YCCTEAM Wireless Controller Compatible with PS4, Wireless PS4 Controller with Built-in 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery, Gyro and Speaker Compatible with PS4/Slim/Pro Console

red game controllerred game controllerRed game controllerRed game controller

Wireless Controller PS4 wireless Controller ps4 ps4 controller wireless conroller ps4 PS4 Charger Station PS4 controller charger
Wireless Controller Wireless Controller Wireless Controller Wireless Controller PS4 Charger Station PS4 Charger Station
Hardware Platform Playstation 4, PC/Mac, IOS/Android Playstation 4, PC/Mac, IOS/Android Playstation 4, PC/Mac, IOS/Android Playstation 4, PC/Mac, IOS/Android Playstation 4 Controller, Yccteam Wireless Controller Playstation 4 Controller, Yccteam Wireless Controller
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB Bluetooth, USB Bluetooth, USB Bluetooth, USB
Battery Capacity 1000 mAh 1000 mAh 1000 mAh 1000 mAh
Playing Time 10-12 Hours 10-12 Hours 10-12 Hours 10-12 Hours
Multi-Touch Pad
Dual Vibration
Responsive Buttons
Compatible With YCCTEAM Charger Station YCCTEAM Charger Station YCCTEAM Charger Station

Features & Specifications

  • [Replacement FOR P-S4 CONTROLLER]: New Design! The wireless controller for P-S4 is compatible with P-S4/Pro/Slim/PC (Note: Connecting to PC needs to install receiver, not included). The wireless controller for P-S4 improve motor sensing, gyro sensor function and enhance the comfort of shape, bring absolute control to players and improve accuracy at critical moments.
  • [Comfortable P-S4 Controller]: The controller features a built-in speaker and 3.5mm headset jack, which can provide two audio options for you to choose. The addition of the share button to sharing your greatest gaming moments as easy as a push of a button. Additionally, the integrated mini light bar can feedback the wireless controller status in time. The optimized buttons and triggers, ergonomic design non-slip grips, which offer you fantastic gaming experience.
  • [Precise Control and Function]: 360°Refined analog sticks without dead zone, the new touch pad on the face of the game controller offer players precise P-S4 control. Controller which built-in 6-axis gyro sensor has dual motor vibration, excellent dual shock effect design makes the tactile sense more sensitive. These design makes you get instant response in the game with absolutely no delay, which make the experience is more real.
  • [Compatible with PC]: The wireless controller for P-S4 is compatible with PC (Note: Connecting to PC needs to install receiver, not included). However you can try it with usb cable. The P-S4 controller can be connected to a laptop with Bluetooth function and used directly in the game interface. First open the steam platform to set: Account—Controller—Controller Settings, check the handle for matching, and you can enjoy the game.
  • [Excellent stability and longer battery life]:Using stable wireless technology, the maximum connection distance between the P-S4 controller reaches 10m. You can play the game immediately. Up to 4 people play together and play with family/best friends to experience better games. It is equipped with a 1000mAh battery, which takes about 2-3 hours to complete charging, and can be driven for 6-8 hours on a full charge
  • Dimensions: 6.69 x 2.6 x 4.61 inches
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces

Pros & Cons


Can’t tell the difference but... Pleasantly surprised with this controller. By no means am I a competitive gamer; we mostly use our PS4 for all our streaming services. But just for grins I booted up Breakpoint to see how the controller would respond and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference, even after 9 years of using only Sony pads. I’m sure there’s a difference: there’s a 50% price discrepancy. But I’m nowhere near precise or sensitive enough to notice it. The weight and dimensions feel identical, to me at least. And the only reason that I stopped what I was doing to write this review is because my 5 year old knocked it off of our fireplace mantle (just under 5’) onto our ceramic tile floor and it still functions at 100%. Very impressed in the short run, the long run is yet to be seen.

Great value for the money. Nearly identical to the original Sony. This controller is great! I just got it yesterday and tested it out on a few devices already with no issues. This has Bluetooth as well and works with the last iOS. I tried it on my iPad and it works perfectly with Stadia, Apple Arcade games, and even on the Xbox cloud. This also works well on my PS5. I just have to connect via the micro-usb cable it came with and voila—it works. I tried it on a couple of PS4 games. Note, that this does not work on PS5 games (which is expected since this is the DualShock 4 and not the new Dualsense controller). I’m probably going to buy another one too.

Great Value and Adaptable. Great value for money. Like the fact I can use it for PS5 when we upgrade. Our old controller was not keeping its charge, so this was a great replacement. We liked it so well that we immediately bought another.

Great controller for a great price. I don't do reviews on products. However with the PS4 controller shortage I was desperate to get back to gaming. I bought the controller and was very shocked at how easy it was to sync up and to charge. It is beyond perfect for the cost and you can get a good charge out of it. I look forward to seeing how they do a PS5 controller. I would buy this to get you by!

My sons likes it. My son wanted a red controller, it is in fact red and a controller.

Great value! This controller was much more lightweight. The precision on it is much better than the original Sony controller. Super easy to sync with your PS4. Value for the product is great. Highly recommend. Don't miss out on it!


Laggy & not great for FPS games, battery sucks, needs reset frequently. Update: This is an ok controller for the money. I mean, you can’t beat the price compared to a Sony dual shock controller. But you get what you pay for. I’m updating my review to address the battery life. After using the controller a few times over 3 days (maybe ~30 min each day) the controller has a low battery and dies pretty quickly. Also, this thing disconnects from my PS4 at least once a day, and has to be reset so it can reconnect. It does this even with a full battery. Now on to the performance. Overall for most games, this controller is perfectly fine and feels good. But its connection to the PlayStation is pretty laggy, making any FPS game you play (Battlefield, CoD, etc) incredibly frustrating. There’s just too much lag from this controller. I’ll end up buying a PlayStation 4 controller and keeping this one as a back up or for one of my kids to use playing motocross and puzzle games. I’d just save your hard earned money for a Sony DualShock and not be aggravated every other time you use it.

Buyer Beware. It wasn’t what I thought I ordered .. I wanted the same remote that came with the PlayStation 4 .. this is okay but the quality is inferior to the one that came with the PlayStation 4.. I kind of was forced to let my grandson play with it or else I would have returned it

Cheap but works. I bought 4 by mistake and got the replacement plan. Ive already had two of the joysticks break. When I break a third ill send in for replacements. Cheaply made and will not “wake up” the PS4. Decent battery life though. Id buy a different one honestly.

Didn’t even last 2 hours. I had high hopes for this controller, because if it worked just as good as a Sony controller, then I would never have to buy a $60 Sony controller ever again, but unfortunately not even two hours into using the controller I started experiencing stick drift on both sticks. And not even to blame it on me because I still have the original black controller that came with the PlayStation. Overall The controller looks and feels nice but that’s about it, the internal hardware of the controller is just really cheaply made.

Sucks. Barely had it for 2 weeks and the joysticks already stopped working for example when I try moving my right joystick it moves fast and goes slower to the point that it’s not good for gaming and the left joystick when I move it around it’ll move the right stick with it

5 days in... Done. It looked and felt good the first 5 days, day six I turned on the controller and it felt almost as if it was lagging, I had to pushed so hard the left joystick for it to work... Would have better bought an original.

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