DeLUX Ergonomic Vertical Mouse, Wired Optical Mouse with RGB Lighting, 6 Buttons, Removable Wrist Rest, 5 Adjustable DPI for Laptop PC Computer (M618Plus RGB-Black)

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[DELUX Ergo Vertical Series Mouse]

It is important to equip with the correct size vertical mouse, which let you easily get used to the use of vertical mouse, and more help dramatically comfort hands muscle.

Every people have different hand size and there is no one size fitting all. Do not worry, you could find your correct size vertical mouse with DELUX Ergo Vertical Series, even for left handed person.

There are Ergo L(large size), Ergo M(Medium size), Ergo S(Small size) and Ergo Left(Left handed) series mouse for you. Just find your correct one according to your Palm size.

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Ergonomic Vertical Design


More Natural

Ergonomic design is not just for the structure, but for using habit.

With special button layout design, thumb groove and rubber coating, let you more easy to use it and offer you comfortable and natural using experience

  • Removable Palm Rest
  • Ergo Button Layout

Why Ergonomic Vertical

Most people get “mouse hand” after long time working with computer or laptop, that is due to frequently twist your forearm muscle with traditional mouse holding gesture.

It is why Ergonomic Vertical mouse comes out. Comparing with traditional mouse, with ergonomic vertical design, ergonomic vertical mouse is more comfortable and friendly for human hand.

It not only could reduce muscular strain, but also prevent the issue of “mouse hand”

  • Find a better and hand-friend way to use mouse
  • Ergonomic comfortable grip
  • Reduce your wrist or hand fatigue
  • Stop twisting, Releasing the pressure


Rechargeable Built-in 500mAh Battery

Long battery life:

  • At a single charge and with RGB light on, stable use for a week(under 8 hours/day using condition)
  • With auto energy-saving sleep mode, normally it could last for a month




Multi Devices Connection

There are three channels for connection

  • 2.4G Wireless(come with USB Receiver)
  • BT 1(BT3.0/BT5.0)
  • BT 2(BT3.0/BT5.0)

Less Movement, Less Fatigue

with 4000DPI high precision tracking engine, less movement for same tracking, reduce hands fatigue

Type C Charging Cable

  • Come with a 1.4m Type C charging cable.
  • Please charge the mouse with come with cable




Material Upgrading

with frosted exquisite texture coating, anti-sweat and dust, durable for long time use

Removable Palm Rest

With removable wrist rest, let your forearm and mouse be a whole part and make your wrist lift from the ground which protect your wrist from friction when moving the mouse


146(L)*89(W)*99(H) mm/ 5.75(L)*3.50(W)*3.90(H) inch



  • Type: Rechargeable wireless vertical mouse
  • Connection: 2.4G wireless(with USB receiver), BT channel 1 and BT channel 2
  • Battery: Rechargeable 500mAh polymer Li-ion battery(with automatic sleep mode)
  • Keys: Left/Right click, Scroll wheel, Forward/Backward and DPI button
  • Resolution: 800/1200/1600/2400/4000DPI(shift in-fly)
  • Weight: 170g/6oz
  • Dimension: 146(L)*89(W)*99(H) mm/ 5.75(L)*3.50(W)*3.90(H) inch
  • Compatible System: for Windows 7/8/10/11/mac OS


  • Customize Button’s Function via Driver. Software works under Windows and Linux System
  • Driver Download Website:
  • Backward/Forward Button and Driver are not available for macOS, other buttons and function can be used in macOS normally.

Features & Specifications

  • [Ergonomic Design with Exquisite Texture] Our vertical mouse features a unique volute bionic design that reduces arm discomfort and hand stiffness. The frosted texture is anti-sweat and dust, making it durable for long term use. It is designed for large hands, providing maximum comfort and control.
  • [Rechargeable and Multi-Device Connectivity] With a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery, our vertical mouse can be used for up to a week (8 hours/day) at a single charge. It supports 2.4G wireless, BT1, and BT2 for multi-device connectivity, allowing you to easily switch between devices with the mode button.
  • [High Precision Tracking with 5 Adjustable DPI] Ranging from 800 to 4000 DPI. Its 4000DPI high precision tracking engine requires minimal movement, reducing hand fatigue.
  • [Removable Wrist Rest] Our vertical mouse features a removable wrist rest that enables your forearm and mouse to work as a whole, protecting your wrist from friction when moving the mouse.
  • [Warranty and Wide Compatibility] All DELUX products come with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support. Our vertical mouse is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems, making it suitable for use with different devices, such as laptops, PCs, and notebooks. Note that it may take a few days to get used to using this unique ergonomic design.
  • Dimensions: 5.87 x 3.74 x 3.9 inches
  • Weight: 6 ounces

Pros & Cons


Nice mouse with Pros and Cons. My mouse died so I had to look for a new one. IT has been ages since I shopped for a mouse and this new ergonomic style looked to have some advantages over traditional mice. So lets get into it. I work on a computer all day 8-16 hours a day depending upon demand. I do not game much. I have been having trouble with Tennis elbow over the last couple months, no idea why as work habits an life have not altered. I thought the ergonomic mouse might help because of the change in wrist/hand angle. I only got it an hour ago so I have no info on whether it will actually help that but it is comfortable. Now for the details. My hand is 7.5" long. Using a more snug, not tight, grip with my palm resting firmly on the body of the mouse, my ring finger extends about 0.25" beyond the LED line around the body while my thumb has 0.375" extra space beyond the end. I like the thumb button placement being 1 above and 1 below. That allows for slight movement to activate the buttons. The main button placement is good. I have medium width fingers and can operate the buttons with either index and second finger or index and ring finger depending upon how I rest my palm in the grip space. The roller button is responsive and works well with a slight detent feel as it rolls. However, it is a bit of a miss in terms of ergonomics. It is too close to the palm to use the middle finger on the roller when gripping the mouse closer. I have to either clench raise my hand slightly off or to the rear of the mouse or clench my middle finger to get to it. Neither of those is ergonomic. Rotating the body of the mouse and thus adjusting the relative positioning in the hand, allows using the first two fingers for the button and more efficient use of the index finger to use the roller. (It would be really nice to have that roller father forward away from the wrist allowing better usability for the middle finger. Then I could engage all three fingers simultaneously... While the ergonomic shape is nice for releasing tension in the forearm, the one thing that is very different is the movement to and from the keyboard. on a traditional mouse the user barely needs to raise the wrist to move across the mouse to type. the forearm can stay on he desktop. The significantly increased height makes a much larger gross motor movement to get to and from the keyboard. I am not sure I like that. It is a very different movement so it will take come time to get used to. The DPI selection is very nice allowing the users who want faster movement and more sensitivity to get it. The instructions indicate that it will go up to 12800 and the cursor zooms. While the mouse works out of the box, some of the features require the driver to be downloaded from their site and installed. Installation requires admin level access.

Love the mouse, but doesn't last more than a year. These is the most comfortable mouse I've found. For years I suffered with carpal tunnel and had to wear a brace. Started using these several years ago and the pain is gone. I've had four of these and just ordered my 5th. I just reviewed my order history and I had one that lasted almost two years, the others lasted about a year each, usually just over a year so no warranty. The scrolling wheel has gone out on each of them. They are the most comfortable I've used, so I keep replacing them about every year. Would give it 6 stars if they'd last longer.

MUCH better than the Anker model. I don't know how to describe how nice, comfy and easy clicks this mouse is without comparing it to other similar products. I love ergo mice and so I got the Anker model first, because I was familiar with the brand, but it ended up being very difficult to keep in my hand and the left mouse button took SO much finger strength to click, right at the very tip of your finger (instead of the pad of your finger like most mice). My wrist and hand is SO much more comfortable throughout the day!

Saves my Wrist. Works great! I got the corded one a while back but then upgraded to the wireless one and it’s a marked improvement over that one. Still the right angle for my wrist but now no cords getting in the way. Feels like a little better construction quality and definitely an improved sensor. The buttons and scroll wheel could still be improved but overall I’m very happy with it. Latency is very good, good enough to game with. If you spend lots of time on a computer this is such an important investment. Got rid of my wrist pain after switching to these vertical mice. It feels so much better and I can get longer work sessions in.

i love the mouse. Way better than my last Anker wired upright mouse. the cable is light, the feet slide like butter (after realizing to remove the stickers), more upright than other upright mice, and it feels relatively lightweight. Clearly a "gamer minded" peripheral maker so I highly recommend. I only suggest allowing button macros in the software (though I use X-Mouse) and change the polling rate (though it feels fast on the downloaded drivers). Also, I personally wish they would design an even more upright mouse, something like a joystick. that would help my posture a lot.

Comfortable and easy to use. Great for carpal tunnel issues. Got this to relieve my wrist and hands from using a normal mouse. The vertical position is a little weird to get used to, but after one day I found it very comfortable and easy to use. The additional back and forward buttons are also very useful. The colors are also an added bonus!


Not a gaming mouse. Uses old red light sensor. Weird buttons. This has the best ergonomic grip of any vertical mouse I've reviewed (about 7 so far) The raised buttons make it hard to hit the mousewheel without activating mouse1. This is especially the case if you typically use your index finger to move or click the mouse wheel. It's very hard to rest your hand on the mouse without inadvertently clicking one of the many thumb buttons. The sensor is very bad. Skips and loses track constantly. Nobody should be making a new mouse with early 2000s red led tracking technology anymore. The mouse configuration software doesn't load on Windows 11. I can't adjust anything. It's stuck at 500hz polling rate. Which, while pretty good in and of itself, isn't worthwhile as the red light sensor can't keep up.

BEWARE THE THUMB! Looks big but not for a big handed people. Beware if you have big hands as the size of this mouse may deceivin you into believing it would be comfortable. I bought this as a backup to my anker vertical mouse to use in my office, while leaving the anker at home. After a week of using it I can't adapt to it. First, the good: It functions properly, no connection issues smooth movement, and overall a decent mouse. My experience really has more to do with ergonomics then the function of the mouse. I think every person would need to order one of these to see if it fits your hand. I have a very large hand and you would assume that a large mouse like this would fit well on it but it doesn't. I've posted pictures of my anker mouse for comparison, as it fits my hand very nicely and is substantially smaller than this one. Strike 1. If you look at the pictures attached you'll see that I have to pinch this mouse in order to grab the mouse buttons. They are protruding buttons but they do not extend as far as the end of the mouse so they are not sitting under my fingertips when I rest my hand on it. That turns into me gripping the mouse in in a manner that leaves space between my hand and the mouse that is more likely to pinching than moving. Strike 2 The left and right click buttons, and the scroll wheel are situated in such a way that you almost have to use three fingers to run the mouse. Index finger on the left click, ring finger on the right click and middle finger on the scroll wheel. This may be natural to some, but on a non-gaming mouse this is unnatural for me. On my anker mouse I'm able to run everything with two fingers because the mouse buttons are very large and I can switch my finger between right click and scroll wheel simply enough. Strike 3 The "back" button in the area where my thumb is, is directly beneath my thumb. In the week that I tried this, I rested my thumb on the button and backed out of pages I was working on a total of 12 times over just a few days. My thumb is too heavy and it rests exactly where this button is. I lost the text of a very long document I was writing online and that was the last straw and really the reason I'm writing this. My anchor mouse which is much smaller by comparison is the better choice and I'm just going to order another of those. The attached wrist rest is a gimmick. If you read to this point, if anything just understand your hand may be too big for this mouse.

I’ve had this mouse for over a year now. And it sometimes makes my wrist pain worse. I don’t know but i can never decide how it’s supposed to be held and my hands are pretty small so I’m wondering if it’s a me issue and less of a mouse issue. Also it disconnects and reconnects from my computer every so often, and there have been a few times it stayed on when my computer turned off which I’m like, how??? As for gaming with it versus a standard mouse, it’s slower and harder to move. I feel like i use my wrist more because it’s just a little faster than moving my whole arm to do what i want to do.

A Decent Idea. Bought this mouse because I started to notice some discomfort in the right wrist and hand when using the computer for a prolonged amount of time. I figured that not only would turning your mouse hand a bit more sideways help ease pressure off of your carpal tunnel (which will in term lead to tingling, numbness and pain), but it'd also alleviate muscle strain from having to have your forearm fully pronated (palm down). I have now been using this mouse for a few weeks and feel that while it helps in one way, it hinders you in another way. Yes. It feels more natural (at least to me) to rest your hand on the hypothenar mass (the meaty side of the palm of your hand by your pinky) while at a desk and operating mouse. However, I feel that operating the mouse with your hand in this position sort of decreases your accuracy with the cursor on screen. Discomfort trade off. I truly believe this mouse will deter Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You will no longer be putting pressure directly on this structure. Nevertheless, you will be putting pressure on something. In this case, you will start feeling discomfort on the Triquetrum (A small bone in your hand just distal to your wrist); as this will become the atlas of all your hand movements while operating this mouse. The mouse comes with an attachment that I found hindering rather than helpful. This additional pad (made of hard plastic) forces you to lift your arm more than you should in order to push, drag and glide the mouse in order to move the cursor to where you need it to be; resulting in shoulder fatigue. I really wanted to love this product, but even with the aid of a large mouse pad, I am still feeling some discomfort. Aside from the ergonomic review, the mouse functions well. All in all not a bad product, but not as great as I was hoping.

Requires Lots of Arm Movement. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery, and my trackball was putting too much pressure on the heel of my hand. So I was on the hunt for something more ergonomic. I really wanted this mouse to work for me. But while recovering from surgery, I had a lot of swelling in the heel of my hand that stretched all the way up the side to just below my pinky. And this vertical mouse has you resting on the side of your hand. So I found that I was somewhat lifting my hand a little to keep the pressure off. In addition to that, I don't have a lot of desk space, and it seems that a vertical mouse needs a lot of movement. When moving the mouse forward, I kept having to pick it up and pull it back because I'd run into my Silhouette Cameo machine. And for me, it required a lot of arm movement instead of just being able to move the wrist and hand like a traditional mouse. I really gave this mouse a shot - I tried it for about a month. But ultimately I returned it because I just couldn't use it. I'm actually 2 months post-surgery now and I still have tender spots in my hand that prevent me from using the vertical mouse or even my trackball that I love. I ended up getting a Logitech M325 because it's small and doesn't touch any of the tender spots in the heel of my hand.

It worked great for a while then it just stopped working. I bought the mouse in august of 2022 by February 2023 it didn't work. The light would come on and then flicker out. It is nice while it works, but that won't last long.

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