Drop x Epos PC38X Gaming Headset

Drop + EPOS PC38X Black


An upgraded version of the crowd-favorite PC37X, our PC38X gaming headset is a level up in comfort, build quality, and sonic performance. Now, to celebrate Sennheiser Gaming’s rebrand to EPOS, the PC38X is launching in a new all-black colorway. It’s the same iconic headset, with a refined look to complement any setup. Powered by high-fidelity drivers found on Sennheiser’s venerable GSP 500 and 600 headsets, the PC38X delivers vivid sonic details with an ultra-wide frequency response. It can also be driven more easily than the PC37X, courtesy of a reduced 28-ohm driver impedance. On the exterior, a plush headband with breathable mesh-knit pads and a split design keeps you cooler and better supported for long sessions. Both knit mesh and classic velour earpads are included, so you can choose your preferred fit. Finally, for improved compatibility, the PC38X comes with two cables: one 3.5-millimeter TRRS cable for mobile devices and consoles (no adapter required), and a split cable for PCs.

Drop + EPOS PC38X Black


To put it simply, the PC38X helps you hear enemies and sense your surroundings more clearly. Thanks to the angled drivers and open-back design, it offers better stereo imaging and locational accuracy, allowing you to identify enemy movement, bullets, and incoming threats exactly where they’re coming from. The drivers come from the same family as the Sennheiser GSP 500 and 600—two of the highest-quality gaming headsets on the market. They offer better low-end extension than the original PC37X, so your games and music feel more lifelike than ever before.

Drop + EPOS PC38X Black


The noise-cancelling microphone harkens back to microphones that were originally invented for aviators as part of Sennheiser’s first compact mic project. Designed for high-volume, low-distance recording, the mic is optimized to handle unpleasant pops and hisses—great for Zoom calls and video chatting. Many games today are actually recorded with Sennheiser equipment, which speaks to the quality of Sennheiser’s microphone capsule. Plus, the mic mutes by simply rotating it up, creating a satisfying click so you can feel when it’s been muted.

Drop + EPOS PC38X Black


Form factor: Over ear
Transducer principle: Dynamic, open
Frequency response: 10Hz – 30000Hz
Impedance: 28 Ω
Sound pressure level: 109 dB
Weight: 8.9 oz (253 g)
Weight (with cable): 10.2 oz (290.5 g)
Microphone frequency response: 50–16,000 Hz
Pick-up pattern: Bi-directional Noise-cancelling Microphone
Sensitivity: -38 dBV/PA (Microphone)
Included: 2 removable cables (PC and console), 2 pairs of earpads (mesh knit and velour), Drawstring travel pouch
PC Cable: 2.5 m PC cable, 2 x 3.5 mm splitTRS connector
Console Cable: 1.5 m console cable, 1 x 3.5 mm TRRS connector

Drop + EPOS PC38X Black

Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headphone Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset Drop + EPOS PC38X
Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Drop + EPOS PC38X
Driver / Design: Dynamic Transducers / Open-back Dynamic Transducers / Open-back Dynamic Transducers / Open-back
Impedance: 50 ohms 28 ohms 28 ohms
Frequency Response: 15–28,000 Hz 10-30,000 Hz 10-30,000 Hz
Microphone: Noise-cancelling Microphone with raise to mute function Noise-cancelling Microphone with raise to mute function Noise-cancelling Microphone with raise to mute function
Cable: Detachable 10 ft (3 m) Detachable 8.2 ft (2.5 m) PC cable, 4.9 ft (1.5 m) Console Cable Detachable 8.2 ft (2.5 m) PC cable, 4.9 ft (1.5 m) Console Cable
Plug: Dual 1/8 in (3.5 mm) headphone & mic plug PC: Dual 1/8 in (3.5 mm) headphone & mic plug, Console: 3.5 mm) PC: Dual 1/8 in (3.5 mm) headphone & mic plug, Console: 3.5 mm)
Weight: 10.5 oz (300g) 10.2 oz (290.5g) 10.2 oz (290.5g)
Included: 1 removable cable (PC) 2 removable cables (PC and console), 2 pairs earpads (Mesh Knit and Velour), Travel Pouch 2 removable cables (PC and console), 2 pairs earpads (Mesh Knit and Velour), Travel Pouch
Compatibility: PC, (Sennheiser PVC 05 sold separately for console/mobile compatibility) PC, Mac, Nintendo, Playstation, Mobile, Tablets, and Xbox (with Xbox Stereo Headset Adapter) PC, Mac, Nintendo, Playstation, Mobile, Tablets, and Xbox (with Xbox Stereo Headset Adapter)

Features & Specifications

  • THE PC38X IS BACK IN BLACK: An upgraded version of the crowd-favorite PC37X, our PC38X gaming headset is a level up in comfort, build quality, and sonic performance.
  • LOCATIONAL ACCURACY: A COMPETITIVE EDGE: To put it simply, the PC38X helps you hear enemies and sense your surroundings more clearly. Thanks to the angled drivers and open-back design, it offers better stereo imaging and locational accuracy.
  • VENERABLE DRIVERS: The drivers come from the same family as the EPOS GSP 500 and 600—two of the highest-quality gaming headsets on the market. They offer better low-end extension than the original PC37X, so your games and music feel more lifelike than ever before.
  • CLEAR AMBIANCE-FREE COMMUNICATION The noise-cancelling microphone is designed for high-volume low-distance recording and is optimized to handle unpleasant pops and hisses—great for gaming Skype calls and video chatting.
  • INCREASED COMFORT: The headband has been updated with a new, breathable mesh-knit pad, keeping you cooler and better supported for long sessions.
  • Weight: 8.9 ounces

Pros & Cons


Best Wired Gaming Headset. The product is well made and sturdy even though it's made of simple plastic. The sound is amazing (I prefer the default earpads rather than the included extra velour set which in my opinion increase or rather emphasize the lower end a bit more). The microphone is very very clear, although it does fail to pick up the bass in ones voice. This isn't an issue however, as the microphone is amongst the best I've tested on gaming headsets. Also, the microphone does not pick up any sound protruding out from the headset due to the open-back design. The included cables are braided high quality cables. The yellow color-way is far more noticeable in pictures than it is in person. The yellow is actually fairly subtle and the headset looks much better than I expected. On a side note, an amp is not needed for this headset (it is plenty loud using sound from your motherboard... additionally I tested it on PS5 and the controller pushes the headset perfectly fine.) Overall, I truly believe it's harder to find a better gaming headset than this one. Sure you can create a better set by combinimg higher end headphones and a separate microphone but that clearly comes at a much higher cost. I've had gaming headsets such as the HyperXCloud2Pros, Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless, and Astro A40s....this headsets beats them all.

I love this headset. Comfort is outstanding! I've only had the PC38X for a few days, but I've been using it for EVERYTHING on my PC since it arrived. The audio quality of the headphones is, of course, outstanding. The open back is exactly what I needed. I want to be able to hear when someone in the house, human or pet, is trying to get my attention. I've never had open back headphones before and it's amazing to be so immersed in the audio and yet be able to still hear what's going on in the room when you need to. Thanks to this feature, I pretty much have this headset on my head from the the instant I sit down at my computer, whether watching YouTube, being in a zoom meeting, gaming in 2D, or even when using VR. As soon as I got this headset, I removed the earphones from my HP Reverb G2 VR headset and now I wear the PC38X when gaming in VR instead. I've used them in VR in Beat Saber, Half Life: Alyx, and MSFS 2020. I didn't dislike the G2's included earphones, especially since they were off the ear and allowed me to hear when somebody was trying to get my attention, but the immersion with the PC38X is much better. And the open back allows me to still not feel like I've closed myself off from the real world. I may get a windscreen for the mic, since putting it in front of my mouth leads to it picking up noise on certain sounds like "t" and "p" and also picking up some breathing from my nose. However, I found that putting it below my chin allows it to pick up my voice fine while getting out of the way of the air from my mouth or nose. The noise cancelling in the mic works for when my beard rubs on the mic, with the sound not being passed into the zoom meeting or game. I kind of wish the mic picked up the bass in my voice a little more, but it is very clear and should be appreciated by those trying to hear me in meetings or games. The clamping force on my head was a bit too much at first but it relaxed very quickly and now I wear the PC38X for hours with absolutely no discomfort. I am using the default ear pads and they are comfortable and cool. As I said, I can pretty much wear these the whole time I'm at my computer or standing up doing VR and not even notice they are there (other than the great sound). Note that my PC has separate mic and headphone jacks, so I'm able to use the 3M long cable to allow me to use the PC38X when doing VR (which is also wired). The included cable for those that have a single headset jack is quite short and would not work for this without an extension cable. The cables are a bit stiff and rough but I like that they feel tough and like I'm not going to break anything by stepping on them. So far, I really love this headset. Super glad that I invested the money in it.

Perfect xbox headset. These are the perfect gaming headset for the series x. Unfortunately since Microsoft got rid of the optical port, gamers are limited to a 3.5mm jack. While I wouldn't choose these as the perfect pc headset, they're probably these best you can get for xbox without messing with hdmi splitters and what not (unless you have an optical port on your TV, I use a monitor). So much better than your typical turtle beach/Astros gaming headset. They're super lightweight and comfortable. The sound, while great for positional isn't as immersive as some others, partially due to the lightweight and open back properties. If your an fps player these are perfect, however if you're more of a solo/story mode player then look into a closed back high end like audeze penrose or something for a more immersive experience.

The best in this price range, hands down! I’ve had this headset for a few weeks now and played many different games with them across many genres and listened to all types of music with and without my GSX1000 DAC/Amp. They’re very good without the GSX1000, but I absolutely recommend pairing them with it for the added functionality and personalization. I couldn’t be much happier with this headset. The sound quality is fantastic, they’re very light, and the clamp is just right even for my big head. It’s a gaming headset, and that’s where it shines. The soundstage allows for very accurate target location in shooters (Apex Legends specifically). They don’t slouch when playing music either. The bass is very respectable and stays tight throughout the spectrum. The microphone is nothing to write home about, however, and is by far the weakest part of the headset. That being said, the fact that you can get such a great pair of headphones that happen to have a mic attached to them at this price point is amazing. Overall, if you’re looking for a great pair of headphones with a more v-shaped, fun sound signature and also happen to need a microphone... click ‘Buy Now.’ You won’t regret it. They’re so good, the only upgrade I can see myself in the future would be a pair of HD800S.

Awesome sound quality for a gaming headset. The PC38X’s are absolutely the best sounding gaming headset that I have heard. I’ve owned the Astro A50’s which for the money there is no comparison. The sound quality is unbelievably better on the PC38X and at $130 cheaper they are a steal. I have also owned the PlayStation Gold headset which aren’t bad at all but can’t touch the Sennheiser’s for sound quality. Reasons you wouldn’t want this headphone; These are open back so won’t block outside noises. You need wireless.

Great for the money. Forget the bad reviews! These are great, I'll Tell You Why! So I already have Sennheiser and AKG headphones. So it wasn't a surprise this headset had great sound. No issues with Mic sound. Little bit hissy, but if you have an aftermarket sound card then you should have active noise control as an option which eliminates anything that shouldn't be there. The headset is tight on the head when you first pull it out of the box, but all you have to do is work the head band and lightly bend it out all the way around. Solves the problem. This is a great headset. You will like it, I let all my co-workers try it out and now they want one too. If you already have a aftermarket sound card like a ASUS, Sound Blaster, ect and you liked your current Sennheisers or AKG's this is a good headset for gaming. The lows don't muddle the highs. They sound good for music and movies. If your just using these with a cheap laptop using the integrated sound device these might not be for you. Get a nice USB DAC off of amazon. Why these headphones get bad reviews; 1. People are using the built in sound devices, and they sound bad. Hardly and software support. 2. People barely know how to operate their own computers. 3. It's not USB, so they have to know how to set volume levels, see #2. 4. "But But it's tight on my head!" People don't understand these headsets are "also" made for the people that yell at the TV during a football game, and only play console games. So they jump around yell, throw the controller, move the controller around in the air like it does something. If the headset wasn't tight on their head it would fall off all the time and they would constantly be trying to return them as if it wasn't their fault the headset broke.


Started off strong. Sound was fantastic, bought two of these headsets...one for myself and another as a gift and both have Mics that don't properly work and 1 headset had sound only in half the headset and was extremely muffled. This is the 2nd time I have tried Sennheiser headsets because I always hear good things about them and yet again...I got nothing but products that do not work. Probably won't buy this brand again.

Just put your head in a vise instead, it gives the same effect. I bought these when my PC350's finally started to break down too much to justify using anymore. These appear visually to be the same base design, however when I got them I was severely disappointed to find that they are absolutely not the same fit as the PC350's. The clamping force is insane, and genuinely painful. The headband is plastic, and cannot be stretched to reduce the clamping force. Even worse than the clamping force are the tiny ear cups. I'd say these are at least 20% smaller than they used to be on the PC350's, meaning they're not really over ear headphones anymore unless you have tiny ears. When I put these headphones on, they press on my ears in a few different spots. This, combined with the crazy clamping force, makes these headphones very uncomfortable to wear for longer than 30 minutes or so. The worst part is that the sound quality is amazing. They've ruined an otherwise great product by (I can only guess) using children as quality control subjects. Does anyone know if Sennheiser still makes a headset that fit a normal sized adult head?

Looking for a customizable headset? Look elsewhere. After using a pair of Astro A50's for a few years, I decided on upgrading, and after looking at various headsets for my new PC build, I heard great things about Sennheiser, and decided to pull the trigger on the PC38x. After recieving the headset, I realized just how pampered I was with my previous headsets. This headset does not come with any sort of software to customize the headset, making you use the default soundstage that comes with it. This may be bearable for some, but for me, I really disliked it. Another gripe I have with this headset is the lack of voice feedback, so you can't hear yourself thru the headset. Again, some may like this, but I found that it made speech very difficult when I was talking with my friends, as I had no sense of how loud I was. And now for my biggest issue with this headset: the surround sound. After hearing great things about Sennheiser, I figured that this headset would be able to hold its own without the need of an Amp or any other auxiliary device, and I was WRONG. The sound on this headset has very little surround sound, which leaves much to be desired if you are an avid gamer. Overall, while the general build of the headset is fine, the overall quality of the sound of this headset was lackluster, and I decided on upgrading to the Astro A50 gen 4, which I am much more pleased with.

Mic barely registers. First, the headphones sound great. I've never owned a set of open-back headphones before and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they sound while not blocking off the outside world. However, the mic is nearly useless. I use these phones with both my home gaming rig and my work laptop. The headset plugs into a USB adapter, then into a KVM switch so I can easily switch between them. When YELLING into the mic on either machine, it barely registers a level of 1%. As a test, I plugged the headset directly into the headset sockets on my home machine's motherboard and the mic still registers almost nothing unless I go into sound settings and use the "boost" setting. Unfortunately this setting isn't available when connected via USB. I read several articles stating that this is really a problem with Windows 10, and that the only solution is to install a couple of user-unfriendly EQ tools to allow you to boost the signal. That's not an option for me when using my work laptop because the tool isn't approved for use by my employer. I should note that the mic on my previous headset, a Sennheiser PC350, works just fine. But after many years of reliable service the left driver went out on them. So I thought I'd splurge. I regret buying these things. I finally ended up buying a $50 mic pre-amp along with an adaptor cable to jury rig it to feed into the USB adapter. Even with the pre-amp I have to crank it up to about 9 to get any output on the mic. It's all been frustrating as heck.

Really? Sennheiser? I expected that Sennheiser would have a high price point because they've historically been known for their quality. However in this headset.. it's just a let down. The sound coming in switches randomly between stereo and mono, no matter what my actual hardware sound configuration is set to. I do plenty of sound editing and some music tracks on my headset are exceptionally loud, however on desktop they are quiet. The microphone also picks up every Popping P that Passes in speech. I will say that it is good at filtering out background sound, especially things like fans and air conditioners. You have to just find the sweet spot for placement with the mic. I don't like that the microphone is stuck on the left side. There is no way to swap mic out to the right side, or even flip it. Overall I wouldn't recommend this for the price, maybe for $80.

Not impresssed despite the glowing reviews. I've had a pair of sennheiser headphones for years that I've been a huge fan of. I was looking at upgrading an old headset and while I went into this with some high expectations due to the combination of glowing reviews and past history, I was decidedly disappointed with these. I found them fairly uncomfortable to wear. The clamping pressure on them is reasonably high and it seems to not work well with glasses. I tried both sets of provided ear covers and found neither to be comfortable for extended wear. Without a dedicated amp, I also found them oddly quiet. I was simply using them with the built in motherboard (x570 Tomahawk) and ended up needing to turn up all sound around 300% over what I usually have. Additionally, I needed to max all my mic settings so that people could hear me. So in the end, they're uncomfortable and while the sound quality seems fine, it also seems like they are designed to be used with an amp (or maybe mine were defective). I've just gone ahead and returned them after trying to make them work for the past week and went with the logitech g pro x which are half the price and significantly more comfortable.

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