SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class QLED 4K UHD Q80B Series Direct Full Array Quantum HDR 12x, Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound, Real Depth Enhancer, Smart TV with Alexa Built-In (QN65Q80BAFXZA, 2022 Model)

SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class QLED 4K UHD Q80B Series Direct Full Array Quantum HDR 12x, Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound, Real Depth Enhancer, Smart TV with Alexa Built-In (QN65Q80BAFXZA, 2022 Model)

Delight in the brilliant brights and deep darks from LEDs behind the screen with QLED 4K.

Features & Specifications

  • DIRECT FULL ARRAY: Watch the deep blacks and bright whites pop from LED lights directly behind your screen.
  • QUANTUM PROCESSOR WITH 4K UPSCALING: Enjoy your picture automatically converted to stunning 4K by the intelligent processor.
  • QUANTUM HDR 12X | 8X: Watch how your picture deepens with an amazing range of immersive color.
  • DOLBY ATMOS AND OBJECT TRACKING SOUND: Sound that moves with the on-screen action.
  • REAL DEPTH ENHANCER: Experience depth and dimension on screen just like you do in real life.
  • SMART TV WITH MULTIPLE VOICE ASSISTANTS: This TV comes with your favorite voice assistants built-in and ready to help. Choose from Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Dimensions: ‎11.4 x 56.9 x 35.7 inches
  • Weight: ‎61.3 pounds

Pros & Cons


A lot of bells and whistles at this price range, but build quality could be better... THE GOOD: -------------- * I won't go through the specs because you already know from the product listing. * Beautiful picture quality, but I'm not a videophile. This is for my bedroom, and I'm coming from a TCL 65R613, which is a great budget tv. * TV has a layer of film covering the entire screen, allowing you to get your finger prints on it while you set-up. Then when you're finished, peel it off. * Comes with accessories for placing the Samsung on a table. The base is extremely heavy duty and weighted. * You can wall mount using your own brackets, which is what I did. * The remote is very unique. It has a solar back. I've never seen this before. So it will charge by light, or by usb-c. The fact that you don't need alkaline batteries is a first for me. * Smart Home interface has a lot going on. There will be a little learning curve, but this could potentially replace my Fire TV Cube. * Voice recognition allows you to choose between Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant. That's very nice of them to not force Bixby on you. * No dark corners, which were present in my TCL. If there are, they are imperceptible. Dark corners are a hallmark of budget tvs. I'm definitely stepping up in picture quality. THE BAD: ------------ * This is just something superficial, but I'm not in love with Samsung's build. This may be subjective, but I really love TCL's design. I have a picture comparing the side profile between the two tvs. The Samsung has a 3/4" side profile, but it's misleading, it's not really 3/4" thin, it has a hump back, which is all plastic btw, so the entire width is really 2". Whereas my TCL has a side profile of 1-1/8" all around. It's amazing that they can make a TV that thin all around, and the brush metal on the TCL looks better too. What I'm saying is that, aesthetically, this isn't the best TV out there when my budget TCL can beat it in looks. Then again, like I said, this is subjective. * Picture Presets are: Dynamic, Standard, Movie, and Film Maker Mode. They are all underwhelming besides for Dynamic which is the brightest and has the most pop. I can tweak them all except for Standard. Something is wrong with the Standard preset right now. It is less bright than Dynamic, but once you choose it and exit the menu, it becomes even dimmer, much more dimmer than what was previewed to you. If you go back to the setting to see if you can up the brightness, you'll see that it's already at 50, which is the brightest. There is something wrong with this Standard preset, hopefully a firmware can fix this. I just use Dynamic. * Smart Home navigation lag. Not sure if this can be fixed with firmware, I hope it can. The remote is pretty sweet, but lag can make or break whether or not you stick with an O.S. Right now, I still prefer to go to my Fire TV Cube. Hopefully, with firmware updates, they can improve the OS navigation and convert me. * The storage in this TV I'm guessing is 8GB. Because after downloading a few apps, as well as the apps they force you to have, it says I've used about 3.5GB, and I have less than 2GB of space left. Why do TV makers continue to go cheap on this? They plaster you with all these apps in their home, all these ads, they want you to download games, this and that... yet they give you a measly 8GB, half of which is already used up for the OS and their forced bloatware, which you cannot delete. And I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the lag. It's truly comical sometimes, the decision making process of a multi-billion corp. HOW TO GET RID OF THE SOAP OPERA EFFECT: -------------------------------------------------------- * Wow, I spent a long time trying to figure this out. YT tutorials say turn off "Picture Clarity Settings" would turn this off, but it had no effect. I had this issue with the TCL too, when you make these adjustments, sometimes the TV just doesn't respond. The trick for the TCL was to unplug the tv, then replug and the motion clarity would be eliminated. I tried that trick with this Samsung, and it still didn't work. Ultimately, I found out turning off PICTURE CLARITY doesn't work, so you need to set it to CUSTOM, then turn off everything one by one, especially the BLUR and JUDDER reduction. 1. From your Home, go to MENU on the left side bar. 2. Then go to Settings, then ALL SETTINGS. 3. Go to PICTURE. 4. Choose your picture mode, I like DYNAMIC. 5. Then go to EXPERT SETTINGS. 6. Scroll down to PICTURE CLARITY SETTINGS. 7. Change it from Auto to CUSTOM. 8. Then reduce the Blur Reduction to 0. 9. Then reduce the Judder Reduction to 0. 10. You can also set the "Noise Reduction" to OFF, instead of AUTO. I can't tell the difference with noise reduction off. It's not like all of a sudden, your tv looks grainy. The difference is imperceptible, so I leave it off. Because a little noise makes the movies look more like theatre quality. * Another tip I have is to NOT use "intelligent mode." If you enable this, it over-rides your custom settings above, and it will turn on the soap opera effect as it pleases. Overall, I'll give this tv 4-Stars! Knocking a star for the navigation lag issue. I'm just using my Fire TV Cube for the moment. Hope this review has been helpful.

Big thick durable TV with great sound and amazing picture. Planned to wall mount this 85" with an articulating mount, so I wanted thick durable housing. I have a very thin 55" that was damaged easily by the slightest pressure. I also wanted nice built in speakers. This 85" Q80B is perfect for me. Monstrous, amazing screen and picture quality, 6 great sounding built in speakers, thick durable body to stand up to the pressures of wall mounting and articulating. No complaints. It's like we're at the movie theater.

Great TV for the money. Very happy with the TV. For the price, I don't think you can find a better TV. Picture is crystal clear and colors are crisp. Has all the bells and whistles I need.

Very nice TV. TV arrived with no problems,was double boxed and everything intact. Connected via eARC, so Denon receiver,5.1 speakers and nvidia shield were all recognized. Crisp,crystal clear picture. I tried both Alexa and Google Assistant,each connect and work with no problems. Want to give a shout out to Beach Camera for early delivery,was scheduled for delivery 7/18 after ordering 7/12,but arrived 3 days early on 7/15,so good job.

Awesome TV. This is more than I expected. Great TV

My first "TV" in a while, but it seems pretty great. Coming from a 120 inch projector, this thing feels absolutely tiny. I do wish I had gotten a larger one, but if I had I may not have been able to get it into my home and definitely wouldnt have been able to get it on my TV stand by myself as the 65 is quite heavy. Anyways.. Picture quality is pretty good in general, as long as you do not put local dimming to "high" and leave the automatic brightness crap disabled. Otherwise, brightness is pretty good, colors (once calibrated) are excellent, contrast is pretty good, even the speakers are pretty nice (but I don't use them). I wish I could rate it a 4.5 though, honestly. The OS is terrible. It doesn't run all that smoothly, and sometimes freezes for 5 or so seconds while simply moving from option to option on the OSD. I have been having issues with the WIFI not working randomly too. WIFI doesnt drop, it stays connected, it just starts reporting it can't reach the internet. All other wifi devices keep working fine, just not this TV, till I reboot the TV. Then its like there was never a problem. Getting it to connect to my phone (Z Flip3) was a HUGE pain, took over an hour. I could "connect" well enough to be able to turn the TV on and off and such, or mirror my phone's screen to the TV, but not enough to use the camera streaming feature OR the "Smart Calibration." If I mirrored my phone, and then went to Smart Calibration, it would work for a split second till the mirror dropped, then the Smart Calibration would error out again saying it could not connect.. Once calibrated with Smart Calibration, the picture quality is VERY good. Colors are dead accurate, white balance is perfect. Then there are the issues with the apps.. I pretty much just use Youtube and Plex. Youtube is ok..but as with the OS itself, can be a bit laggy when navigating. Plex however, is problematic. Not the fault of the TV though, the Plex devs just don't put much effort into the app for smart TVs unless they are running AndroidTV. I also had a variety of issues getting my 5.1 system working. It connected right away, but would, for as best I can tell no reason, lose the connection and turn off my soundbar (Vizio 5.1.2 soundbar/surround sound) then after a short bit, turn it back on and start working again. No idea what I did to eventually fix it but it works consistently now. For now... Another strange issue, that isn't necessarily the TV's fault, is it kept turning off randomly. I found out it was because my Shield TV (latest model) was connected, and whenever the Shield would sleep, even if I wasnt using it or on the source for it, the TV would turn off. I had to disable some CEC settings to get it to stop doing that. I also dont much like the remote. I get they were going for a more "simple" layout, but come on, I will NEVER use 6 of the buttons, it would have been much better if those 6 buttons were dedicated to normal tasks like every other remote on the planet, like Input/Source, quick toggles for picture mode/audio settings, a menu button, etc. I DO however, like the volume being a neat switch that you push up for up, down for down, and in for mute. That is a neat little way to do that. Oh, also being USB C rechargeable is very handy. Overall, for the price it could be an absolute STEAL if they would ditch their terrible OS and just make a normal remote that does NORMAL remote things... I doubt I will get another Samsung TV in the future if they keep using Tizen or whatever, unless they drop a QD-OLED 75 inch or bigger for like $1500 or less.


One problem after another. Bluetooth doesn't work Channel up and down on the remote doesn't work TV shuts down for no apparent reason. Remote does not work with third-party devices, e.g., Amazon Fire Stick or DVD player.

Bluetooth Bummer. MAIN COMPLAINT: Samsung is really behind the times with their TV Bluetooth integration. They are still using a very outdated Bluetooth 4.2 VERSION chip set which renders Wireless Earbuds & Headphones unusable due to very HIGH AUDIO LATENCY. Because of this issue…I Returned the Samsung and purchased a new 55” OLED LG TV which uses a much more recent Bluetooth 5.0 protocol,,,and no issues with the LG’s audio Latency.

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