Punkston TH61 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

TH61 RGB Mechanical keyboard


PUNKSTON TH61 is an RGB Mechanical Keyboard with 61 keys, durable 2k injection keycaps, bright brilliant RGB backlight, anti-ghosting technology, full n-key rollover,able to perform complex executions using our Fn combo. What’s more, You can DIY your keyboard with our powerful application, for Windows. Remap keys, edit macros, multi-media control, all easily done with our application for Windows.

60% Compact Design – Minimalistic compact design; Space saving on desk while portable on the go. Compatible with Windows,macOS,Linux and Android.Not compatible with Xbox,PS4 ,PS5.(If you want to use ps4/ps5, please download the update package)

Download Link: bit.ly/3NI0E20

Video Tutorial: bit.ly/3mnOqQ2

water proof


IPX4 Waterproof based on circuit board and optical switch, so you wouldn’t worry about any spillage. Plus, when time comes to give it a wipe, you can clean it without reservations. The unique design of three small holes at the bottom of the framer can quickly drain the water.


Hot Swappable Optical Switch

TH61 60% mechanical keyboard uses optical switches which can be hot swapped for those keen at customization, you can swap the switches easily with a puller with no soldering needed. Great little feature for those DIY inclined folks .(Note Hot-Swap function is for Optical switches only)

61 Keys Compact Design

61 Keys Compact Design

This mini 61 key gaming keyboard is compact yet capable of executing multi-functions with personalized shortcuts, giving you quick access to Home Page, Music, Email, etc combining with FN key, we have engraved tiny visual cues on the keycaps to help identify and select desired shortcuts.

Our arrow keys are “locked” by default, to unlock them, simply Press Fn+> key. Now the navigational/arrow keys functions can be executed by single individual press on them. To lock them, simply repeat the same process.

Also, if you would like to activate the arrow keys by pressing Fn key with a particular arrow key,i.e. Fn+Arrow key combo, you can achieve this capability by installing this Windows software upgrade.

Detachable Type-C Cable

Detachable Type-C Cable

Our keyboard set comes with a 59 inch detachable Type-C USB cable allowing for ultra-fast & reliable data transfer.

Double shot backlit keycaps

Double Shot Backlit Keycaps

Special double-shot molding technology is used so our keycaps will not fade and wear easily, ensuring durability and overall performance. Besides, these are also backlit keycaps!

Not just any Ordinary switches

Not Just Any Ordinary Switches

TH61 uses Optical switch with optical beam-based actuation, registering key presses at the speed of light! The keys are ultra-durable and tested to 50 million keystrokes.

61 Keys Compact Design

Detachable Type-C Cable

Double shot backlit keycaps

Not just any Ordinary switches

Keyboard Setting

Lighting Setting

Programmable macros Setting

Keyboard Setting

This is a cool compact 61 board but it has all the functionalities as you can program different keyboard layers, then easily switch between layers to access more functions with limited physical keys.

Lighting Setting:

Fancy backlight personalization! You are the boss as to the color-coding of each key! Designate the preferred backlight colors to each key as you prefer!

Programmable Macros Setting:

With our software for Windows, you can record macros and remap all keys and keypress to perform complex commands according to your needs and preferences. PUNKSTON TH61 Sofware Download: bit.ly/3NI0E20 . (Note that this software is for Windows only at this stage)

4 switches

Blue Switch: Excellent tactile feedback, when pressed, you can clearly get the feedback of the click, and with a clear clicky sound, great for gaming and typing. These tactile key switches help ensure accurate data entry.

Brown Switch: Slightly quieter and easier to trigger than the Blue Switch. Halfway between a typing and a gaming switch. Some people prefer Brown since it enables you to double tap faster and typists like them because they still have a good linear feedback, but the audio feedback isn’t quite noticeable as Blue Switch.

Black Switch: Linear switches with softer tactile feel, non clicky with 60 cN (±15 cN) actuation force, pure professional mechanical touch for gaming, preferred by lots of professional gamers.

Red Switch: Linear Switch, meaning that the force at the beginning and the end of each stroke is nearly identical. The result is a feel that most perceive as “Quieter” and “Faster” making them especially popular among gaming enthusiasts. Red Switch is the better fit for Office use.

Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Features & Specifications

  • Customizable RGB Backlight - 5 custom modes available with 13 unique preset backlight effect of various chroma with capabilities to adjust brightness, color and backlight cycling speed of individually backlit keys.
  • Hot Swappable Optical Switches - Quality optical blue switches employ optical beam-based actuation, registering key presses at the speed of light, springy feeling & crisp clicky sound,lasting 50 million keypresses.(Hotswappable with only optical switches)
  • Solid Build Quality - IPX4 waterproof based on the optical switches and circuit board, no need to worry about spilled drinks. Easy to clean, the design of the drainage hole can quickly drain the water.
  • Programmable Macros - Custom Software allows macros recording, key remapping to perform complex commands. Note that our software supports windows only, not Mac OS at this stage.
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 4 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds

Pros & Cons


A Solid Introduction to Mechanical Keyboards at an Unbeatable Price. The media could not be loaded. I received the variant with black switches and, I've got to say, it's pretty great for gaming. The black switches are linear, as opposed to tactile or clicky. They feel similar to reds, but require more force to actuate, making them a great option for PC gaming. This is the first keyboard I own in the 60% size, so that's taken a bit to get used to. Fortunately, all the keys are labeled to indicate the functions they perform when combined with the fn key. This really came in handy when fiddling with the variety of RGB effects that the keyboard is equipped with. All in all, if you're looking to start your journey into the world of mechanical keyboards, this is a good place to start. For the price, I recommend picking one of these up to try out yourself.

So much better than my Logitech G810. The media could not be loaded. I was looking for a 60%keyboard to fit on the sliding keyboard space on my desk. This keyboard does everything I need and so much more. Coming from a Logitech G810, my expectations were high....and this keyboard is so much better. The keystrokes are sturdy and it feels accurate in precision, even more so than my old Logtiech G810. For gaming, it helps keep my hands at a natural distance as my two hands are at shoulder's length, perfect!. I opted for the red switches as it is my preference for gaming, it's linear and "reliable" in the key presses. The keyboard is well built and heftier than I expected, which is good. It also has a detachable USB-C cord to power it. Most surprising to me is how great the software is. You are able to customize everything from the RGBs, macros, mapping, launching of apps.....nearly anything! See my video of the software. It's a great value! I'll be waiting for a pudding version to drop and buy another!!!

Great Keyboard, especially for the price. The media could not be loaded. I got this keyboard for two main reasons. 1.) I wanted a quieter keyboard so that I wasn't annoying people that are in close proximity of me while typing. 2.) I wanted to try a 60% keyboard since I have only ever used a full sized one before. I opted to go for the quietest keys which are the polar opposite of the keyboard I had before this. The key caps are nice and solid (don't feel thin/cheap), and the switches themselves are very smooth. Throughout the whole travel of the key it feels smooth and linear, it does not get easier or harder the more you push the key down. Next, the size. This keyboard is so much smaller than my razer blackwidow elite, that for the first day or two of use it felt weird. Although, after a day or two I am now use to the difference in size. Once concern I had with a smaller keyboard is that it may slide around. This has not been the case for me. For the size it weighs a good amount. It is far from heavy, but weighs enough that it will stay in place on your desk. Next, the software for the keyboard. I personally don't mess with lighting effects too much but I will say that the software is pretty good. It is as easy to use as some of the bigger keyboard manufacturers software. As far as my two "goals", I would say it accomplishes both of them quite well. The red switches are much less noisy than my razer green ones, and this is a great option for a cost effective 60% keyboard. Although, since the keys do bottom out while typing it still makes a decent amount of noise if you are going full speed. Some o-rings would probably cut that down a lot though. Absolutely a great value for the money. I have not encountered a single issue and I use it for 7+ hours a day. Overall, I think this keyboard earned a 5 out of 5 easily.

Very Customizable 60% Gaming Keyboard. The media could not be loaded. What Comes Inside The Box? The Punkston TH61 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with all accessoris that you need to customize it, to better suit your experience. This include a switch puller, Plastic keykap puller, a high quality braided USB-C cable and of course the Keyboard Build Quality: It is made out of a durable and very thick high quality plastic casing, it got very good weight to it, that has a good premium feel to it. The only downside is that it doesn't have a kickstands to adjust your angle preference. The keycaps on the Punkston TH61 60% Keyboard are made out of ABS plastic, the keycaps are OEM profile, which is commonly seen in most mechanical keyboards, they are the best so far, in terms of performance and quality. For the price, it's very well made and the keykaps are good, but as most keyboards with time they will start to shine and feel smooth with typing. The switches on the Punkston TH61 Keyboard in the GK61 are great mechanical switches. They come in many different options, the one I got was the blue, but they also come in black, red and brown. The blue is very clicky thought. Overall, very high quality keyboard, and I've been loving the compact 60% size, and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend it.

TH61 is a SOLID budget board, especially for the price! The media could not be loaded. Looking for a mechanical keyboard, maybe a 60%? This is definitely the board you may want. I got the Red Switch version of the keyboard, for something that isn't too noisy, but also isn't as heavy in actuation force. Coming from my RK61, the Punkston TH61 beats it out in almost every category, especially since the TH61 uses optical switches, which are far superior to soldered in switches. Punkston also goes as far as lubing the stabilizers to keep the noise reduced on most of the stabilizers. Optical switches are better in the long run because they respond to keystrokes faster than a soldered board could. This is a positive thing, especially in terms of competitive games, where having a quicker move than an opponent is key. The board is FAIRLY silent. Though a bit noisy during typing with the Optical Reds, if you wanted something linear but a little quieter, you should definitely go with Optical Blacks instead, so your fingers aren't forcing the caps to thump at a faster rate with such a low actuation force. If you're in the market for a mechanical keyboard, and want something that's going to be a nice offering, offer faster response time, and be a very decent option in terms of typing experience, this should definitely be a keyboard you consider. This has replaced my other keyboards I generally have in rotation, and probably will remain that way for a long time.

Great Keyboard - Super Impressed. I purchased this board after seeing an ad online. I have always used full sized boards because I work with numbers all day and need the ten key. I have always thought about getting a board dedicated to gaming so I decided to give it a shot. I started life on blue "clicky" switches and quickly grew tired of all the noise so I moved to speed switches. For that reason I ordered the closest thing I could find here with the RED linear switches, and I must say they feel very similar. I am super please with the way the switches feel. They are not scratchy and feel like they are lubed, although I have not torn the unit apart so I am not sure if they are or not. The board feels very solid and has very little rattle when shaking it. Much less rattle than some of the name brand boards I have used in the past. All things considered this is a quality board at a great price. The housing is plastic, but still has a very solid feel. There are no rough spots along any seams. All of the RGB works great and is very bright. I will continue to play around with the board and all of its features, but this might just take top spot on my desk for a while! I might even order a second one for my wife to take with her when she travels! Two thumbs up on this one. If I haven't said it already this is a solid board at a solid price. You get way more than what you pay for on this one. I would recommend this to anyone 100% any day of the week!


Great value, limited hotswap availability; needs a lot of modification. Alright, here me out anyone that reads this: this thing is insane value at $25-30 dollars with the coupon while this review was written (was ~$25). The optical black switches are nice and have a nice OOTB smoothness. BUT, these switches RATTLE around the plate like crazy!!! That is not even factoring in the stem wobble too. Literally pick up the keyboard and gently shake it and it will sound like like a rattle shaker. You can also gently move the switch top housing and see it wiggle around the metal plate. These "H&J" switches seem to be based off of Kailh box housings and sport a larger housing overall. Never heard of that brand. I could not stand the switch top housing wobbling and swapped with Gateron browns I had lying around. No more switch housing rattle and also softly tactile. I also could not use my standard cherry switch opener or my kailh switch opener with those H&J switches. Meaning, you would need an Outemu style switch opener. I ended up using a flathead screwdriver to open one and peer inside. Regular looking switch otherwise. Beyond that, the plastic bottom casing does include case foam, though there is a gap for a battery and a slit in the bottom for Bluetooth/wireless for another PCB. You may want to add additional foam to decrease the hollowness when typing. Additionally, the stabilizers are actually factory lubed, and seem to be injected in between the housing with a viscosity close to Krytox 205g0/XHT-BDZ. Not bad. Still needs to be clipped to avoid any unwanted stab rattle, however. Luckily, these are plate mounted so they can be easily tested without disassembling the entire board. There is also a complete app made specifically for Punkston that allows for a variety of lighting modes( including the ones from the keyboard itself, per key reprogrammability, and macro function. Good job Punkston! Getting serious - if you intend to buy this, you need to know that these are optical switches only - standard mechanical switches WILL NOT FIT in this socket; this also means that your choices in hotswapability aren't as wide. Though, Outemu and Gateron make a variety of optical switches online. There isn't really a better value for 60% keyboards at this low price point in stock on Amazon. Needs a lot of work, but you can definitely reach a good level of THOCCCC if you put the effort in. 3/5 for fairness and a good challenge for beginner keyboard enthusiasts.

So this could be a great keyboard, except not all the keys work properly. Like the headline says, it could be a great keyboard. For what I paid, at $32 it'd be a steal. Except not every key is tied properly to what it's supposed to! For example, and this is important, I can't use the question mark! Oh no, it sends me back up a line when I try to. And if I shift click it, it highlights everything. You can see where this is going... If you bought this purely for WASD gaming, great. If you actually bought it to function as a keyboard, some of these keys are incorrectly coded on the motherboard. I really liked the feel and tactile response. I also liked the RGB. But I just can't for the life of me justifying holding onto a keyboard with keys that are incorrectly coded. I really wanted to like this keyboard. In fact, I really do like it for this price point. It's not made of the best materials, but for an budget RGB keyboard, this really had my hopes up. It's not terribly loud compared to the blue switches I'm used to which was great. But once I tried to use the keyboard for writing a paper I realized that some of these keys weren't properly coded to their designated keys. Yikes! In conclusion, test every key on this keyboard including the FN keys when you buy it. Perhaps it's a one-off and quality control missed my keyboard. Either way, this is a return for me at this point.

Not great for long term use. DEFINITELY NOT WORTH 50$! Works great as a placeholder/backup. This is my go too backup keyboard. I would not recommend this for long term use. works great as a backup but it really isnt worth 50 bucks. If your willing to spend 50 bucks on this then I would recommend getting an RK61 for 2 dollars more.

TROJAN found in software. Got this to replace my $200 roccat keyboard since i didn't want to spend another $200 and i wanted to get into custom keyboards, the keyboard itself is fine but the main driver in buying it was the customization of software and because a trojan was found i can't use that which is really sad. If they fix i will give 5 stars but until then don't bother buy the $80 lookalike that doesn't have security issues.

A key stops working after time. Product is good and have had no problems with it besides one big thing. The A key stops working. After some time of using it the A key will stop working but if you unplug the keyboard for a little then plug it back in it works again. Don't know what this is and tried contacting Punkton via email and it didn't go through. Other then that it is an amazing keyboard switches feel good color is amazing weight is good doesn't slide around.

Seems nice but I hate non tactile switches. I made the mistake of buying this with switches I thought were tactile, but were not. I only like brown and blue switches. I was under the impression yellow switches also had a bump you could feel, but they didn't. I had reds for a while and made tons of typing errors, I hated them. Unless you bottom out with every keystroke, non-tactile switches are a major bummer. Don't make the same mistake I did!

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