Switch Controller, Switch Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED, 9 Color Adjustable RGB Hue Light Switch Controllers Pro with Joystick, Bluetooth Controller, Turbo, Gyro Shaft and Dual Vibration Handles for Nintendo Switch and PC

Nintendo switch controllerNintendo Switch Controller

switch controller

Why you have to choose CristaCon Wireless Controller?

2022 Upgraded Wireless Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch/Switch LITE/Switch OLED

  • colors switchable
  • Cool design when even closing light
  • Sensitive control technology
  • Solid built body, exciting together with you
  • Enjoy breathing light mode
  • Turbo mode

How To Adjust the RGB LED Light Mode?

Open/Close Light Press twice “T” button to turn on/off the light
Change Color There are 9 color modes switchable by holding “T” and press left joystick. (Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink, Multi, Green, Red, Yellow, Light Blue)
Breathing Light Hold “T” button and press “LZ” button once to switch to breathing light mode
Visible Dual Motors Full of gaming atmosphere for every gamers

Nintendo switch controllerNintendo switch controllerLight weight and sensitiveNintendo switch controller

Features & Specifications

  • CUSTOM LIGHTING MODE - adjust color options easily and immerse yourself deeply in the world of the game. select among 9 modes of RGB hue color lights of cristacon switch controller - 7 single color solid mode, rainbow color solid mode and breathing mode.
  • SEE-THROUGH CRYSTAL DESIGN - never worry about fading; crystal-clear case exposes all the inner workings and electric motors vibrating of switch controllers pro clearly.
  • 3 LEVEL TURBO SPEED - speed up the process for your games; cristacon switch pro controller also can be sensitively motion controlled.
  • DESIGH FOR SWITCH - wireless switch controller is compatible with Switch, Switch Pro, Switch Lite/Oled, 8 hours working time for your all-day playing.
  • Perfect father days gift, gift for back to school for boy and girls, retro gamers, Christmas, holidays, and travel.
  • Weight: 10.8 ounces

Pros & Cons


The whole family loves this switch controller!! This is a great quality switch controller for the price. Love the fact that you can change the color of the lights on the remote with the touch of a button. We all love this controller!! I ended up buying another one so my kids wouldn’t fight over it. I can’t tell you how many times my son had dropped this controller, and it’s still all in one piece. I also like the fact that you don’t have to worry about fading, compared to other controllers. Highly recommend this controller!

Great Gift! Got this for a friend for his birthday. He plays Nintendo Switch quite a bit and loves the new controller. He also loves the different light modes the thing has to offer. I will definitely buy this again for any of my other gamer friends. Great feel and quality, as well as an amazing battery life. Better quality and much more affordable than the on-brand ones.

Amazing controller and works well! The controller is better than expected. The gyro settings are great and being able to change up the lights to different patterns is an added bonus! We’ve used the controller for over a week with no problems at all. Well worth the purchase!

No Regrets… Must Have. The media could not be loaded. I love my Switch Remote… I love colors and this remote has not failed me. It is easy to use and my fingers do not cramp up. It’s very comfortable for my chunky finger and there are additional buttons that are beneficial for using the switch. The vibration is also powerful. This remote will not disappoint.

Great controller. My son says this controller has completely changed his games. He truly believes it has made him a better player. He loves the look and feel. He’s a lefty so not all controllers feel good in his hands. Absolutely worth every penny I paid.

Excellent product. Highly Recommended. Excellent product. Highly recommended.


NOT COMPATIBLE. The remote is not compatible with the Nintendo switch. Looks nice but a waste of money..

Looks cool, very slippery. Played around with this one for a few hours in Dolphin on some Mario Kart. The controls themselves are very responsive, no drift, rumble worked fine. Only real issue I found with this controller is it's hard to grip. By that I mean, you can of course grasp it , and grasp it tight, but it seems you must hold it a bit tighter to keep the surface from slipping, which only gets worse the longer you play of course because more sweat on the hands from firmer gripping, and.. yeah.. see where I'm going here? Just a very simple thin padding on the back and maybe the sides for gripping would really really help this controller and still not interfere with it's clear casing design. The RGB was semi-easy to figure out after a bit of fiddling with it. But honestly, could have used a better system for switching RGB mode. So I don't dislike this controller, and one can easily fix it with a bit of tape or rubber padding. That's my only real gripe, otherwise, it's a pretty neat controller.

A bit cheap. I bought an identical style controller from another vendor that wasn't see through. This one is much cheaper built. The plastic feels cheap. It has sharp edges and corners. Buttons feel ok... just typical 3rd party quality.

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