Logitech Gaming Accessories Deal

Logitech Gaming Accessories Deal

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logitech G G935 is the ultimate wireless gaming headset, enhanced with the most advanced logitech G audio technology. Hear more detail with large 50mm Pro-G drivers, Made of woven Hybrid mesh designed to reduce distortion. Lightsync RGB lighting is fully customizable and reacts to in-game action on supported games. For maximum immersion, DTS Headphone: X 2. 0 surround sound creates precise in-game positional awareness. Hear enemies sneaking up behind you, Sense Air attacks or special-ability cues, and enjoy the full cinematic experience of your favorite games. Additional gaming features include a large 6 mm flip-to-mute Mic, programmable G-keys on the headset, and the ability to tune EQ settings and more with logitech G hub software.

Features & Specifications

  • The most advanced wireless gaming headset yet from Logitech G. 2.4 GHz wireless delivers premium Sound, complete freedom and a clean set up without wires. Default lighting- 8 hours. No lighting-12 hours
  • Large 50mm Pro-G drivers lets you hear more of the game environment in greater detail
  • Lightsync RGB game-driven lighting, EQ settings and more can be customized through downloadable Logitech G hub software. Requirements - Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OSTM, USB port, Internet access for G HUB (optional)
  • Advanced DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround Sound fully immerses you in both subtle and explosive parts of a precise positional 3D soundscape. Frequency response: 100 Hz–10 KHz
  • Enhanced 6 mm mic-plus provides new levels of comms clarity. Wireless Range: Indoor: 15 meters; Outdoor: 20 meters; Connection Type: USB. Battery Life (rechargeable): No lighting: 12 hours; Default lighting: 8 hours
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 4.21 x 9.06 inches
  • Weight: 1.59 pounds

Pros & Cons


Full featured Gaming Headset, Audio quality is good, but not amazing. Logitech G935 Review The Logitech G935 Gaming Headset is a combination of good features that work consistently well, and is a step up from Logitech's other game-oriented headsets. What impressed me the most is that it’s very easy to set up right out of the box. I simply downloaded and installed Logitech’s G-Hub software. Next, I plugged-in the USB dongle the headset came with. Within moments, the headset was connected and I was already hearing my PC’s audio. Comfort To me, headphones’ most important feature is comfort. If it’s not comfortable, then nothing else matters. Fortunately, Logitech did a good job in providing nice, comfortable earcups lined with thick, soft, leather-like padding. I have other Logitech headsets and the pads on the G935 are soft, and very comfortable. My ears are average in size, and the earcups never rest directly on them. Instead, they rest around my ears which is what I prefer. This way, the pads never directly press on my ears, and I can wear the headset for long periods of time without fatigue. I will say, that my ears do get hot from time to time - but that’s to be expected from a leather-style material. Audio Quality While the audio quality is definitely better than the other Logitech headphones that I’ve tried - it still leaves much to be desired. While I appreciated that the bass was emphasized, the treble lacked definition and clarity. The over all sound isn’t bad, but compared to other well-known “normal” (non-gamer) headphones in a similar price category the sound from the G935 was definitely lacking. (I have collected several headphones in the $150-$200 price range like the Beyerdynamic DT770, Fostex T50RP, and Philips X3HR) - and these headphones sound far better.) I suppose this is to be expected since the price of the headset also has to include the microphone, software, and other components to be called a “gaming” headset. Still, I wish the sound was a bit better. Thankfully, Logitech’s G-HUB does provide a software-based EQ, where I could tune the sound to my liking. (Note, to make any changes to the sound, you first have to make a “profile” - which is something that may not be obvious.) Microphone The microphone is good for gaming, Zoom and Teams meetings, and other casual-day-to-day tasks. When not in use, the microphone is folded and muted against the left earcup. To use it, simply fold it out and an audible “beep” will sound in the headset indicating that the mic is active. This is a great feature - since its very easy to mute myself during a meeting. All I have to do is fold the mic back up into the earcup and not worry about transmitting any audio. Battery I use the G935 for video chat and listening to music. In this regard, this headset lasts about 2 days of work before I need to recharge them. (I make sure to turn off the RGB lighting to maximize the operation time.) Other Features There is a Surround Sound feature, but honestly I can’t remember whether it made any difference while playing games. (I can’t speak to watching movies with the Surround Sound on since I don’t watch movies on my PC.) Also, the left earcup is filled with buttons - which can easily be confused while fiddling with them during use. These are controls for volume, switch the EQ settings, etc. Thankfully these can also be changed via the software - and there is no need to touch any of the physical buttons if you don’t want to. Lastly, the headset has RGB lighting which seems a bit overkill. As others have pointed out, the lighting is only visible from the back or the side of the head - so people in front of you won’t even see the lighting. Conclusion Get the Logitech G935 if you want the best that Logitech has to offer. It's easy to install and use. Although the audio quality doesn't quite match up to well-known non-gamer headphones in its price range, it does sound better than the other Logitech gaming headsets, and can be customized via the EQ.

Very good headset, but the power switch caused issues. This would be a 5* review if it weren't for the power switch issue explained below, but this could easily be avoided by just never turning them off/on manually and letting the auto feature handle it for you. This headset was great for a few months, but over time the power switch to turn it on/off is now causing issues with the sound. It will now randomly cut out the left headset (where the switch is located) and the volume will, at times, slowly lower until it's gone completely on both the right and left sides. I determined the fix is to jiggle the power switch to get it back, but it happens constantly. I did buy another one and had the same issue with it after a few months, so I just wound up switching headsets entirely. I guess the fix would be never to turn it off and let the auto-shutoff handle that for you. Other than this issue, the headsets are wonderful. Very comfortable, but I will also say that after several hours, my wife and I get a pain in the center of our heads where the support bar for the headset is. There is enough ear room to adjust the headset a little and move the pressure point or take this as a reminder that it's time to get up and do something else for a little while :) The sound quality is excellent with no crosstalk from the mic etc, but I'm not an audio file that needs full spectrum or notices small idiosyncrasies in sound quality.

Amazing bass, sound quality, and surround sound. I have had this headset for about a year now, and it has held up. the headset has a mediocre battery life with the RGB on but lasts about a whole day with it off. the sound quality is very clean and clear. the bass is phenomenal, I had never had a headset with this much bass. For gaming, the surround sound makes footsteps and gunshots very clear from any direction, which is great for competitive games. the earcups can feel uncomfortable for long sessions, but taking them off frequently helps this issue because these are over-ear, the "noise cancellation" is just the headset muting out any noises with its volume. the microphone is pretty bad, if you get these and do not have a microphone, be prepared to invest in one. however, when the mic is down and unmuted, you can hear the noises that the mic picks up very quietly. it's not at all distracting and can help if you want to talk low while gaming with friends late at night over game chat or discord. I used this headset with a PC and have not tried it with any other consoles. This does not have Bluetooth! it connects through a USB port with a dongle, I did not know this when I bought it, and might be important to know. if you do not have an open USB port, you might need a USB dongle. overall, this headset is very great at what it does. you hear clearly, and the battery doesn't become an issue unless you forget to charge it, but you can still use this while it charges.

As good as advertised, but I would disable the software after installing the drivers. The headset range is great, battery life so far is great, but using this for Discord has an issue with the software you download in order to change the LED settings, button mapping etc. I did after research learn that if you install the drivers and set up however you wish, you should close the software as Discord makes you change the audio input any time you mute the mic which is super annoying while in game. Once I learn that through reddit, I've had no more issues and my LED's have stayed as configured even after closing the software that rest in your system tray until you close it. Other than that, I will give a 4 out 5 stars because Logitech should know Discord is one of the most used gaming voice apps in use and it should work without issue with it right out the box given the price of this headset in my opinion.

Fantastic product at a great price. These are great quality headphones, amazing sound quality and battery life. I use them mostly for playing games and talking on discord and I've never had an issue after a couple months of use. They can interface with the logitec menu, so you can customize basically anything you want, aside from the light color it seems. I would highly recommend these headphones to anyone that is trying to get into gaming and speak on the mic. Nothing but good things to say about them. 5/5 for sure.

i like this headset but I want to love it! There is a lot to love about the G935. It has great sound quality and noise cancelation. The fit is a little tight at first but it will loosen up over time. In fact it will loosen up so much that it will fall off you head every time you look down. With the use of the software you can program the buttons on the side and adjust the RGB lighting. Unfortunately G-Hub is..... problematic at best. Sometimes it tells me the battery is going to die, even though it's plugged in. The first time i tried to install G-Hub it locked up Windows and i had to reboot. The durability is not the best. This is my forth G935 headset. All of them have had the same issue. After a while sound will only come from one side. Wiggling the power switch will fix it at first but eventually you will have to give up and get a replacement. The mic boom will also loosen up and start to raddle around. Overall if you are willing to RMA the headset every once in a while it's a great product.


Sounds pretty good... As long as you don't move. So I've been using this headset for over 2 years at this point and it has been mostly ok, but there are some pain points that I've run up against that have me looking for a new headset already. The Good: The sound quality is pretty decent in these, and the mic sounds pretty good according to friends on discord. The flip up mute function works pretty well, but sometimes it doesn't turn on when being pulled down and you have to put it back up and pull it down again to get it to register. Battery life is right about on par with the product description. I run it exclusively with rgb off (because why they hell would I sacrifice battery life for some flashy lights) and I can normally get 10-12 hours out of it pretty easily. The annoying part was that I had to download the ghub bloatware to turn off the rgb initially, but I haven't had to touch it since, so that's ok. Overall, they are decent set of headphones, if you disregard the build quality. Speaking of... The Bad: Holy mother of plastic. Plastic, plastic, plastic. From the moment you touch these things, to the first time you put them on, to almost 2.5 years later, these things just scream plastic. Which wouldn't be an issue if it was decent quality plastic, but good lord, every time you move, talk, shift, chew, lean, etc the headset creaks like a door out of a discount horror film. A film that had no idea how to mix their audio, because the creak ends up being the loudest freaking sound out of everything. I tend to listen to my music pretty loud, and I can still hear the creaking even over stuff like Metallica. When watching videos/movies or anything with talking, it is even more pronounced since that stuff doesn't tend to be as loud. Additionally, probably due to the dumb plastic construction, this headset is not very comfortable. I frequently find myself feeling sore around the ears and bordering on a headache if I don't have the headset sitting juuuuust right. The cup pressure is pretty high, which also contributes to it being incredibly HOT when wearing these. Especially during summer, my ears would literally start sweating when wearing these and it got to the point where I had to alternate ear cups, with one on, and the other off to the side of my head so my ear could cool off. And along that same vein of feeling cheaply built, I am starting to have audio and electrical issues. Sometimes I will get intense popping and static just out of the blue, only for it to just stop after a few seconds. I have also started losing wireless connection at times, that requires I unplug the wireless adapter and plug it in again. But most frustrating has been that the power switch now feels loose and has to be jiggled around to get both sides of the headset to turn on. Luckily, once its on, it stays on, so its not unusable yet, but it's been getting worse over the past couple months. Overall, I can't complain too much because they do work, and have been working for 2 years, but I'm just a little disappointed that for the $140 I paid for these things that they feel as cheap as they do. And ideally I would have liked to keep using a headset that expensive for longer. Obviously, I was able to deal with the bad parts for this long, but I've finally hit the limit of my patience. Just wanted to throw my review up to help out others since there are so many freakin options there are in the gaming headset market.

Best headset meets fatal flaws. First of all I want to say that I've had problems with this headset aside from the headset itself. I'm not deducting stars for it, because this is a product review not a seller review. My first order of this headset I got a G430 headset. But it was in the correct (albeit crushed) G935 box. My guess is that the previous owner of this box hoodwinked the seller and replaced this expensive headset with a less expensive one. Which kind of upsets me knowing that had it have been the correct headset I would have been given a "refurbished" headset. Certainly not new and definitely not refurbished. Anyway, on to the real review. Some of my greatest wants in a headset is wireless capability, comfort, software competence, and good audio. The G935 is great in all of those categories, except one. Wireless capability is great. It has better range than my Arctis 7 and my Elite 800, and about equal to my Stealth 520s. Very good. The dongle is quite small, and fits into the actual headphone itself. Comfort. The G935 beats all other headsets I have ever tried, but not by much. I have a moderately large head and this fit my head very well. Furthermore, the leatherette feels amazing and the ear muff part is very roomy. The roomiest I've ever experienced on headphones. Battery. The G935 certainly lacks in this area. Although it is not much of a problem for me, many might find the slow charge times and low battery life annoying. 12 hours is simply not good, especially given how the previous G933 had the same battery life. No improvement especially compared to the battery life of other headphones in 2019 is kind of unacceptable. Audio. On par with any other high end gaming headset, as far as I can tell. The surround sound feels full and I can tell the directions very well. But there isn't much of a difference as far as surround sound goes compared to other DTS 2.0 headphones, this isn't a bad thing, but don't expect to hear or feel a difference compared to another DTS 2.0 headphones. Also, there is no distortion at high volumes, but as a result it doesn't seem to get as loud as other headsets. Microphone. Very clear. It feels a bit far from my face, but I was surprised that it was still able to clearly transmit my voice. My friend and others online would say that I sounded like I was using a very high end microphone. Durability. I didn't own the G935 for long. But it seems reinforced with metal in the right places that typically break. Not much to praise here but nothing to complain about. Gimmicks. If you like gimmicks then look to further. With RGB lighting that you can't see and also reduces the already low battery life, it looks very pretty. If you're somehow staring at the back of your head. 50mm drivers don't make any difference to sound, and if it does I certainly can't seem to hear it. The microphone folds into the headset, an actually very useful feature, as well as the dongle being able to be placed within the cup of the headphone. Now on to the thing that really would grind my gears and was the biggest factor of why I returned it after 3 weeks or so. Software. G Hub is terrible. Maybe console gamers might have a decent time with this headset, but I for one cannot stand it. For it to actually connect to your headset it seems like a coin flip. Reinstalling the software works. Until it happens again. Or you can just reset your PC. Otherwise, nothing else works. This irritated me so much, because without the software you can't change any settings. And you can't even see the battery life remaining. A great headset crippled by terrible software. Price/Performance. I paid a crisp $170 dollars for this headset. Is it a good headset? Yes, it is. But for this price point, it lacks many major features that would realistically make it this price. Good software, good battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and noise cancellation. For nearly $200 this headset should do the basics well, as it does for the most part. And do a few more things. Adding useless gimmicks in place of useful features makes no sense to me. If those gimmicks I listed above are more important to you than these things I listed, then go ahead, but if you're a frugal bang for the buck buyer, I suggest looking at other headsets. TLDR. Bad software. Bad battery life. A lot of gimmicks. Very good comfort and audio. Very expensive. Edit 12/20/19 I bought this headset again sometime in October. It was on sale for $100, I figured Logitech might have fixed some issues. It seemed they did. Yet, some issues persist with the software. Fortunately, the software issues are a little bit more manageable. My reasoning for buying this headset again was that I never replaced it. But I liked the comfort of the headset a lot (and I've owned many pairs of headsets) Software issues I've encountered: G Hub won't install if you've previously uninstalled it. I found the fix was to delete the hidden files in the registry. G Hub uses 100% of my CPU. I've only seen this twice and I have no fix for it. Despite using 100% of my CPU I think this might have been a false usage error because my games never dropped frame rates as a result. When you go out of range and back in range the headset likes to beep occasionally until you turn it off then back on again. The software is not completely unusable now, though. And all of the good things I said about the headset are still true. For the price point of $100 the headset is actually competitive now. I'd say it could give the arctis 7 or Astro headsets a run for their money.

A Lengthy Review from a Headset Connoisseur. I don't think of myself as a gaming headset expert by any means, but I've had 5 headsets in one year. Either I just have bad luck with headsets (which is true for one very pricy set of Astro 50s that I sat on), or the headsets put too much pressure on my head/aren't a great fit for my melon or they just aren't as feature rich as I'd like. That being said, just a heads up, I wear a size 8 new era hat and that's the biggest size they make (at least that I've been able to find). My head is big and my ears are about a medium size. Usually headphones with circle cups cause fatigue on my ears so I avoid them (I'm looking at you Corsair). Some of this review may be biased based on the size of my head and I'll get that part out of the way first. ######### ### FIT ### ######### For myself, the fit of the Logitech G935's was a little snug at first and I could only wear them for 3 hours before they started to hurt my head. after some stretching of the head band they opened up a little. After all was said and done I got about 6 hours of wearing them before they started to hurt my head/ears. These would fit comfortably on a medium to small size head. ######################### ### How I use the headset #### ######################## I use this headset for everything I do on my computer: music, movies, Teams Meetings, Single and Multiplayer gaming. I don't do competitive fps gaming where I need to hear footsteps behind me. I do play a lot of different kinds of games though including fps. ############## ### Features ### ############# I've never had a use for the G buttons on headsets from Logitech, but it's always been nice to know they are there if I need them. With a Logitech keyboard and Mouse, there are plenty of G keys and buttons to fulfill my needs. I like that I can mute myself by simply moving the mic up or down and it mutes myself and unmutes in a Teams meeting for work. (I spend roughly 40% of my time at work on teams meetings). Surround sound. It's there but it's nothing to write home about. It adds a little umph for movies. Gaming I can tell where a person is shooting from for the most part. But it's not extraordinary. It's not mind blowing or super immersive. RBG. Syncs up with your other RBG Logitech devices to provide consistent RBG across your devices. It's nice. but they're on your head. The only people seeing the rbg are my family. I don't really care about this feature and it doesn't really affect my rating. ############## ### Quality #### ############## At first I thought these would last years. They felt sturdy in all the right places. They had a solid design. I felt like I had a quality headset and I got my money's worth, but I digress. I would say I'm hard on headsets but with these that really wasn't the case. I would stretch the band to make them comfortable for longer. I have a headset holder hanging from my desk to put the headset when I'm not using it. I've really had no excuse for them to short out on one side, unless they just weren't designed for heads as big as mine. I usually avoid touching or pulling the wires connected to the cans like the plague. After the 9 months I had these, one side just shorted out. It would turn on and off if I (for lack of a better phrase) wiggled them around. The charging cable that comes with these is long enough to reach my head while plugged into my computer. But the rubber sleeve on the cable is cheaply made and split down the seam in several places exposing the bare wires from within it. This happened in less than the 9 months I had them. ########################################### ### Comparison with *some* of the other headsets ### ########################################### Astro 50 (old an new versions) I had an older generation of the Astro 50s that had the "leather" ear cup mods on them. They lasted me for a couple years before the leather started to peel away and so since they didn't have those mods anymore for the generation of headset I had, I had to get the latest version of the Astro 50s. The sound quality of both didn't blow me away. it was about on par with what the Logitech was giving me in headset surround sound. RIG 700s While I had this set I went back and forth between it and a pair of RIG 700s that I got from a Crate store that I got for fairly cheap at another store that sold sealed returns from other stores. The Rig 700s in terms of first impression felt cheap. But after using them for a while I realized they were meant to be light weight as to not provide fatigue and the doby atmos when paired with the right game or movie blows everything else I've tried out of the water. I can comfortably wear these without even noticing they are on my head for over 12 hours. The problem I had with the RIG 700s is that the mic was one you plug in and after going idle for so long it just turned off. the only way to get it to turn back on was to unplug it and plug it back in. other than that solid headset. RIG 800s So as I searched for something perfect, I got the Rig 800s with the docking station. This is hands down the best headset I've tried. I usually kept to name brands in the past: Corsair, Astro, Logitech, Sennheiser, etc. I thought RIG was going to be a knock off brand but was pleasantly surprised. This is my sweet spot. I haven't owned them for more than a year so I'm unsure if they pass the test of time, but we shall see.

Decent Headset held back by poor internals/drivers. Summary: It's hard for me to characterize my rating in terms of stars, but overall, I bounce back and forth between everything working smoothly, the headset being almost unnoticeable save for its comfortable weight and feel, and then I'm struck by a minute of intense frustration when that comfort and ease are shattered by a sudden glitch or mechanical failure. Serious issues: There are a couple design flaws plaguing these devices that other users have documented well online. Two common issues from the family of product go back to the previous generation of the line, and affect my enjoyment almost daily. One is the driver software being updated periodically, and while I'd normally be thrilled to report on the active development and wealth of new functionality added to my quite expensive, sleek looking and comfortable headset, I either never notice the change in function, or it breaks Discord, with a more recent update negatively impacting how Windows itself detects my headset's connection status whenever I attempt to mute it. Which brings me to the second point. an internal wire connected to the fold-out microphone is uninsulated and prone to coming into contact with another internal wire while actuating said microphone, which causes the headset to short and crash, requiring me to turn it off, wait, and then turn it back on, sometimes multiple times in one occurrence. The fix for this is to open it up and insulate the wires yourself. Miner gripes: the ear pads use pleather that tends to deteriorate. They were replaceable, but the replacement pads which are less prone to this still have pleather bits that deteriorate over time, and thus could not be stockpiled. The replacement pads have been de-listed, and are now only available through third party distributors. (I recommend amazon.com/Replacement-Earmuff-Headband-Logitech-Headphones/dp/B07QC4Z3H6 to minimize this issue) The USB charging cable I got with mine had both standard insulation and a braided fabric insulation making it prone to kinking up into odd ways, and I had to cut the braiding off of it, this is a common issue when designers think braiding is an aesthetic consideration and not a matter of function that should be treated mutually exclusive to traditional insulation.

Updated Review: Left speaker is failing after 1 year of general/normal use. Update Review: 11/19/2020 Left speaker is now intermittent/goes in and out. No drops, throws, or abusive use. General/normal use daily since arrival for 6-12 hours per day. Avoid this product. It's not worth it. Get something that will last longer. Updated Review: 09/16/2020 I resolved my previous connectivity issues and wrote a suggested update to the pairing procedures on Reddit. Cons: The hinges/any moving pieces that aren't the magnetic drivers squeak. For someone like myself that is sensitive to distractions via sounds this can be problematic. If you're getting these for someone that is or could potentially be on the spectrum I would suggest looking elsewhere. Software is sometimes difficult to navigate since you can access some functions from 2 different areas, but some functions cannot be accessed from both areas. Software updates can/will cause disconnect which can only be resolved by PC reboot. - Note: This does not happen 100% of the time, but more than 50% of the time. I have no idea if changes to profiles that are saved to my account are automatically updated or if that is even an option. Also, I can't compare the uploaded profile to the current profile with the same name. Pros: The sound quality is actually amazing. Using a tone generator you can hear the range is a full 1Hz to 20148Hz. That's assuming your ears are sensitive enough to hear frequencies outside of the normal spectrum of 20Hz-16/17000HZ. Most people have difficulties hearing beyond this scope. DTS works well in games. Lights can be adjusted to show activity down to 1Hz for visual and audible confirmation. - Note: It takes some tinkering. RGB is actually really cool. Large enough to provide a decent amount of isolation from exterior sounds. Not active noise canceling; thick padding. Heavy, but comfortable. I wear these almost all day every single day and have started wearing them outside over my cellphone earbuds for isolation. They really are that comfortable for me. - Note: They are heavy and leave a dent in my head that I do not notice due to the excellent padding. If you have a perfectly round and clean shaved head you will likely notice a visible indentation after wearing these for a few hours. If that's an issue for you look for something lighter. Otherwise, enjoy. Below is the original (rage) review (my apologies): Lasted a whole 2 months and now it will not pair. Will not show connected in G Hub. G Hub software is trash. More than hot garbage; actual dumpster fire. No, I don't want your program trying to even look at my Discord or other programs let alone actually interact with them. The fact that I need your software to even get sound to come out of this device wirelessly makes my question my decision in purchasing this product. I could continue on the software issue, but let's put that aside to talk about the actual headphones. Wow, really nice sounding headphones once you equalize them through the aforementioned software. They might even be true 20hz-20khz, not that human ears can hear that full spectrum. These headphones do offer a bit of noise muting. I can still hear most anything that is going on around me if there are any audio lulls. Cool. Not bad. Wireless, when it was working, was great. I could walk to the kitchen and get a glass of water without any issues. Nice! For everything else... The mic is bad. The kind of bad that makes you question the company for even putting a mic on this headset to begin with. It's not even worth the time to try to adjust the gain through Windows. There aren't any options to adjust the mic through G Hub. If you plan on streaming with this mic, think again. There is no amount of filters that you can put on this mic to get it to sound good and it's not entirely the mics fault. What ever do you mean? How could it not be the mics fault that it's bad? Build quality. This thing is heavy, but feels like you could snap the cans/ear pieces off with a simple mistake of taking them off at the wrong angle. They creak and crackle if you turn your head in even the slightest of ways. You can't noise gate out or compress those creaks and crackles out. If you're using it to play with other people it's annoying for them to have to listen to. The buttons on the headset; why? Hard press tactile buttons on a headset. Are you mad? On the same side of the headset as the mic that is grainy, overly gained, and yet some how sounds like you're talking through a pile of sand. A mute button on the headset itself with tactile feedback. Who decided that was a good idea? Here, listen to me handle my mic and press this ultra loud button so I can mute myself. You're better off just taking your headset off and setting it down. It makes less noise. RGB? Not for me. I don't care for it. I programmed it to be off. This isn't an RGB review. Battery Life is actually pretty great. The charge cable is nice. I'd say that the uptime (time from fully charged to needing charged) is pretty well spot on with what is advertised. Not sure about the charge time. I think that is dependent on use during charging. Comfort; they're heavy and take some getting used to. The padding on top of your head is actually kind of stiff in the beginning and would leave me with a sore spot on the top of my head. The ear pieces go around the ears, not on them and the padding is pretty forgiving to the rest of your head. I do not wear glasses and would NOT recommend these to people that do wear glasses due to the size and amount of pressure that the ear pieces will cause on the legs of your glasses at the temple and behind your ears. Like I said earlier, these headphones are heavy. Due to the weight they need to put more pressure on the sides of your head to prevent slipping. They slip anyway. So, kind of pointless. Now, I'm waiting to hear back from Logitech about how to fix my device pairing issue. Nothing has helped. At this point I don't think this issue can be resolved without either an RMA since the pairing procedures in the manual have failed as well. Oh, and I haven't even had the chance to test out the Dolby DTX that these offer which was the only reason I bought these as opposed to any other wireless headset.

I assumed this would sound better than the g933, if you're using surround sound, it's way worse. I've used the g933 for years, now my boyfriend has the g935, and i will only have had them for a day before i'm returning. I love the g933, it has incredibly frustrating firmware and software, and it has a power switch design flaw that always ends up making the headset unusable within a couple years, less if you're unlucky; but the sound is great, the simulated surround sound actually sounds good if it's set to "fps", but horrible otherwise. the software is very feature rich if you look past how buggy it is. The g935 is all of these things except the "FPS" multichannel surround mode setting is gone, and the replacements are all horrible muffled and echoey messes no matter how much you try to play with the EQ to compensate. I'll say it sounds better on stereo, but one of the selling points of this headset is surround, if i want a stereo headset i could find a cheaper comparable headset. It's sad, i'd love a true successor to the g933, but this isn't it, not for me at least, less options, worse sound, and a worse mic to boot.

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