Logitech G PRO Flight Yoke System

Logitech G PRO Flight Yoke System

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Whether your preferred plane is commercial or private, the Logitech G Pro Flight Yoke with Throttle Quadrant is perfect for beginning and advanced flight simulation enthusiasts. Delivering realistic and precise control while enhancing muscle memory, with five total axes the Yoke simulates what it feels like to truly fly an aircraft. Saitek’s Pro Flight equipment is modular and interchangeable, and the Yoke anchors a comprehensive flight sim setup. There’s no better way to begin your flight sim experience than with Saitek, the market leader in high-performance flight simulation hardware.

Features & Specifications

  • Realistic Yoke Controls provide the perfect introduction for the aspiring pilot or enhancing muscle memory of experienced pilots for the perfect translation of real-world skills.In the Box : Flight Yoke with 5.9 ft (1.8m) USB Connector Cable, Flight Throttle Quadrant with 4.92 ft (1.5m), PS/2 Connector Cable, 2 Desk Clamps
  • Stainless Steel Yoke Shaft - Robust, smooth and accurate control of your virtual aircraft in flight simulators
  • Stainless Steel Yoke Shaft - Robust, smooth and accurate control of your virtual aircraft in flight simulators
  • POV Hat, 14 button controls, and 3-position mode switch offer at least 54 programmable controls, giving you most of your aircraft’s functions under your fingertips
  • 2 position desk clamp provides mounting flexibility for a wide range of desks with a robust, secure clamping force to ensure your controls stay where you need them.
  • In the Box : Flight Yoke with 5.9 ft (1.8m) USB Connector Cable, Flight Throttle Quadrant with 4.92 ft (1.5m), PS/2 Connector Cable, 2 Desk Clamps
  • Dimensions: ‎18.9 x 15.8 x 9.1 inches
  • Weight: ‎6.17 pounds

Pros & Cons


works fine, easy to install. This product overall will serve you well. I have had mine for about a year and it still works just as it did when it was new. this is one of the more cheaper but reasonable flight control yokes out there, and i must say you get exactly what you pay for and more. (slightly more) the install is easy and simple, but the reason it doesn't get a five star is because it isn't the most stable. It only has one clamp down point and it is all plastic so it is definitely not the most durable one out there. you can still fly just fine it just isnt the best, thats all. consider buying an additional metal clamp if you want the most stability, but other than that if your just lookin for a cheap control yoke that will make flight sims more fun and more realistic this is the one to go with

Not Bad. The build quality and the feel are excellent. I felt there was a little drift in holding a level flight.

Good enough for my purpose. Looking to practice ifr approaches, and holds. Yoke can be sticky and range limited but doesn’t interfere with my practice at all.

Why this is actually a very good sim controller. I find this setup to be as accurate as it can be both for the price and the experience. However I am going to address a lot of the complaints with my own opinions and maybe some people will find it helpful. #1: This yoke is not as out of the box ready as I expected. Try to keep in mind this product is for simulation purposes first and foremost. And it must be designed to be as compatible as possible along a wide variety of games and aircraft. If you are looking for a controller that accurately reacts to things like wind shear, gyro drift, and turbulence then you’re asking for a piece of equipment with motors and servos that costs in the thousands. Instead you have a yoke that uses spring tension to offer a baseline of resistance. #2: I don’t like how little the aileron axis reacts in game. This is a criticism by gamers who’ve never flown a real aircraft. (See above comment about the purpose of this yoke) in a real aircraft you use micro movements to correct your pitch and roll, especially in cable controlled non-hydraulic prop planes. I am a private pilot with non turbo single engine restrictions, meaning I can only fly small planes like Beechcraft Bonanzas and Cessnas. In my experience you deal with wind buffering on your control surfaces meaning you have constant feedback from the world outside your aircraft. This is very difficult to reproduce in a game. The truth is you’re complaining about the S-Curve logic in your game settings. Most flight sims will let you adjust this in game settings for a more personalized feel. Keep in mind if you want simulation you don’t want a major pitch and roll response for making small adjustments, you want slow gliding gradual responses, unless you’re flying a fighter jet. #3: The dead zones are too pervasive and it takes a lot of turning to engage the planes roll function. Also the axis will drift sometimes putting me in a perpetual roll. The drifting is corrected by the dead zones and they are completely adjustable both centered and externally. You can adjust these to precision to minimize drift. And again the dead zones are adjustable in most games. I use this yoke in Project Cars and gyro drift is very noticeable when going 200mph down a track, but again, it’s adjustable. #4: the hardware is cheap plastic and the mounts are flimsy. Even the mounts are adjustable. If you’re getting overexcited and pulling the yoke or throttle quadrant loose then you are not playing a flight sim you’re playing an arcade and maybe need a different control like the x56. For the price the hardware is just fine. These are my opinions. This is not to invalidate other’s opinions. It’s just how I feel about this product, especially in VR.

Good for beginning simulation, bad for accuracy. I've been using this yoke for a while now, and it is certainly very good. However, as I am becoming more and more into simulation and realistic flight (yeah, there's only so much technical realism you can have in cheap sim games), this yoke is falling behind. The accuracy is somewhat low, and the dead space on the roll axis makes it almost impossible to make minute corrections in the roll of the plane. It is not as smooth with pitch correction either. Again, it is very good for beginning flight, but for someone who is aiming (no pun intended) for accuracy, I would invest in a higher end yoke.

Well designed Product. Logitech is an intermediate brand and there are better joysticks and yokes than this, but for the price range these are right on par with the big boys. My only complaint is that there is only 90 degrees of rotation and not 180. If you want top accuracy then go with the Honeycomb or TurtleBeach setup, but be prepared to pay a price in the pocket book.


Lack of addressing known issues means this will be my last Logitech product. I'll start off by saying I am a commercially licensed pilot- multi, complex, yada-yada- with more than a few hours of flight time. Also, once upon a time, I not only bought almost exclusively Logitech, I almost always recommended it as a BBY computer salesman. I loved their products. Fast forward a decade or two and my experience with Logitech has swung hard the other way. I've found their quality anymore is questionable at best and often nonfunctional in practice. While I do overall like their rudder pedals and their stand alone flight quadrant, this yoke says a lot about Logitech as a company and what it thinks of their customers. The biggest complaints with this yoke: the spring tension, only 90 deg of pitch roll, and the 5 degree of dead space are almost universally hated- just read any of the forums. These are all also very easy fixes that would be cheap to implement and would improve the user's experience; making the yoke more realistic and useable. We aren't asking for new features for free, we're asking for a better designed product to fix the flaws they designed. Who wants a flight yoke that's like pulling on a horribly trimmed aircraft when the company can simply switch to lighter springs for probably no cost difference? Who wants a yoke that has half the pitch axis of a real aircraft when they could rework 4 parts enabling 180 deg rotation with the exact same potentiometers (some guy figured it out and created this ability simply by switching out some internal pieces with a few cents worth of 3d printed parts, but we as consumers can't open the case without voiding the warranty.). Who wants to deal with a 5 deg dead space in only a 90 deg arc of pitch when they could update the firmware or the control board removing the dead space very cheap, (again, adding your own controller voids the warranty). They call the dead space a "feature", but virtually every new flight sim has the ability to add dead space to an axis is it is unnecessary. What is a poor feature is having a yoke that doesn't respond like it should when your trying to line up for final into a crosswind. I get it's a flight sim and they have their limitations- I've flown several of them. But it does excuse bad design. Between this, the last few wireless keyboards, and a few other products from I've bought from Logitech the last few years, I just simply don't trust them to provide the quality of product they used to provide. Honestly, this will probably be my last Logitech product and I really might just return it and buy a better one.

Cheats you out of range of motion with unchangeable firmware. I've been coveting this yoke since Saitek was selling it. Building a fantastic flight sim rig with this series of hardware has been a dream for years. I finally had enough money lying around to get started and was pretty disappointed. The good: Lots of configurable switches in numerous useful locations. Trims, comms, autopilot disengage, viewpoint adjustment, and generic switches for whatever you want. Feels durable enough. The bad: The hat and comm (left trigger) switches are a bit loose. For a while, I thought the comm button was a second hat! It may just be how my thumb falls on it, but the hat switch feels slippery and doesn't always give solid feedback about where you're moving it. The yoke movement is a bit sticky, but it's the sort of thing I might get around to modding someday. EDIT: I was able to get smoother motion by wearing it in. A few minutes pumping the pitch in and out while turning the roll from side to side made the useable portion of travel plenty smooth. The deal-breaking: In their infinite wisdom, the engineers built a 5-degree dead zone into EACH SIDE of the roll axis -- IN THE UNSERVICEABLE FIRMWARE. Apparently, no one told them that flight simmers are a punctilious lot who will tweak all manner of settings and configuration files to get the right feel in the controls. Setting a dead zone on a primary control axis is not advanced. The Saitek driver in the Game Controllers section of Windows even has a tab devoted to setting up dead zones for each axis, including the throttle quadrant! Most reviewers I've seen stop at decrying the mere 45 degrees of travel. They say it makes the roll too sensitive because a large amount of control is scaled down to a small amount of movement. They gloss over the fact that you only get 40 degrees of control, with a vast amount of movement that does nothing. It's not just the shaky idle position where the tension springs are loose either. Even applying gentle pressure to move against the tension is not enough to get a response. I contacted Logitech, who passed my ticket to "the Saitek team," who responded that this is a feature, not a bug. I told them this is unacceptable. I'm still waiting for their response, but I'll probably return this (and a switch panel purchased with it) and get something else. EDIT: The response was typical troubleshooting steps (reinstall the driver, plug it directly to the computer, use a USB 2.0 port instead of 3, etc.) The verdict: I give it an extra star for being at least minimally functional and you get a lot of highly configurable controls in a pretty nice package. I was aware of a few limitations that others had modded away (like rubber bands to replace the springs) and was ready to open the case for simple things like that. I'm not not so DIY as to solder in and mount a new controller board and cut the case to loop out a USB cable for it. I'm also not willing to learn incorrect muscle memory to turn back so far past the center when I over correct, or put up with unrealistic nonsense trying to trim for level flight. EDIT: I ordered a Honeycomb yoke and throttle bundle and will send this back with the switch panel. EDIT2: Fixed range-of-motion math.

Really cool but it is strictly for certain games. Really cool product for Microsoft flight simulator but that’s the only cool game we found so far

Not What It Said. When I received this item, I was under the impression that I would be getting a new product. It specifically says NEW, some of the screws for the mounts were missing that I had to replace, and the mounts were in Ziploc bags. It was extremely dusty like it had been used as a shelf model or something but most definitely not NEW. Also, it did not come with any user manuals or instructions on how to assemble the product. I would have sent it back, but I needed the item right now, so I just did my best to get it usable. Definitely not a good place to get your items from.

Flimsy but it works. This is my first PC yoke, so I was in the market to try something out without forking an arm and a leg for something I might not like as much as my HOTAS. While this Logitech yoke does add immersion to my flight sim experience, it does feel rather light and cheap. The levers are particularly thin, and feel like they could easily break if I snag one in the dark. The clamps that attach the yoke to the desk are also rather feeble, and I'm not sure if they will hold up to constant use. The buttons also have very little travel when pressed, which can make it hard to tell if the button was actually pressed in some conditions. In addition to the plastic, the USB cables are also oddly sized. The female USB inlets on the back of the yoke are extremely hard to fit, and I would recommend against using them so they don't damage other USB devices. Conversely, the USB cord that plugs the yoke into the PC is very small and wobbly, and with any movement the yoke is disconnected from my OS. Finally, the metal shaft on the steering mechanism feels like it needs silicon grease right out of the box because I can feel it grind a bit. I do like that this yoke has few physical buttons. Other than steering and the essentials, I prefer to use the controls on screen rather than physical buttons. Also, I have seen others complain about the dead space in MSFS, but I was able to fix that by adjusting the sensitivity in the controls settings. All-in-all, this yoke has a pretty flimsy feel. I'd say it is overpriced, even at the sale price I paid for it. However, it seems to be rated really well, and is the most affordable yoke out there, so maybe my first impressions are wrong and it will hold up just fine.

Elevator (push/pull) not smooth. I really want to like this controller. The price isn't too bad and it has lots of features. It does feel a little bit cheap and clunky compared to the yoke in my real plane, but overall not bad. However, the push/pull action is not smooth. It isn't super rough, but it seems to stick a little bit, which makes doing small corrections impossible. Pulling a little bit does not move the yoke, so I pull a bit more, then it goes too far.

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