NPET K611 Gaming Keyboard

NPET K611 Gaming Keyboard

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Features & Specifications

  • IP32 Spill Resistance: With durable construction that repels liquids and dirt for easy cleanup. Capable of withstanding accidental spills. Adjustable feet let you set your keyboard to the ideal position, so it's comfortable to use even during the longest gaming sessions.
  • Durable Full-Sized Gaming Keyboard: Made with highly-resistant ABS plastic and metal base for longevity, and durability. With a mechanical brown switch gaming feeling that delivers precise tactile feedback and responsiveness.
  • 10-Zone RGB Lighting: With 16.8 million colors and a suite of effects to choose from, press FN+M1~M5 to personalize the keyboard and get access to dynamic lighting effects.
  • Dedicated Media Control & Anti Ghosting: It has 26 conflict-free that keep you in control when you press multiple gaming keys simultaneously. 13 dedicated media keys can control your background track without switching out of your game.
  • Wear Resistant Doubleshot ABS Keycaps: The UV coating ensures more fade-resistant legends and greater protection against wear and tear from frequent use. The ergonomic stair-up keycap design brings maximum comfort keeping your hand in a natural state to minimize hand fatigue.
  • Weight: 2.77 pounds

Pros & Cons


For a budget price a good keyboard that both a general purpose or office and gamers should like. NPET K10 Backlit Gaming Keyboard, Black, Purchased 10/22, Reviewed 10/22/2022 I purchased the K10 budget membrane faux mechanical keyboard. I was searching for a backup budget keyboard because my main PC keyboard gave up the ghost after 7 years. I needed a backup so I could continue working from home, while I waited for the new replacement keyboard to arrive next week. 1st impression: when I grabbed the Amazon package at my front door, I thought, "Wow, this is a heavy keyboard." Opening the package, I was impressed with its mechanical keyboard look, and it looked like a quality keyboard but at a budget price of $20. Of course, as soon as I set the K10 on the desk, I started testing the keypress feedback, noise, and how typing felt. Key travel felt a tiny bit stiff but still good for this price point. Any keying noise was surprisingly low. Plugging in the K10's braided USB cable, the first con is revealed: the cable is too short at 67" long, another 6 to 12 inches would be better. The board's RGB lights lit up, and my Windows 10 Pro PC had no issues with the new K10. The next thing I noticed, which is not necessarily a negative, is that the keys are smaller than typical full-sized keyboard keys.  [Update "edit" 4/12/23: I later compared my full size keyboard and the new replacement keyboard I had ordered, and the keypad surface area is the same. (What was different was the K10's top surface has a slightly deeper concave indentation, so the feel is slightly different.)] I am a touch typist capable of 60+wpm so the size of the keypad felt a little off; however, with use, it would feel fine. With nearly 40 years of using and owning many computers and their keyboards, touch typing resulted in some initial missed direct keypad hits, but adjusting was easy. One additional observation: right after startup, a distinct odor was coming from the board, sort of an electrical and plastic overheating smell (note, I had the RGB lights off). After about 20 minutes, it faded, and I haven't noticed it since.  [edit 4/12/23 I have been using nearly 5 months most days on my Hosting Music pc and no issues at all.] What does a touch typist think of the key typing on the K10? • Sore fingers. My fingers were tired after 1 hour, and after 2 hours, they were sore. The problem is how I type, pushing down slightly harder than the average typist, who maybe learned to type on a mushy membrane keyboard. I learned on IBM Selectrics, which required a slightly heavier key press. The keystroke travel is higher or longer on the floating keys of the K10 than on most keyboards at 3.6mm, so I have to push further down for it to bottom out the key travel, and if I am typing hard and fast, my fingers are sore. I tested where the action point in the key travel seemed to be; it's either halfway or slightly higher. So if I type with a lighter keystroke and try to avoid the key bottoming out, there should be less soreness. A lighter touch is possible, and the keys feel good as you type along and shouldn't cause sore fingers. I would like the stroke to be a little softer or less stiff. [edit 4/12/23   After some practice, I haven't had any soreness issues.] • "Noise," a comment about YouTube reviewers Any YT review doing their keyboard review on a wooden desk or a hard desk surface with no large mouse pad that cushions and accommodates both the keyboard and mouse is only testing the keyboard's resonance with the hard desk, and that is likely 2x or 3x louder than typing with a keyboard on a desk size keyboard - mouse pad. Typing noise on the K10 sitting on a 32" x 12" x 2-3mm thick pad was very low. •No movement, the K10 on my full-size keyboard/mouse pad does not slide or move at all. The K10's weight and three rubber grip pads on the front bottom of the chassis, plus the two pull-out feet, securely hold the board with no movement. • Key wobble was not noticeable, very slight on the space bar. • RGB lights, are not my thing, but if there was an RGB selection that lit only the key letters and numbers, that would be ideal. However, it's not an option. I have about 27 days to decide if I should keep the K10 or return it to Amazon. I'm pretty sure it's a keeper. [Update: 4/12/23, I kept the K10 and use it almost daily. For the price and for my type of usage, I would recommend the K10. Would it be a good gaming keyboard? I do play games, I tried it for one game, and it was fine, I have never owned an expensive gaming board or typed on one, so I cannot compare. ]

Great Quality. I recently purchased the [Insert Gaming Keyboard Model Name] gaming keyboard, and I must say it has completely transformed my gaming experience. This keyboard is an absolute gem that deserves every single star in this review. First and foremost, the build quality of this keyboard is exceptional. The sleek and sturdy design gives it a premium look and feel, making it a joy to use. The keys have just the right amount of resistance and provide a satisfying tactile feedback with every keystroke. The keyboard's solid construction ensures it can handle the most intense gaming sessions without any signs of wear or fatigue. The performance of this gaming keyboard is where it truly shines. The keys are incredibly responsive, delivering lightning-fast input recognition and minimizing any potential input lag. Each key is individually backlit, allowing for complete customization of the lighting effects, giving your gaming setup a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. The anti-ghosting feature is a game-changer, as it ensures that every keypress is accurately registered, even during complex combinations, giving you the competitive edge you need.

Not bad for the price. My only complaint is that I wish it had USB plugs like the Dell keyboards do - but hey, can't have everything right? Nice keyboard - works great for coding in the dark - yet the lights go to "sleep" on their own after a certain amount of no activity. Awesome! great deal on this as well.

Good So Far. I have only had the keyboard for a short time so I can only review based on how long I have had it. The keyboard is great for the price and I love the backlight colors. Some of the keycaps were already slightly faded when I ordered it so there is a chance they will need replacing later.

Old Dog, New Trix. In my 80s. Have been using Bluetooth mouse for what seems like 20 yrs. Never got around to adding the keyboard. Finally, old age aches and pains have driven me to getting one. I'm surprised how easy it was to get it going with the instructions printed on cardboard.; written in English and , what appears to to be Chinese, however, mainly in drawings. Giving it five stars for now. I won't be around n 20 yrs.; but, if it throws craps, before then, someone from this household will let you know if this review needs downgrading.

Simple bright LED keyboard. I had an old G15 keyboard. The risers broke off and it was 30 years old. This keyboard was simple and has manual controls for the LED. I also love how bright it is and that it goes to sleep after a bit. The machine it's on runs 24/7. Nice small simple layout. No idea if it will last 27 yrs like my Logitech G15, but for 20 bucks it won't have to.


Not terrible but leaves room for improvement. Not a bad keyboard for the price. Pros: Nice key feel, tall keys, nice colors for backlighting, price, fast delivery, feels very solid and somewhat heavy/well made, makes a good back up keyboard Cons: some areas of the backlighting are dim, hard to read top # row keys 7, 8, 9, 0, - .= and all of the F keys are dim. If you put it on the default blue color, some keys are hard to read. For the price this is not a bad keyboard. It's not mechanical but tries to mimic that mechanical feel. I like everything about it except for the small backlighting issues. I do wish it had dedicated multimedia keys for volume and mute but at this price point it's not a big deal. It has volume and mute when holding down FUNC key but takes 2 hands. These are basic LEDs with only 7 colors and only one pulse option or solid color but again, price point. Would recommend for anyone on a very low budget or looking for a temp back up.

This keyboard shuts itself off randomly. Its almost like its on a sleep timer . If you dont use it for a few it shuts off . I have reached out to the manufacturer about this to find out if I have a defective one or if its normal for this model. No response so I'm returning it. If you dont care that it shuts off randomly , it is a nice keyboard . Its quite , has a small footprint and when it is lit up , it gets all the keys pretty good . I used mine for over a week thinking I could get used to it shutting off but no , I need mine to stay on or have a way to stop the sleep timer if that is whats happening .

You get what you pay for. Keyboard works fine for what it is. After a couple of minutes, the keyboard goes dark. You have to hit a random key to get the lights back on so you can see what you're doing. Be nice if there was a way to keep them on.

Looks nice, space bar feels terrible after a week. I bought this as part of revamping my work desk, which is white. The keyboard looks awesome, the lights are nice and easy to change, and the functions work well. Aesthetically, it's great. It generally feels really nice to type on. But after a week or so, the spacebar started to feel weird if I pressed it from certain angles. Basically, if you push directly on the center of the spacebar, it usually moves fine. But if you push it on either end it goes down unevenly and doesn't move smoothly. It sucks and I might have to return it for this reason. I type too much for a weird hitch with the spacebar. I'll try to fix it before I replace it, maybe there's a solution. With all that said, at the price I paid, I wouldn't tell someone not to buy this if they want to tryout a smaller keyboard. But i'd warn them about this spacebar issue.

INCREDIBLY LOUD! I got this keyboard for my office, but quickly purchased another one as this keyboard is incredibly loud while typing and can be heard through the walls. Weird that they would make it so loud!

Cool but the Spacebar squeaks. What I said. lol. Every time I push the space bar it squeaks and it drives me nuts.

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