TORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner, 2 Cooling Plates Neck Fan, LED Rechargeable Portable Neck Fan, 9 Modes Personal Fan, Sports Bladeless Fan No Falling, Neck Cooler and Heater

TORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner, 2 Cooling Plates Neck Fan, LED Rechargeable Portable Neck Fan, 9 Modes Personal Fan, Sports Bladeless Fan No Falling, Neck Cooler and HeaterTORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner, 2 Cooling Plates Neck Fan, LED Rechargeable Portable Neck Fan, 9 Modes Personal Fan, Sports Bladeless Fan No Falling, Neck Cooler and HeaterTORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner, 2 Cooling Plates Neck Fan, LED Rechargeable Portable Neck Fan, 9 Modes Personal Fan, Sports Bladeless Fan No Falling, Neck Cooler and HeaterTORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner, 2 Cooling Plates Neck Fan, LED Rechargeable Portable Neck Fan, 9 Modes Personal Fan, Sports Bladeless Fan No Falling, Neck Cooler and HeaterTORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner, 2 Cooling Plates Neck Fan, LED Rechargeable Portable Neck Fan, 9 Modes Personal Fan, Sports Bladeless Fan No Falling, Neck Cooler and HeaterTORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner, 2 Cooling Plates Neck Fan, LED Rechargeable Portable Neck Fan, 9 Modes Personal Fan, Sports Bladeless Fan No Falling, Neck Cooler and HeaterTORRAS Coolify2 Neck Air Conditioner, 2 Cooling Plates Neck Fan, LED Rechargeable Portable Neck Fan, 9 Modes Personal Fan, Sports Bladeless Fan No Falling, Neck Cooler and Heater

Quick guide:

1. Click the power button– turn on/off the wearable air conditioner or adjust the gear.

2. Long press the power button for 1.5S at any gears–turn off the neck cooler.

3. Click the mode button– switch between cooling mode and fan mode.

4. Long press the mode button for 2S to switch between cooling mode/ fan mode and heating mode.

Attention Please:

1. The cooling effect ( cool down 27 °F in 1S ) refers to your feel-like temperature, not your actual body temperature.

2. Coolify2 uses NTC constant cool temperature technology, you can get constant cooling even over 110°F.

3. The battery life up to which mode and speeds you choose. If fan mode 1 is used independently, Coolify2 can function for up to 18 hours, while if you combine fan mode 3 with cooling mode 3 you can enjoy extreme cooling for 1.5 hours.

4. For your safety, we prevent using when it is charging.

Excellent after-sales service!

1. Product return without reason within 30 days. A replacement is guaranteed if quality problems occur within 180 days (Man-made damage is not covered by the terms).

2. Inquiries about products will be responded to within 12 hours.

Features & Specifications

  • 【Cool down by 27°F in 1 second】 Feel instant cool with Coolify2 wearable air conditioner’s redefined Ku 2.0 Chip, which chills your whole body by 27°F in just 1 second. With two cooling plates, Coolify2’s rapid cooling neck fan technology wraps around your entire neck, cooling every inch of skin. Coolify2 is the ultimate neck cooler! It 's a good choice as fathers day gifts.
  • 【360° airflow coverage 】Be fully refreshed from neck to face with Coolify2 personal fan’s immersive, 360° airflow. The bladeless fan’s four air ducts and dual-layer vents generate a high-velocity airflow across your neck and face. It 's a good choice as graduation gifts.
  • 【3 hours charge | 1.5-18 hours of cool】Experience up to 18 hours of cool air with just 3 hours charging. The setting mode you choose determines this portable neck fan’s battery life. The Coolify2 personal neck fan can function for 18 hours in fan mode 1, or 1.5 hours in cooling mode 3. LED Screen shows the battery life and setting mode. It 's a good gifts for women.
  • 【Smart NTC temperature control for cooling and heating 】Aligning 0.1 AI precision temperature control with NTC technology, the Coolify2 cooling fan delivers reliable, even cooling or heating. With 3 cooling modes, a fan mode and heating mode, the Coolify2 small fan helps you stay warm in winter and cool in summer. It 's a good gifts for men.
  • 【Cool that stays put as you move】From jogging to hiking, Coolify2 mini fan stays perfectly on your neck. Its unique C-shaped neck fan design ensures a secure active fit, while its premium silicone memory base flexes up to 160°, accommodating all neck sizes. It 's a good gifts for mom.
  • 【180-Day warranty & safety guaranteed 】Committed to your satisfaction, we offer a 30-day, no-reason refund and 180-day warranty. FCC/SDOC/DOE/CEC certified, it offers guaranteed safety. Included: Coolify2 cooling neck air conditioner, Type-C charging cable, carry case and instructions. It 's a good gifts for dad.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 13 Ounces

Pros & Cons


Cooling plates are instantly functional & are almost noiseless. Very functional & well-built fan! Video Player is loading. Current Time 0:00 / Duration 2:05 : Stream Type Remaining Time - 2:05 I got a neck fan recently but that would blow warm air if the temperature is hot outside. And so decided to try this model that has cooling/heating plates. Didn't have much expectation but am impressed with the build quality and the cooling/heating plate functionality. The inbuilt rechargeable battery is good to have to save expenses on AA/AA batteries in long run. Highly recommended product as this can be a very usable product outdoors for any season. My 2 cents below: Pros: - Effective and functional air conditioning system for on-the-go needs - This neck AC has 3 modes - Cooling (C), Heating (H) & Fan (F). The cooling mode can go from -27F to -15F while the heating mode has range from 98F to 119F - Fans have a 3-speed level for each of the modes and wind capability is great - Airflow is soothing and does not create discomfort even at the highest speed - I did try both heat and cool mode, plates get cold immediately while heat takes a few seconds to be operational - Inbuilt 4000 mAh rechargeable battery is a great feature to save on batteries in the long run. Supposed to provide 2-4 hours of backup in cooling mode, 4-8 hours in heat mode & 4-16 hours in fan mode, all depending on which 3 levels of fan operation selection - Looks premium overall. Not at all cheap feeling - Feels sturdy - Very handy and hence easy to use. Holds well on the neck and the back end is flexible (0-160 degrees) providing convenience to change angle as per the needs - Light in weight and hence good for being a neck-held fan - Considerably very silent operation even at max level - Single button operation to change modes while another button to change the level of the fan or turn OFF the device. There is a safety feature that the 1st button swaps mode between fan and cool with a single click while a long press is needed for changing to heat mode - They do bundle a fancy carry hard case (which has a hook too) in which the product arrives inside the box - Comes in a very nice packaging making it a giftable item - Charges via USB-C port and hence above par as per the latest standards - Leaflets included cover all the necessary details need to operate the device - USB-C cable is included as well in the package - 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer Cons: - It is expensive but for this technology that heats/cools down almost instantly, I think it is worth having this product especially if you are an outdoor person - I wish there were touch buttons for the operation or hand gestures for the same, making it easy to use while wearing it on the neck

Help for hot flashes. I have been having intense and brief hot flashes and I find this helpful in this unpleasant experience. I thought about going with one of the cheaper ones but reviews were mixed. I have had it less than a week and happy with some of the relief I get.

Construction workers. Construction Work This product has the right idea and mind set. I live in the northern part of America. It get very humid and hot over the summer. This product was able to blast air from my neck to my shoulder. It felt like it was working, until the battery ran out. ( 2 hours or so)(mode: cold 1-3 are about the same battery usage (10min more depend if you leave it on c1) leading me to search for a outlite. I thought I can just plug it into a potable charger and have it running. Sadly it doesn't work like that. Look like the product was set not to operate. Cant pull out the battery for rotational charging (charging feel like forever when it come to work) (more of a inconvenience). I am awaiting it future product that has a 10 hour battery life or was able to run with a portable battery. I will like to have a battery indicator button too. Only way you can see the product life is when you plugged it in into a power source. Work Out and Morning Jogging It a bit heavy for a jog and work out. Good Grip and design, but the weight make it easy to toss around. I have a short neck, but while doing lift and jumping, the device seem to just get thrown off by own body reaction. I do not recommend adding a strap to the front of it. Seem like a chocking hazard if so. It alright for a walk, but you might as well enjoy the park/view.


Solid Build Quality, But 2 Key Issues Prevent Me From Rating it Higher. This review is over my thoughts concerning this portable neck cooler. Build Quality - 5 Packaging - 5 Battery Life - 1 Cooling - 3 Fan Noise - 4/4/2 (Low/Middle/High Speed) Comfort - 5 Overall, I like the concept and the quality of this neck cooler (and heater). It feels well-made and to some degree moisture resistant. The blowers at all levels provide a good amount of air upwards like an air curtain, while the Peltier cooling plates provided some notable cooling (and heating). It has what amounts to 9 modes; Cooling Levels 1-3, Fan-Only 1-3, and Heating 1-3, making it a rather impressive unit for moderately cold and moderately warm weather. Comfort-wise, I almost forgot I had it on, until it died from running out of battery and the plates quickly became warmer than my body temperature. --- However, there are 2 very major issues I could not reconcile with and the reason why I returned this item. - The first, and the biggest, issue in my opinion, is the inability to use the neck cooler while it's plugged into a larger battery bank, as even on the lowest Cooling setting (Fan + Cooling Plates), it barely made it to 2 Hours. The moment the device is plugged in, it will turn off. I also own a cheap Chinese neck cooler with a far smaller cooling plate and 2 conventional fans, and it can work off both its built-in battery, and while plugged in to a battery bank, or a charger, or a laptop. - The second biggest issue is that the cooling plates don't get as cold as I'd hoped; having tested them at work where the AC unit in my work area is perpetually broken and it can get pretty humid. It was cool enough to avoid sweating for a bit, but even on the highest setting, the plates seemed to have trouble getting enough air blown across the heatsinks that aid in the Peltier Effect, with much of that air instead going towards the "air curtains" that blow up and around the head. I really wanted to love this item and keep it, but the above 2 points were the biggest deal-breakers. If I can't keep it powered to last me a typical 8-12h work day, and only able to last 2 hours on the lowest Cold or Heat setting before needing a recharge for an hour or so, it just isn't worth the investment. --- For comparison's sake, I also own a number of other cooling devices: - Sony Reon 2 w/ Accessories (Imported) - Generic Chinese Neck Cooling Fan ( - Japanese? Neck Peltier Cooling Plate ( - The Sony Reon 2 I bought from Japan for similar cost does more than the Coolify2, in the sense that it also uses the Peltier effect to provide heating or cooling of the body, but does so by cooling the primary blood vessels running down the back and letting that slightly lower total body temperature. The issue with it is more that you need to own one of the semi-fitted shirts that this would fit into, as the neck accessory raises it too high and doesn't keep it pressed firmly against the back. As well, one has to download the app from a trusted app store (on Android). But the biggest advantage that I love is that it can work with an L-shaped connector attached to a battery, and can extend its operation time. It however is an energy hog, and can actually run out of battery faster than it can keep itself charged at high settings. - Generic Chinese Cooling Fan - I left a review on that in the item's listing. But the short of it is that it works, but is somewhat flawed. I would actually rate it a bit higher than this only because it can be utilized while plugged in, extending use time. - Neck Cooling Plate - Unlike the Coolify2 and the others, it HAS NO BATTERY. It works while plugged in. In exchange however, it really cools, almost borderline uncomfortably so. The issue it has is the fans are of crappy quality and loose in their housing; one can easily here the wobbling when moving around with it on. Somewhat like the Sony Reon, it cools by cooling down the skin and blood vessels in the neck, overall inducing a "cooler" feeling. --- To close, this is my little wishlist of upgrades I'd love to see in a theoretical "Coolify3". - The ability to use it while plugged in; to a battery bank, wall charger, or a laptop. This would greatly extend continuous usage of it in situations I'd likely take it through; whether it's light hiking, park walking, working, or gardening. - Improved cooling plate performance; maybe direct a bit more of the blowers' airflow towards slightly larger heatsinks, to provide a bit more cooling (and heating) power; especially in moderately humid conditions. - A "battery-less" version that gives up battery space for additional cooling performance, and requires running off some form of external power, like a battery pack, wall charger, or laptop. Maybe also include a Bluetooth module into that void that allows for linking to a mobile app, allowing for finer control over the fan speed (and corresponding cooling/heating level).

Meh. This is awful! So I bought this because I am always hot. I wanted to love it. I had huge expectations based on reviews. I sweat a ton, come from a long line of sweaty people, and am an avid walker and yoga person who is sick and tired of sweating when I move! I also have Hashimoto's and hopefully am entering "the change" so that may affect my sweaty superpowers, but I had high hopes. SO, this's big. Like HUGE. Super heavy on your neck. Clunky. Not comfy for me or my husband. It bothered my shoulders and shifted and thunk thunk thunked when I walked the dog, did light agility training with her (border collie), and even just when I did everyday things like picking up the beast's deuces while walking her, I was worried between the dog moving and my bending down that this thing would fall off. (Which is how the 11 yo then got to try this and hated it) When you sweat and move around, this thing clamped on your neck feels heavy, sticky, and gross and thunks around. The fans are also SUPER loud for me and my 11 yo daughter. I don't feel safe walking around in the city because I can't hear with this contraption on! It's very distracting. And, the fans on this gadget blow directly into my and my kiddo's ears no matter what I try to do with positioning. We have normal ears! I swear! My kiddo and I also have very long, curly hair and we both worried that it could get caught in the fans. It did not happen when testing, but we both put our hair up in buns before testing and still worried a stray hair or two would get caught. It did not, so this was good, but I did worry enough to not try it with my hair down. My husband, however, has a big head (lol just being honest here) and it seems to work better for him with the blowing. It didn't roar right into his ears like ours, but he still said it was too loud even on low (I gave up on high by this point). It is also not comfortable to wear and he said it felt too squeezing on his neck. He hated it. And by loud and annoying for my kiddo and me, what I mean is it pretty much blows on high speed just like a hairdryer on high pointed right up into your ears! Yikes! At low speed, it blows still loud right in our ears but not as screaming. I had to take my earrings off. I found out later that it also triggered my tinnitus for sure so yayEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! For all this discomfort and sound, the cooling is unfortunately meh. Not the best. Not even good! The plates do get super cold but the loud fan has nothing to do with them and you cannot use the cooling plates without the fan! Which makes no sense! Wanna try this out? Stick an ice cube on either side of your neck and aim a cold blowdryer at your ears from below. Are you cool? Comfortable? Same vibe. If the fans blew off the cold plate air, it would be 1000% better. If it didn't blow directly into my ears it would also be tolerable or if I could somehow change their direction even slightly so it wasn't right into my ears.... Walking the dog, the plates are super cool, so my neck is super cold where they are...BUT the rest of me is melting. I still feel hot and it's only May in Chicago! This would be super hard to use at Disney or Arizona when you add higher temps and movement along with the discomfort and I don't think it would cool you any better if it was hotter or more or less humid. Unfortunately, it's too expensive even to try anymore. I REALLY wanted to love it and everyone who tried it hated it. Sorry.

Not ready for prime time. + Great design + excellent built quality + comfortable to wear + Good cooling effect when in C3 mode (active cooling on) --------------------------------------------------- - Poor batter life on highest cooling level (under 2h) - Low fan speed, not much air flow - Cannot run with external power supply, turns off when power cable is being plugged into device - Fast / heavy condensation built up in muggy climate (feels wet and slides) This device looks stunning but needs work to make it feasible. Running it on fan only mode brings no relive. Fans are not pushing out enough air. When using only fans the neck bad also starts to get warm and uncomfortable. In order to get a decent cooling effect it has to run on the highest level C3. in C3 the run time is less than 2 hours. By far not enough. This device needs need to option to be run via a external battery pack or needs at least a 10000mah battery to last until lunch so it can be recharged.

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