Switch Charger for Nintendo Switch Power Charger Cable Adapter, Fast Charger Compatible Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED and Android Phone Charger, 15V 2.6A Output Support TV Mode

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Output Power 5V2A to 9V2A to 15V2.6A. Auto output suitable power acorrding to devices.
Support Devices Nintendo switch / switch lite / oled switch / other type c devices.
Protection Features Over charge, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection protection.
Charging Protocol PD 3.0 Stable version for charger. More safety and fast charging speed.
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Product Xbox Battery Switch Dock NGC Adapter HDMI Adapter Switch Charger
Platform Xbox Switch Wii U Switch Switch

Features & Specifications

  • Multi Protection Features - To ensure safe use with your Nintendo Switch system, the AC charger provides short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and over-temperature protection.The combination of safety features offers reliable performance. Just fun with your switch leisure time without any safety concerns.
  • USB Type C Charger - The switch charger can charge in both dock and pro controller and type-c mobile phone or tablet. Convenient to carry for traveling or storage. Lightweight fits most handbag or backpack. Support 100% power off console to charge and start. Great solution for players who need an extra charger.
  • Support Switch TV Dock Mode - Play switch games on big tv no power break or display black worry. Just plug and play support well on switch tv dock tv mode as official nintendo switch charger. 5FT charging cable compatible with switch lite and most other type c charging port devices.
  • Updated Charging Port Version - Don't worry to poor contact, New charging port is made by high quality material. More durable and easy to use. But when you first time to play, please take a little more force to plug into switch than official.more safety and fast to charge Nintendo switch and switch lite and switch oled.
  • Sufficient Long Charging Cable - 5FT/150CM type c charging cable support more distance to play switch on handle mode or tv dock mode. No more space restrict. Plug and play to charge switch or start tv mode play. Switch charger item come with one year product quality promise, feel free to paly.
  • Weight: 3.98 ounces

Pros & Cons


Great Nintendo charger! The media could not be loaded. I goy my kids the new Nintendo switch for Christmas and he loves it. He uses it everyday and even while it’s on the charger. since he uses his switch while it’s on the charger, the charger has began to wear and some wires are exposed. i’m worried he may get hurt so i decided to get him a new one. I wanted one that was safe. luckily this has lots of protection! this charger is equipped with features that prevent over heating, over charging, short circuit, and over current. i feel good about letting my sons use this charger even while he plays on it. this charger is compatible with other devices as well. this works with the switch lite, the dock, a controller, and other devices like phones and tables. it charges super quickly! a full battery can be acquired by just 2.5 hours. this is much faster than the original charger. this also works for the switch tv mode. i feel so safe letting my son use this, i highly recommend!

portable AND fast! The media could not be loaded. This charger is amazing! I was in need of another charger for my switch besides the dock it comes with and this one is just perfect. It’s so small and compact making it perfect for travel. I usually throw it in my purse or my backpack when I’m taking my switch somewhere just in case I forgot to charge it the night before. I like taking this charger to my friend’s house for sleepovers so we can continue playing even if the battery gets low or critical. It charges my switch so much faster than the chargers i’ve had in the past and one thing I love about it is that I can continue playing games on my switch while it is plugged in and charging.

Doesn’t last. I’ve had these for like 4 months, the first one lasted 1 1/2 months and the seconds lasted 2… not worth buying it unless you don’t mind replacing it every 4 months. Edit: they contacted me and shipped me a new one for free. The customer service is very good.

Works fast! I lost the original charger to my switch and been using a usb version to charge it. The usb charger cable is slow and not compatible with the switch dock. The official charger was expensive to me and so I found the next best thing and that is this charger. It’s about half the price of the official switch charger and does exactly or even better than the original but don’t quote me on that. The charge is fast, got my switch to 100 in minutes and works excellent with the dock. Highly recommend.

Perfect for a replacement charger! My son lost his original Switch charger and we decided to purchase this one as a replacement after we had tried other “c” type chargers or cables. It charges quickly and travels well too! It also doesn’t get hot near the power outlets in the box, which is a pro when your child is handling the charger themselves. It arrived within two days of ordering and was a great little addition to his birthday gifts. I’d order again and again from these guys. Very satisfied.

Fast charging. I have another charger but it doesn’t charge as quickly as the battery runs down so the switch died even though it was plugged in. This charger is great and the unit is more charged after use.


DON'T BUY. This is a cheap product that does not work for Nintendo Switch. Charges then stops, charges then stops. Will burn your device up! Save yourself the money and hassle!

Opened upon arrival. This package was open upon receiving the package. It appeared to have been a return. The product seems to work but the box was smashed in and re-taped. I would recommend ordering from one of the many other vendors that sell this product.

Company helped make it right. I purchased this to replace a switch lite charger that went missing and after a week the charger would not work. I tried my phone and a couple different switch lites and nothing would charge. Edited to add: after my review the company reached out to me to help receive a new product on them to replace the one that stopped working after 1 week. They included a 1 year warranty and encourage me to reach out to them if I continue to have problems.

Charger falls out of device. The media could not be loaded. I can’t use my switch or pick it up while it’s charging because the charger falls right out of my device. Couldn’t use the charger with my case on either. Really disappointed as I lost my old charger while traveling so this is my only option at the moment.

Died - but replaced after warranty. Died early. No cord damage. Will show as charging but will never actually charge unit or battery bar progress. Other usbc chargers work fine. Beware. UPDATE 6/2022 after leaving review, the seller contacted me and sent me a new unit with no caveats nor requests in any way to change or update my review. This was after the warranty period, and was shipped completely free. They were courteous and very professional, and the very fact that they did not ask for an updated review made me want to write this. We'll see about the longevity of the replacement unit as well.

Didn't last long. Worked well for about a month and a half served it purpose for the cost but figure by the time you buy a couple of these you may as well pay the price for the charger from Nintendo its only the price of two of these!

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