Blackstone Flat Top Griddle Grill Station

Blackstone Flat Top Griddle Grill Station

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Outdoor cooking is fun, but it can be tedious, too, especially if you have too many mouths to feed. Don’t worry, Blackstone 36 inches gas top griddle makes your outdoor cookout a breeze! With a grill surface that can handle even the hungriest crowds, our camp griddle can handle most meals. Its overall size is compact, but the cooking space is big enough to cook a scrumptious spread needed to entertain all your friends and family. Features: • Go mobile: Our portable griddle features four caster wheels, which makes it easy to move it from place to place • Powerful: Four burners combine to produce up to 60000 BTUs of heat • Easy to ignite: Electric igniting system makes it easy to start and heat the griddle • Independently controlled burner: The temperature of each burner can be individually controlled so you can cook various types of foods at once • Four burners: Four tabular burners are strategically placed to prevent any hot or cold spots • Durable: Boasting a heavy-duty metal construction, Blackstone griddles are designed to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen • Large cooking surface: The 768 In2 cooking surface makes sure you don’t have to spend an eternity flipping two pancakes at a time in a skillet Designed for convenience: This heavy duty griddle is like a fully functional kitchen outside the kitchen. We have added two side stands that double as a prep station to rest your spatula or garnish and serve your freshly made pancakes. The front side features an innovative magnetic strip that holds all of your essential kitchen tools. There is also a front shelf to keep your oils and spice bottles within arm’s reach and a bottom shelf that can be used to store cleaning essentials, paper towels or extra fuel tank. The 768 in2 roomy cooking surface fits: • 28 burgers • 16 steaks • 72 hotdogs • Feeds 2 to 20 people Specifications: Burners: 4 stainless tubular burners Heat output: 60000 BTUs Cooking surface: 768 In2

Features & Specifications

  • BE THE ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER with Blackstone Original 36" Large Griddle Station. It is large enough to handle most meals and allows you to create greasy-spoon staples like pancakes, bacon and other foods in your next outdoor cooking parties and get to gathers.
  • KEEP YOUR COOKING AREA ORGANIZED: Our camp stove griddle features two prep stations to dice veggies and season your burger patties and a front shelf with a magnetic strip to keep your griddling tools accessible and within reach.
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR BIG BATCH COOKING: Boasting an extra-large cooking surface of 768 in2, our flat griddle works great when cooking for a crowd. The versatile surface is suitable for burgers, steaks, chicken, fish, eggs, bacon and other foods you want to cook quickly and easily.
  • FOUR BURNERS FOR EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Blackstone griddle is equipped with four burners for excellent heat distribution and amazing results every time. Each burner can be controlled individually so you can slow cook bacon on one side and quickly make pancakes on the other.
  • INNOVATIVE GREASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: If you plan on cooking bacon or any other juicy meat, clean up can be tedious. Luckily, our propane griddle features a rear grease trap that collects all the mess and makes after-cooking clean up a breeze.
  • Dimensions: 62.5"L x 22"W x 36"Th
  • Weight: 130.7 pounds

Pros & Cons


SOLID! Put together myself two people would be easier but not bad at all. This is heavy duty quality made. Season before use is a must and fun to use cooks food awesome. Purchased the sides to the grill to cut down on the wind and this helps a bunch to keep a even cooking temp. If you don’t get the sides heat pours out the sides of grill and make it hot while cooking but still works good without.

It's amazing. Husband is obsessed with this. Has made some fabulous breakfast foods so far. I'm loving it also.

Game changer. This thing is awesome for any meal you want to make. Go ahead and buy their seasoning kit and go through that process at least four times. Very impressed.

Great. Assembly instruction good. Have help. Griddle is heavy. Season well. Amazon sent dented griddle cover twice.

Wife loves it but cleaning is a pain. So rather than season the top she cooked on it first. But after several cooks and reseasoning, it looks worse than ever despite following the guides etc. we own several cast iron pans and all are perfectly seasoned but for some reason this griddle just doesn’t hold it. Other than that it’s great she loves cooking on it and I enjoy the meals she makes.

Great Blackstone for cooking. Love the Blackstone with the condiment caddy and magnetic piece for spatulas. The assembly took about 45 minutes. Two of the four handle bolts were not drilled completely, two was enough to make it work. Price was a bit high but the grill is excellent for cooking all types of food. I would recommend it for others.


I love it but it arrived damaged. At first I was upset about how it arrived. The box was severely damaged and parts were bent. I’m pretty handy though and the damage was superficial. I had to use it for an occasion so I took the time to gently use a block of wood and a mallet and tap the bends out. I love this grill it as performed greatly but I wish Amazon would give me a little discount for the damage. I heard very bad things about Blackstone responding so I’m hoping Amazon reads this and after seeing the pics gives me a little compensation. I will up my rating to 5 stars if Amazon or Blacksone responds.

Don’t order if you want Natural Gas. Grill came missing a part from manufacturer. Then I realized, after assembled; that converting to natural gas is a major undertaking and requires I remove the cooking surface. It’s a joke, they’re too lazy to sell natural gas ready and it doesn’t cook food well enough for me to risk doing something a plumber should do, myself. Blackstone is low budget, need to step up

Great product and received on time. The front of the griddle was bent, so because it was just a cosmetic issue I decided to keep it. I would like future orders put on my back porch instead of in front of the garage.

Doesn’t match pictures. Need to be WAY more clear about what accessories this comes with. “Original” doesn’t mean it comes with all the pockets, holders, etc. just to be clear, it does NOT come w ANY accessories.

Wrong version sent. It’s a very nice grill but our seller shipped us the wrong version . There was no magnetic strip or towel holder. Also the shelves sit a little lower on this version .

this unit does not actually come with front storage rack, paper towel holder, or hanging hooks. The photos and product description clearly list that this unit comes with front mounted storage rack along with a paper towel holder and hanging hooks to hang cooking tools. My unit arrived with a bent bottom shelf which made it challenging to install the unit(the bolt with knob cannot tighten because the side opposite of the tank holder is severely bent). I have already used the unit, works great btw, and I need it for fathers day this weekend or otherwise I would return it, which to be honest I have no idea how i'd get it back in the original packaging. Would definitely buy this unit again but not from this seller.

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