Papago GS30G

Papago GS30G Dash Camera Review – A good dash camera for limited budget

Papago GS30G
Papago GS30G Dashboard Camera

As you may have known, car cameras are very common nowadays for people’s driving, either in recording as evidence in case of any collision or unexpected accidents, or in adventure recording. As of video evidence, car camera is playing a more and more important role for everyone who drives every day.  I drive every day and I need to get a new car camera for safety purpose. Here comes a question, how can I figure out a simple dash camera that focuses on high quality video and provides basic driver assist features with an affordable price? So I decided to do some research on dash cameras and came up with a new model from Papago that is Papago GoSafe 30G. If you are interested in the dash camera like me, this is the right place that I could share it with you in this Papago GoSafe 30G Dash Camera Review.

Great Video Quality Even At Night or In Inclement Weather

Taking good quality videos is easy for newly released car cameras, however, taking videos of the same great quality of good enough is not as you could expect at night or in bad weather for many car cameras. A good point of the Papago GoSafe 30G is that it takes great 1080P Full HD videos with 140 degree wide angle at 60fps that you can visually see on the 2.7” screen and it will sustain the quality at night or even in inclement weather, which is very important for you to catch all events or your adventures in any condition of weather.


Built-in GPS Logging

Another good point is that Papago GoSafe 30G enables you to add location and speed data of GPS coordinates to your footage, which can be vital for you to view footage videos with precise location and speed that where events or your adventures took place. You can always know when and where your important videos were recorded and at what speed!


Exclusive Driver Assistance

As you may have known a modern new car probably comes with safety cameras providing a lot of functions including the value-added driver assist stuff. If your car is not equipped with a car camera featuring driving assist info, then there is an opportunity for you to have a cost alternative to that. The Papago GoSafe 30G dash camera provides you with Papago’s exclusive driver assistance including land departure warning system (LDWS), front collision warning system (FCWS), stop sign recognition, headlight reminder and driver fatigue alarm. All those promote safer driving habits for you.


3 Recording Modes For Your Choice

This Papago GoSafe 30G dash camera supports 3 recording modes. Automatic recording allows you to loop video recordings if storage is full with old footage covered. Monitor mode enables you to save storage space by taking a picture per second. Then motion detection is used for recording when the camera detects a motion that if it senses something moves in front of itself it will start to record. Besides those, Papago GoSafe 30G will turn on and record for 10 seconds with a built-in G-Sensor if it is tripped by an impact.


Compact With Ergonomic Design

Compared to other models of top brands, this Papago GoSafe 30G dash camera is as small as it is ergonomically designed to almost varnish into the windshield. So you can keep your attention on the road but not the dash camera while driving.


Features & Specifications

  • Uses industry’s highest specifications chip PPG8031 to take videos of much more delicate quality even at night or in inclement weather with enhanced vision and significantly reduced noise
  • Made to record in 1080p or 720p full HD at 60 frames per second for a smooth and fluent video
  • Equipped with a 140-degree wide angle lens to capture both sides of the road ahead
  • Supports up to 128GB micro sd card yielding about 20+ hours of recording at 1080p and 35+ hours of recording at 720p before it loops over older footage
  • Equipped with built-in GPS to accurately record tracking information
  • Has exclusive driver assistance features including LDWS, FCWS, Stop Sign Recognition, Stop and Go, Driver Fatigue Warning, and Headlight Reminder promoting safer driving habits and helping you stay safe on the road
  • Supports TireSafe D10E TPMS which is separate to help quickly grasp and display your tires’ pressure and temperature in real-time
  • Provides you with a free 16GB micro sd card in box
  • Eligible to receive a lifetime of free upgrades as soon as they are issued
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty



Pros & Cons

Pros: Compact with ergonomic design; uses highest specifications chip PPG8031 for great video quality; exclusive driver assistance helping promote safer driving habits; built-in GPS logging; built-in G-Sensor;

Cons: No, for such a good dash camera for a good price.


Conclusion with Customer Reviews

The Papago GoSafe 30G dash camera review would not be complete without discussing the real life customer reviews for it. Honestly, this is a new product just released on Amazon not long ago, while doing research for this dash camera, I found only 3 helpful customer reviews telling me this is such a great dash camera with a 5 stars rating that everyone loves for a good price. This Papago dash camera is well worth the money and the praises.


If you are looking for a good dash camera with limited budget to record great quality video for your safer driving, I highly recommend the Papago GoSafe 30G dash camera.


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