Charger Stand with Cooling Fan for Xbox Series S Console and Controller,Vertical Dual Charging Dock Accessories with 2 x 1400mAh Rechargeable Battery and Cover, Earphone Bracket for XSS

Charging and Cooling Vertical Stand

Charging Indicator

Rechargeable Batteries

Dual Charging Slots

Efficient Cooling SystemGalvanized Metal

charging cable battary charger charging stand XSX31 Clip Mount
2 Pack 10FT Charger Charging Cable for PS5 Controller 2x2650mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs with Charger Vertical Charging Stand for Xbox Series S Console Upgraded Cooling Stand for Xbox Series S Console Clip Mount for X-Series S/X, for Xbox One/S/X
Product Usage Charging Cable Rechargeable Battery Packs with Charger Charging Stand Charger Stand Clip Holder
Compatible Model for PS5 Controller/for Xbox Series X/for Xbox Series S Controller for Xbox Series S/X for Xbox Series S Console for Xbox Series S Console for X-Series S/X, for Xbox One/S/X
Package Included 2 x 10FT Charging Cable 2x 2650mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs; 1x Charger Stand Station; 1x Type-C cable; 1x Instruction; 1 x Charging Stand, 1 x Headphone Stand 1 x Charger Stand, 2 x 1400mAh Batteries and 1x Headset Stand 1 x Clip Holder

Features & Specifications

  • 5 in 1 Design: Vertical stand for Xbox Series S Console, built-in 2 fans for Xbox Series S Console, dual charger for 2 Controllers for Xbox Series S, Earphone bracket. Equipped with two 1400mAH battery packs.(Note: Extended USB port doesn’t support data transmission). Charger will stop working when console off, but the sleep mode can charge. 【The stand not work for xbox one controller】
  • Cooling System for Console: Designed with the fan at the bottom can accelerate the air circulation inside the console system to cool it better. Have power button for turning the fans ON/OFF, The button can control the fan operation at any time. The metal base also can effectively cool for Xbox Series S console, which improve the operational life span. Anti-slip rubber bottom design will keep the vertical stand tightly and stable.
  • 2x1400mAH Rechargeable Batteries: You just install the battery into the Xbox Series S Controller, align the type-C interface on the battery pack with the type-C plug in the base. 2x1400mAH Rechargeable Batteries: Snap down charging design, Eliminates the need for costly replacement batteries. The charging station provides up to 24 hours of standby time.
  • Clear LED indicator: Let you know the charging status at a glance. When the indicator is green, means fully charged; If the indicator is red, means charging now. Notes: When the Controller for Xbox series S is nearly fully charged, the charging indicator of this product does not conform to the prompt of XBS controller, which is a normal phenomenon.
  • Excellent Space Management: By holding them in a vertical position, the stand minimizes the space taken up for Xbox Series S console and controllers, headset and keeps the gaming area neat. And the USB charging cable can charge the battery pack directly. Extended USB port doesn’t support data transmission.
  • Weight: 1.81 pounds

Pros & Cons


Better than I expected. The Xbox is held in place much more securely than I expected which is great. I noticed some reviews complain that the charging cable is usb and very short. I’m not sure why that is a complaint as this easily plugs into any of the USB ports on the back of your Xbox for power. This thing looks surprisingly good and even my wife likes how it looks. It’s convenient and stylistic. My only complaints: 1) The controller chargers feel like they may break over time. 2) If your headset has a mic you have to mount the headphones backwards or the mic will hit the controllers. 3) The fans on this unit have to be manually be turned on and off. I wish they would automatically turn on and off with the console.

Buy this if you need rechargeable batteries. I mainly bought this for the rechargeable battles and built in dock charger. But this is actually pretty cool stand. There is some cool little lights and there is no additional power cords. The stand is powered by your xbox via USB cord.

This is my first X box since the first one, the graphics are excellent but Game Pass is AMAZING! Easy to set up and use. I use this console and my Playstation which has and app called PS Now. Xbox has basically the same premise, pay 1 monthly amount and get 100's of games to play. The BIG difference of the 2 is that PS Now only releases old games to play. Game Pass offers free games from day one at same price. Not all games get released for free but there are MANY quality ones. I added up the past 4 games released free on gamepass and check those rates on playstation store...$128.00. Including ones super popular game for $49.99..

Function as well as looks. My husband loves how nice and neat it keeps his gear while charging and cooling. He wasn't sure as to how much it would cool but he is now. Winner!

Great setup for Xbox series S. This thing is keeps the Xbox cool with the fans. It comes with two rechargeable battery packs and a headset stand. Decccccent

Keeps things tidy. This is a nice thing to organize your xbox one game console and controllers. My son would just leave his controller on the couch or the coffee table. Now he keeps it out at neatly with this. I should have ordered one a long time ago.


Broken Re-chargeable Batteries. I was wondering why my sons controller was dead and not really “sitting right” on the charging station. Flipped it over to inspect it and there it was. The rechargeable battery connector was split. I am the only one who charges the controllers and I was never rough with it. It hasn’t worked from the beginning, while the 2nd battery provided did. It obviously arrived broken and I didn’t think to inspect inside the charger. Overall the little charging station is pretty cool - but if the rechargeable batteries are broken then it is useless.

Odd configuration. Power button for fan is located on the 'back' of unit, along with USB port and power input. Display for charged/charging controller is opposite the on/off button. Battery pack that comes included: one is defective and does not fully charge. Dual fans pressure as strong as when you breathe into your own had to smell your breath.

Too loud, but decent. Added my Series S and one controller and my steelseries headphones. The design and stability of the charger stand are great. The fans put up air but it’s not a lot of air, it goes from the bottom of the stand to the internals and out the main fan of the console. The biggest hurdle is the loudness of the fans. I am gonna research and see if this stand comes with some better quality components. Decent.

Meh. I do like that it's lightweight and can charge the controllers attached and upside down. The piece of plastic that you can hang your headphones is just that, a thin piece of wobbly plastic lol. Wish it had a more sturdy or more aesthetic way to attach the headphones to this setup, looks good in the picture but looks a little cheap in person. Not sure exactly what I paid for it, but I hope it's 20 bucks or less it doesnt feel like it's going to last too long, the best part is the rechargeable batteries, it's pretty much the meat of this product, the fans are cool too I geuss, probably gonna burn out sooner than expected. It is what it is, I don't regret buying it, but I wish I would have gotten a different one ✌️

Great value. The idea of. this stand is really great, but the rechargeable batteries that come with it don't exactly fit the Xbox. controller. In addition to that, the fan does really offer that much cooling power so it's not suited for long hours of gaming.

It Was A Good Deal. When I first got this, I would have given it five stars. I've had this stand/cooler/charger for a little over three months. Now the female port on the battery pack has broken/come loose. It's cocked to one side and won't connect to the male port on the base. I've tried to straighten it out, but no luck. It's a shame this broke after only three months. Luckily, it came with two battery packs and I only have the one controller, so I swapped out the battery packs. We'll see if this one lasts longer than three months.

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