RedThunder K10 Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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wireless keyboard and mouseLED backlit wireless keyboard and mouse

Floating illuminated keycaps

Dual injection molded keycaps

red thunder keyboard

Elegant Ergonomic Design

The unique ergonomic floating keycaps adopt a curved design and has a mechanical feel . The middle plate is made of high-quality ABS translucent material and ultra-high light conduction, making the keyboard light more uniform and soft.

Translucent Pudding Keycaps

The pudding keycaps are made of high-standard wear-resistant two-color ABS injection molding process, and the characters are transparent and will never fade. The atmosphere of the game is even cooler.

Upgrade Type-C Charging Port

The upgraded detachable Type-C interface is made of premium metal for enhanced texture. It has the characteristics of being more durable to use, plugging and unplugging at any time, and more convenient to carry.

wireless gaming keyboard

Multi-button mouse

DPI adjusts the mouse

Type-C Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

The wireless RGB mouse and the keypad are charged with the same Type-C data cable, and the mouse wheel will be illuminated by the indicator light when charging. The charging port is not easy to damage, more durable to use, simple to plug and unplug, and easy to carry.


The side of the mouse adopts a non-slip curve design, with two buttons, the fingers fit the mouse more, and the use is more flexible. Professional gaming mouse adopts optical sensor, 3200DPI, 12000 FPS scanning speed, 40G acceleration, and tracking speed up to 400 IPS.

Adjustable DPI Buttons

4 levels of DPI by pressing 2 independently adjustable DPI buttons. You can easily adjust your movement speed, perfect for gaming and office to meet your multiple needs. This mouse offers extremely high stability when gaming, such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, DOTA, CS, etc.

gaming and typing

How to customize keyboard lighting and FN key?

1. LED: Turn on/off the backlight o switch the backlight color. 2. FN + LED: Switch between 1-color and 3-color breathing mode.

3. FN + PU/PD: increase/decrease backlight brightness. 4. FN + +/-: Speed up/slow down breathing rate.

5. FN+W: Exchange WASD and arrow keys. 6. FN + WIN: WIN key lock. 7. FN + (F1-F12): 12 multimedia combination keys.


1.The keyboard and mouse share only one USB receiver to reduce the number of USB ports, which is located in the bottom of the mouse. (Only when the receiver is plugged in, the lights of the keyboard and mouse will light up)

2. Please fully charge it before the first use, otherwise it will not last as long as expected when it is not fully charged. (Because we didn’t fully charge the keyboard/mouse before shipment to ensure transportation safety)

3. No software installation is required before the first use, just plug the USB receiver into the USB port, turn the switch at the bottom of the keyboard to the ON position, and turn the switch on the bottom of the mouse to the ON (no light) or LED (with light) position.

4. There will be a little delay or the lights will not turn on when the keyboard/mouse battery is too low, please charge the keyboard/mouse in time, the charging indicator will go off after full charge.

5. To protect battery life, please use a lower than DC:5V adapter to charge, preferably using the computer’s USB port to charge directly. Due to the different currents of different computer USB charging ports, some users may need longer charging time to fully charge.

6. Turning off the keyboard light can extend the battery life of the keyboard moderately.

7. If you can’t press “WASD” or “↑↓←→”, don’t worry, please check if the FN function key is enabled. FN+ “W” key can be used to switch between letter “WASD” keys and arrow “↑↓←→” keys at will.

8.If the keyboard/mouse is not working, they may lose connection with the USB receiver. Please try pairing with the USB receiver again.

Pairing steps as following: Make sure the keyboard/mouse fully charged and re-pair with the USB receiver.

Mouse pairing steps: Step 1: Turn the switch at the bottom of the mouse to the switch position with the sun logo; Step 2: Press and hold the mouse wheel and right button, the mouse RGB lights start to flash; Step 3: Insert the USB receiver into the computer and the pairing is complete. Keyboard pairing steps: Step 1: Turn on the keyboard switch; Step 2: Press and hold the ESC key and the K key at the same time, the indicator light starts to flash; Step 3: Insert the USB receiver into the computer, and pairing is complete.

9. If you have any problem, please tell us at the first time, we will try our best to solve it.

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Color Option Black/White/Pink/Black Pudding/White-Gray Black White-Gray Black/White Black Black/White
Connection Wireless Wireless Wireless Wired Wired Wired
Keyboard Keys 104 114 84 61 35 84
Backlight Mode

Features & Specifications

  • 【High-performance 2.4G Wireless Keyboard and Mouse】Are you looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that can perfectly balance work and games? RedThunder K10 rechargeable wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo will be your best choice. 2.4G high-speed and stable transmission, ensure that it can easily deal with even the most intense battles. Note: The USB receiver is in the bottom of the mouse.
  • 【Rechargeable & Long Battery Life】The keyboard is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery, and the mouse is equipped with an 800 mAh battery. The long battery life allows you to use them continuously for 8 hours with light. The keyboard and mouse are equipped with smart energy-saving functions. If there is no operation within 2 minutes, they will automatically go to sleep, press any key to wake them up. Please charge 8 hours before using.
  • 【Light Up Keyboard and Mouse】The keyboard has built-in three groups of rainbow backlight effects, supports 2 breathing modes, 3 static modes, and 4 brightness levels. The luminous design of Letters, logo, gaps and surroundings makes it the best light up wireless keyboard on the market (Note: There is no surrounding light in the right top corner due to the indicator light). The mouse has a built-in 7-color cyclic gradual lighting effect.
  • 【Durable Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse】The keys have a 10 000 000 keystrokes lifetime, so you can hold on to it for the next decade! ABS keycaps adopt two-color injection molding process, the letter of characters never fade. Thick and firm frosted metal cover, long service life, and never deforms. The mouse fits the palm perfectly, and the anti-sweat and non-slip design gives you complete control.
  • 【Plug and Play 】The keyboard and mouse share a USB receiver, and the code has been completed by default. You only need to insert the receiver and turn on the keyboard and mouse to use it. (Note: If the connection is lost for any reason, you only need to reset the code pairing. Or if it cannot be used for any reason, please contact us in time, we will try our best to solve it.)
  • Weight: 2.23 pounds

Pros & Cons


Gets The Job Done Well, EXCEPT for One Overlooked Issue. I've been using this keyboard and mouse for a bit over a week. It only took about 2 hours for both the keyboard and mouse to fully charge from its initial partial charge, which is fairly reasonable. For the price, this really is a wonderful keyboard and a considerable upgrade from my old one. There is one HUGE issue though when considering that this is advertised as a gaming keyboard. Pros: - Easy to follow setup instructions - Comfortable to use for extended periods of time - Adjustable mouse sensitivity - Easy keycap removal and attachment - Affordable price point Cons: - Only rainbow LED options, no solid color - NO SCROLL LOCK!!! The lack of scroll lock is a HUGE oversight. I understand that there needs to be a way to toggle the LED color, but not overwriting an entire average keyboard function. There could have been another toggle switch/button or another hotkey including Fn like the LED brightness change. The scroll lock key is a default hotkey for a function in an MMO I play, so I am going to have to make a new hotkey and relearn some muscle memory. Also, while this is a nitpick in comparison, I feel it's a missed opportunity that the LEDs are so vibrant, even including a pastel scheme, but I can't make the board purely one color. Maybe that could have been implemented with a different way to toggle the LED. If you need a keyboard that feels good and does all your basic functions while looking sleek, I do still highly recommend this keyboard. Just keep the lacking scroll lock key in mind.

Good keyboard. Maybe you can get a better one. So far after 2 months of using this keyboard it is pretty great. The keystrokes are snappy and are clear enough to know when I do press a key. The keys also feel very solid and have very little play with exception to the space bar. The space bar is probably as good as my $15 key board, feels very loose and has the most annoying plastic clink when touched. Another con to this keyboard is the fact that they keys are extremely difficult to see when the light is not on. Overall it feels really good just has small factors that make me want to try another keyboard. Just an FYI I am not a keyboard connoisseur and use this keyboard for work and browsing.

Great combo. So id like to start this off by saying that the key board looks very nice when it lights up! My wife wanted a new keyboard and this wireless combo definitely came in handy. It is a pretty long press when pushing down on the keys and it does seem a bit clunky but i do however think that its the best you’ll get for the price. So far the only downside i have noticed is that this keyboard specifically didnt come with a charging cord (I ordered a second one for myself that did have a charging cord) im going to use it for a while longer and ill update if needed but all in all its a good product

great available keyboard on budget. to begin this is my primary work keyboard as it provides simple interface with a num pad a feature not present on most laptops. this presents several benefits and complaints however adding this to a primary in conjunction to a personal setup has brought more perspective. 1. multiple instances of the same product is successful without issue or interference. this means if you have 2 possibly more of these plugged into separate devices and there is no interference or interaction between the two. ((For example devices coded the same) (I control a computer but b is moving as well)) 2. Now issues can be found when added on docking stations to include rapid refresh and disconnect roughly every 30 seconds if running multiple port docks however primary usbs are solid and stable, even running games without issues. Business done over these connections issues only slight latency over hub connections of 8+ this includes display adaptors. 3. Life span if for business I run on average 60h+ a week as a dba and sys admin despite this im charging 1 time a week is still more than sufficient, (games however you need to buy a separate charger and plug into a primary usb) power wise my only issue is there is no report, notification, or system message that a keyboard or mouse is about to run out of power. 4. Solid colors not possible on the basic commands even after referring to manual. if looking for an office theme or to maintain an aesthetic this is not for you its possible due to the rainbow effect however you can change the intensity of this affect brightness and pulse. all and all a great but for travelers with minimal space can easily be packed and retrieved from same package rgb can be turned off for business and long life. games.... subpar to any mechanical or hard wired... as just to function proper no other controllers or devices can be present such as hotas or xbox controller and while playing must be plugged into said computer ie hard wired

Replaced cheap set. During the pandemic, I got into gaming and purchased a cheap keyboard and mouse that had rainbow lights. (Happy Pride! ) Those things stopped working well quickly but I put up with them until I could find a better set - and boy did I! This mouse moves smoothly and has a great reaction time. The keyboard is quieter and easier to use, esp being wireless. It's helped me set up a more ergonomic work station - one I couldn't have has before due to all the cables.

Manufacturer came through. Update 2/24/2023: After I left my review, the manufacturer reached out to me and provided a replacement. I have increased my rating from 3 stars to 4. I really do like the keyboard and mouse. Hopefully my issues with the scroll wheel were a fluke. It is great that they stand behind their product and replaced it. I would buy their products again. ***Original review*** I have had this keyboard and mouse for about 3 months. It has been pretty decent until last week. The scroll wheel now decides to randomly go the wrong direction. I will be scrolling down, and it suddenly decides to send the page back to the top, or the other way around. It has been used in an clean office for work only a couple of days a week. It has not been used vigorously like you might with gaming. I have tried blowing it out and even using a thin piece of plastic to try to get anything out of it that may have gotten in the mechanism. I cannot see a good way to take it apart for cleaning. The only other complain is the enter key. I knew buying it that it did not have the style of enter key used in the US. I have more or less gotten used to it, but occasionally \ shows at the end of my paragraphs from the different placement of the keys. If I did not switch between this keyboard and a more standard US style one at home, I would probably have adjusted fully by now. Just know what you are getting into with the enter key. The keys feel pleasant enough, and I love the look of the old school greyish white plastic. Unfortunately, I am going to need to retire this since the scroll wheel on the mouse has become unusable.


Battery doesn’t last long. I was really excited for this keyboard and mouse, and here are the pros and cons in my opinion: Pros: great keys, comfortable mouse, looks nice. Cons: the Battery on the keyboard doesn’t last long. I use this for work, not gaming, and I have to charge it every couple days. For me, that defeats the purpose of a cordless keyboard. I also don’t like the main Enter key. It’s smaller than most which slows down my typing. In regards to the mouse, you have to click the mouse within every minute or two otherwise it goes to sleep. That’s just annoying. Moving the mouse doesn’t wake it up, only clicking it.

Doesnt keep a charge, disappointed. It looks great and is fun to use, but I have to keep it plugged in all the time just to keep it charged bc the charge only lasts a day at most and I work from home. Its very annoying to have it plugged in and constantly charging bc it wont hold a charge. The mouse is also just as bad but maybe lasts a couple days instead of a day. Feels like a waste of money and of course too late to return.

Weird spacing - no lights on mouse. The mechanical sounds were good and the key press seemed smooth with no ghosting. The colors were bright on the keyboard but no lights came on for the mouse. I returned because the keys were oddly spaced. The forward slash is also in the wrong spot and the ENTER key is too far for normal typing. I tried to give this a chance for a few hours of consistent work but couldn't do it. The 10-key pad is also more narrow it seems. I don't know how to explain it, but as someone with a very high keystroke who works on computers all day I can tell you this keyboard is just wrong.

Mouse is great keyboard it a tad wonky. Not sure why the keyboard sometimes doesn’t register commands. Both go black after a certain time (battery saver mode) but the keyboard has me befuddled because when I’m actively using it, the lights will flicker, go out, and then nothing the keys won’t register commands to the PC…and it’s plugged in. Troubleshooted, not a wire or power supply issue. Pretty nonetheless tho.

Expected more than what i got. No directions, so trying to find how to switched from F keys to media keys was a pain and every single one i found didnt work, so cant use the media keys i can only use them as F keys which is of no use to me. The mouse only lights up on half the mouse when its advertised that it completely glows, it doesnt, the other half only glows when its charging. Also theres no way for me to tell where the battery is at, full or low..just goes dead when its done. Had about a 12 day usage in between charges, both were charged at the same time so both died at the same time. I draft for work so this is also with about 10-14 hr daily use for about 4 days a week to give you an idea. Also if you look at the details on the bottom of the mouse its says the charge port is micro usb but its actually a usb c, so that says a lot. All in all, looks kinda cool (i say kinda because of the half lit mouse) but i can only do basic functions on it (because i cant use the media keys in my case) and for the money i spent i guess i shoulda went with something a little pricier. Hope this helps someone

The buttons broke off the keyboard. Well it's hard 2 type the buttons popping. I had 2 drive down 2 walmart 2 get another keyboard. i like the usb mouse.

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