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apple imac converter usb-c laptop tablet desktop connector convert convertidor adaptador nintendo

Battony USB C to HDMI Adapter

●4K HDMI Video Output 4K/30Hz, 4K UHD resolution, direct stream 4K (3840×2160/30Hz) UHD to HDTV, mirror or extend the display monitors, or Projectors, no blur and delay.

●USB 3.0 Port Support 5Gb/s data speed transmission,10x faster than USB 2.0 (480 Mbps),no need other software or drivers, just plug in, allow to connect USB flash drive, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, printer, thumb drive, USB sticks, MP3 player etc.

USB C Power Charging Port Up to 100W of power, stay power for best performace.

●Plug & Play Do not require any software or driver All interfaces work at a time! Aluminum Slim Design & Quick Expansion. Has EMI protection to prevent interfere with devices.


Only works for devices whose USB C port supports data transfer and power in as well as video out functions (DP Alt Mode).

Please refer to description’s compatibility devices list, if not, It maybe can’t compatible with this adapter.

●You will get:

1 pcs Battony 3-in-1 usb c adapter

18 months warrante

usb c adapter apple macbook pro mac air ipad dongle HDMI multiport


Materials: Aluminum Alloy & ABS

Color Available: Sliver

4K@30hz printer phone monitor multi media flash hard drive plug projector expansion


●PC: MacBook, 2018/17/16 /15, iMac/ iMac Pro, 2017 -2015 Google Chromebook Pixel


New Acer Switch Alpha 12

Dell XPS 12/13/15, Dell Latitude

HP ZBook 15 G3 Mobile Workstation

Acer Spin 7/Chromebook R13, Acer Aspire V Nitro 15

ZBook 15 G3 Mobile Workstation

Lenovo Yoga 900/910, HUAWEI MateBook X/ Par

Sumsung Chromebook Plus

Acer Swift 7 SF713-51-M5MP (NX.GK6CN.002)

Tian Bao Air

●Cell Phone (with DP Alt Mode):

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, S9/S9 Plus, Note 8

Huawei Mate10/ P20, LG G5/LG V20, Lumia 950/950 XL

mac hdmi adapter for macbook pro

usb-c to 4K HDMI adapters connector

apple usb-c digital av multiport adapter macbook air

Ultra HD 4K video output

Expand the display of your laptop/phone to your TV, monitor or projector with a resolution of up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 at 30 Hz). Compatible with most HDTVs, monitors, projectors and other devices with HDMI port and provides a vibrant, clear, shake-free video and image

High Speed 5Gbps Data Transfer

3 in 1 USB-C to 4K UHD adapter supports data transfer speed of up to 5Gbps and charges up to 5V at 0.9A. Power delivery up to 55W.

Easy to carry

Easy to carry and use. Ideal for watching TV/playing/working/meeting at home.

Features & Specifications

  • 【USB-C to HDMI Adapter 3-in-1 】 USB type-c to hdmi / usb-c/ usb 3.0 multiport adapter convenient for home-theater entertainment, office, exhibition, presentation, teaching etc. Good product solution allows you to charge faster, more stable and more HD, with perfect size to carry around in pocket
  • 【Ultra HD 4K HDMI Video Output】Extend the display of your laptop/phone to your TV, monitor or projector in up to 4K UHD (3840x2160@30Hz) resolution.Compatible with most HDTV, monitors, projectors and other devices with hdmi port, offering vivid, clear, no shaking video and picture
  • 【High Speed Transfer】 The usb type c 3.1 hub supports high speed data transfer up to 5Gbps (5120Mbps),10x faster than USB 2.0 (480 Mbps). Compatible with USB flash disk, camera, removable hard drive, mouse, keyboard or other USB A 2.0/USB A 3.0 devices
  • 【Convenient for Charging Port】Plug and play, don't require any software, drivers, or complicated installation process. Slim and portable design with aluminium body provides better heat dissipation. Meanwhile, type-c charging quickly output meet your needs
  • 【Broad Compatibility 】Adapter compatible with 2015/16/17/18 MacBook/MacBook Pro, Dell XPS13/15, Dell Precision5510, HP Spectre X2,HP Spectre X360, HP Elitebook Folio G1, HP Elite X2 1012 G1, Acer Spin7, Acer Chromebook R13, Google Chromebook Pixel, Lenovo 900/910, HuaWei MateBook or Other Type C PC,Samsung s8/s8+/S9/S9+/Note 8, Huawei Mate10 etc
  • Dimensions: 6.61 x 2.28 x 0.55 inches
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces

Pros & Cons


Not bad, Feels cheap. I tried using this display port, the quality feels very flimsy and cheap. It also doesn’t have all the ports that I thought, it may have been user error. Either way I would definitely buy again if I wasn’t doing something as intense as my job a lots.

WORKS GOOD/ CHEAP. This works great but there’s not enough space to fit an HDMI cord next to the USB, it barely fits (you risk damaging a cord by squeezing everything together). Yes this product is decent and convenient and will do the job, but I noticed the HDMI quality was poor on my projector when plugged in. I recommend this product but note these concerns.

Works great!! So much better than paying the price of an apple brand. This works well for my iPad to watch on large tv at home that does not have all the apps I want to see. Charger works well while plugged in and watching the movie as well. Great purchase and would order again.

Using it for a year. Sturdy and convenient, no issues yet.

exactly what i needed. so glad it was this cheap! i’ve seen more expensive but this does the job!

Good price and fast delivery. I do like the items. They are the ones I needed Amazon service was very very good Thank you


Cheap Material but Does it’s Job. The product as a whole is rather cheap for the roughly $20 price point however I have had no problems with cords getting unplugged or falling out. I do however notice that the cord is very easily bent and sometimes begins to twist resulting in some damage to the cord. I use this adapter to connect to my MacBook and do not notice a decrease in quality when uploading things to my MacBook and also projecting onto other screens. The size is very nice as i can just throw this in my backpack before I leave but when plugging it in on a desk the base can feel a little obnoxious due to its wide frame needed for all three different plugs. Overall a decent product that serves its purpose but is slightly overpriced.

Caused Presenter Pointer Lag. I purchased the adapter to use for PowerPoint presentations. I am a preacher and I use PPT every Sunday. I recently upgraded to a MacBook Air M2. When plugging in both HDMI & a USB receiver for a Kensington presentation clicker into the adapter, the clicker had terrible lag and often would not advance the slide. I ended up getting separate adapters for HDMI & USB now everything is smooth.

Did not work with iPad 10 and YouTube TV and Netflix, seems to work with other apps. The adapter seems to work with most apps on my iPad 10, however it did not work with YouTube TV and Netflix on iPad 10. I also tried the Apple device and run into the same issues.

HDMI port to External Display Glitches Out. Overall this is a good device; but not great! The build quality is solid. The USB-C charging, and the USB-A ports are reliable! I use my external monitor on the go a lot and I plugged in the hdmi into the USB-C dongle; only to find out the display was glitching out at random times. My first thought was to replace the hdmi cable only to find out that the display was still glitching out. I tested out the display by plugging in a Apple TV with the hdmi cable and the display worked phenomenal with both of my hdmi cables. I then plugged the cable back into the USB-C hub to get the same glitching results. Trust me when I tell you; spend a little more money and upgrade to another USB-C hub that will consistently support all of the plug and play capabilities it offers.

Good adaptor for HDMI but not so good at charging. The adapter doesn’t allow you charge your iPad while plugged into it. I have to take the adapter out and then charge the iPad even though it has a opening for the iPad charger. That’s a little disappointing.

Sadly lasted less than 1 year. Mac book charger port doesn't work anymore. Sad! It's slick and matches my Macbook aesthetic and feel, but it stopped working already. Now I have to constantly switch between charging my airbuds, iPhone, and my MacBook. I work 7 hours day on my laptop so I use it a lot.

Why Online?

When you are looking for product reviews or product information like features and specs before you take an action to buy it, you may see similar things here and there that major online stores top the list. Why so many people prefer shopping online?

Nowadays, being with digital stuff, people can have more options in a more intutative way easily by internet, no matter they use pc, smartphones, or tablets. Buying American Veteran Towel for Bathroom is just a piece of cake if you go for online shopping that you could do shopping anytime you wish and you could easily make a cancellation if you find it not good as expected.

You can view all brands easily online for the product American Veteran Towel for Bathroom before making a purchase. You can also make a price comparison with only a few clicks or touches, then sit down and go through the details while enjoying your cup of coffee. In other words, you can save money and time by shopping online.

Furthermore, you can grab good deals or even amazing deals at a very low price now and then if you go shopping online.

Aspects You Should Foucus on When Buying American Veteran Towel for Bathroom Online

Is American Veteran Towel for Bathroom urgently needed? Well, shopping online requires some research that you need to ask yourself some questions. To help you with that, we cover all the important ones and put up a list.

Go through the following list and feel free to do your own research while buying the American Veteran Towel for Bathroom.

  • Is the American Veteran Towel for Bathroom worth the money?
  • What advantages and disadvantages does it have?
  • Does the American Veteran Towel for Bathroom you choose have any eye-catching or leading features?
  • What are the features or specs of the American Veteran Towel for Bathroom that make it outstand?
  • Does the American Veteran Towel for Bathroom come with a warranty?
  • Does it have any cons or defects that existing customers have found out?
  • Where can you get enough information for American Veteran Towel for Bathroom?
  • Where can you get the best American Veteran Towel for Bathroom?

Easily, you may come up with more questions than those on the above list, just ask yourself. Research and then research again, until you get the answers or you are satisfied with it.

Benefits of Shopping Online

There are many benefits for you to shop online. We have put up some for your reference when shopping online. Let us see what benefits online shopping offers:

Best Price

Online shopping has been well-known for offering products at the possible best prices. As an online platform, it cooperates with many dealers, manufacturers and sellers to offer daily good deals directly, which leaves no room in the middle and reduce additional cost.

Easy to Compare

You can easily do a product comparison at many online shopping websites at a time, casually and relaxably at home. With the ratings, you can decide which product should be your choice, which allows you to have better experience than that of traditional shopping.

High Reliability

Online shopping is reliable since customer reviews are posted directly, no matter they are good or bad. With customer reviews, there is still room for you to make a decision if you found any cons of the product in customer reviews.

Great Customer Service

You can receive best ever customer service from online shopping because competition is too fierce, which makes you feel very good to shop online.

Large User Base

There is a large user base of online shopping nowadays. Hundreds of thousands of people go shopping online these days, especially after the pandemic, people are more likely and willing to do that than driving to stores.

Vast Variety

You can have a vast variety of products to choose from if you go shopping online. If model A / brand A does not meet your requirements, you can easily turn to model B / brand B, or any other you like, which makes online shopping flexible.


No specific location, time or transportation is required for online shopping. Instead, all you need is just a pc or a smartphone with internet connected. Online shopping is so convenient that you can sit down enjoying your cup of tea or coffee, make your choice and pay it with just few clicks or touches, then wait for your delivery.

How to Choose Your American Veteran Towel for Bathroom

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the American Veteran Towel for Bathroom. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


First, check the price tag for a possible best deal. You can make a price comparison between different sellers or platforms and choose the one that you are satisfied with.


Second, before you buy the American Veteran Towel for Bathroom, you should take the brand of the product into account. You may learn to seperate the products for different brands to make a right decision.


Third, a warranty is a must for the American Veteran Towel for Bathroom. Nobody likes to spend money on anything that does not last long, right?


Another thing to check for your American Veteran Towel for Bathroom is functionality. You can accomplish that by checkcing the features and / or specs. The more features / specs you see, the more functions your American Veteran Towel for Bathroom could offer.


Moreover, you must check the dimensions for your American Veteran Towel for Bathroom because wrong size may result in wasting time and money. It is highly recommended to learn about the dimensions of the product before any action.


In addition to the above, you should check the color for your American Veteran Towel for Bathroom as well. Does it offer color options? Do you like the color of the product? Then check if the color you have selected is available.

Existing Customer Reviews

The last thing to check is customer reviews. No matter how many the features are, no matter how powerful the specs are, you must verify that by lookig into existing customer reviews generally listed right after the features and specs, or before the bottom of the page. See what they say about the products, how they feel and probably an update after one or two months' use. Finally, make a decision to buy or not to.


This is a basic wrap up for buying American Veteran Towel for Bathroom online. We hope you will find this helpful. You can follow this shopping guide to get the possible best deal for your own online.

Furthermore, you can do more research yourself to learn more about the best American Veteran Towel for Bathroom. If our shopping guide helps you, please share it.

Wish you get a great deal!

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