Ergonomic Mouse Wireless Mice,Rechargeable Vertical Mouse with USB Receiver,6 Buttons 3 DPI 800/1200/1600 Computer Mouse for Desktop, Laptop,Chromebook

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Ergonomic mouse

ergonomic mouse

ergonomic mouse

(NOTE: The side forward/backward button is not recognized on Mac OS X).


  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / 10 / Vista / XP / 2000 / Linux for Laptop, PC, Computer, Desktop / Notebook

Vertical Mouse Specification

  • Item Weight:95 g
  • Connection Mode: 2.4G USB
  • 3 Adjustable DPI: 800/1200/1600
  • Item Dimension:5.0 x 3.0 x 2.5 in

Ergonomic Mouse, Vertical Wireless Mouse

2.4GHz Optical Ergonomic Mice 6 Buttons 3 Adjustable DPI 800/1200/1600 Levels, for Notebook, PC, Computer, Laptop,Desktop


  • The ergonomic-designed mouse provides better support and accommodates your hand in a natural position.It will be helpful to your wrist!

Stable 2.4GHz Wireless Technology:

  • The 2.4 GHz wireless mouse provides a powerful, reliable connection, effective up to 15 meters of range,

Package included:

  • 1 x Wireless Ergonomic Mouse
  • 1 x USB Nano-receiver (Stored on the bottom of the mouse)
  • 1 x User Manual

ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic mouse

Silent Clicks

  • 3 Adjustable adjustable mouse pointer speed (800/1200/1600) DPI.
  • STABLE CONNECTION WITH LESS NOISE CLICK,give you and your family member a quiet lift.

Wide Compatibility

Windows 10, 8, 7,

Windows 2000, Windows XP

Android Linux

windows vista

(NOTE: The side forward/backward button is not recognized on Mac OS X).

Side Button

  • Added next/previous buttons provide convenience when web page browsing;
  • It is a nice choice for computer mouse, gamer and other network activity. Especially the “Page Back” and “Page Forward” functionality.

Ergonomic Mouse, Vertical Wireless Mouse 2.4GHz – 6 Buttons 3 Adjustable DPI 800/1200/1600 Levels, for Notebook, PC, Computer, Laptop,Desktop

Ergonomic mouse

Features & Specifications

  • Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse 2.4G,800/1200/1600 DPI, 6 Buttons for Laptop,Desktop,PC,Computer,Notebook(NOt MacOS X).
  • Ergonomic Design make your hand more healthier and less overall strain. Widely compatible with Windows 2000/ XP/Vist /7/8/10/Linux.
  • Vertical Ergonomic Mouse easily adjusts the DPI of the mouse. 800/1200/1600 DPI Resolution Optical tracking on a wide range of surfaces and more precise.
  • Six buttons is a nice choice for computer mouse, gamers and other network activity.Especially the "Page Back" and "Page Forward" functionality.
  • Easy to Use-USB receiver at the bottom of mouse and built-in rechargeable battery. Power saving mode after 8 minutes idle
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 2.7 x 3.9 inches; 3.35 Ounces
  • Weight: 3.35 ounces

Pros & Cons


Very comfortable and great price point. I just starting using my new mouse, and really like it. The grip is very comfortable and natural, and the rechargeable battery seems to last a long time. Recharge time to get going again (if you forgot to recharge) is only 15 mins. The one thing that causes me to consider looking for an alternative is this: I have relatively small hands. I would like to have a bit of support under the side of my hand that is on the table. I think that would give the wrist a more natural posture. For someone with a larger hand, this might not be an issue. But, for the price and quality, I have no complaints. UPDATE: I have used this mouse for a long time now, and updated the stars to five. I got used to the shape, and best of all, I never feel any soreness or "carpal tunnel" like symptoms from mouse-use anymore! My only frustration now is that I can't figure out how to disassemble the mouse to clean the mouse wheel. (Dust and other stuff can make the mouse "jump" while scrolling - going up instead of down and vice versa.) It's not bad yet, and I can make it better by blowing on the wheel from the outside, but I'd like to take it apart and clean it properly, but there are no screws that I can see!

Responsive, Easy to Connect ... Rechargeable! Yay! I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and have had a failed surgery on my right hand (needless to say we didn't do the left side), I also have a situation with arthritis and ulnar impaction in both of my wrists. As well as arthritis on my middle finger hand joints and my thumb hand joints. Needless to say I have a lot of issues with my hands so using a computer can be a very painful experience. The good: -------------------------- ✔Responsive - Definitely responds to clicks and movement instantly. No hesitation or delay. ✔Easy to install - Plug and play, it was that simple. ✔Rechargeable! --- I can't say I love this feature enough! I try to get all my devices and peripherals as rechargeable because otherwise I'd have to buy stock in Energizer! lol ✔Placement of the thumb buttons - Now, we're getting into more of the design aspects. I have another battery operated (energizer as mentioned above) vertical mouse. I love it... BUT the thumb button placement is a nuisance. I'm constantly hitting them on my battery operated one. Not on this one! They're more recessed into the mouse and have a lower profile which makes accidentally brushing them with your thumb more difficult. Nice when you don't have your page suddenly go away lol. ✔Quiet - The left and right mouse buttons are very quiet unlike my Anker. ✔Long Left/Right click buttons - The length of the buttons (left / right) are very long which allows people with shorter fingers not to have to stretch in order to operate the mouse. ✔Forward/Backward buttons - The placement on these is awesome! I'm not constantly going forwards and back while I'm navigating because my thumb accidentally brushes over the buttons (like with my Anker) due to their lower profile design and better placement. The bad: ------------------------- ✔Size - This mouse is made for someone who has a smaller palm. I have a wider palm and short fingers. So 'holding' the mouse requires some effort instead of the way my Anker is designed where the palm base gives quite a bit of area and support for the palm. This mouse is quite narrow and for me that is an issue. ✔Thumb Shelf - My Anker has a shelf under the thumb area that also gives a place for your thumb to rest - thus reducing stress on the wrist (which is the whole reason you'd have a vertical mouse in the first place). ✔Scroll Wheel Placement - While the buttons are lengthy the scroll wheel is difficult to stretch to for those who have shorter fingers. For me, this mouse is not a good fit because of the lack of girth the palm rests on; however, for those with smaller palm profiles this is an excellent mouse. In addition the length of the left/right mouse buttons makes it ideal for those with shorter fingers to operate. Recommend for: Those who have a narrower palm with longer fingers.

Smooth & Silent Mouse. Excellent mouse. Perfect for anyone preferring the ergo type, and/or having issues with carpal tunnel & wrist problems. I love that the clicking is silent. I use it at my office around other people & I love that it is nice & quiet & not loud clicking like a standard mouse. It has a soft, smooth body & feel to it. It held a good charge. It shows a red stripe down the side to show battery life. I charge every few days or so. (depending on your usage) does go to sleep when not in use, to save on battery. One click takes you right back where you were. Although, I turn it off when not in use. I definitely recommend the product & the customer service is even better. I was a little rough with the charging cord & it frayed & I reported that & they promptly sent out a full replacement asap. I recommend keeping the cord in a drawer nearby or somewhere close, where you are not constantly pulling it in & out, as not to fray it. Very satisfied customer.

Ergonomically fits, reduces wrist pain and fatigue. I am working from home and spend most of my day on a computer. I was using a regular mouse and experiencing wrist pain and fatigue in my hand, wrist, and arm. I purchased this ergonomic mouse which supports the natural position of the hand making it much more comfortable to use. The battery life, positioning, and preciseness of the mouse makes it an ideal choice for everyday comfort.

Great approaching to mousing. I love the ergo and the extra "gamer" options. Not a gamer, so I rarely use them. Connection is NOT an issue. control of the cursor is delightful. Wish it worked on my mac. Back to Amazon for that. I'd give this 5 stars, especially at the price. It is intuitive and feels like quality.

Comfy and quickly acclimated. My wrist is getting tired and a friend recommended this product. I adapted to it the same day I started using it and totally think it’s the best thing ever. I recommend it if your wrist is not happy with the standard mouse. I like to just keep it wired in the laptop so it never quits in the middle of something important. That’s just how I roll. I totally recommend this mouse!


Works great until it doesn't. I've had this mouse for about a year, and I was really enjoying it- the ergonomic design really reduces wrist strain and makes it easier to work. However- the past month or so, even when fully charged and with the wireless receiver within two feet of the mouse, the performance has gotten jumpy and inconsistent. It's difficult to use, and I'm going to be replacing it, likely with something wired. Cleaning, charging, turning it of and on again... none of my usual troubleshooting has fixed the issues and I don't feel like investing more time into this problem. So don't expect more than 9-10 months out of it.

Just OK, but not for me. I wanted to like this mouse, but here are my weak points. 1) my hands are too small for this mouse. I find it uncomfortable for my thumb to be placed on that area. I wanted it to be more of a relaxed "rest" on the mouse, but since my hands are small and short - it's making my hand do more pressure to do my normal tasks when using the mouse. I always use the left and right clicks in all of my work load every day. So it's making my wrist and thumb pain worse than it is. 2) The battery life is short. The first day of use, I fully charged my mouse overnight and it was find. The following day, even after a full charge overnight, it died after 4 hours of use. I'm glad it still works while plugged-in so I was able to continue with my work for today. 3) The surface is nice and smooth, but I find it difficult to maneuver the mouse as it's too slippery. While applying even slight pressure to use, I find my hands slipping down it's hold. 4) I tried to get used to its height as I kept knocking it down when I try to use my 10-key and then grab the mouse. If you are patient enough, this is ok to get used to if you like using this mouse. For now, I will have to return it, and will keep on looking for the one that would work best for me and help reduce the pain from using a mouse.

Very Comfortable but WON'T Hold a Charge - Must be constantly plugged in to use. This mouse is very comfortable but it will NOT hold a charge. I plugged it in for over 4 hours to get it fully charged. Then it lasted less than 2 hours before dying. I am forced to keep it constantly plugged in, in order to use it. I don't know if this one is defective or just how it is. This product doesn't have a contact seller option. I might try getting a replacement to see if that works better, because it really is comfortable. My wrist doesn't hurt at all all when I use it.

Nice mouse, not so nice scroll wheel. I like everything about this mouse except for the scroll wheel. It is very hard to control. When scrolling up sometimes it goes down and vice versa. It's comfortable and has a very long charge life. It "right click's really well. Unfortunately I use the scroll wheel a lot and will need to replace this mouse already.

Very comfortable and works well. The only reason for my 3 rating is because i bought the same one 8 months ago and it stopped working - charges but then won’t work - liked it so much foe last 8 months decided to buy another but disappointed it does not last longer.

Ok at first, but soon had issues with scroll click-wheel. I bought this mouse because I was using a small travel mouse and I was beginning to have pain in my thumb. For the purposes of ergonomics, this mouse gets 4 stars, and out of the box, I would have given the mouse 4 stars overall. However, after having used it for 8 months, my rating drops to 2 stars and I recommend you DO NOT BUY because the click-wheel has stopped functioning correctly and jerkily scrolls both up and down when you attempt to scroll in either direction - which renders the clickwheel almost unusable. Also, note that the mouse works very poorly on light / white surfaces so you may need a mousepad if your desk is light or white (which mine is). Sadly, I use the click wheel so much that I think I will have to purchase another mouse as using this one has become a big pain.

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