to brush after using this.

Awesome. I love this water flosser! It is cordless, once charged, so easy to hold and maneuver. I like using warm water in it and it is simple to fill with each use. The pressure is adjustable and ranges from light to pretty aggressive. I have to say there is a bit of a learning curve hitting the on/off button at the right time - I've sprayed my face and the room a few times - lol. Does a better job of cleaning than dental floss, in my opinion, and is so much easier.

Does what it says on the tin. Pleasantly surprised by this portable, very affordable water flosser. Have regular one with the big ole tank and the full menu of tips but it's a pain to use due to its size and the cord. This thing is compact, looks fine and tucks away nicely. Should travel well too. Charged it for three hours as directed then filled it and fired it up today after a cursory scan of the directions. Backstory: I have simple needs. I just want to do whatever I can to keep the two beautiful new implants and a crown in good shape as well as maintain oral health between the required quarterly cleanings after rounds of periodontal surgery. Using floss effectively can be tricky if you have things that didn't grow in your mouth there now. So a water pik was recommended. Popped in a tip, leaned over the sink to let the water drain and easily flossed between all of my teeth on the first try. The lowest setting felt effective, so I didn't have to press any buttons except to turn it off again. And to remove the tip, you simply press the button on the top next to it and it comes right out. I had no leaking or issues whatsoever. Drained and dried it and put it away. Of course, it's early days, but just wanted to say I think this is a mighty little flosser and a good deal today. Will update if required. ...

My new favorite! I used Waterpic water flossers for 30 years. Nearly a year ago, about to replace the most recent one, I decided to try Bitvae's product. It's now my go-to, favorite flosser! It's more stylish and smaller, lighter and more comfortable to hold. It's easier to clean the reservoir. It offers a more concentrated and effective stream, which I prefer. Starting with the reservoir full, I can use it without having to add more water to complete the session, as I needed to with the Waterpic. And, after more than a year, it's functioning as well as on day one. Definitely recommended!

Bulky but works well. This is my first water flosser and initially I thought it was quite powerful.. Almost too poweful. After a couple weeks of use, it works perfectly maybe because I'm used to it. But I do use this in combination with floss still and It has definitely made flossing easier for me. The battery does need charging after a couple weeks with daily use, which I don't think is that bad either. It might be a little bulky for traveling if you need something compact.


Lots of water pressure. I am still on the fence with this. It has a lot of power even on its lowest speed. If you have it turned the wrong way in error it will blast your gums and HURT! I wish it was more of a stream of water that game out instead of a pulsating push of water. I do love that the water tank comes off so you can clean it. That was the reason I bought this, cause my old one did not have that. If I could find one like my old one but with the water tank coming off then it would be perfect.

Works, But Room for Improvement. The media could not be loaded. My dentist have been urging me to water floss, in particular, one of my wisdom tooth. Anyway, I looked around and found this water flosser. I supposed it does it's job but there's a lot of room for improvement. - Proprietary charging port. Wish there's a common USB-C instead. - Charging port cover is not even holding. See video. No wonder the number of burned units. I wipe down my unit instead of washing it after use. - No charger. Luckily I found some old Android phone charger in the house. No biggie. - Can be messy using it. Still getting around using this. Drank some water trying to water floss the upper wisdom teeth.

Even on "Low" Setting, This Flosser May Hurt Some Older Gums and Teeth. Because I bought this flosser on a very good sale, I read reviews before buying it and watched video reviews. Ironically, *none* of the problems encountered by some buyers was one for me. I received it yesterday, opened it this morning, and-- Whoa! I checked to see that I hadn't accidentally switched settings. One review warned of making sure you don't try it on the highest setting before you experience the less strong. I'm an older buyer, so I was anxious about having it on Low. Unless your gums and teeth have become accustomed to water flossers and you're acclimated to their strength, I guarantee you'll be surprised by how powerful this flosser is. I have arranged a return.

Broke after about 4 months. The media could not be loaded. I purchased this back in November and it worked perfectly when I last used it, but then it suddenly turned on and wouldn’t turn back off. I have to turn it on with the Modes button, but the modes don’t change either and the flosser just refuses to turn off unless I charge it. I put it to dry, waited two days, charged it and even played with the buttons, but nothing worked! I bought it because it had good reviews and it was my favorite color, but unfortunately the quality isn’t so good in the long run. I contacted support and have yet to hear back from them. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait, but I’ll probably just end up buying another brand. Update: Support responded and were able to help me in replacing the flosser! I appreciate their help in assisting me get a new product. I’m hoping this one will last me much longer! Update 2: Received a new one. Rating it down to 3 stars. It slipped in the sink and the spout broke off, leaving a piece of it wedged into the hole and now I can’t take it out.

Only 250mL capacity; No charger included (and USB-C chargers will not work with this flosser). This product appears to work well except for the following two issues. This product ships with a cable but no charger. I found that a USB-C charger (using a cable with USB-C on both ends) will not charge this item. I have several dual-end USB-C cables that work fine on my phones and computers, but not with this oral irrigator. The only thing that appears to charge this item is a cable with USB-C on one end and old-style USB-A plug on the other end. The seller responded that “Our products are packaged with a Type C-USB charging cable. The included USB charging cable can be connected to a power bank, a laptop or a conventional 5V1A adapter. Any adapter plug greater than 7V may trigger Over Voltage Protection and the unit will not charge.” One of the reasons I purchased this flosser was so that I could use the USB-C standard charger and cable with all my devices. Unfortunately, that will not work. Also, this flosser’s water capacity is 250mL, not the advertised 300mL. After sending several messages to the seller, they eventually issued a refund.

Happy but now disappointed. Purchased this item in January 2023. Sprayed the walls and mirror a few times until I learned how to use it. Now it leaks water around the nozzle and out the three holes in the back. Tried calling the phone provided in the paperwork but mailbox is full. E-mailed but no response.

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