Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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G815 is a new class of mechanical gaming keyboard with tactile low-profile GL switches fully customizable per-key, LIGHTSYNC RGB technology. Set LIGHTSYNC to react to in-game action, audio and even your screen color. With a sleek, impossibly-thin yet durable and sturdy design, G815 brings gamers to a higher dimension of play. Programmable G-keys let you create and execute complex actions simply and intuitively. Volume wheel and media keys give you fast, easy control over video, audio, and streaming. Now in white and black colorways.

Features & Specifications

  • LIGHTSYNC technology provides next-gen RGB lighting that synchronizes lighting with any content. Personalize each key or create custom animations from ~16.8M colors with Logitech G HUB software.
  • Low Profile mechanical switches offer the speed, accuracy, and performance of a mechanical switch at half the height.
  • Beautifully crafted, G815 uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to deliver an incredibly thin but rigid and durable design. Now in white and black colorways.
  • Five dedicated G-keys can be programmed with custom macros and commands per game or app profile. Requires use Logitech G HUB to easily set up and manage profiles, commands and more.
  • Dedicated media controls with a precision-engineered, edgeless volume wheel provide convenient and easy control to quickly play, pause, skip or mute your media.
  • Dimensions: ‎18.7 x 5.91 x 0.87 inches
  • Weight: ‎2.26 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great keyboard, checks all the boxes. This keyboard is fantastic. I bought it a little over a year ago because on paper, it met all my preferences. Wireless, mechanical, number pad included, linear switches, backlit, high key travel distance and low profile. I tried looking for others that fit this mold but they were either membrane "non-gaming" keyboards, or some TKL form factor. Early on, the battery life was stellar (like a full week with no charge), but after a year of pretty heavy use (I'm on my computer literally every day for work and games), it'll last maybe 2 days before I need to plug it back in. I'll be honest though, I have different RGB settings for different games, maximum brightness, and I'm on my computer for most of the day. That'd be 8-9 hours of work, maybe 2 or 3-ish hours of games nightly. And then obviously longer sessions if I'm staying in for the weekend. Initially I didn't really care for the RGB, but it has some practical uses. I find myself using the echo-press feature as my default setting. And when I play Apex, I have it set to respond to specific things on-screen, which actually comes in handy. Overall, this thing is an easy 5-star. I wish the battery was stronger, but it's no hassle to just plug it in for a bit. And I'm a little biased because my G903 mouse almost never needs to be recharged. When this keyboard dies or breaks, I'm literally just gonna buy another one. If you have similar keyboard preferences and can afford it, get it. I'm not into tactile or clicky switches, but my wife has the clicky one and loves her keyboard too.

Fantastic quality and features, surprising problems. This review is specifically for the G815 which is a total redesign from the G810. I know the price is a big issue for a lot of people but if you are reading this you have the money and are trying to decide if it's worth it. The KB is the single part of the computer you will touch the most. More than any mouse, touchpad or trackball. So a meaningful change there will have a real impact on your experience with your computer. I found this keyboard fantastic -- but with some troubling issues. Well worth my money but is it worth it to you? Read on. So, things I like: - Super thin but heavy enough not to move around at all. Stable as a rock. - Fast. Like really, noticeably faster. My typing speed instantly increased. - Butter smooth linear keystrokes, no muss, no fuss, no click. - Metal body looks and feels pro, top quality. It should for the price. - A bit of space between the keys means less fat fingering. - Really, super programmable per key. For example I have just the logo to do a lighting effect while the other keys are static. - The G HUB program that sets up the lights and macros was intuitive enough I figured out how to use it just tinkering with it. I was able to do a lot of interesting configuration on my KB. - I set up my keys with colors to denote function. So most keys are white but my F keys are yellow, my G keys are orange, my Windows and audio keys are blue, my caps, num, scrlk, pause, prtsc keys are green, etc. Makes for at a glance and peripheral identification and less hitting the wrong key. - A small lighted bar on the spacebar. Nice touch. - Stout cord and rubber protector. Braided cover. Built to last. Handsome IMO. YMMV - Audio controls are simple and responsive. - Separate programmable/macro keys (G keys). Sure, they could have built another function into the F keys but having them separate means one touch activation. When gaming simple is best. The biggest argument I see against separate G keys is a larger KB footprint. But not here. My old Azio KB without those measures about 18¼" (46cm) across while this one is about 18½" (47cm) so ¼" (1cm) difference. My standard HP keyboard for work is 18" (just under 46cm) across so the difference even there is minimal. Unless you are upgrading from a KB with no number pad this just isn't an issue. They accomplish this by having a much narrower bezel between the edge of the keys and the edge of the KB. Clever design. - I thought I would miss the built in wrist rest but I don't. With this much thinner KB it just isn't needed. And that change means a smaller footprint front to back. Under 6" (14cm). Things I found odd: - Needs TWO USB plugs. One with a KB symbol, the other with a USB symbol. Why 2? Power requirements? Not a big deal but it's weird. [EDIT: The extra plug is to make the USB port on the top of the KB is a passthrough. But it's USB 2.0 and a KB is not a lot of traffic so why they thought a passthrough was needed I don't know. Still weird.] - The USB passthrough is next to the cord on the top edge of the KB, not on the side as expected. - No scroll lock light. It has a scrlk KEY but no indicator light. Not that most of us use that but if you ever turned it on by accident you would have a heck of a time figuring it out. - There is no audio passthrough. I don't care but you might. - The keys use the new style of being raised up off the keyboard so there is empty space under them. It looks kinda cool but I worry I will catch the corner of an edge key and pop it off. IDK if that would break it or just pop off the top. I would rather not find out. Stuff I don't like: - The symbols !@#$%^&*()_+ etc are just printed on the keys; they do NOT illuminate. So on the 1 key only the 1 lights up, NOT the ! And they are printed in a medium gray, not white, so they really don't stand out. In low light --- like for gaming -- they are completely invisible. This is the only thing I truly HATE about this keyboard. I'm sure someone will point out that I should be able to type without looking but then why illuminate the keys at all? And esp with symbols their placement changes from KB to KB. Any way you look at it, this is a big FAIL. - The letters and numbers on the keys are small. They could have easily been 25% larger without looking oversized and still with plenty of room for the symbols And they should have. They are very clear so even my old eyes can make them out but bigger would have been better. - I have yet to figure out how to use the 3 memory keys. I've tried a number of things and nothing has worked yet. The manual, being for the G810 which did not have those keys, is no help. I have found no YouTube vids on how to do it. I'll figure it out but this is a problem. - Speaking of the manual, the closest I could find was the G810 manual and this is a complete redesign so not much help there. - The web site was weird and buggy and had no idea what a G815 is. It said something about being in transition so maybe that's it. But wow, just wow. - The caps lock and num lock lights are white, rather bright, and not adjustable. I will have to put a tinted plastic cover over them. Also, reading the printed text next to them to see which is caps and which is num is impossible. Litreally black on black. I can figure it out but that's obnoxious. Maybe I'll paint over that in white. - The brightest level is just about right for me, but I like lower light. It has dimmer levels but nothing brighter. Not sure why they went with such subdued light, especially since this is a USB plug in, not wireless, so no battery issues. If I had a fancy PC build on display with this KB doing a light show I would want it much brighter. The problems are mostly things that should have been caught by releasing a few prototypes to a handful of gamers. Overall it's a fantastic keyboard with some surprising issues for a premium priced KB. I don't regret the purchase but normally with this many issues I might give it just 3 stars. Still, it's already by far my all time favorite KB so I'll go with 4. And hey, Logitech, if you're reading this, if you need someone to tell you this stuff in the future I would be happy to do so. Because whoever is doing it now is not catching these things.

$250 well spent. nearly best in class for all features. First, why is that 1-star review complaining about the price still there and has so many upvotes. It is not even a verified purchase. I tried the linear and tactile version. Picked the tactile version because I got used to it quicker and appreciated the actuation feedback, which the linear version lacks. Linear is the quietest, but the tactile version is reasonable. You will not bother anyone. I picked this over the apple magic keyboard and corsair mk2 rapid fire. I will include my use case, specs/features, pros, and cons. Since covid, I work from home. I am a software developer, game a bit (3-10 hours) a week, and write a few reports as part of my job a week. The key caps are matte black and soft, which delivers a very nice feel. If you barely tap the keys, you can slide right across them. I do not eat near my keyboard, but the key caps are pretty good at resisting finger grease/oil. Touch typing will help with this as well. I have a 15inch work mac. I did not mind the butterfly keys, but this is better beyond comparison. The "LightSpeed" connection over usb does its job. I usually have the usb plugged into my gaming pc and use bluetooth for my work mac. I can transtition between the two just by touching the lightspeed/bluetooth buttons on the keyboard. The layout for mac is different, but i got used to it pretty quick. Being able to use one keyboard for mutiple machines at the touch of a button is incredible. You only need to get used to one keyboard, which greatly improves your typing. I use the macros keys for gaming. game changer. The dedicated media keys are a must have for me now. The volume scroll rod is smooth and the rolling distance matches the change in volume. The keyboard has a brushed metal (probably aluminum) finish. Feels very durable, dense, and premium. Under regular light, dust is very visible. The keyboard pacing is good and no fatigue after all day. The full keyboard is big. 19 inches x 6 inches. good luck finding a soft case for this. I have to use 3 micro fiber cloth to cover this thing when i am away. The keyboard has the back legs. One raises it 4 degress, the other 8 degrees. To me, the 4 degrees is not noticeable. The mechnical switch is visible and almost above the actual board. This contributes to its slim profile. I really wish there was a wrist wrest, so I could get a consistent hand posture and feel. 5 macro keys down the left. full row of function keys, must have for gaming. total of 12 soft rubber-ish buttons for stuff like media, macro controls, and wireless connectivity. Full RGB per key back light only over lightspeed. The backlight customization is limited over bluetooth. I usually have the backlight off... cause i do not look at the keyboard. I really could care less about keyboard rgb. There is a battery and capslock light indicator. Battery life is great. since i do not have the back lghts on, it exceeds the advertised 30hrs. Oh, I also just walk away when i am done working and it just takes one key press to wake up the keyboard and connect. Near seemless reconnection. The included cable is also nice. Mesh/braided. My desk looks a lot cleaner now with a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. I used a cheap $20 keyboard+mouse combo from amazon at home for a long time. At work i have the macbook pro's butterfly keys and apple's full magic keyboard. I bought the corsair mk2 rapid fire linear, but did not like the lack of actuation feedback. The cheap keyboard cannot compare at all... Mac's butterfly takes sometime to adjust. If you like it you can really fly on that keyboard. The magic keyboard has a little bit more travel than the butterfly, but I still prefer the mechanic tactile feel and media keys of this g915. The 15inch mac build has a 90 degrees hard edge finish. When i type and rest my arms, my wrist will rest on the hard edge and after a while it bothers me and leaves a mark. This is why i like wrist rests. Pros: almost everthing i said above -fast reconnecting, and swapping between bluetooth and lightspeed -very good build quality, materials, looks, layout, functionality, and useability -full rgb with Logitech GHUB software -great battery -slim, low profile -nearly best in class for everything it does -logitech ghub software is surprisingly good for keyboard customization Cons: not much, very preference based -19"x6". traveling with this not the best. Will not fit most desk keyboard trays. make sure you have the desk space. -The SHIFT+NUM (~!@#$%...)_+) are not backlit. They are printed on the keys. -No wrist rest... like come on even the $20 combo has a wrist wrest. The mk2 also had a wrist wrest. -price (based on your value and opinion) I felt like i need to address the 1-start review on this item that has 300+ votes complaining about the price. This is one of the few wireless (dual connection), real mechanical switches, full dedicated media keys, with macros that features great build quality with a slim profile. I literally use every feature this keyboard offers. Using only one keyboard for my work mac and gaming pc just make that $250 worth it.

Hardware 10/10, software 7/10. This keyboard itself is so beautiful and the brown switch feedback is satisfying. However, I spent hours trying to figure out why the G Hub app would not get past the loading screen. And apparently there are a ton of people who experience this issue for various reasons. Anyway, if you are going to use this on a computer that relies on a VPN, you will need to sign out of it first so the keyboard can pick up your rgb settings and load the app, but then you can get back on it. Worth it overall!

Keyboard Initial Unboxing and Setup. Can only provide initial unboxing and setup experience as I have not used it for gaming as of yet. Unboxing was simple and all items present. Capability...I am using MAC Studio with no issues and keyboard/mouse use was not difficult especially if you worked out how and where they are positioned in order to use the Lightspeed wireless dongle and its plugin. Keyboard placement is within three feet of the dongle which was plugged into my hub and working exactly as planned (I also tried Bluetooth and it works). Directions for RGB setup are basically nonexistent, even in the app. Fortunately the app is laid out in an intuitive manner as to figure out the lighting I wanted on the keyboard. Keys light up as expected however, special characters (I.E. !@#$%^...) do not (thus the four star rating instead of five) and can be set at four levels of keyboard brightness. The keyboard layout is what I expected including the feel and sound of GL Tactile keys (as seen and heard on Youtube videos). So far, I am satisfied with the purchase at this price-point, especially in a lowlight atmosphere but will know more once the games begin.

Comprehensive Review: Odd and useful. At $250 it is by far the most expensive keyboard i have ever purchased. Previously my most expensive keyboard was the Logitech G513 at $150. I bought this keyboard (alongside the Logitech G604 Mouse) to use at work, I have two computers that i switch between and the idea of using a single keyboard for both of them was what pushed me to make the purchase. Main computer: Dell Latitude 5490. Second Computer: Microsoft Surface Book 2 15" (Connected via Bluetooth) I'd like to start with the bad before I get into what I like about the keyboard. The Bad: - The Logitech G Hub software is a PAIN to install on a company issued computer locked down by firewalls and IT. If I hadn't been in IT myself I doubt i would have ever gotten it installed. The software installer package when being run requires additional files to be downloaded in the background, this got blocked by my company firewall. I have the software installed on my Home PC without issue, but the software still is bloated and buggy. - The shift values on the keyboard are printed below the non-shift values. For a screenshot see the (as of this posting) the third image for the product that shows the middle of the keyboard and says 'Lightspeed Wireless' View the ? and / keys to the left of shift. Normally, on most keyboards I have used, the Shift value ? is printed above the non-shift value /. My other Logitech G513 keyboard has the ? above the /, so this change isn't consistent across Logitech products. - When swapping between Bluetooth/Lightspeed my RGB settings are lost, they can be reset by either turning on and off the keyboard or going back into the software to reapply them. - After toggling between Bluetooth/Lightspeed, the Logitech G Hub software removes the ability to use and change the G1-G5 keys. They are non-functional and the option to do anything with them is lost in the software. Toggling the power to the keyboard resolves this. - It reports that it has 0% battery life to my Bluetooth connected device, the G Hub software shows it at 99% but windows will occasionally inform me that the laptop is out of battery. - It is still using Micro-USB and does not have a USB-C port. - the M1,M2,M3,MR, Lightspeed, Bluetooth, GameMode soft buttons at the top are not RGB, they are as far as I can tell fixed colors. They have the technology as the exactly same styled RGB softbutton next to GameMode is a pleasantly configurable RGB. - The Logitech G Hub software does not detect or let you configure the device on the Bluetooth connected computer. (This functionality is built into the G604 mouse so it is possible.) A lot of these problems are software and can and *better* be fixed in an update to the Logitech G Hub software and firmware updates. Things I like about the keyboard: - Toggling between Bluetooth/Lightspeed is genuinely immediate. By the time my hand returns to home-row after hitting the key it is usable on the other device. - There is no input lag detectable on lightspeed, There is no input lag detectable over bluetooth (my G604 mouse does, but this review is not about that product) - Fun fact: You can technically use it on 3 devices: When on 'lightspeed' connection, it will first default to the USB connection if there is one. So you could have one computer wired to the keyboard, unplug the wire and have a second computer connected via Lightspeed, and then toggle to a third computer with the Bluetooth key. If you are considering going this route I would recommend grabbing a Magnetic cable for quick plugging in and unplugging of the keyboard. (I have some NetDot Gen 12 cables that support data) - I have the Tactile variant of the keys (Brown switches), Since i'm in an office enviroment keeping the loudness of my typing down was ideal, so i avoided the 'Clicky' variant, the Tactile keys feel good to the touch. They make good sounds (My G513 had a springy tang to the sound while it was being broken in, not too pleasant to hear) - I'm sure the battery life is good, 30 hours is 4x more than I need on a standard work-day. the Software tells me that it can last up to 60 hours, which is 2x more than the advertised length. I doubt i'll ever need to test the battery, but it's good knowing that if i do need to rely on keyboard battery, that it will last me many days of use. - It's really thin, and it feels strong and durable. it barely fits into my backpack with my laptop, im not worried that if my backpack falls or gets stepped on that the keyboard will break. - It feels light to hold and carry, but it is 'heavy' for how thin it is. Despite how light it is, it sits steady and immovable on my desk. - I'm in love with the volume scroll wheel. This is a good keyboard. The lost star is not because of the software issues, which I hope will be fixed soon and not be relevant to anyone who may read this fairly long review. I also did not remove a star because of price. I felt it was worth it for me but also irrelevant to the quality of the product. It lost the star because of: - 7 buttons do not have RGB - Still using Micro USB instead of USB C - The Key Printing issue


Tldr: I would prefer a membrane over this (serious). I mostly use gaming laptops and I wanted a keyboard that felt like that. I have only ever used membrane keyboards and I like how they feel but I heard mechanical keyboards are basically better in every way so I decided to get something that I thought would be like a gaming laptop keyboard "but better". I know absolutely nothing about mechanical keyboards and I did do some research and it seemed like Cherry MX Brown switches or something similar would be what I was looking for and because laptops are very low profile I wanted to have my keyboard feel similar. I went with the G815 Tactile because of the brown switches which I assumed would be somewhat similar to MX Brown and I don't know if they are but either brown is not what I wanted or these switches are terrible. There's supposed to be a "bump" and I assumed that "bump" would be like my laptop/membrane keyboards where they sorta feel either on/off and nothing in between but it doesn't have that feeling. Maybe that's on purpose but I really don't like that. I went to best buy and I think there was a keyboard with red switches where it felt linear and the 815 feels almost identical to how I remember that keyboard feeling. Comparing the G815 Tactile to the Logitech K270, the 815 somehow feels even more mushy and disappointing than the K270. When I press the keys on the K270 there feels like a nice "click" where it feels heavy at first and then "breaks" as you apply pressure. With the 815 the keys feel continuous almost like how I hear Cherry MX Red switches being described as. There is a very tiny bump but it's so small that it's practically not there. The K270 has a very binary feeling where when you press the keys they're either activated or they're not, this is my preference and unfortunately the G815 feels the exact opposite. The keyboard itself feels excellent, the build quality is fantastic and I have no complaints about that but because of my preferences this is not the keyboard for me and I could've saved $150 and bought a membrane that would've felt a lot better. So far mechanical keyboards are very disappointing. Membrane/laptop keyboards I'm used to feel like a single action revolver trigger. When you pull the trigger it fires, maybe it's a very heavy revolver trigger but it has a very binary feeling. The G815 feels like a double action trigger. It's very long, mushy, and it just doesn't feel as nice. Maybe I have Stockholm syndrome but for membrane keyboards but this feels like a super experience.

Good Keyboard, Bad Software Integration. Overall, I really like this keyboard. This is my first mechanical keyboard that wasn't second-hand. I've always loved the low-profile chicklet-style keys, and that was the main reason I wanted this keyboard. Listed below are a few things I've noticed after using this keyboard for about a month. I purchased the G815 Tactile version. I switched over from a Razer DeathStalker Chroma. Pros: - Low profile keys. - Fairly quiet. - The overall look is good. - Very thin keyboard overall. - Very sturdy. Even when using the stands to raise the top of the keyboard, it is very stable. Cons: - In the dark, the secondary functions on the keys (such as !@#- You cannot edit a specific key on the keyboard besides the G-Keys. I was expecting to be able to edit just about every key, whether it's disabling "E," or changing it to a macro as an extra G-Key. With the software, you are only able to edit 6 buttons; you can edit the 5 G-Keys, and the Game Key. With my previous keyboard, I was able to disable specific keys, or change them to another key (such as changing "E" to "K"). As a note, you can disable specific keys with Game Mode, but with Game Mode, you are forced to have three keys disabled at all times. - You cannot disable the Media Keys. This is related to the con above, but I feel as if it's its own gripe. - If you depress the keys all the way, it sounds hollow, and can get fairly loud when typing at a fair pace (for me, ~75wpm). - G HUB will not open at times. For some reason, even after re-installing Windows 10, and even just re-installing the program, it does not want to open. - The Memory Profiles are terrible. I've only gotten them to work with the RGB, and have not been able to get my G-Keys to be saved to the profile. And even then, it took a bit of fumbling the first few times to actually get the profile saved and able to be loaded with another computer. - There is no way to get the RGB to look good with white. It always has a hint of blue or red, which is disappointing. Gripes with the first-time setup: - By default, the G5 key is bound to F5. This drove me absolutely mad because I couldn't figure out why the page kept refreshing when I first got this keyboard. It turns out G1-5 are bound to F1-5, respectively, out of the box. - When installing G-HUB, it automatically opens Discord so you can connect G-HUB to your Discord account. There should be a way to not have that happen, as that is annoying. This happens every time you re-install G-HUB, as well. It may seem like I have a lot more cons than pros. That is true. But to me, it *is* a keyboard, and it's good at being a keyboard. There have been some things that are user error (such as missed key strokes because I am transferring from a membrane to a mechanical keyboard). I still like the keyboard overall, but with the cons listed above—particularly with G-HUB—I will likely not purchase another Logitech keyboard unless those issues are addressed.

Keys have normal characters on top, SHIFT characters on the bottom. It's the little things that can ruin an experience for you sometimes. Bought my wife the Logitch G715, and I got the G915 TKL for our new gaming PCs. She loves her keyboard, and I hate mine. What's the biggest difference? The keys on the G915 are upside down: the normal characters are on the bottom, and the shift characters are on the top. so my number row has the numbers on top, and the symbols below them. Only the top characters are lit, so there is an indication that they will be the default, but at thew price that the bottom characters are *never* lit, even when you hold down shift. The effect when using the keyboard was more pronounced than I expected. In a dark room, I can't see the unlit part of the keys where the shift characters are nearly as well as I'd like. And with the exception of the exclamation point and dollar sign, I don't really have memorized the number that holds the asterisk or the ampersand (8 and 7, respectively). So then my glance at the keys turns into a longer look as I try to read it. That's when my dumb really kicked in, and seeing the asterisk on the bottom, my brain would let go of SHIFT instinctively, giving me an 8 instead. Is this most likely a reflection on my poor eyesight and idiot brain? Sure! But it certainly made me decide to return mine after the 100th time I struggled with it, because there are just sooooo many other options that don't have this stylistic choice. Add to that a few smaller issues, like the small keycap size making customization a much bigger pain than I wanted, with much fewer aftermarket keycap options than the G715. Why Logitech is failing to release keycaps to customize one of the most popular gaming keyboards is beyond me.

Great Keyboard! Does not stand the test of time. Bought this keyboard a back in Nov 2021 and now in Jan of 2023 i have noticed that some of my keycaps broke off. These keycaps are logitech proprietary low profile keycaps and are designed with one major flaw; they have extremly weak and delicate plastic stems (feet) attaching them to the switch. This means that even after regular use, few of my keycaps stems snapped off after a year of use. I had one keycap actually break both of the little feet so it cannot be attache to the keyboard switch at all. I lowered my review to 3 stars because of how expensive the kayboard is compared to longevity. ---- Pros: Slim and low profile design, The battery does last a long time (weeks for me between charges.) It is nice to not have a cable running to the keyboard. I have one charing cable for my mouse, keyboard and headphones that i alternate whenever each device needs charging. This helps me keep my desk cable free. I do not see any latency issues with gaming, ever. No hickups, no drops and no strange behavior. It just works. I do, however, keep the USB dongle plugged into my monitor which helps keep the wireless distance pretty small and has a pretty clear line of sight. I do like the extra bluetooth feature, it comes in handy if i want to quickly connect it to another device. The volume knob wheel is very smooth and i dont think i can live without it. CONS: The keycaps wiggle. I also use this keyboard for work and i noticed that the keycaps feel loose. They do not have a secure connection to the keyboards switch and you do get a loose or wobbly feel sometimes when tying. The top number row special characters do not illuminate. I knew this buying this keyboard but it is still very annoying when trying to type with low light. The Keycaps are very fragile. Do not try to take them out, or the stems will break. I knew this buying the keyboard and i was very delicate with it. However, after a year of use few of the stems have broken off. The micro-buttons are useless. you have to switch the FN keymode to use macros. unless you just progrem over you F keys. There should be an option where you just hold the FN key and push one of the F keys to use a macro but thats not how it works.

Terrible, unless you're a gamer I guess. I own a Logitech MX Keys, and it's a fantastic keyboard, except that it has a numeric pad which I don't use, and which gets in the way of the mouse, and make the keyboard heavier and more awkward to carry around (it won't fit in some backpacks). I bought this G915 TKL because I want a TenKeyLess (no numeric pad) keyboard *for travel*. I don't game. However, for SOME REASON, it turns out that *ALL* TKL keyboards are mechanical. What the heck. The MX Master is far slimmer, far quieter, yet offers plenty of tactile feedback. I don't understand why Logitech doesn't make a TKL version of it. The G915 is taller, heavier (despite having some 20 fewer keys), and much LOUDER. The rainbow colors are fun, and it has the proper spacing between F4/F5 and F8/F9. But I can't justify the $200 price, and it doesn't add anything to the ergonomics. If you want to mash keys, maybe it's the right keyboard. I don't.

It was a great keyboard while it lasted. I bought this keyboard in January 2022, and it's starting to die on me 16 months later. I needed a wireless board and this met that need comfortably. It performed well and it was not bad to look at. I am disappointed at its longevity. It's possible I just lost the silicone lottery on this one, so your experience might be better.

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  • What advantages and disadvantages does it have?
  • Does the Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard you choose have any eye-catching or leading features?
  • What are the features or specs of the Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that make it outstand?
  • Does the Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard come with a warranty?
  • Does it have any cons or defects that existing customers have found out?
  • Where can you get enough information for Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?
  • Where can you get the best Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

Easily, you may come up with more questions than those on the above list, just ask yourself. Research and then research again, until you get the answers or you are satisfied with it.

Benefits of Shopping Online

There are many benefits for you to shop online. We have put up some for your reference when shopping online. Let us see what benefits online shopping offers:

Best Price

Online shopping has been well-known for offering products at the possible best prices. As an online platform, it cooperates with many dealers, manufacturers and sellers to offer daily good deals directly, which leaves no room in the middle and reduce additional cost.

Easy to Compare

You can easily do a product comparison at many online shopping websites at a time, casually and relaxably at home. With the ratings, you can decide which product should be your choice, which allows you to have better experience than that of traditional shopping.

High Reliability

Online shopping is reliable since customer reviews are posted directly, no matter they are good or bad. With customer reviews, there is still room for you to make a decision if you found any cons of the product in customer reviews.

Great Customer Service

You can receive best ever customer service from online shopping because competition is too fierce, which makes you feel very good to shop online.

Large User Base

There is a large user base of online shopping nowadays. Hundreds of thousands of people go shopping online these days, especially after the pandemic, people are more likely and willing to do that than driving to stores.

Vast Variety

You can have a vast variety of products to choose from if you go shopping online. If model A / brand A does not meet your requirements, you can easily turn to model B / brand B, or any other you like, which makes online shopping flexible.


No specific location, time or transportation is required for online shopping. Instead, all you need is just a pc or a smartphone with internet connected. Online shopping is so convenient that you can sit down enjoying your cup of tea or coffee, make your choice and pay it with just few clicks or touches, then wait for your delivery.

How to Choose Your Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


First, check the price tag for a possible best deal. You can make a price comparison between different sellers or platforms and choose the one that you are satisfied with.


Second, before you buy the Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, you should take the brand of the product into account. You may learn to seperate the products for different brands to make a right decision.


Third, a warranty is a must for the Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Nobody likes to spend money on anything that does not last long, right?


Another thing to check for your Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is functionality. You can accomplish that by checkcing the features and / or specs. The more features / specs you see, the more functions your Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard could offer.


Moreover, you must check the dimensions for your Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard because wrong size may result in wasting time and money. It is highly recommended to learn about the dimensions of the product before any action.


In addition to the above, you should check the color for your Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard as well. Does it offer color options? Do you like the color of the product? Then check if the color you have selected is available.

Existing Customer Reviews

The last thing to check is customer reviews. No matter how many the features are, no matter how powerful the specs are, you must verify that by lookig into existing customer reviews generally listed right after the features and specs, or before the bottom of the page. See what they say about the products, how they feel and probably an update after one or two months' use. Finally, make a decision to buy or not to.


This is a basic wrap up for buying Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard online. We hope you will find this helpful. You can follow this shopping guide to get the possible best deal for your own online.

Furthermore, you can do more research yourself to learn more about the best Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. If our shopping guide helps you, please share it.

Wish you get a great deal!

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