VOYEE Switch Controllers Wireless, Programmable Switch Pro Controllers for Switch/Switch Lite/OLED/PC, One-Key Pairing Gamepad with 9-Color RGB LEDs 800mAh Battery 6-Axis Motion Wake Up Function

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VOYEE Switch Controllers Wireless, Programmable Switch Pro Controllers for Switch/Switch Lite/OLED/PC, One-Key Pairing Gamepad with 9-Color RGB LEDs 800mAh Battery 6-Axis Motion Wake Up Function

Compatible with Nintendo Switch Controllers/Switch Pro Controller/Switch Lite Controller/OLED/PC

VOYEE Switch Controllers Wireless, Programmable Switch Pro Controllers for Switch/Switch Lite/OLED/PC, One-Key Pairing Gamepad with 9-Color RGB LEDs 800mAh Battery 6-Axis Motion Wake Up Function

3 Lighting Modes of Joysticks

Strobe Mode

Press the “LED” and “+” button at the same time, the LEDs flash quickly (colors changed cyclically), like Disco. Press them again to close the light mode.

Breathing Mode

Press the “LED” and “+” button for the third time to enter breathing mode. The 8 light colors of the joysticks will automatically cycled slowly one by one.

Static Mode

Press the ”LED” button to enter static mode. The joysticks will keep that color you choose. Each time the ”LED” is pressed, the joystick takes on a different color (Order: rainbow-red-orange-yellow-green-blue-cyan-purple-white-off).

Turn off The Light: Press the “LED” and “L3” button twice.

VOYEE Switch Controllers Wireless, Programmable Switch Pro Controllers for Switch/Switch Lite/OLED/PC, One-Key Pairing Gamepad with 9-Color RGB LEDs 800mAh Battery 6-Axis Motion Wake Up Function

Our controller has the overall better option in terms of comfort, efficiency, sensitivity and durability.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller

VOYEE Switch Controllers Wireless, Programmable Switch Pro Controllers for Switch/Switch Lite/OLED/PC, One-Key Pairing Gamepad with 9-Color RGB LEDs 800mAh Battery 6-Axis Motion Wake Up Function

M1/M2 Custom Macro Editor

The pro controller comes with a macro mode built in, where you can easily change the buttons.

Press M1/M2 and “-” : Only one button value can be mapped to the back button under the Mapping Mode.

Press M1/M2 and “+” : Define up to 16 button values to the back buttons in macro definition mode.

The default M1 and M2 have no button function value.

Map Buttons to M1 or M2 Key

1. Press M1/M2 and “+” at the same time for 2-3s. Once the controller vibrates, the RGB lights of the joysticks turn white and flash slowly.

2. Press the buttons you want to map one by one (A/B/X/Y/L/R/ZL/ZR/Z3/L3/up/down/left/right), and the RGB lights of the left and right joysticks flash from slowly to frequently, indicating that the function buttons to be mapped have been selected.

3. Press M1 or M2 key (of which to be programmed) to confirm. Once the controller vibrates, the mapping is complete.

Close Programmable Function

Press “T” and “-” buttons for 3s. Once the controller vibrates, the setting is cleared and M1/M2 has no button function value added.

VOYEE Switch Controllers Wireless, Programmable Switch Pro Controllers for Switch/Switch Lite/OLED/PC, One-Key Pairing Gamepad with 9-Color RGB LEDs 800mAh Battery 6-Axis Motion Wake Up Function

Pair with Switch – Wireless Mode (2 Ways: (1) One-click Pairing (2) Y+HOME button)

1. Turn on the console, click on ‘Controller’一’Change grip/sequence’;

2. Press and hold the Pairing key or “Y”+HOME button of the controller for 2-3s to enter the pairing state. The LEDs flash quickly and then been on.

Pair with PC – Wired Mode (Note: You could play PC games on Steam, but Not support all.)

1. Connect the controller to the pc with a USB cable. The LED1 and LED4 will flash slowly, and then it is successfully connected;

2. The controller defaults to Xinput mode on the PC side, and the keys are not XB 360 key layout;

3. Press and hold the HOME button for 3s, it can be converted from Xinput to the Dinput mode. LED1 and LED3 been on at the same time.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

VOYEE Switch Controllers Wireless, Programmable Switch Pro Controllers for Switch/Switch Lite/OLED/PC, One-Key Pairing Gamepad with 9-Color RGB LEDs 800mAh Battery 6-Axis Motion Wake Up Function

Features & Specifications

  • 【Compatible with Nintendo Switch】Pro controller is perfectly compatible with Nintendo Switch/Lite/OLED/Android/IOS/PC (need a cable), works for all Switch games and multi-device games for up to four players. New updated 800 mAh battery for longer gaming time (about 10-15 hours). Wake-up function: Press the HOME button to wake up the console. 2 Pairing Methods: Y+HOME or One-Key pairing. 10-meters transmission range allows you to play games freely.
  • 【Cool 9 Colors LED Light with 3 Modes】The joysticks of our wireless switch controller is designed with 8 colors light & 1 rainbow RGB LED light. The switching of three lighting modes brings you a different gaming experience. Strobe Mode: the rainbow-color LEDs flash quickly, like Disco; Breathing Mode: the 8 colors of LEDs are slowly cycled; Static Mode: the joysticks will keep that color you choose. You could freely turn off the light mode.
  • 【Programmable Macro & 6-Axis Gyro & Turbo】Same as the original, the pro controller switch comes with built-in 6-axis gyro sensor to relax your fingers. Programmable function allows you to map more than 1 button' function to M1 or M2 key. Two modes of Mapping: ①single programming mapping;② multiple programming mapping. The mouse-like mechanical touch is very comfortable. Turbo button features 3 burst speeds: 5 shots/s, 12 shots/s, 25 shots/s, make it easier for you to win various games.
  • 【4 Speeds HD Rumble Vibration & Ergonomic Design】Built-in dual vibration motors with 4 levels vibration feedback: none, weak, medium, strong (0%, 25%, 50%, 100%). One-click to adjust the vibration mode to fit your preference. Redesigned grips keep the hands from getting tired after playing games for a long time. The non-slip design keeps you from worrying about sweaty palms. Share button help you instantly share screenshots and videos with friends.
  • 【What You Get】1 x Wireless gamepad compatible with nintendo switch controller, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x User manual, 1 x Exquisite packaging box, 45-day money back, 12-month guarantee against quality defect and 24-hours friendly customer support.
  • Dimensions: 5.91 x 2.28 x 4.17 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces

Pros & Cons


This is an excellent multi system controller. I bought this for my Nintendo Switch, and have been enjoying Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom with it. It feels nice and solid, the buttons have a nice and responsive feel to them. I was very impressed with how easy it synced to my switch. I was not expecting much for a sub 20 dollar controller. Very surprised that it paired to the switch with no issues, and it wakes my switch up and works every time afterwards. Wow I decided to try it on my Windows 11 pc. If you hold button B and home for a couple seconds it goes into Bluetooth mode. My Windows PC saw it and added it as “pro controller”. In steam and my retro arcade coin ops setup the controller is seen as Xbox one controller and works great. I can switch back and forth between switch and PC. It says it works with Android, and IOS as well. I will have to try that sometime. The only gripe I have, is I believe the sync lights that show sync status is to bright, and I cannot find a way to dim it or turn it off. Probably would have been better to place this light on the bottom or back or the controller, or give option to dim or turn it off. Can’t go wrong for the price at all!

Surprisingly good controller for the price. I wanted a cheap controller that was easier to use than just the joycons, because I have large hands and have had a hard time playing certain games. This controller is similar in size to my Xbox controller and has really good button placement. The added features of having lighted colors on the joystick and and extra programmable buttons on the back is pretty awesome! So far the battery has lasted for many hours of play at a time. Only downside I noticed later is that Amiibos don't work with it, but I just take the Switch out of its dock for a second whenever I need to use that feature, so it's not a huge deal. Overall I'd say the price for features has made this a really good deal, it's honestly the coolest looking controller I own for any system. Hoping the controller lasts for awhile!

Way better than I was expecting,. Day 2 review (Will update if anything changes) I purchased this controller mainly for PC use as I only have a switch lite, so I mainly use switch without a controller. This controller connected without any need to download drives, etc, just plug and play. As for the controller itself. It is much lighter in weight compared to my official controllers. The build quality is as good imo, as the official. Its nice and sturdy with no give. The sticks feel like my xbox one sticks, and the buttons feel like my PS4 controllers. The sticks are accurate and feel good, the buttons are nice and clicky with almost no wobble. The RGB lights are nice, but I wish they were also behind the XYAB buttons. I had to put a little bit of tape over the connection leds because they are blindingly bright if you play in the dark like I do. Overall i'm extremely happy I gave this controller a try. I have only had it for 2 days now so i'm not sure how long it will be this nice, but for this price it has blown me away. I will 100% buy this again if it holds up for a while.

Awesome little controller. What’s not to love. It’s like 15 bucks and works great. The buttons have a nice click to them. The programmable buttons are perfect. I play southpaw (switched thumb sticks) so it’s almost impossible to play some games like Zelda without having the extra buttons. This controller works flawlessly. I was nearly going to buy the more expensive pro controller but I thought I would give this a try first. Im glad I did. I would buy this again any day. The lights are cool and the controller turns itself off pretty quickly to conserve battery. Just buy it.

does what it needs to do. bought this because it came same-day and my boyfriend and i wanted to play stardew valley together but i only have my original switch controllers and wasn’t about to spend $80 on a new set. i like that you can change the colors or have it set so it changes on its own. it does feels a bit cheap and the joycons aren’t as quiet as your typical controller but that was to be expected for the price. my main con is just that the controller disconnects after maybe 5 minutes of not using it. i like my controllers to stay connected until they die so i don’t have to keep reconnecting them over and over and over (yes i charged it before i used it) hoping maybe if i just leave it on the charger for a few more hours that problem will be fixed? (although i charged it until the light on the controller went off) if not it was at least a good last minute controller option until i can afford a pricier one. i might take it apart and put something on the inside to add a little weight to it. the buttons on the back make the exact same click noise as a computer mouse which makes me want to push them constantly haha but overall it’s a nice controller for the price and the same-day delivery is a huge plus. definitely does it’s job for what i need it for for now.

Difficult to connect. My son bought this and I was skeptical about how well it would work. The thing was a pain in the butt to get set up/connected. Once that happened the hardest thing has been my son keeping track of it.


Was great for a few weeks. Was a great controller for the price for a few weeks then completely died mid game, wouldn't charge, no lights turning on. Unfortunate because I was really delightfully surprised by the build quality but the reliability isn't there.

Connection issues. Always disconnecting

the triggers are digital on/off switches. The triggers have no ability to control throttle levels. They are just on/off switches... so if youre playing a racing game that requires you use the trigger for throttle there's no real control available there.

Cheap Parts for sure. Bought this because my Switch elite controller started drifting after 3 years of use... This one started drifting even worse after 3 days of use.. Hate to say it, but just spend the $70 bucks.

Does everything but what you want it to do. If you want a controller that is functional with all these bells and whistles that you don’t want to install yourself, great. Get this one. But if you want a controller that actually works well I wouldn’t recommend it. Sure it’ll work but it drops complex inputs, it can’t read more than one button at a time, and it’s so complex to use even the manual isn’t very helpful

Glitches. Had to use this product before leaving a review and the toggles glitch! When you try to move left it goes right. After trying to recalibrate it, it still does it. Like Mario Cart for example. You try to turn left and it will switch in the middle of the turn and make you go right. Don't recommend. Maybe it's just a lemon out of the batch but it's still aggravating when it's new.

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