Wireless Digital Microscope 50x-1000x Magnification USB Digital Microscope with Stand Compatible with Mac Windows iPhone iPad Computer

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Wireless Digital Microscope

Equipped with WIFI hotspots, mobile phones and tablets that can connect the iOS/Android system.

The microscope also supports the USB interface connection to the computer. The larger the screen, the better the display effect, and the better the picture quality.

Support photography, video, and file storage functions.

Microscope mainly focuses on circuit board detection, insects, coins, jewelry, gems, hair, rocks, stamps, watch repair, skin testing, children’s education testing, textile industry (not suitable for cells and medical purposes).

Wireless Digital Microscope

Wireless Digital Microscope

Wireless Digital Microscope

Android & IOS No Compatibility Issues

Turn on the switch to use the mobile phone to connect to the built-in WIFI of the microscope, compatible with Android 4.3 & IOS8.0 and higher.

Amazing images and details

This Wireless USB Coin Microscope has a high-definition zoom lens that allows you to see incredible images and details, from 50x to 1000x magnification.

Enjoy on the Big Screen

A USB charging cable is included to charge the microscope and connect it to your windows PC, laptop, MacBook and use it. It’s easy to set up.

Support Windows Vista/7/8/10, MacOS X 10.8+.

Wireless Digital MicroscopeWireless Digital Microscope

  • 2.Turn on the device
  • 3.Wifi connection
  • 4.Fast focus
  • 5.Take videos or photos using a mobile app

How to use

mobile phone user

1.APP download and installation


search for “Max-see” in APP store to download and install,the use the product.


Search “Max-see” in Google Play to download and install.


Use the mobile brower to scan the following QRcode to download and install.

Wireless Digital Microscope

360 ° rotating base

Support horizontal, vertical up and down, 360 ° full field observation

More Than a Microscope

It’s not just a microscope, it’s a camera that not only magnifies, but also takes pictures and videos. The ability to shoot video and still photos is amazing. This is definitely a very interesting tool for anyone interested in exploring the microscopic world.

  • 8 Adjustable LED Lights
  • Great compatibility for iOS 8.0+, Android 4.3+,Windows 7/8/10, Mac 10.8+.
  • Foldable&Portable

Features & Specifications

  • 8 Adjustable LED Light:Built-in 8 LED lights and adjustable illumination with CMOS sensor image processing technology provides great image and video quality with 1920x1080 resolution. 1080P HD picture quality for smartphone, 720P for the computer. Flexible metal tripod offers an optimal and comfortable observation experience for you. Note: please remove the plastic protective cover before use.
  • 50X-1000X Wireless Digital Microscope: This digital microscope offers you a clear view of objects’ details and enables capture pictures, record video and save these wonderful moment.
  • Portable & Rechargable:The base of the pocket microscope is detachable and the pocket sized design makes it easy to carry around. In addition, it is rechargeable, it could last about 3 hours after fully charged.
  • Mini Size:With the portable mini size, USB rechargeable design, more than 3 hours of effective usage time, easy to put this mini microscope in your pocket and take it wherever you go. allows you to take it on your trips for children to study plants, minerals, insects, or have fun outdoor activities.
  • Easy To Use:Only need to download the "Max-see" from APP store or Google play store and connect your phone to the microscope via WIFI, you can use the microscope easily. Taking an image or video simply just tap the Image/Video button of your device or press related APP trigger. Also support windows PC/mac OS by USB connection.
  • Weight: 11.3 ounces

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