Garmin zūmo XT, All-Terrain Motorcycle GPS Navigation Device, 5.5-inch Ultrabright and Rain-Resistant Display

Garmin zūmo XT, All-Terrain Motorcycle GPS Navigation Device, 5.5-inch Ultrabright and Rain-Resistant Display

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The rugged zūmo XT all-terrain motorcycle navigator is built for adventure. Its ultrabright 5.5” display is glove-friendly and rain-resistant. It can withstand all kinds of weather, extreme temperatures and vibrations. Get adventurous routes with turn-by-turn directions for on-road navigation and topographic or BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for off-road guidance — no subscription needed. Rider alerts help prepare you for sharp curves and railroad crossings. Easily manage and review routes, tracks and waypoints across your navigator, smartphone and computer using Garmin Explore. Pair with a compatible inReach satellite communicator (sold separately) for interactive SOS, two-way messaging and location sharing.

Features & Specifications

  • 5.5” ultrabright, glove-friendly display with crisp HD resolution in landscape or portrait mode; rain-resistant and built rugged (passed the military standard 810 drop test).Control Method:Touch.Special Feature:Ultrabright Display; Rugged Build; Lasting Power; Birdseye Satellite Imagery; Preloaded On-road Maps.
  • Get spoken turn-by-turn directions through your connected helmet or headset plus preloaded off-road topographic maps with public land boundaries, 4x4 roads and more
  • Access to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery with direct-to-device downloads and no annual subscription
  • Garmin Adventurous Routing options find curvy or hilly roads for a fun and exciting riding experience
  • Easily manage and review routes, tracks and waypoints across your navigator, smartphone and computer using Garmin Explore
  • Record your route by using the track recorder, and save or share it for future adventures
  • Access live traffic and weather, share routes with other riders, and get phone notifications via the Garmin Drive app
  • Stream music from your smartphone through the zūmo XT navigator, or play MP3 files stored on your zūmo
  • Included Components: Zumo Xt; Motorcycle Mount And Hardware; Motorcycle Power Cable; Usb Cable; Documention
  • Dimensions: 1 x 5.8 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 9.3 ounces

Pros & Cons


The best GPS I have used on a motorcycle to date. I'm not sure exactly how many GPSs (almost all Garmin) I have owned and used on a motorcycle. Somewhere around 10 I guess. This is the first "motorcycle specific" Gps I have tried though because until recently, the motorcycle ones were simply too small for my liking. At the time of this latest review revision I have had it for about a year. However, between the pandemic restrictions/concerns and the lack of appeal to ride in our Florida heat and humidity, my actual use has been somewhat limited. A few observations: The screen is killer! Very bright and readable, even in direct sunlight with polarized sunglasses. Way better than any of the GPSs I have used in the past. BIG PLUS! The data fields are very easy to read, and the speed indicator glows an impossible to miss pinkish red when you are speeding. The GPS has a glove friendly screen. Maybe this year I will be able to escape Florida to try it out. The 5.5” screen seems a perfect size. The last 3 GPSs I used were massive truck/RV 7 inchers. Big, easy to read (except in direct sunlight), and extremely competent, but way bulky. The brighter screen on this easily trumps the larger, dimmer screen on the others, and the much smaller overall size fits into the dash area so much better. Another plus. The Zumo XT is Rain resistant. The automotive/truck GPSs I have been using were not. It has never been an issue, but it's nice to no longer worry about the GPS getting wet. Amazingly, Garmin finally made a GPS with a standard 1” ball mount. No special cradles or adapters necessary. I didn’t use Garmin’s bar mount and arm though, instead opting to use the previously installed Ram clamp-on ball and a 6” arm I already had in a big ole’ box of extra Ram stuff. When locked in place, the GPS seems to be very securely attached to the included dock/mount. You can remove the GPS in a split second by simply pushing a button on the back and lifting it off. No plug to contend with as the cable stays with the mount. Garmin has even included a nice little rubber cover for the contacts when the GPS is not installed. Installation is just about as fast. Simply clip it back on and go. This is all great as long as you have somewhere to securely store the GPS. Some may think not so great when you consider a thief can push the same button and walk away with your $499.00 GPS. Wiring was straightforward and simple. Just a negative and positive wire you need to hook up somewhere. Mine is wired to a hot-all-the-time circuit so that I don’t have to have the ignition on to mess with the GPS. Another huge thing I really like, and believe will make this GPS more useful when compared to any of the newer GPSs I have used, is that the map retains detail when zoomed further out. Unlike in a 4 wheeler or RV, on the bike I don't generally follow a pre-determined route. On the bike I often tend to just kind of wing it, with only a general idea of where I'm headed, using the GPS more as an electronic road atlas than just blindly following a route. With the map detail turned all the way up, you can still see secondary roads with the screen zoomed all the way out to the .8 mile scale. Most disable secondary roads anywhere above .3 or .5 miles. On this GPS, If you want to know where that little road you are thinking of exploring goes to, you might be able to see by just zooming out instead of having to scroll around and in the process lose all perspective to your location. Usually when underway I disable the auto zoom and prefer to adjust the zoom level myself. So far the auto zoom seems to automatically operate at a useful level. I will try it for now. Time will tell… UPDATE: Yeah, I got tired of it zooming in and out on it's own and just set it manually now. For the first probably year that I had this GPS, I had a big issue with how this GPS handled custom POIs (Points of interest). For the uninitiated and non-geeks, custom points of interest are lists of locations that may be of interest to you that would not normally be included with a GPS’s factory installed POIs. They can be compilations of a particular chain of resturants and/or retail stores, or they could be a certain type of attraction. The lists can be downloaded through a website like the POI factory, or if you want to really geek out you can make up these lists yourself. On the Zumo XT, the custom POIs seemed to load OK with Garmin's POI loader, but they were only accessible by digging into the menu system (where to/categories/custom POIs). A top level "where to" search did not seem to include custom POIs. I could live with that, but the worst for me was that there was apparently no way to make this particular GPS display custom POI icons on the map. Whether it's a Harley dealer, a covered bridge in New England, or the all important Taco Bell, it's always been nice to just look at the map and see if one is close. Luckily, after a system update in mid-2021, the unit started showing custom POIs! Note that on the Zumo XT, "Up ahead" in the map settings menu must be checked to show your POIs. This also will show Garmin's less than worthless system icons for fuel, restaurants, and motorcycle related POIs, and it can make the screen a little busy, but hey, I'll take it. Speaking of POIs..... In the not too distant past I have found Garmin's pre-loaded POIs to be extremely inaccurate and frustrating to use. Way too many times, they have sent me on a wild goose chase to a business that was either somewhere else or nonexistent. A frustrating annoyance on a motorcycle, way more of a big deal in a large RV. Because of this, a couple of years ago I stopped using Garmin's POIs altogether and now always use other alternatives when searching for fuel, food, etc. HEY, REALLY.......THEY COULD BE BETTER NOW.......I don't know. I have been burned so many times, it will be a while before I attempt to use them again, if ever. UPDATE: Against my better judgement, and for the first time since I have owned it, I let the GPS show me the nearest gas station. It showed it to be .5 miles away, so off we went. I passed a gas station on the way that the GPS didn't know about, and it took me about 5 blocks further up the street to a run down old building that was probably a gas station in a previous life, but obviously had not been for a long, long time....Perfect... Later on that day, we were checking out an RV park for a future trip, and while sitting in the parking lot just for kicks I let the GPS search for nearby RV parks (A category this GPS claims to know). It did not know this massive, well established RV park existed. Bottom line....If you need to find a place, do yourself a favor and forget about using Garmin POIs. Just search Google Maps on your cell phone, then enter the address into the GPS. The weather radar overlay gathers data through a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. I haven't had any showers chase me around yet to require street level, minute by minute updates, but it all seems to work well assuming you have a good wireless data signal for your phone. This is really a cool feature. I have only routed a few short trips with it, but if it is like any of my other current Garmins, they will almost always find the address and you can be pretty confident they will get you there eventually, but will also sometimes choose some rather bizarre routes. Always take a quick look at the proposed route and please.....Always choose common sense over what any GPS is telling you. This thing is pricey. Painfully pricey...... In fact, it is the most expensive non-marine GPS I have ever bought. So far, I have no regrets, and would buy it again in a second. Update: After owning it for a year, I still think it's great and would not want to be without it. I will probably update this review as time goes on and I learn more about it.

The best ADV/Dual Sport GPS out there. Is this thing perfect? No. Does it feel like there are wasted features and that "apps" could have made this better? Totally. However, there is still nothing else on the market that works this well. Physically and functionally it is near-perfect. The mounting system is a bit annoying and the little snap feature that allows you to pop it off is worryingly tight. I literally thought it was snapped in until it tried to eject itself on the highway! It feels like you're going to break something when it finally clicks into place. The touchscreen works great with all gloves and the thing is pretty bulletproof, in general. While it links up to both my Sena 50R communicator and my phone, the integration is a little annoying. There is a notable volume and quality loss when music is being played through the Zumo to the headset. My 50R allows me to switch media to play directly from the phone and this is much better. Also, I cannot, for the life of me, stop it from giving me social media notifications. All of that is turned off, but it still wants to let me know that uncle Mark still thinks I'm a libtard while riding. The only real issue I've ever had with this system is its translation of .GPX files, specifically those from Gaia. I had a ~50 mile mixed surface GPX file uploaded and the Garmin seemed to make straight lines for MILES in certain sections rather than following the route. This happened to occur on one turn off to go from asphalt back to a small gravel road, which I promptly missed. I had to have my phone mounted with Gaia running to confirm that the Garmin was following the plan... it did about 95% of the time. I think the solution is to break a GPX file into smaller chunks so that the resolution is better. I haven't had a chance to try this out again. Now, things that could have taken this from a 95% perfect product to one that I love to use rather than need to use due to lack of a replacement: Google/Apple maps location integration would make my life SO much easier. I hate typing out the name of the place I'm trying to find just for it to think I'm trying to go to the Advanced Auto 50 miles away because it doesn't recognize that there's one in the same town I'm in. So, I look it up on my phone, copy the address, paste it into the Drive app, THEN send it to the Garmin. This works fine, but it's 2 or 3 too many steps, once again. Why... WHY do they call their own features "apps"? Apps like Gaia or Onx would be a real game changer, but I'm sure Gary and Min are too proud of their 2nd rate navigation to let better companies work with their product. Anyway, as I said, it's a very good product but it feels a bit like those comically large pens that restaurants make you use while signing the check... it works fine but I wish I had something that worked better.

Overall it seems like a good unit. Another reviewer said the power cable isn't long enough; I found it plenty long on a Street Glide, as indicated in the image. The red/black wire coming from the bottom of the plastic channel holding the wiring harness is the end of the power cable, with a good 10 inches of extra wire. The wart that does the USB regulation fits in the channel with ease, and a quick run to Harley to get an Accessory Plug makes it all weatherproof and run off the ignition to boot. Another reviewer also said it registers a press before you touch it. This is the case with me as well, but when I'm wearing my gloves, riding, it isn't that noticable. It makes me wonder if it's super sensative in order to allow it to work with any old glove, as mine are leather and not touch-screen capable, yet they still work. The real test will be when I have the gaunlets on. lol Yet another reviewer said route planning is a PITA with the Zumo XT, and they are absolutely spot-on, at least for what should be a handy loop route feature. This is supposed to plan a route with the same start and end point, so one may plan a less-than-day ride in a big loop. Getting that loop created is super simple. Using the "route shaping" function to adjust that loop is an exercise is wasted life and frustration, which is more than a little sad, because that could be so perfect. Instead it randomly adds "shape points" when I touch places on the map, and randomly removes them when I touch a point and say delete it. By random I mean I want to extend the loop, so I touch a point outside the route, and it adds a point there, PLUS a second point miles away in a completely unrelated place. Deleting the second erronous point also deletes the one I wanted, which happens repeatably, in that if I touch the same place as before, it adds the second one in the same place as before, and deleting the wrong one again also deletes the right one again. The only way to actually shape the route is try adding points to see what other things it does without your consent, until you happen upon a set of points that happens to be the route you really wanted. It's hard to imagine such a potentialy awesome feature being essentially gutted useless like that. But once a route it planned it works well. The mount is insanely strong, which is good, because the handlebars on my bike shake like mad at idle, and I was more than a little worried, when ordering, that this would fail that test. But it didn't budge a fraction of a millimeter that I could tell. I haven't ridden with it in the rain, but it appears all the weather-resistant bits are well designed and seal appropriately. The unit easily pops off and a snug-fitting rubber cap covers the power terminals. That leaves the somewhat ungainly mount on the bars, but it's possible to fold that back along the handlebars so it's not all that. The "Drive" app is a complete was of life, if one doesn't care to have weather or traffic. It's even more difficult to plan a route on that than it is on the actual unit, because Garmin put so much crufty junk on the display that the map is a tiny fraction of what's visible. What fool thought I wanted entry boxes more than a map, in mapping app? They'd do a better service by jettisoning the map part and just call it a cell data integration app, which is all it's actually good for. Since I don't care to have cell data integration I can't say if it's good for that or not, but it's possible I may try that at some point just because I can. (shrug) I can say my test foray getting it hooked up with BT was also not that straightforward, and while it claimed failure, it actually worked. Persistence seems to be the key. I haven't had it long enough for a real review of it's performance on a road trip. I'll know in a couple of months.

Longtime Zumo user. First off, I bought the Zumo XT to replace my venerable Zumo 550. While the 550 is still very functional, it's lack of up to date features and limited memory (can't load all of N. America) have become a pain. I delayed updating to a new Zumo because all the interim models Garmin has released had significant issues that detracted from their value. The XT shows that Garmin has taken those issues to heart and finally brought their motorcycle products up to par with their other offerings. By that I mean that I recently retired from an aviation company that was the largest Garmin dealer in the US purely because we completely equipped our fleet with Garmin products. Pros: I haven't touched many of the features yet in the two days I've had the XT but almost everything I ever wanted in a motorcycle gps is there. I especially like the onboard trip planner, the weather radar overlay and, especially, the speed limit reminder on the main map screen. I have just begun to play with Garmin Explore, Basecamp and many other features that are new to me. Cons: First I'm very disappointed in the motorcycle mount. The Zumo 550 mount had a robust mount and screw lock that never made me question the possibility of losing it or even having it stolen if left unattended on the bike. Secondly, also on the subject of mounts, the car mount for the XT is a huge step backward compared to the 550. With the 550 I could leave the mount stuck to a plate with the power cable installed on the mount. Then it was just a matter of popping in the 550 and closing the latch. Turn it on and we're on our way. With the 550 I have to open the weather cover on the back, install the power cable then put it in the mount. When I don't have the XT in my truck I'm left with a power cable dangling from my power receptacle if I have to remove it and stow it somewhere. Very inconvenient compared to the 550. Lastly, on initial setup I connected the XT to my Interphone F4 headset, then my phone, then my home wifi, then the usb power and completed the updates. After playing for a while I shut it all down and went out to install the mount and cable on my motorcycle. When I went to test it on the bike the bluetooth connection to my Interphone F4 headset had been lost. When I went to re-establish it the XT recognized that the Interphone was there but when I selected it and tapped ok the setup ended, the pairing lights went out on the Interphone and the connection was not made without any indication. I tried to pair the Interphone dozens of times, even resetting bluetooth on the XT and pairing devices in different orders to no avail. Per Garmin specs the Interphone, which I've used with my Zumo 550 for 10 years, is supported with its BT2.1 and A2DP profiles. I finally resorted to online chat with Garmin support. When the Garmin person said they never heard of Interphone and didn't guarantee pairing with every headset I knew it was a lost cause. The support person never acknowledged that I'd paired the device, sent me an email containing the online troubleshooting steps (which are worthless) and abruptly wished me a good day and ended the chat. Standard useless Garmin support when they realize an issue is way over their head. So, I just ordered a new Cardo headset. I hope this addresses the issue. BTW, my bluetooth full face helmet works just fine. I just hate wearing it in the summer heat. I far prefer my half helmet with a working headset this time of year.

Bright display, easy to see. I've used Garmin car GPS devices on motorcycles for year but it's hard to see the display during daylight. This one is no problem to see. Linking it to a phone is easy and one can input route destinations by the phone. There are a lot of functions available but many are not that easy to use - for me at least. There are plenty of Youtube instructional and informational videos available that help. I've had the display flip vertical for no reason but was able to set it back to landscape once home. It also lost its ability to find a route home even though it had done so previously - when I tried to find home it would provide a obviously incorrect mileage (like 5,000 or 10,000 miles despite being within 50 miles of home) but powering the unit down a certain way repaired that issue. It's my opinion that all the features makes this device more prone to issues - but when it works it works great. These come on sale several times a year for $100 off - it pays to wait for a sale.

Battery Issues. First unit worked well but on a full charge it would not stay on 5 minutes. With a dead battery it would not power on when on my bike and plugged in. Support was prompt and exchanged it quickly. Will see how new one works.


Hidden Defect. When mounting the Garmin Zumo XT on my motorcycle, I found that the GPS did not charge when attached to the mount. I did verify that the accessory port I attached to was providing power. It seems that the power points on the unit may be off just enough to prevent contact with the wiring harness in the mount. It doesn't seem like a very good design, but evidently Garmin hasn't received enough complaints about it to change it. I requested to return the unit, but found that the third party seller I bought from (Runner's Depot, New York) posted a completely unreasonable return policy (*see below). I have contacted the seller multiple times and have received noncommittal responses about getting my money back, but I'm sure they would never fully assemble the product and attach the mount to a power source to verify my problem. At that point, their return policy would take over. I've found that I can use the Zumo XT by powering it from the USB port. While that does prevent me from using the product as designed and could cause damage to the unit if I'm caught in the rain, it does allow me to avoid "return policy hell" in which I have neither a working unit nor my money. BOTTOM LINE: Before you buy the Garmin Zumo XT, be sure you can return it if necessary. Be VERY CAREFUL when purchasing from third party vendors on Amazon. Amazon does not provide the level of customer service in those situations that they used to. (*Seller's return policy: "In order to be eligible for a full refund, less shipping expenses, your returned merchandise must be in ITS ORIGINAL UNOPENED MINT CONDITION, AS SHIPPED, with all packaging, manuals, and paperwork intact and unaltered. ITEMS REMOVED FROM THEIR 'BLISTER-PACK' DISPLAY PACKAGING OR ORIGINAL BRAND PACKAGING DO NOT QUALIFY FOR A FULL REFUND. If the item is received passed the 35 day return window, a 25% restocking fee may apply.")

Good and bad. I don't trust the mounting clip. It hasn't failed to hold the GPS but it is odd compared to other GPS units. Using with a Goldwing (2020) and a Sena 30k it doesn't pass the music (phone based) when paired to the phone. When paired to the phone navigation audio is crackly, broken. But the information available when paired to the phone is great. So on trips no music or great information. Redoing the pairing doesn't seem to correct this. All units are up to date in firmware. Screen is nice, but reflects the sun at times.

Too Complicated and Untrustworthy. Goal: To follow GPS guidance over a specific route to a specific destination. I’ve had several Garmin GPS units over the last 15 years, and I’ve used them for several hundred thousand miles. I’ve been impressed and pleased over these miles and years until . . . My new Zumo XT has proved to be an unacceptable challenge. All my previous Garmin GPS units had a wired audio connection. The Zumo XT uses Bluetooth only, and it took several weeks communicating back and forth with Garmin Support before I could listen to navigational prompts and music using my custom Challenger Earmold speakers. Here's my experience the last weekend in April 2021: 1) I planned out a route using Basecamp. I transferred the route to my Zumo XT. We followed the route for an hour and a half until about 30 miles from the destination. Then the Zumo changed the route to a series of small twisty backroads instead of the route I had planned. We got to our destination and I wondered what heck? I looked up the route on the Zumo and clicked on “map.” It showed my original route with no mention of the detour that it had taken. 2) Two days later I headed home. I wanted to ride home using roads other than freeways. I clicked on “home” and it routed me onto a major freeway. I tried to route it to a town that would keep me off the freeways. I had done this before using several older Zumo units. But on this occasion, I needed a street address in order to get a route to a town. 3) I sadly returned home using highway signs and memory instead of using my new, but soon to be landfilled, Zumo XT. Edit added 5/9/21 - Increased from one to three stars. I've found work-arounds for all of the challenges except why it didn't follow the route to the end of the trip. I've still got the route and will be following it again to see what happens.

Dated technology. I purchased this for my adventure motorcycle so I would have coverage when out of cell service range. While the unit works, the map routing leaves a lot to be desired. Compared to Google Maps and similar, it feels very dated. It has an issue with routing me to closed roads which is unacceptable. Not sure why it does this but I'm finding myself not using the in-unit routing. Instead, create your routes in other apps, export them as a .GPX file then import it into the XT. I wish Google would buy Garmin and integrate their map technology. Would make this unit waaayyyy better. I would ONLY buy this if you really needed to have a GPS and it was on sale.

Generally speaking, it Stinks. Use Waze on your phone, save $ and frustration. I shelled out $500 for the Zumo XT 9 months ago, I'm selling it on eBay, basically it STINKS! 1). They don't keep the maps updated: San Francisco closed a significant portion of Market Street to vehicles in January 2020. 8 months later, the Zumo kept trying to send me down that portion of Market. :-( A couple of months ago, Zumo told me to make a left turn and after a whole bunch of honking behind me, I noticed the no left turn sign -- I'm lucky no one rear-ended me. 2). It keeps changing its mind while navigating in the city. Look up to see if the turn is approaching, glance down and Zumo has decided it likes a different way (and oh by BTW, you passed it a block ago, 'recalculating...) -- It happens a lot, on the same ride. My friend was watching my location with FB while joining for lunch and he said I looked like a mouse in a maze. 3) Misc: It won't work with my helmet bluetooth audio (Garmin rep tried to tell me it is the audio system, but all my other devices work with it); the brightness will sometimes just leave full bright mode as you start your ride so ya can't see in full sunlight (gotta stop, fix it, go), and all the negatives the video guy said. Maybe it's just me, but I like using Waze on my iPhone. I just works, period. With that said, I'm selling my Zumo, with a car kit and carrying case (an extra $100 worth of stuff) on eBay. I'll post tonight or tomorrow if you are interested.

Garmin Zumo XT sucks. I only bought this product to address the complexities of my Lincoln Highway (SF to NYC) moto trip that I had planned out in Google My Maps (10 layers with 10 waypoints each, plus I used the Google drag route feature to follow specific roads between waypoints). Before I purchased this gps I downloaded and installed the Basecamp product to insure that it would import my Google My Maps trip plan. It worked in Basecamp and uploaded to the Garmin Zumo XT ok, although Garmin support said that each Google layers translates to a Garmin Track so I would have to use each track individually. I rode from San Diego to San Francisco to start my trip. Immediately In San Francisco the Zumo kept incorrectly rerouting me throughout the city for over two hours ... I had to switch to the navigation of my iPhone to just get out of the darn city downtown. Once out of the downtown, I noticed that the that the Garmin route/track was taking me down the wrong roads ... eg the once it thought were the fastest, not the once I had specified in my planning. Evidently, Garmin dropped all the Google drag to points (persisted in Google as gps coordinates) so the entire SF to NYC routes, all 10 Garmin tracks, became useless to me. I packed up the Zumo XT in my luggage never to be used again. During my trip I had to manually research and recreate my entire trip route on 25 pages of a steno pad, then use my iPhone Maps app to enter one start and one end point at a time for the next 30 days. Yeah ... the Garmin Zumo XT really sucks!!!

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Third, a warranty is a must for the Garmin zūmo XT. Nobody likes to spend money on anything that does not last long, right?


Another thing to check for your Garmin zūmo XT is functionality. You can accomplish that by checkcing the features and / or specs. The more features / specs you see, the more functions your Garmin zūmo XT could offer.


Moreover, you must check the dimensions for your Garmin zūmo XT because wrong size may result in wasting time and money. It is highly recommended to learn about the dimensions of the product before any action.


In addition to the above, you should check the color for your Garmin zūmo XT as well. Does it offer color options? Do you like the color of the product? Then check if the color you have selected is available.

Existing Customer Reviews

The last thing to check is customer reviews. No matter how many the features are, no matter how powerful the specs are, you must verify that by lookig into existing customer reviews generally listed right after the features and specs, or before the bottom of the page. See what they say about the products, how they feel and probably an update after one or two months' use. Finally, make a decision to buy or not to.


This is a basic wrap up for buying Garmin zūmo XT online. We hope you will find this helpful. You can follow this shopping guide to get the possible best deal for your own online.

Furthermore, you can do more research yourself to learn more about the best Garmin zūmo XT. If our shopping guide helps you, please share it.

Wish you get a great deal!

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