keydous NJ80-AP Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Knob Bluetooth 5.0/2.4G/Wired Connection 75% Hot Swappable Custom RGB Programmable Gaming Keyboard with PBT Keycap for Win Mac

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keydous NJ80-AP Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Knob Bluetooth 5.0/2.4G/Wired Connection 75% Hot Swappable Custom RGB Programmable Gaming Keyboard with PBT Keycap for Win Mackeydous NJ80-AP Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Knob Bluetooth 5.0/2.4G/Wired Connection 75% Hot Swappable Custom RGB Programmable Gaming Keyboard with PBT Keycap for Win Mac

Features & Specifications

  • Improve your typing experience with the Keydous NJ80 wireless mechanical keyboard. This beginner-friendly mechanical keyboard is made with high-quality materials and moderately lubricated switches and stabilizers, providing a smooth typing experience right out of the box. Its classic narrow bezel design and pure white exterior can blend in with various desktop styles, bringing a pleasing aesthetic appeal.
  • The Keydous official store provides Keydous Care+ after-sales service. Keydous products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty, and if there are any usage issues or non-human-caused damage, please contact Keydous directly for professional after-sales service.
  • The keyboard supports Bluetooth+2.4Ghz+wired connection modes with a detachable cable design, allowing you to connect up to 5 devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, for smooth and efficient usage in multiple environments. The Bluetooth 5.0 chip ensures fast and stable wireless connectivity. All connection modes support No-key rollover[NKRO], allowing multiple keys to be input simultaneously without conflict.
  • The built-in advanced Rogers Poron foam reduces unnecessary noise and hollow sound when typing on the mechanical switches. The Poron foam is installed between the PCB and the plate, as well as at the bottom, providing an enjoyable, pure, and satisfying typing experience.
  • The keydous driver allows you to remap keys, set up key macros, adjust RGB lighting effects, adjust wireless modes and RGB sleep time, and share or download other users' key binding and RGB settings. The driver is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. The onboard storage allows your settings to be saved without running the driver, and it can work normally on other devices. The driver can now also be accessed via the 2.4Ghz and wired modes.
  • The high-quality clickable aluminum alloy knob can be used to adjust the device's volume with a soft tactile feel that can be rotated infinitely to the left and right. The knob can also be programmed to other keys or system functions in the driver, and it can be replaced with your customized knob.
  • The premium hot-swappable PCB allows you to easily replace switches without soldering. Whether you prefer thock, clicky, or other switch sounds, you can customize typing experience in your style.
  • PBT keycaps - Just like touching fine sand, the unique matte texture on our keydous PBT keycaps will provide your fingertips with the charm unique to these keycaps and always provide you with a great typing experience. The high-quality PBT material offers excellent touch and durability. The hot sublimation process of dye penetration at high temperatures provides sharp and clear legends.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Pros & Cons


Never Knew I Wanted One Until I Tried It Out. I really love my keyboard. The experience of typing on this keyboard is buttery smooth. Feels unlike any other keyboard that I have ever used. Honestly, I have never before this used a custom mechanical keyboard. Now I know what all the hype is about. It's remarkable. My only gripe is the connectivity. There are times when the connection isn't stable. And this is a big gripe for me because I use the keyboard for work, and I have to take medical notes; I don't look at the screen when I type. So, there have been times when I have look up at the sceen and half of what I've typed is missing and what I have up there is gibberish. This is acutely embarrassing because I now have to ask the doctor to please repeat what they have just said, and if that occurs once too many times (meaning TWICE in one sitting) they're going to look at me, like, WTF dude! So, it forces me to use the wired connection during work, which I really did NOT want to have to do. So, I will be looking for another keyboard with better wireless connectivity.

The best prebuilt you can buy. The media could not be loaded. TL;DR Pros: Stabs/Switches sound amazing out of the box, but that could be preference. Especially the backspace and shift #heaven. (video comparison) Comes with color-matched keycaps and accent colors for Spacebar, arrow-keys, and right enter. Comes with a very nice two-sided keycap puller. Be careful it can scratch the keys. Cons 1. The f12 and 4 key RGB lights act as battery indicators when plugged in, and I can't find a way to turn that off yet. 2. The volume knob is not a standard guitar knob, so my collection of knobs do not, and will not fit. (pictured) --REVIEW BELOW-- Seriously, this may be the best prebuilt keyboard (for the price) on the market. While their UI/drivers for the product looks like it was designed in 2001, the functionality and user-friendliness is incredible. Its 100% intuitive no-frills software that gets the job done. There is A TON of customizability with this board and for 150 with a brass-plate and Smooth Yellows, that's basically unmatched. The sound out of the box sounds as high-end as my 500$ glorious board with tangerines (double filmed and lubed) - VIDEO attached. Those calling this a weird to me. This is mid-high range for an amazing price. While I'm not an enthusiast, I have 3 "high-end" (think: 400+ customs) boards. This is on par with all of them. Amazing product Keydous.

Get the pro milky yellow switches. I love the feeling of it. Has a nice weight, I love the thoc of the keyboard, decently quiet compared to my previous keyboard (Logi G915). Grab this keyboard if you don't want to build one but want a good keyboard. I am also a huge sucker for volume knobs, I like how this one has that feeling of little rivets as I turn the knob.

Great keyboard for the price. Got mine with milky yellow switches and absolutely love it. Comes with a decent amount of factory lube but won’t hurt to put more on. Colors are great, software is alright, pretty basic and easy to navigate. Just follow the small manual and you’ll be set.

Good looking keyboard but some issues. I've had this keyboard for over 6 months I think. It's a good looking keyboard and feels like pretty good quality. The RGB is stunning - I just wish it lit up the actual keys so I can see them in the dark. However, I've run into some issues since purchasing it. The first issue I ran into was my alt key and windows key swapped, and I have no clue how to fix it. It's not due to my laptop, I've checked multiple times. I've tried looking it up and haven't found anything helpful. This happened a few weeks after I purchased it. Not completely deal-breaking, it's something I can live with it. But the next few issues has rendered this keyboard pretty much useless. The Bluetooth connection. It was working completely fine initially. However, after going on a two week vacation, I don't know what happened during that time, but it barely works now. My keyboard lags constantly, and especially when I'm in game. It's a bit frustrating when I'm playing and suddenly I'm not able to move. Cost me my game. Second problem: the wired mode is also a bit glitchy as well. I don't have another cord to see if it works better with a different one, but the other issue alone have driven me a bit mad. The last problem is that it's not writing smoothly and lags quite as well as some of the keys completely stop working, even as I'm typing this review. All of this has been extremely frustrating. $150 for only 6 months of good use? Absolutely ridiculous...I hope no one else has come across any of these issues. I've used to have a $20 keyboard that lasted me years...Hopefully it starts working again because I'm at a loss for what to do now. UPDATE: Henry from customer support reached out right away after my review and provided excellent support! He was so helpful and patient, and happy to say that all my issues were resolved! Thank you so much :) 10/10 for the quick response and help from this team member!

Great keyboard and stellar customer support. Amazing keyboard for the price and the customer service from the vendor is top notch. Highly recommend this product to anyone interested in purchasing a mechanical keyboard.


a switch already broke. I use this keyboard daily for gaming and typing, my a key has stopped working suddenly and I haven't even had it a year. The keyboard is clean and kept up so I don't know why it would do this suddenly, and it's already past its support date. Not happy. Other than that the keyboard is nice.

Sent wrong color and broken stabilizers? The media could not be loaded. For reference, Keydous used to provide the option to customize how you wanted your NJ80. Chose the following configuration however they sent me the wrong color. Was sent sky blue instead of the white case I requested. Customizations: Modern White Version Option for Switch Types : TTC Speed Silver | Linear Plate Type : Brass Plate Option for Knob Style : Sapphire Blue | Round Option for extra knob : Random Color & Shape Option for Keycab Set : Pixel Warrior Version Option for Case Style : White | Top + Bottom Case ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now regarding the keyboard, it is definitely a looker, the pixel warrior keycaps do look really good and overall the following configuration has a really nice sound profile. However not sure if its the stabilizers or the keycaps that were included but noticed that all the stabilizers minus the space bar would stick to one side or the other when bottoming out. tldr Its decent however QC needs some work.

2.4ghz wireless keeps hanging up. Keyboard was working great but then began to have some connectivity issues. When in 2.4ghz mode, I notice there are some millisecond hangups. Very noticeable in a game when you're holding a key down, such as wasd to move and all of a sudden you stop. It's quite a pain and I'm forced to directly connect it in order to fix the issue. Cannot seem to find a way to directly contact the seller here on Amazon.

Loose stabilizers and uneven keycaps. Keycaps suck and the stabilizers suck. Keycaps are uneven as well. Plastic case short battery life very disappointed. Not worth anywhere over 140$ buy something else or build don't get this please trust me

Broke the second I touched it. The space bar stabilizer broke when I tried taking the cap off. What a massive waste of time and money it's going to be to fix it. If this board had proper QC this would be 5 stars but I can't even use it now

Not low profile, small keycaps, bulky like a typewriter. Probably depending on preference, some people might like this but because I have carpal tunnel syndrome, I can’t have a keyboard be that up high but there are always wrist pads for keyboards but not only does it sit high, they key caps are also tiny. The bulkiness of the monitor just didn’t feel right to me so I ended up returning. I do love the sound of the milky yellows but that’s about it.

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