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backlit keyboard and mouse

plug and play

backlight keyboard

ergonomic keyboard and mouse

Plug & Play, With a 2-in-1 USB Dongle.

The lighting keyboard and mouse share one USB receiver. 2.4 GHz wireless provides a powerful and reliable connection up to 33 feet(10m) without any delays.

Comfortable Typing Experience

The effortless crater mechanism under each key makes typing more comfortable.

Concave keycaps fit your fingers for a more comfortable feel.

15° Ergonomic Tilt Angle

With the ergonomic design, the foldable legs of the keyboard offer a tilt angle for a better typing position, reduce stress on your wrists.

light up keyboard mouse

charging mouse and keyboard combo

Rechargeable keyboard and mouse

Adjustable DPI for Productivity

With 3 DPI levels (1000/1500/2000) Optical tracking technology, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of the mouse.

USB-C Rechargeable

Both the wireless backlit keyboard and mouse have a power switch. Built-in energy-saving rechargeable battery, full charged time in 3 hours via supplied USB-C charging cable. Can also be charged while using them.

Convenient Indicator Light

With all the indicator lights and switch you will enjoy a more convenient using experience. Definitely, it will become the refine edge tool for your work!

backlit keyboard wireless mouse

Know More About Trueque Light Up Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

  • Can I change the lighting effect of the keyboard?

The lighted wireless keyboard is always a rainbow color and has 3 adjustable brightness, you can change the brightness by Fn+PgUp / Fn+PgDn.

  • Can the letters light up?

The letters and edge of the keys both can light up.

  • How do I turn on lights on the keyboard?

You can turn on or off the backlit on the keyboard by pressing the Fn + Scroll Lock key at the same time.

  • How long can it work on a full charge?

Charge for 3 hours, the keyboard can work for 750 hours (Backlit off), 35 hours (Backlight on maximum brightness). The mouse can work for 200 hours (Backlit off), 44 hours (Backlit on). 365 days of standby time.

  • What will I receive?

1x Light Up Wireless Keyboard

1x Light Up Wireless Mouse

1x 2.4G USB Nano Receiver

1x USB C Charging Cable

1x User Manual

Features & Specifications

  • COOL RGB BACKLIGHT - The keyboard has a rainbow color backlight and 3 adjustable brightness. The mouse has 15 switchable lighting effects. Light-up keycaps and letters help you to use it easier in low light.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE - Rechargeable keyboard and mouse can be charged by supplied USB C charging cable. The smart auto-sleep function and on/off switches help you to save power. Leave for 30 mins, the keyboard goes to sleep, leave for 90s, the mouse will sleep.
  • 2.4GHz WIRELESS & ADJUSTABLE DPI - Plug and play, easy to use. Keyboard and mouse use ONE USB receiver allows wireless connection up to 10 meters(33 ft) without any driver. The mouse with 3 DPI levels (1000/1500/2000) Optical tracking technology.
  • COMFORTABLE TYPING & SILENT CLICK - The foldable stands offer a tilt angle for a better typing position. The effortless crater mechanism under each key makes typing more comfortable. The mouse and keyboard are almost silent, don't worry about disturbing others.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - This backlit keyboard mouse combo works with your PC, Desktop, Laptop or Notebook. Compatible with Windows, Linux, Chrome and Mac. (Note: Multimedia keys may not be fully compatible with Mac OS systems).
  • WARRANTY - We promise a two-year worry-free warranty and 60 days no reason money back or replacement. If you have any questions about this wireless keyboard mouse set, please feel free to contact us.
  • Dimensions: 17.44 x 5.35 x 1.18 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds

Pros & Cons


Takes a very firm, fatiguing press. Mouse? Great. Sigh, I've been on the hunt for a true easy-touch, almost membrane like keyboard and based off the pictures I really thought this would be it--it turns out it's kind of a blend with it taking a pretty firm press to type. it sometimes leads me to making some errors because of the strain to my fingers overtime. Again, maybe my standards are too high. I just remember seeing "effortless" in the ad and this keyboard isn't really like that. On the other hand....staggeringly, the mouse is weirdly high quality. It has a nice soft touch, the click feels FANTASTIC, and the color changing is absolutely MAGICAL. If you didn't see the other reviews....the keyboard stays one gradient color, which only emphasizes the difference. Like I wasn't even in the market for a new mouse but it alone makes me wonder if I ought to be. Only gripe is that I wish the scroll was easier to roll and it fit nicer in my hand. Also, this isn't really a plus or minus, but this absolutely is a great "feels like a regular wired keyboard" keyboard. It's really not at all thin, the incline is very pronounced which is very appreciated. The portability is low as a result, but the form factor probably is a plus to some people. Also, it just feels very...sturdy. And weird observation, but I like the soft, quiet thump of the keys. Anyway I will try this keyboard for a few days regardless of my disappointment and I will change my review if I get used to it--after all it's still a great package overall and maybe my fingers just need to get stronger. Is that a thing? Edit: I did and while it was an ok experience, it is ok to type on, the spacebar started squeaking a bit. I decided to increase my rating to 4/5 regardless bc I realize the only real objective issue is that the keyboard seems to be much lower quality than the mouse and I should just go find a board that suits me better.

Edit - Loved at 1st - Now Mouse won’t hold a charge. Customer service done right - was contacted after my review and offered a refund or gift card. Thank you!!! I really loved this combo set. I use it for work and for the 1st couple weeks it was great - and the keyboard still is. The mouse after 2 weeks started to die after a few hours and I’d have to charge it. Then it would die after and hour after being fully charged. Now it has to remain plugged in to a charger or it doesn’t work at all which defeats the purpose of a wireless mouse :(. As much as I love the keyboard I’m looking to replace the set as having 2 usb ports occupied on my work computer isn’t feasible for me. If the mouse battery issue could be solved I’d rate this 5 stars as is 2 stars because the keyboard is fantastic!

Both lasted less than two months! But they made it RIGHT! Good customer service. I want to amend my poor review below after dealing with the manufacturer. I have raised the rating to 4 out of 5 stars because the manufacturer contacted me to make things right. The representative contacted me with some options on how to repair my defective product, offering replacement or refund. She gave me some helpful fixes for the keyboard (I had already replaced the mouse and used my old keyboard again). The fixes seem to have helped the keyboard so far, and they still gave me a refund, so I'm very happy with the customer service. If they had not reached out to help, I would have kept the poor rating, but they made sure I was a satisfied customer. I'm very disappointed in this combo product. While the rainbow colors are beautiful, the mouse stopped working after one month and I couldn't fix it and then the keyboard stopped responding to my typing on the keys after two months total. I had to buy a replacement for the mouse and then dig out my old wired keyboard. VERY disappointed.

Awesome set. I have had this set since March and I absolutely love it! The keyboard and mouse are ergonomic and last a good long time on a single charge. The only issue I have is the letters are starting to wear off on the keyboard. I work from home 2 days a week so I do a lot of typing. It's not a HUGE deal, but a good reminder for those who may do a lot of typing themselves that this could be a potential issue.

Love this keyboard with the lights. I love this as now I don't have to turn the lights on at night to see when I type. The only thing I don't care for is how much I have to charge it as I don't sleep many hours a night like normal people. I guess for all the hours I use it I shouldn't complain. It does take many hours to recharge it. I think if I bought another keyboard I would go back to batteries as I hate waiting a long time before I can use it. It is a fantastic keyboard though.

Nice keyboard, awesome mouse. The keyboard feels "cushy" when I'm typing. It's a feeling I'm not used to, but I'm learning to work with it. If you type a lot, you might experience significant mis-strikes because of this. I use the keyboard at night for gaming and image editing, neither of which require extensive typing the same way writing a paper (or this review) does, so it's no big deal for me. Furthermore, the back lighting is fantastic. A+ there. The sound overall is "quiet" but not "silent" -- the spacebar makes an audible click, however the other keys have muffled sound and that's ideal for working late at night with roommates in the next room. The mouse is awesome. Stiff left- and right-click buttons means no mis-clicking. The buttons and scroll wheel are VERY quiet, so no manic clicking to annoy roommates or sleeping partners. The lighting profile is gorgeous, just like another reviewer said. A++ Can't speak for the battery life yet, however I'm impressed by how quickly the keyboard and mouse come out of battery-saver (sleep) mode. No complaints whatsoever.


It's alright. Bought this keyboard & mouse combo to use when working from home. They are both pretty, the white is sleek, they feel good, and the LED colors are nice. Set up was very simple, they connected right away. Only downside is the mouse has quite a bit of lag. For that reason I will probably return them. I can't deal with a laggy mouse all day while switching through multiple screens so that's a bummer. Other than that it seems like a nice set so far.

Not bad, but not up to par. Good for the money. I work in the dark a lot so I needed to be able to see my keys. Also my old logitec that I LOVE has the keys rubbed off and even though I've been typing since I was probably 8? I have trouble finding the keys in the dark and looking won't help me since there's no letters anymore. So I got this with the hopes I would be able to see it. I can, but the blue fade area around the /.,';l keys barely lights up. It's better in total darkness, but.. a point of interest for when the sun creeps through the curtain. The rechargeable batter to me is a con. I wold prefer to be able to pop my own batteries in than to recharge using a usb cable. I have enough usb ports used. This is wasting space. The lack of a palm rest and the size and weight of the mouse leave something to be desired. The keys being popped out in shape make finger sliding from one key to another troublesome and makes your finger trip over other keys, making typing less efficient. This is not the keyboard for a writer. For the price, it does the job. If you want something like I described above.. you should spend more for a nicer product. I'll probably do that, tbh. The concept is great, the application is less than ideal for me.

It's aesthetically pleasing, but not ideal for a multi display set up. I like that the buttons light up in a gradient rainbow. The mouse also has a gradient rainbow light around it. I initially got this set to use with my smart TV, but I liked the backlit buttons and mouse, so I tried to switch it to my work station. I became really disappointed with it when trying to use it for work, specifically the mouse. It seemed to have a delay on screen when trying to navigate. I thought it just needed to be charged, but that was not the case. I came to the conclusion that it doesn't work well because of the way I have my docking station set up to the left of my laptop. I think the proximity of the mouse and the transmitter are too far, or the laptop being in front of it causes some type of interference. This is very odd because when I was using this for my smart TV, the dongle was plugged in the back of the TV, and I was using the mouse and keyboard from my couch. The keyboard seems to work fine, tho. I had to switch to another mouse. I'm annoyed that the return window also closed just a couple days ago.

Charge lasts but the keys wear down quick. I was so excited to get this but it’s been 2 months and the keys are wearing down quickly which is disappointing. The charge lasts longer than expected on the keyboard and mouse as I use them daily for about 10 hrs and rarely charge either.

Decent product. I loved it while it worked. My mouse stop working a month after I bought it. I’m still using the key board which works just fine. Just disappointed the mouse stop working so quick.

Slow response, letters wearing off the buttons already. The keys are comfortable, but the letters are already wearing off and the response time is very, very slow.

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