Save $60 on Far Cry 6 Gold Steelbook Edition by Ubisoft

Overthrow the dictator, Anton Castillo and his son, DiegoCommandeer a tank in an urban playgroundExplore an entire island nationPlan your next strike from hidden guerrilla locationsLeverage creative weapons to take down Anton's regime

Receive the game, SteelBook, and Season Pass with the Gold Edition, and join the revolution as a modern-day guerrilla to liberate your nation. Employ makeshift weapons, vehicles, and animal companions to take down Anton’s oppressive regime.

Features & Specifications

  • Join the revolution as Dani Rojas and liberate your nation from Anton Castillo's oppression.
  • Dive into a blockbuster experience and immerse yourself in the journey of a guerrilla revolutionary.
  • Explore the largest open world in Far Cry history, including the first ever sprawling urban city.
  • Discover new animal companions like Chorizo, the adorable wiener dog, to take down enemies.
  • Unleash the firepower of specialized makeshift weapons and new backpacks to use against Anton's troops.
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches; 4 Ounces
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Pros & Cons


Different enough to feel fresh and new, but still feels like classic Far Cry. As someone who’s been playing Far Cry for more than a decade, I’m happy with the locale and the fact that they didn’t switch up the formula too much. Some of the changes include no perks anymore, but there’s a ton of mods and a lot of upgrading that can be done on just about all the weapons minus a few specials. Also new is the “Superemo” weapons, which make things a lot of fun, and each one is specialized for specific play styles. You can upgrade your base locations similar to New Dawn, but now there’s more options as far as upgrading. A lot of new mini games too, and the cock fighting was really fun. Another new thing is that you can choose a male or female character. I’ve put in around 15 hours so far and recently got off the tutorial island and completed a few mainline quests and side quests. This map huge, I was surprised at how much there is to explore. It’s very aesthetically pleasing too, this game is gorgeous on PS5. I haven’t had any game breaking bugs either, just a few cut scenes with dips in frame rates, but it could use some polish. The AI can also be ridiculously stupid, but that’s part of the charm and chaos that is Far Cry lol. If you enjoyed FC: 3, 4, 5 etc.. and want more of that you’ll really enjoy FC: 6. It’s exactly what I was hoping it would be, it feels fresh and new, but it still feels like classic Far Cry. And so far I’d say Anton Castillo lives up to previous antagonists even with little screen time, which says a lot considering who he’s up against. I’m not anywhere close to completing this game, although I have already finished the secret ending (it’s available right after you leave the tutorial island). But I wanted give my first impressions, and I plan to keep updating this review as go; as such I’ll list any future positive or negative experiences. As a Far Cry fan I’d rate this a 9/10 so far. I’d recommend to this veterans who enjoy the previous entries in the series, and to those who think this premise sounds interesting. It’s a survival-esc sandbox, set in a beautiful locale in which you can wreck havoc and rampage with pretty likable characters. I’d also say the voice acting is good too, and that it never breaks the immersion. It’s your character who is a guerrilla fighting back against an oppressive regime, story wise it’s most similar to Far Cry 4, although the location is most similar to Far Cry 3. It’s not a perfect game, and I don’t think it was ever trying to be, but damn is it a lot of fun. As far as the packaging I was a little bummed that the gold edition slipcover was just paper and not the clear hard plastic slipcovers like most other Ubisoft gold edition/Steelbook games, but now I’m just nitpicking. I’ve seen that some are displeased because 6 is similar to older Far Cry games, but that’s exactly what I like about it. If it were meant to shake things up to that extent, it should’ve been a new IP and not Far Cry 6. TL;DR: Different enough to feel fresh and new, but still feels like classic Far Cry. It’s a worthwhile purchase for Far Cry fans and newcomers alike. It’s set in a beautiful locale with a lot of customization and lots of fun to be had. 9/10 *If you didn’t like previous Far Cry games, you won’t like Far Cry 6. Even with all the added features and upgrades available it’s still Far Cry.

INCREDIBLE Game! (Though game mechanics are slower than usual for a FarCry). Everything about this game is an absolute A+. If you are a die-hard FarCry fan, you will love this, and the DLC, such as the Voss expansion, is exceptionally well done. My Few Criticisms: The game mechanics and default movement speeds are a bit slower than I like and more clunky compared to the other FarCry games which are much smoother and faster-paced. I also do not like the ground vehicle controls and driving mechanics as much as the previous games. It's a bit awkward, and feels unnatural and kind of sluggish. The ariel vehicles are fantastically well done though, the controls are great, and overall, a good experience and a lot of fun. It's just a bit of a pain in the ass to land planes—which arguably makes it more realistic, LOL. xD Overall: Definitely a must-have for FarCry lovers of all kinds, and would be a great intro to the FarCry game series for people who have not played previous FarCrys before.

Indeed has unredeemed season pass code. The seller advertised that this used copy included the season pass code, which is very rare for used copy sale on Amazon. This along with a good condition steelbook for 38 bucks definitely have good value. I was a bit skeptical about that upon receiving the item, I confirmed it was true that the season pass code worked. I redeemed the season pass using the code. The slip cover shows a bit worn out sign but the steelbook and the disc are in pretty good condition. Overall I am very happy with this pre-owned copy purchase. Kudos to the seller for including the season pass DLC for the item.

All flash and same substance. It's gorgeous. Don't get me wrong. This game is beautiful, but it's farcry. It does nothing really new.its just another frlarcry game but prettier. The almost immediate sales and price drops make me regret my purchase. I was also hoping for something feeling new, but after a couple hours I got bored with this as it just feels like the last 3 games. I have yet to find the desire or a reason to go back. It's a shame.ubisoft has become a company of noticeable game engines rather than ips. Each of their big hits is completely identifiable by how they play not by their stories, characters, or graphics. Look at their series : division, watchdogs, farcry, ghost recon, assassins creed, etc. The last couple games in the series felt like addons or expansions rather than full games. They just feel like more of the exact same without pushing anything or really adding anything new to feel different or unique. and let's be honest this series peaked with 3 for the villain and gameplay wise has never been as good as 1 or 2. Farcry use to feel different. Now it feels like every other of their ips. Just with a different world.

Great condition. Great game

Very Good~. Quick Shipment, Nice Product ~


Not as good as the last few games. The mechanics completely abandon the real world for inferior gameplay. The story missions meant to take emotional hold to insert yourself into the game's conflict come off hollow, ill themed caricatures of latin america history. Value wise games worth less than $20.

Maybe "good" at best. The product arrived earlier than the delivery date, but the product itself was VERY underwhelming. For $38 it should've been expected. The cover+case had unnecessary stickers/labels that that left a lot of marks and sticky patches on the product. Unfortunately the Season Pass was used, but it wasn't guaranteed. A LOT more wear/tear than "very good" should be IMO. I definitely regret not paying more for a better version of the product.

The case was dinged up and for some reason sticky. The case was dinged up and for some reason sticky

Didn't not get the steelbook. Just the CD no steelbook

Dented. Shame I had to pay so much money for a dented steel case

Mediocre and Recycled. From clearing bases and retrieving items in quests, Ubisoft has once again recycled everything from previous Far Cry games since Far Cry 2. The firearms are relatively the same, The quests, Dialog, movement, interactions, graphics all feel the same as Far Cry 5. I wish I could give this game a better score. However, it is a redundant mess and not worth the price and I would like to add that honestly I feel like I'm playing a Far Cry 5 expansion with a few new items rather than a full fledged addition to the Far Cry Franchise and Ubisoft has definitely become lazy in game design. I would say that if I were you than I would just save your money and wait for it to go on sale in the playstation store and than buy it.

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