Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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Assassin's Creed ValhallaAssassin's Creed ValhallaAssassin's Creed ValhallaAssassin's Creed ValhallaAssassin's Creed Valhalla

Upgrade to the Xbox Series X S version of the game at no additional cost. CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS APPLY. This game leverages Smart Delivery allowing access to both the Xbox One title and the Xbox Series X S title. To upgrade eligible physical disc copies, a console with a disc drive is required. Become Eivor, a legendary Viking raider on a quest for glory. Explore England’s Dark Ages as you raid your enemies, grow your settlement, and build your political power.

Features & Specifications

  • Lead epic Viking raids against Saxon troops and fortresses.
  • Relive the visceral fighting style of the Vikings as you dual-wield powerful weapons.
  • Challenge yourself with the most varied collection of enemies ever in Assassin's Creed.
  • Shape the growth of your character and your clan's settlement with every choice you make.
  • Explore a Dark Age open world, from the harsh shores of Norway to the beautiful kingdoms of England.
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches; 2.15 Ounces
  • Weight: 2.15 ounces

Pros & Cons


Great game. I got this game for my husband because he really wanted it for the new xbox. Well we got it today and he loves it. It was a fast download. The picture is amazing it looks to real its not funny. We got into the show vikings and so far the game has no disappointed and is very similar to the things in the show. Great for any viking fan

Can’t get enough of this one. I absolutely love this game, I have about 15 hours into it so far and I cannot get enough. This is the first Assassins Creed game I have played, and it definitely got me interested in the series. I am enjoying the story, the characters and the progression of this game. I must say things have gotten more interesting once we arrived in England. Like other reviewers mentioned, there are a few glitches and some frustrating moments because of how they effect the controls but I can look past it because of how much effort and detail there is to enjoy. I’m glad I didn’t get this on the PlayStation. I don’t know if the poor reviews are justified because of a few glitches. Check it out.

Best yet! Great evolution for the series. I’ve played every Assassins Creed since Brotherhood. It‘s fantastic how the series continues to evolve. Valhalla is an evolution from the previous two titles with its RPG-lite mechanics yet its bigger and in fresher more densely packed environments. Why I was initially saddened to leave the beautiful snow capped mountains of Norway I was soon pleasantly surprised with the very vibrant almost Witcher-esque fantasy environment of the 9th century British Isles. The fog, lighting and shading so beautiful I thought it had ray tracing. While some of the combat and actual task can get a little bit repetitive they do a good job of changing it up as each region has its own storyline and different objectives. The raids are a nice touch. The base game is nice and long yet holds my interest. The cinematics and scripted parts are very well done, as I come to expect from this enduring series.

Superb Next Gen Graphics & Performance as it’s a lot of Fun on The Xbox Series X. New Edited Review: 5 Stars All The Way as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is Exceptional on Xbox Series X especially if you’ve got a proper Vrr capable Hdr television set such as the TCL R635 for example which is simply incredible to say the least as the New Mini Led Qled is phenomenal for Gaming as ya get the dark inky blacks with local dimming enabled set too high while also retaining the ultra low input lag as there’s absolutely no perceivable delay at all as it’s Great ! The Hdr in this Game is also on another level from anything I’ve ever seen, and not only the Hdr but the image quality is the best I’ve ever seen as Valhalla is the best looking game ever made, and the Xbox Series X 60fps only makes the Game that much better ! I’m about 7 hours into the game yet I’ve not barely scratched the surface as I’ve mainly been exploring doing a lot of side quests, and other side type missions, and I’ve only progressed the storyline a little bit in comparison but so far it’s such A Great Game as I ain’t sure how Ubisoft was able to deliver something this good in 2020 but they pulled it off as it’s virtually bug free with excellent performance throughout, and the combat is pretty awesome too once ya learn how to Play Properly !!!!!

It's been bug free and fun for me on Series X. I felt I had to write a review just to give another perspective on the bugs that people talk about. A lot of people come here when their game breaks and leave 1 star reviews warning of all sorts of issues. With a game this popular this may not be indicative of the average experience. The game is incredibly complex and launching on a lot of platforms at once. So of course there may be launch day bugs, but they have patched a lot of them already. I wouldn't trust any review from November 10th as being accurate for what the game is like weeks later. I know the "seer's" bug was patched almost immediately yet people rushed to dump 1 star reviews over that. Maybe it's stuff that happens on the original Xbox One or PS4. I know some people are having bugs with save games because last gen consoles weren't always good with resuming play, an issue I had with dozens of games since 2013 on my Xbox One, so I always quit the game and reboot it when I start a new session. This is a feature of the system itself, not always the game's fault if the system doesn't resume properly. The idea that a game this complex should never have any bugs is not realistic if you have ever worked in software engineering before. I've poured my heart and soul into working on level designs for a much less complex game, and as soon as you release it someone always finds some problem to fix. The important thing is that I do fix it. And the devs for these games do, too. In any case, I've had no notable bugs or glitches with this game in 60 hours. It looks amazing in 4K HDR on the Series X. I feel they took a few steps forward with getting rid of the endless gear upgrades. In this game there is a very finite number of times each piece of gear can be improved, and every piece of gear you find can be an endgame gear set with the same amount of upgrading. Even the first stuff you wear. So there's no more MMO-style loot treadmill. Level ups are done via a huge branching skill tree where you choose every stat and ability you get from leveling up. Being too low level for an area is no longer an instant death sentence, just means the enemies there are likely too beefy for you, but it doesn't outright prevent you from winning fights in those areas. You can even set it so that assassinations always one-shot kill things, in case you hated that aspect. The difficulty customization is the best I've seen in any game. Stealth, combat, and exploration all have their own setting.

Great start, high expectations. Only played it a little but so far in love


Save your money. As a longstanding fan of the series I was so excited for this game. I can not express how disappointed I am with this. It's literally Odyssey just with new skins. The graphics are terrible, voice acting is cringy especially for the female main, and there are so many issues that I have stopped playing after 3 hours and am looking to return or sell my copy. Save your money for cyberpunk.

Bored. Talk about a let down. After an hour of playing, I was thoroughly bored. The storyline is as dull as Eivors father's axe. The game mechanics are rather clumsy. Would have been better to incorporate what Odyssey and Origins had. I disliked the constant need to find food or berries after each battle. Seriously its a game ... let the character heal up. Honestly of all the eras they could have chosen, we went with Vikings? Big miss by Ubisoft. Update: On the Xbox I am getting data corruption errors. So save often or risk losing hours of gaming. As I played this game more, it introduced the worst elements of Origins and Odyssey. Lazy programming by Ubisoft. As for the new skill sets and abilities, they are completely useless. I gave up even trying to use them ... harpooning ...really?

Pretty much catastrophic bad quality. Worthy successor in the AC series. It gets off to a VERY slow start. And, as I get deeper in the game, I'm exposing so many quality control issues. Always a few bugs - map errors and what have you - but in this case, the game freezes, crashes. When you wake up your Xbox and start playing again it often cannot save progress, so you lose whatever you're doing since the Xbox last went to sleep. I've been killing the process and re-starting the game each day, and sometimes several times a day. The Asgard mission with The Builder has rendered Asgard unplayable - the mission has a bug mid-way that does not allow you to complete it, but if you leave then come back to Asgard, it kills you very, very quickly. From what I'm reading, other Asgard missions also have serious bugs. Just, lack of quality control. It seems that they produced the content then rushed it out the door. Someone made an executive decision to release this on an artificial date. And it was a bad decision. You can have a software deliverable fast, cheap or high-quality. Pick any two. ---- Update, I've run in to so many bugs. The "Viking for hire" quest cannot be advanced due to a bug where you can't talk to Reda in your settlement. I'm now in the story arc in Cent, found that we could sneak into the church where Sigurd is supposed to be, but suddenly random NPC enemies showed up even though you had not been detected. Basim ends up in a never-ending fight with a NPC enemy that doesn't exist - there's just nothing there. I went to reload from a save point and found that ALL of the auto-saves say "DATA CORRUPT! Would you like to start a new game?" The game does crash occasionally, but on Xbox at least, when it wakes back up, it is also not able to save progress, so you have to kill the process and re-start the game, re-load your progress, to make sure that you aren't wasting your time. I fell for that 2 or 3 times. This, after maybe 60 hours of play time. Seriously. This game is a quality control disaster. An absolute, abject, unqualified disaster. Whoever decided to ship this will need to find a new place to work. In the software industry, we'd say this shipped with dozens of "sev 1" bugs and potentially hundreds of "sev 2" bugs. And with potentially no retroactive fix. Meaning, someone does work (play) with the software, that will be lost when they release a fix. In 30 years of gaming, all the way back to Nintendo and Atari days, I'm not sure I personally have come across a game with quality control this bad. And it's a shame - it has good bones, could have been interesting if it was playable.

They Blew It! First let me say, I loved Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Second, I descend from Vikings so was really looking forward to Valhalla. Unfortunately, the game is boring! They took two steps backwards in game play with this. In Odyssey you have so many adventurous directions you can go while the history of your character gets uncovered and all the great storylines. In Valhalla they drag you around through a lot of "blah blah blah". You can't skip a lot of this boring stuff. For example, you have to follow this guy so he can show you how to do the "leap of faith". Are you kidding me!?

Ugh! Update...came back to lower my rating. This game is a piece of crap! Nothing and I mean nothing is good about this game. Graphics, the characters, the story. Multiple bugs. Can’t do anything in my town. No shipyard, not equipment upgrades. I’ve raided all the camps and don’t even have enough to fully upgrade the town. I don’t even know what happened to the story quests. So I was a little wrong about your bird but who cares. Still worthless. There is nothing fun in this game. Wait until, it’s a few dollars, seriously. Open world to go to one camp to another and they are all the same. On the way you will see some deer, rabbits or cows most likely. However the only civilians in this game are all in the towns. Not really a one you will encounter in between. You will only see a guard or whoever those people are, I don’t even care enough to know, riding or walking on the road. There’s was nothing put into this game. I really don’t understand how anyone thinks this is the best, most beautiful game yet. Its turkey terrible. This one I will not be changing my mind about. I thought I disliked the last few AC games but they grew on me and became fun. Now this one, it’s the absolute worse and I don’t think I’ll be changing my mind later. The fighting is horrible and the health bar is pretty cheesy. They decided to shrink down the size of the character during fighting. I hate that! I haven’t even figured out how to use all the added buttons to the fighting. The bow and arrow has been easier to figure out. I can’t even stealth kill secretly on an only enemy that is on the other side of the fort. All the guards will come running over from the other side. Even the one the one way up on a tower. Right now stealth sucks. I don’t get the, oh it’s the most beautiful one yet. No it’s not. Could see nothing in the fog and dark during the beginning. Hiding in this game is hard to look around and see like previous versions. So the horse can swim in water with you riding it is pretty weird but convenient I guess. If you shortcut and not follow roads you have to jump wall after wall. So many walls. So many locked doors. So many things underground which you need to find tunnels but that’s okay. The raven is pretty worthless but it might save a little trip to look for something. He used to be able to locate every enemy in the camp. Now he does nothing. The store is horrible. Let’s see the items better with stats. I hate running up somewhere and getting attached. Other games were much smoother and more freedom to move. They brought back the slow walk to be undetected, boring. There is no fun here at all. Used to be able to clear out a camp. I’m working my way through and then find more popping up where I’ve already cleared. Theres move complaints but I don’t have time to go on. I don’t understand how people defend these games to the point of being so mean if someone doesn’t like it. They have to be easily entertained to like this and if they are, that’s great for them. I have not been entertained yet. I’ve played for 3 days straight all day so I’ve been through quite a bit. No more buying these at release. I’ll wait until it’s under $20. Better yet $10 would be more like it. Now let the comments come in telling me I just don’t know how to play. That doesn’t make the game any less boring, unentertaining or without problems of its own.

Wait 5 months to buy. Wait another 5 months to buy it. The game is ok. I loved Odyssey, and this isn't nearly as great as that. But, it's enjoyable. The problem here is that it's insanely painful to play - hours of game time going poof is a common occurrence. For some reason, as others have mentioned, saving is unreliable. Both manual, quick, and auto saves have ended up disappearing. I just lost 5 hours of game time when the game froze so I had to close the game. I had saved along the way and the game auto saved multiple times since I had finished several quests. Yet, bye bye to those hours. So, it's effectively a waste of time to play this game since a lot of your efforts will need to be repeated. On top of this fundamental flaw, there are several other glitches (e.g., keys not showing up where they need to, fundamental quest actions being broken so you can't complete it without loading an old save from like an hour before, etc.). Do yourself a favor, save yourself from some rage, and don't buy this until *all* of the kinks are worked out. Very disappointing, Ubisoft.

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