Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones,in-Ear Earphones with 350Mah Charging Case and LED Display Built-in Mic for Sports, Workout, Gym

Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones,in-Ear Earphones with 350Mah Charging Case and LED Display Built-in Mic for Sports, Workout, Gym

Product features :

1.Real-time power display

Since the battery is displayed on the mobile phone, you can always check the remaining battery level, charge it in time and use it anytime.

2.HD call without noise

With very clear sound quality and ultra high resolution, the sound quality of the headphones is more pure and the voice call is clearer.

3.The game is more real

The clear sound improves the pleasure of listening and Enhanced the vision of games, English, music and movies.

4.Binaural and single-ear mode switching at will

The function design is more intimate, and the function keys support the use of multiple functions, which is more convenient to use.

Features & Specifications

  • 【Built-in 300mAh charging case】: Wireless bluetooth headphones up to 4 hours of continuous music playback and 16 hours of maximum playback using a small charging case. Playback time varies with connection conditions and conditions of use.
  • 【Industry-leading Noise Reduction for Phone Call】Created by tech giant Qualcomm, latest cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation technology can filter the surrounding noise and precisely pick up your voice during phone call even in places like street, office and traffic. Mics are installed in the tails of each wireless earbud also ensure the best possible call quality.
  • 【Smart button Control】 With ergonomic and sport redesign, Bluetooth earbuds can fit and stay secured in ear canal even with intense movement. Together with smart button sensors, you can conveniently answer calls, skip through music and access other functions at the touch of a button.
  • 【Easy to use】: The twin mode/single mode make you can use either of them as you like. You don’t need any skill to use the Bluetooth headphones. Once open the charging case, the wireless earbuds will pair with your device instantly. Experience crisp, high-fidelity sound while Bluetooth 5.0 provides faster pairing and a stable, efficient wireless connection.
  • 【IPX5 Waterproof】 Certificated with IPX5 waterproof, Hoperay wireless headphones are strong enough to resist all the penetration from splash and water. Zero worry for alGJL-kinds of outdoor activity.
  • Weight: 2.32 ounces

Pros & Cons


Works quite well with raspberry pi 2 B+ and Windows 8.1. This is a fine remote for use on a desktop or living room computer, true plug and play without issue. The USB receiver is even held inside the keyboard itself so it should not go lost. The back light is sufficient and the feel of the buttons is quite good for what I assume is a membrane switch. I do have a few minor issues with this device. First, the track pad for mouse control is not great I find it occasionally has difficulty tracking but it is by no means broken, just frustrating sometimes. The English in the manual could use some improvement, but I have seen much worse. (My last two issues are more like suggestions) I would like to have seen the mouse click buttons on the left side of the remote, this would allow you to control the mouse and click much easier, not to mention greatly simplify the drag and drop. Finally, a tactile bump on the F and J keys would have been a great addition for easier typing and hand placement. This device is by no means a substitute for an actual mouse and keyboard, but is a great compact option when you are far from the computer or pranking someone (that is you can have both your actual keyboard + mouse and this wireless devices connected simultaneously without issue, cannot confirm if wireless interference is an issue since I use a wired mouse and keyboard). For the price this is an excellent piece of hardware and I recommend it for convenient and compact control of your devices.

This little device is super convenient for my HTPC. This little device is super convenient for my HTPC. I bought the first version shortly after it came out and used that one for over a year until the battery stopped holding a charge. I was pretty happy with the first model, but it did have some oddities. The mouse pad didn't work very well for example and the keyboard didn't respond well in general. Line of sight was always required for it to work at all. It worked though and was much more convenient than a full keyboard and mouse. This new model is significantly lighter, the keyboard is much more responsive, and the touch pad may also be an improvement. I've had it for a couple weeks now and am not having any issues. I'm hopeful that they've made a big improvement over the first model. It feels slightly cheap only because of how light it is, but if it holds up well, then being light is pretty much just a convenience. I haven't tested full range on this, but I've been 12 feet across the room and had a couch in between the remote and the computer and it worked fine, so the wireless connection has been significantly improved.

Even better than we expected! This isn't a typing keyboard. With all the bad reviews, I think people are expecting it to feel like a natural full sized keyboard. That's not really what it's for. We use it on our laptop that is hooked up to the TV. So quick searches, short messages, netflix. I would like there to be a more even click on the space bar, it's a little off to the left side, but you get used to it fast. Ours got some soda on it from the dog tail. Wiped right off clean. Not a lot, I'm sure if there was more it would have sunk down into the keys, but there's a surprisingly tight fit so it's good for dangerous areas near liquids - like coffee tables of Labrador owners! The range is decent. The charge is amazing. We use it every night, not a ton, but nightly, and only charge it once every couple of weeks - and only then because we feel pity for it. The performance hasn't changed, like no slowing down with a low battery or anything. Wish all rechargables worked that fantastically!

You won't write a novel using it, but i'ts great for media PCs and Raspberry Pis. LOVE these. I have a media PC in my bedroom I use for Netflix, DVDs, etc and this is exactly perfect for being able to launch and pause movies without needing a big ol' 104-key keyboard to do it. Also works great with Raspberry Pis. I have two consoles I upcycled with Pis and these receive well from inside both consoles. Pretty nifty. There are a few glitches that you will need to know about. One, this will go to "sleep" after awhile and the PC won't recognize the touchpad unless you press a KEY on the keyboard first to "wake" it and re-establish the connection (this happens instantly). As a rule, if I am using this with a Windows PC and it's been idle for awhile, I just hit a key to do this without passing any real keystrokes through. Also, once, the flashlight came on (it isn't a backlight--other reviewers are right about this) and I had to hook it to a charger and let it fully charge to make it go off. Weird. But overall, I still really like this item.

Almost perfect (almost). Don't expect it to be perfect for $15. This device is really neat and a great deal. The only catch is that the backlight doesn't work fully (or in my case not at all). You are rolling the dice as to if you get a working backlit model. But for $15, it has a nice trackpad, a working keyboard, a laser pointer, and a convenient auto sleep function. I think that's good enough for the price. I've read on here that they are pretty fragile units, but mine feels solid. The plastic doesn't bend and even has a textured finish to it. The device feels light, but that's to be expected at this price point. I haven't dropped it on tile (and I don't think it would survive a few drops on tile), only carpet, and it still works fine. So though the product isn't perfect, for the price it makes up for it with the features. When it comes to controlling a PC from a couch, nothing beats this. I only wish they would've put the left mouse click on the left side of the pad for scrolling (you can tap the pad for left click instead of pressing the button). The only reason I give it 4 stars is the broke backlight feature.

Great presentation mouse. I use these in the classroom and they have a hard life. I usually lose or break about one keyboard a year. This brand seems to hit the sweet spot: it works, it doesn't feel cheap, but it's not too expensive to treat as a consumable tool. I plugged this in and the computer recognized it immediately--no drivers, no pairing, no waiting for the techs to install it. You wouldn't want to type a novel on the thing, but the keyboard works well enough for URLs or short phrases. It fits in my pocket. It drops a letter now and again, but reception is pretty good in a classroom full of illicit cell phones. nothing has fallen off (so far) when I've dropped it on the hard tile floor. The battery lasts for weeks on a charge. The price is low enough that I won't be heartbroken when I finally do lose or break it.


IF IT WORKED PROPERLY it would be THE perfect tv keyboard. its a great little device - if it would work all the time! it seems to have a range of about 3 feet where it works 100%, then when you move further and further way (we sit about 6 feet from the tv) it stops working consistently. the two biggest bugs are that the keyboard doesnt seem to respon in real time, so if you type like you would on a phone, it skips the middle bits of words. but you can get around that by just typing slowly, its annoying but it does seem to work. by far the most annoying thing about this keyboard is the mouse on it!!! it scrolls for no reason whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're supposed to press the FN button and then that activates the scroll function (up&down) on the touchpad, but it seems to activate and then deactivate the scrolling whenever it wants!! its uber buggy. like i said its a great little thing, its the perfect size for a tv computer or when you have your laptop hooked up - but it doesnt always work and that just ruins the experience!!

For the price, it can't be beat, but can be frustrating. I use this primarily with my Raspberry Pi 2 with OpenELEC, and I've been using it for about 4 months now. This little thing can be annoying, but it works decently enough for the price. The trackpad is garbage, but it at least works; it just feels weird and doesn't respond very well ( horribly in OpenELEC, slightly better in Windows). Some of the button placements have me annoyed. They could have easily been placed elsewhere for better efficiency. This keyboard is has no backlight so it is very difficult to find the right key in the dark. Oddly enough, it has a flashlight on the end with a rubber button on the side. Unfortunately, said button fell of of mine through regular use, and because it's so tiny, I can't find it. As for signal range, don't expect much. For some reason, I lose signal a lot sitting 5 feet from it if I don't have a good line of sight with the usb adapter. Now for the positives: It's tiny, which is great for traveling. Also great for traveling, the keyboard has a slot for the usb adapter to fit into, which is a fantastic feature. For the battery, I've charged it maybe 3 times in 4 months. All-in-all, I'd buy it again because it has everything I need in a small package, even if it annoys the #$&% out of my sometimes.

Re-Sync to get dongle and remote paired. I bought this to run a raspberry Pi 2 (OSMC) - and so far it's working. But I almost sent it back thinking it was broken - it wouldn't pair up (to anything - including my OS7 desktop). So I thought it was broken, and the instructions (if it doesn't automatically pair up) are nonexistent. Luckly, I found a cryptic troubleshooting pdf online (UnisenGroup), which recommended holding the 'RF" key (mine looks like a wifi signal) and the fn key until the LEDs on the hand unit flash, then re-plugging in the USB dongle. That did it. I had to repeat that again to get it work when I moved it to the Pi, but since then it seems to be holding. So - the hardware was about was I was expecting from other reviews, and I even figured it might take some work to get it working on the raspberry Pi - but it was all seamless after getting the hand unit/dongle to re-sync. First days of use - if anything changes I'll come back and update.

The manual leaves me feeling like I'm trying to find my way in a darkened room. I will be using this unit primarily for setting up and programing Raspberry Pi's as video streaming devices. The keyboard/touchpad works well and appears reasonably well built but the owner's manual leaves a lot to be desired. Whoever wrote it left out about 80% of what a new owner needs to know. Any buyer, who is technologically challenged, will be almost totally in the dark about how to use the device and what it is capable of. What does a blinking LED mean vs. a solidly lit one, the charging LED has two different colors and they can blink or be solid, what does that mean??? The manual gives you no clue. The listing in Amazon indicates that a different version of the device has a back light, yet the supplied directions indicate the unit is equipped with a back light and how to operate it but opening the device reveals that there are no back light LED's installed. It's kind of hard to turn on LED's that aren't there. The manual leaves me feeling like I'm trying to find my way in a darkened unfamiliar room; while trying to navigate around I'm constantly bumping into things that I had no idea were there. If it had a well written manual I would have given it five stars.

... iPazzPort (the slightly curved one that kind of looks like a game controller). I have the other versions of the iPazzPort (the slightly curved one that kind of looks like a game controller), and I prefer it over this one. This one feels a lot cheaper in my hands. The pad for the buttons shift around a lot and come off very easily. The biggest thing I missed from the other style remote is the "ok" button in the middle of the arrow keys. This one does not have that so if you like to use the arrow keys, you will have to select what you want then reach over to the enter button. The size is the only good point to me. It is on par with any other tv remote, but having a qwerty keyboard makes it feel awkward when using it. I would recommend not wasting money on this, and get the other iPazzPort remote instead.

Works well, but mislead. Hello. This remote is great. The buttons are smooth rubber and they click when pressed. The LED light is bright and the battery is great. The reason I am leaving a 3 star review is because the backlight function does not work. Upon opening the case, I noticed that there are sections on the PCB that are labeled for including LEDs into the circuit, but none were soldered in those places. The reason I am disappointed in this is because I need to be able to use this in the dark. I would suggest to the manufacturer to either solder the LEDs in their place like they should have to begin with, or to remove the backlight button from the remote entirely. That makes for remotes that have non-working functions. Other than that, kudos to the company for making a product that works well

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