USB C HUB 4K 60Hz, Dockteck USB-C Multiport Adapter 5-in-1 with 4K HDMI, 100W Power Delivery, 3 USB 3.0 Data Port for MacBook Pro/Air M1 2020, iPad Pro 2021, iPad Mini 6, Surface Pro and More

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Dockteck 5 IN 1 Powered USB C HUB – Meet All Your Demand


QUICK USER GUIDES ( Please kindly check before purchasing ):

Overall about Dockteck 5 in 1 USB C Hub:

  • Our 5 IN 1 USB C multiport adapter only supports host device with USB-C port with DP Alt Mode video output, data transfer and charging function.

About 4K 60Hz HDMI output:

  • Our 5 IN 1 USB HUB HDMI support up to 4K @ 60Hz and are backwards compatible with 4K @ 30Hz, 2K @ 60Hz, 1080p @ 60Hz
  • 4K @ 60 Hz is only available for laptops with activated DisplayPort 1.4 and 8K. If your laptop is DisplayPort 1.2 it can only reach 4K @ 30 Hz
  • To get 4K@ 60Hz, please ensure that both the connected device and display are the same resolution as well as the HDMI cable

About the USB-C 100W PD port:

  • The USB-C PD port on this steam deck dock usb c is for charging only and doesn’t support data transfer as well as the media display
  • The usb c port expander support 100W power charging with max 92W output. (8W for the operation of the hub)
  • For the normal use, please use the charger with wattage higher than 45W and supports PD fast charging protocol.
  • The actual power delivery output depends on the charger and cable used

About the 3× USB 3.0 ports:

  • The problem of the interference between USB 3.0 interferes with 2.4GHz WiFi and other 2.4GHz wireless devices is the common issue for almost all the USB C adapter hub due to the the similar frequencies.
  • For Wifi, Please set your router as 5GHz to avoid the problem.
  • For 2.4 GHz wireless devices, please move the wireless device away from the hub as much as possible or use wired USB devices directly

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A Sweet Assistant in Your Life

Dockteck is specialized in providing kinds of USB C hub for working or living. With the purpose of creating a better life, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and functional products that make life simple and more convenient.

  • Plug and play
  • Powerful and compact
  • Slim and lightweight

Exceptional, no choice but to make the best USB C HUB

Lightning fast loading. Absolutely minimalist. Advanced technology

  • Anti-interference iron sheet + high quality cable
  • Six-layer circuit board + high quality soldering

Effective reduction of interference from radio networks and built-in protective devices protect your devices from high currents, overheating and overcharging

  • USB C to USB3.0 data ports
  • USB C to HDMI2.0 HD video output
  • USB C to 100w PD power connector (Tips: without data function)

Application Extension




More Convenient & Sleek

Perfect solutions for multiple USB peripheral devices.

More Fun

Get ride of limited port and make your game more exciting.

More Productive

Mirror or Expand your screen with better work performance

Dockteck USB C USB HUB – Perfect Accessories for Your Laptop

ipad pro usb c hub

Attention (IMPORTANT):

  • Supports the simultaneous use of all ports. Due to the performance limitations of some laptops, please connect one hard drive / SSD at a time.
  • To ensure a stable connection, please avoid connecting devices with a total current of more than 900 mA
  • When the hub is fully loaded, it can reach a surface temperature of around 121 ° F. However, this is normal for USB Multiport hub adapter
  • The 3 × USB-A ports on this steam deck hub usb c are mainly intended for data transfer and do not support high charging power (in particular, you should not charge your tablet)

Compatible Devices ( AN INCOMPLETE LIST ):

  • MacBook Pro 2021 / 2020 / 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016, MacBook Air 2020/ 2019 / 2018, iMac M1 2021
  • iPad Pro M1 2021 / 2020 / 2019 / 2018, iPad Air 2020 / 2018, iPad Mini 6
  • DELL XPS 13/15/12 / Latitude 7000 5000 / XPS12 9250 / Inspiron 7000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 / S6, Pixelbook 2017 / 2018 / 2019
  • Surface pro 7 / 8 / X, Microsoft Surface Book 2, Surface loptop 3, Surface Go, HP Spectre13 X360, Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL, Lenovo Thinkbook 15G2 ITL
  • Steam deck

Incompatible Devices ( AN INCOMPLETE LIST ):

  • Nintendo Switch / Apple USB SuperDrive / Samsung Dex / iPad generation 9 / Surface pro 6/5/4/3

Warm Tips: If your device model is not listed in the compatibility list and for your better shopping experience, it would be appreciated if you could reach out to us through Amazon Message Center or in the form of Q&A. We’ll test for you.

usb c hub 4k 60hz USB C HUB 4K 60Hz, Dockteck USB-C Multiport Adapter 5-in-1 with 4K HDMI, 100W Power Delivery, 3 USB 3.0 Data Port for MacBook Pro/Air M1 2020, iPad Pro 2021, iPad Mini 6, Surface Pro and More usb c hub usb-c hub usb c docking station usb c dock usb hub power usb type c hub usb c powered hub usb c hub for ipad pro usb hub for macbook air usb c adapter hdmi USB C Ethernet Hub 4K 60Hz, 1Gbps Ethernet, 100W PD, USB 3.0 for MacBook Pro / Air, iPad Pro USB C expansion hub
Dockteck 5 IN 1 Dockteck 5 IN 1 Dockteck 5 IN 1 Dockteck 7 IN 1 Dockteck 4 IN 1 Dockteck 7 IN 1
HDMI Port 4K 60Hz HDMI x 1 8K 30Hz HDMI x 1 4K 60Hz HDMI x 1 4K 60Hz HDMI x 1 4K 60Hz HDMI x 1 4K 60Hz HDMI x 1
USB-A Port USB 3.0 x 3 USB 3.0 x 3 USB 3.0 x 2 USB 3.0 x 2 USB 3.0 x 1 USB 3.0 x 2
Ethernet Port x x x Ethernet x 1 Ethernet x 1 Ethernet x 1
USB-C PD Port 100W PD x 1 100W PD x 1 x 100W PD x 1 100W PD x 1 100W PD x 1
SD Slot x x SD Slot x 1 SD Slot x 1 x SD Slot x 1
TF Slot x x TF Slot x 1 TF Slot x 1 x TF Slot x 1

Features & Specifications

  • USB C Dock 5 IN1: Equipped with 4K HDMI output, 100W PD and 3 USB 3.0 ports, Dockteck usb c multiport adapter transforms a single port into 5 for easily multitasking and improving productivity, providing you a sleek workspace. Small but mighty. A perfect solution for devices with limited port. Plug and Play, No Software, Drivers required
  • 4K 60Hz Visual Feast: Mirror or Extend your screen via the HDMI port and directly stream a clear video image and authentic audio up to 4K @ 60Hz to external display without motion blur and noise. Perfect for presentations, games, videos. Note:4K @ 60Hz is only available for devices with DP1.4 Alt Mode enabled
  • Super-Fast power charging: The 100W PD port offers continuous power delivery for your host device with max 92W while transferring files or streaming media, no worrying about power outage. Note:The PD port without data transfer function and 8W is used to power the hub
  • Ultra-High Speed Data Transfer: Designed with 3 USB 3.0 ports, our USB C adapter hub provides you effortless data transfer with up to 5 Gbit / s. The capability of connecting multiple USB peripheral devices ( such as flash drive, keyboard, mouse, ect.) offers you the ultimate convenience without constantly swapping dongles
  • Ultra-Slim Design & Warranty: With extremely compact, lightweight, sturdy design, Dockteck usb c splitter helps to make productivity portable. Dockteck offers 24 months worry-free warranty, lifetime technical support and friendly customer service to ensure you the best shopping experience
  • Dimensions: 4.16 x 1.34 x 0.45 inches
  • Weight: 2.01 ounces

Pros & Cons


Works great for the Steamdeck. I bought this specifically for use with a Steamdeck to plug into my TV with some controllers, so my review is around that specifically. USB PD and compatibility between devices are convoluted and not everyone follows standards so keep that in mind. That said this works great for the Steamdeck, keeps it charged while it's plugged in to the TV and being used. I've had up to 4 controllers hooked up to this, 3 of which were Xbox 360 controllers with a single USB dongle and one 8 bit do controller with USB dongle. And things worked flawlessly.

Works better than more expensive targus dock for 4k @60hz. This dongle is great with my m1 MacBook pro with a 4k monitor @ 60 hz. At first, MacBook would have a hard time recognizing the monitor so I had to cycle the power everytime to get it working. Eventually there was an apple OS update and it has been working great ever since. The only issue that still persists is if I totally shut down the MacBook, then I need to unplug the dongle to get the MacBook to recognize the monitor. Not a problem for me because I usually just put my MacBook to sleep at the end of the day. My work gave me a tragus dock (over 200$) that doesn't work as well as this dongle. The targus dock still doesn't have proper retina scaling support, giving me a headache when using with the built in retina display.

Steam Deck Use Review. UPDATE: So 5 months later and I have this thing velcroed on top of a stand by itself. Was the first dock I made/put together and aside from the initial first time setup, it has been perfect. Its definitely beat my JSAUX (2nd released ver) and the Official Dock both have had quite a few problems. Yes, I own 3 docks in 3 in different rooms. This one has performed the best, im not sure why. --‐---------- Bought this for docking the Steam Deck and it works great, but not without a few flaws (Steam Deck issues not the dock itself). On first try blank screen, so I booted to desktop mode and it worked there, then I set my TV as the main monitor and had the deck screen set to off. Booted back SteamOS / Game Mode and it has worked perfect as far as external goes. I did have some external controller issues a week later (possibly a steam update did something). This also affected the on deck controls as well (steam button not working). Setting my external controller (8bitdo in Pro controller mode) to ZERO aka first controller and it works great. This may seem like a lot but it wasnt bad at all, these are expected to happen with unofficial docks. Also all the USB ports work flawlessly. And do not forget to set your TV to game mode to reduce latency issues. Lastly, TV compatibility may differ for each user. Im using a Roku 65" 4K TV. Model is C102x. Hope this helps someone out there til the official deck comes in! This is an excellent alternative for now. Still waiting for my JSAUX dock to come in, but they are super backed up with orders, and as of this review date expect to wait 20+ days to a month if you plan to go down that route.

Worked as intended. Worked 100% to charge the Asus Chrome book and use wireless keyboard and mouse and HDMI out.

Serves its purpose. This works with my Surface Pro. No issue so far.

Works, inexpensive, simple. Works well on my MacBook 16" with hdmi output


>>>>> HDMI PORT DOESN'T WORK UNLESS YOUR DEVICE SUPPORTS "DP ALT MODE" <<<<<. I had high hopes for this device because of all the great reviews, however, BE AWARE. **** The HDMI PORT DOESN'T WORK UNLESS YOUR DEVICE SUPPORTS "DP ALT MODE" ***. I discovered this fact after my purchase. I wasted a lot of time figuring this out because I have two PC's that are almost identical, however one worked, displaying the HDMI video via the USB-C connection, but the other did not. After finally circling back to Amazon to dig deeper to try and determine the problem, I found the line in the Items page: “If the HDMI port doesn't work, please kindly try the following steps: 1. Check that the connected USB-C port on your device supports DP Alt mode In my opinion, there should be a CLEAR note in the item description stating: ****BEFORE PURCHASING, CONFIRM YOUR DEVICE SUPPORTS DP ALT MODE FOR HDMI PORT FUNCTIONALITY**** Without having this information, if your device doesn't support DP ALT MODE, it's a High Priced USB-C HUB. All I can say is I'm disappointed. This item is most likely being returned. NOTE: If you want to determine if your PC supports "DP ALT MODE" inspect the USB port. If you see a Black "D" with a "P" inside it, or a lightning bolt symbol, your PC will support Video over your USB C port. If you do not see either of those symbols, it most likely will not provide video over USB C. In the event you PC doesn't support "DP AlT Mode" you can use a standard USB to HDMI pr Display port adapter (StarTech devices work well) to connect external monitors.

Using the USB ports may be an issue. First of all, the HDMI works as described: 4K 60 fps. Plus, it could provide power to my Macbook Air M1 during usage. The issue is with the USB ports. When I send the sound to my DAC via a USB port on the hub, the sound was riddled with clicks and pops, and the issue would go away when I use a USB cable directly link my computer to the DAC. In addition, when I plug a wireless mouse dongle into a USB port on the hub, there is unacceptable delay when using the mouse. On the other hand, I guess those USB ports maybe OK to be used to charge other devices, or connect to a printer. Additional thoughts: I did some further tests, and find out that it is the HDMI which affects the USBs' functions/speeds. I bought a Thunderbolt 3/USB C to HDMI 2.1 cable to connect computer to TV, and the USBs (sound/mouse/keyboard) on this device works fine. Since the Air M1 has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, my problem solved.

Power pass-thru required. This hub did not function correctly on my Dell XPS laptop unless the Dell charger was connected to the power pass-through port. Without it, I got warnings about the USB device needing power. This requirement is noted in the product description, so... my fault for not reading carefully. However, even with the Dell power adapter connected as required, I found the device to be "flaky" (power drops out) AND the laptop claims it is a slow charger. If the power pass-thru worked properly (fast charging) and it didn't keep dropping out--taking my display, mouse, and keyboard with it--I wouldn't be so disappointed. This device is being used with an HDMI+USB KVM, so losing my display and control every time I bump a cable is unacceptable. As it is, I'm replacing it with a different HDMI + USB adapter that does not require external power. Too bad I tossed the packaging already--I should know better.

disappointed - usb c port failed after a few months. Disappointed with the longevity and quality of this because the usb-c port failed after a few months. I now need to purchase a new dock after only a few uses. Please don't waste your money on this one, get something higher quality so it lasts longer.

Android OTG... Sorta. I'll be honest...I needed this for a very specific task. I'm using my phone as a plug-n-play dashcam, as I commute long distance daily for work. I have two USB cams, one at the back and front of my vehicle. The idea was that I could connect everything via this USB hub, with power, and record while simultaneously listening to podcasts and whatnot. Problem is, the minute you add input power, it overrides your data connections. Without power, it's a very handy otg, but you'd better have all the juice you need in your phone's battery. Not recommended for travel.

Lag with Logitech USB Receiver. Decent USB hub. Except for the USB port has noticeable lag with my Logitech USB receiver. Deal breaker for me, had to return. The PD port did work great for charging my 2021 MBP. And the HDMI port properly works with 144hz on 4k resolution as advertised.

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