Earbuds Headphones, Hi-Fi Stereo in-Ear Earphones for Office Work Gym Walking Flying

Earbuds Headphones, Hi-Fi Stereo in-Ear Earphones for Office Work Gym Walking Flying

Product features :

1.Real-time power display

Since the battery is displayed on the mobile phone, you can always check the remaining battery level, charge it in time and use it anytime.

2.HD call without noise

With very clear sound quality and ultra high resolution, the sound quality of the headphones is more pure and the voice call is clearer.

3.The game is more real

The clear sound improves the pleasure of listening and Enhanced the vision of games, English, music and movies.

4.Binaural and single-ear mode switching at will

The function design is more intimate, and the function keys support the use of multiple functions, which is more convenient to use.

Features & Specifications

  • 【Built-in charging case】: Headphones up to 4 hours of continuous music playback and 16 hours of maximum playback using a small charging case. Playback time varies with connection conditions and conditions of use.
  • 【Industry-leading Noise Reduction for Phone Call】Created by tech giant Qualcomm, latest cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation technology can filter the surrounding noise and precisely pick up your voice during phone call even in places like street, office and traffic. Mics are installed in the tails of each earbud also ensure the best possible call quality.
  • 【Smart button Control】 With ergonomic and sport redesign, earbuds can fit and stay secured in ear canal even with intense movement. Together with smart button sensors, you can conveniently answer calls, skip through music and access other functions at the touch of a button.
  • 【Easy to use】: The twin mode/single mode make you can use either of them as you like. You don’t need any skill to use the headphones. Once open the charging case, the earbuds will pair with your device instantly. Experience crisp, high-fidelity sound provides faster pairing and a stable, efficient connection.
  • 【IPX5 Waterproof】 Certificated with IPX5 waterproof,headphones are strong enough to resist all the penetration from splash and water. Zero worry for all-kinds of outdoor activity.
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces

Pros & Cons


I love this backpack. It's both functional and stylish. This backpack is one of the best investments I've ever made. I wanted a trendy Korean style backpack that was both functional and stylish, and this accomplishes both. It has a compartment for my laptop and plenty of room for my schoolbooks and other things. I get tons of compliments on my backpack, and while it looks compact it can fit a good amount of stuff. I commute 45 minutes to and from school every day, so I pack a lot. For reference, in the main compartment I keep my laptop, 3 folders, a one subject notebook, a moderately sized textbook, pencil case, wallet and umbrella. In the midsized compartment I have my laptop charger, cell phone charger, headphones, calculator, ruler, and some toiletries. I use the outermost pocket for small things like my car keys and random makeup products. I've only had this backpack for a little over a week, but so far I'm in love.

Solid Budget Headphones. I use headphones with mics for gaming. I found that previous headphones all randomly break, no matter how well I took care of them. For this reason, I decided to go with a low cost alternative (these headphones). I am overall very pleased with the sound quality. They have good volume control and direction. A $40 pair I used to have would always have a random buzzing noise that drove me crazy, not these. Taking a chance with these headphones turned out to be great (and low cost) choice Pros - Inexpensive (practically expendable) - Good sound quality (direction, volume) - Comfortable (fit my ears well) - Look good Cons - The mic doesn't like to stay in place (it rotates). Whatever is supposed to keep it in place doesnt work supper well. I solved this problem with a rubber band I had in my desk. This could be from me using the mic a lot

Good for what they were... Pros: great sound quality, pretty good microphone and all for under $15 here on Amazon. Cons: Mine lasted about 18 months. The point of failure was the cord connection inside the headphone plug that goes into the device. Wiggling the wire just by moving around results in a very loud scratchy noise. They sound quality is good still...assuming you can get the cord in just the right place and not move at all. So: why four stars? These headphones have me decent use for less than a dollar a month. I wish they didn't fail, but for what they cost I'm happy with my purchase.

I am in love with this bag. I can not make it clear enough, I am in love with this bag! Colors are very true to image, so there's no guessing waiting for it to show up in the mail. Zippers seem durable, and hold up with wear and tear without being clunky or industrial looking (which is an annoyance for me with backpacks). Despite looking very slim and compact, it actually holds a lot while still retaining a very sleek shape. I typically carry my full sized (15'') laptop, iPad mini, a clutch purse, a makeup bag, notebooks and pens, a book, and cables for all my electronics and it fits it all with ease. This would be a great bag for someone in school, or someone who likes practicality to also be a bit fashionable. I am looking to buy different styles from this same brand!

Great quality, size and style. Bought this for my girlfriend. She was looking for a backpack to use for work that looked professional and stylish. She is very happy with it. The size was a bit bigger than expected, but now now she is used to it and very happy with the size. It fits her 13 inches computer in a special compartment design to hold computers and also has some space for a notebook, a book, and other things. It hast two extra front compartments big enough for keys, chapstick, and other things she needs to reach easily. The back pack looks well made with quality materials. A lot of compliments on the color and shape. It looks polished but not boring. Happy with it!

Thick fabric, keeps shape. Fits large laptop and more. This fits a large laptop and charger with extra space. I used this as my only carry on for overnight trips.There is room for water bottle, clothes and laptop plus notepad. The front pouch is large enough to fit wallet. I ordered khaki and it has been traveling with me for a few months with minor smudges on the fabric. It fits underneath an airplane seat.The bag keeps it's cute boxy shape unless you completely stuff it to the brim. There is padding in the shoulder straps, but it becomes uncomfortable with prolonged wear if you have a large laptop.


Decent For the Price. PRICE 5/5: The only headsets I could purchase in my town were roughly double the price and so far for the price they're pretty decent. COMFORT 3/5: I game on my computer and the other styles of headphones (On or In ear) tend to cause pain after periods of playing. These are decently comfortable, not amazing but price considered good enough. AUDIO QUALITY 2/5: To me they sound rather cheap (They are 14$ headphones after all) The diaphragm sounds like like it's made out of plastic and the headphones are symmetrically designed which is terrible for audio quality because the speakers are to the side of your head instead of slightly forward where ideally they should be. This means that if you, like most people, don't have a perfectly symmetrical head sounds from the left/right side might sound slightly louder than the other side. I had to go in and adjust the left/right volumes in the control panel to get them to sound proper. Music sounds decent, game sounds are just ok.

not a bad backpack. I originally purchased this because I have ... not a bad backpack. I originally purchased this because I have a 15'' laptop and it fits it and protects it perfectly! It is great for that! It also is very spacious so you can fit anything inside that you need. I do have a couple complaints about it though. The pockets in the front are really rather small and if you put a lot in the main compartment, you can't access the front pockets because they're so thin, they're being pushed closed. Also, the zipper pulls fall off all the time. Not really that big of a deal but sometimes I'll find a few that have fallen off. The major thing though that bothers me about it is that it has a leather strip that lines the edge of it to hide the seams and this can be really annoying on my back when I am walking around. It's kind of painful when it puts pressure on my back and it leaves little scratches on me sometimes. I usually can feel it over a normal shirt even and it gets really irritating throughout the day. That's nit picky, I know, but you definitely want a backpack that is comfortable. I personally wouldn't purchase this again but I wouldn't say I don't recommend it. Very durable and very good quality overall.

Warning--can't use with Skype... I didn't realize immediately, but the microphone wasn't recognized as even plugged in to my Vista 64Bit computer, consequently the microphone doesn't work--I can't use it for Skype. Headphones didn't come with technical information and can't find online help/drivers. The headset itself was too large and the smallest adjustment was still 1/2 inch too big. They would not be comfortable to wear for long periods of time (I work at a computer). The sound through it was 'tinny' and didn't noise cancel well (I do have an older/better audio headset so the difference in sound was incredible). Unfortunately, I threw out the packaging. It didn't occur to me that the microphone didn't work and to check that first. Hope I can get a refund or and exchange. I still need headphones with a microphone

Great Short-Term Value. I absolutely loved this Frisby headset. The leather cushion for the ears is nice, and the quality of sound is also great. Unfortunately, my headset only lasted me for 9 months! Buyer beware ... if you need to use this regularly (for example, to use those free gmail phone calls), this may not hold up very long. The mic fell off of mine eventually. I am very gentle with the item and there are no animals or children to kick it about, etc. So, I think it is actually not that well made. I now need a new set! Very disappointed. Also, I went to Frisby's web site and they are not up and running right now. I can't even address my concerns with the manufacturer! If you don't mind purchasing a new set every few months, then this the right model. But, I'm hoping a little more money might afford me a better quality.

Physically Broke within 2 days. I wanted a cheap pair of over the ear headphones with a mic. They weren't the comfiest things in the world, but they were way better then my around the ear headphones. The 1 star has entirely to do with the fact that the speaker casing (on the side with the cord coming into it) snapped off from the headphones. Originally this piece was screwed into place, but the plastic around the screws broke in half. I didn't care too much about sending them back so I super glued it back in place. We'll see how it works, there were about 4 really thin speaker wires in there that was holding them together, so hopefully that wire didn't give out. I only gave it 1 star because it was 2 days, I would have given it 3 or 4 if they would have even lasted a couple months, but I barely got 3-4 hours of use out of them

I want these to work out. So far I have ordered a total of 6 of these headphones. Out of 6, 2 had to be sent back. The first pair was an out of box failure. Didn't work at all. The pair that I'm returning today, worked for a few weeks then my students couldn't hear in one ear. After a couple more days, the mic went out. I'm debating on whether or not not to replace the last pair. I really just need these to work for my students. I'm not sure why so many of them have defects. They are a decent price, and I would expect them to work for years, not days. I give these only one star because the remaining "working" sets record very bad quality. When I listen back to my students recordings, they have a lot of static. I'm very frustrated, because I need headphones for the reading program that I teach.

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