Blink Wired Floodlight Camera – Smart security camera

Blink Wired Floodlight Camera – Smart security camera

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Customizable motion detection on Blink Wired Floodlight Camera – Set motion zones in the Blink Home Monitor app so you’re only notified when you need to be.

We want you to know

Must be mounted to 4-inch round, UL listed, weatherproof electrical box. Click here for instructions.

To save and share clips, choose from an optional Blink Subscription Plan (sold separately) for cloud storage, or store locally with a Blink Sync Module (sold separately).

Technical Details

Blink Wired Floodlight Camera

Field of view

143° diagonal

Camera resolution

1080p HD video

Camera frame rate

Up to 30 fps


178 x 173 x 198mm


1.13 kilograms


Hardwired. Neutral wire required.

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 45W

Wifi connectivity

High-speed internet connection (such as broadband, fiber, or DSL).
Wifi network: 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n.

Installation requirements

Mount to existing 4-inch round, UL listed, weatherproof electrical box on a wall or covered ceiling using included installation kit. Outdoor silicone sealant not included.

Sync module compatibility

Camera compatible with all Blink Sync Modules.

Available colors


Minimum smartphone requirements

iOS 14, Android 6.0, or Fire OS 7

Blink app

Blink Home Monitor

Included in the box

1 Blink Wired Floodlight Camera
1 Installation Kit


Siren and 2-way audio


2600 Lumen, 5000°K color temperature LEDs


105 decibels (level measured at 4 inch/10cm distance)

Warranty and service

1-year limited warranty included. Purchase and use of Blink cameras are subject to the terms found here.


Click here to view the Blink support page.


1st Generation

Software security updates

This device receives guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase as a new unit on our websites.

Cloud video storage

To keep videos beyond your trial, subscribe to a Blink Subscription Plan, which allows videos to be stored in the cloud for up to 60 days. See Blink Subscription Plans for more information about your plan’s retention period. To keep important videos beyond this period, download them to your mobile device.

Features & Specifications

  • Help protect your home day or night with Blink Wired Floodlight Camera — a smart security camera with 2600 lumens of LED lighting, enhanced motion detection, and a built-in security siren.
  • See and speak from the Blink app — Experience 1080p HD live view, night view in color, and crisp two-way audio.
  • Get real-time alerts — Be alerted to movement with dual-zone, customizable motion detection and sound the security siren when needed. Set motion zones in the Blink Home Monitor app so you’re only notified when you need to be.
  • See who’s there — Experience Blink’s new person detection feature with embedded computer vision (CV) as part of an optional Blink Subscription Plan (sold separately).
  • Set up yourself — Follow the included instructions and connect to your home's existing outdoor wiring.
  • Save and share clips — Choose to store events in the cloud with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with a Sync Module (sold separately).
  • Works with Alexa — Connect your Wired Floodlight Camera to Alexa to engage live view, arm and disarm your camera, and more using your voice.
  • Includes one Blink Wired Floodlight Camera and one installation kit.

Pros & Cons


Great value, with some flaws. Buying these on sale was a no brainer, I needed a new security light so buying a few of these wasn't much more expensive and came with the ability of automation in my smarthome setup. The unboxing and setup experience was very straightforward. And the installation is a cinch if you're replacing an existing light. So let's get the rest of the pros out of the way and then we'll get to the cons. Additional Pro's: 1. We also have the outdoor Blink XT cameras, but being able to remove the need for batteries and having a wired solution is a big plus. Especially since most outdoor cameras are mounted higher up and changing batteries in the dead of winter with a ladder is a real pain. 2. The video quality in daylight is both adjustable and very good. 3. Like the other outdoor cameras you're able to mark areas of the viewable camera area to exclude and reduce motion detection of things like traffic on a road. 4. While not intuitive, you can setup different "groups" of cameras so as to have different rules. I.e. You can setup a group for just the security lights instead of having all cameras in a single group, "Arm security lights" . 5. Also not intuitive, you can have a group "armed" but disable motion detection video on one of the lights. 6. Easy integration into Alexa. "Motion detected on driveway". 7. *If* you subscribe to the Blink cloud storage plan, it can tell you if it detects a person vs. when it simply detects motion. And it's very accurate. This is a great feature as knowing the difference between an animal or vehicle setting off the sensor and a person is huge peace of mind. If you use the Sync module for local storage (like I do) this feature is unavailable. Now the cons: 1. The biggest one by far is that the motion sensor is atrocious. In my testing a person sized object needed to be within about 15 feet before it detected motion. And trust me, 15 feet outdoors is a microscopic distance. Also keep in mind that that same sensor is what triggers the light to turn on so it makes it next to useless. A vehicle sized object on the other hand is a much more reasonable distance. 2. Because of the above flaw, I've resorted to just turning on the "dusk to dawn" feature and having the light on at all times in the evening. Which brings up the next issue. It's great that you're able to set the brightness level of the light, but even at the lowest setting it's much too bright. Since this is an LED light, it makes no sense that it can't be adjusted lower. 3. Also related to the above, it's missing a major feature that even the most basic motion sensor lights have had for a decade. And that's the ability to have the light on at a very dim level, and then increase the brightness if it detects motion. This is such a simple feature to program that it's very surprising the development team overlooked it. Perhaps some future update will resolve this. So is this a good product. Well, it depends. *If* your particular use-case can work with within the limitations of the motion sensor, then undoubtedly. For many of you however, this will be a deal breaker. And that's unfortunate, and frankly I'm a bit dumbfounded by the fact that the product could be released with this flaw given that the lights main purpose is *to detect motion*!. Lastly, just a word on recording your video. If you don't want to subscribe to the Blink storage plan (first month is free), and if you aren't grandfathered in by having the old free subscription plan that was originally in place, then you'll need to buy the Sync module which can store your videos locally. Please note that the local storage is generally slower than the cloud plan when trying to watch a video or watch a live stream from the camera.

Excellent for the price. I purchased this flood light camera for my father. He's been looking to include a security system that can easily send him updates over his phone. Without simply recording just on site. This camera and flood light is really good. The floodlight is very bright lights up a very good area around where it's stalled. I would say it lights up to about at least 50 if not more feet out from where the flood light has been installed. It records very good, has made it through several rain storms since he's installed it, and give some a sigh relief knowing when he's at work everything is good at home. Only complaint and the reason why I can only give this camera four stars, is it's glitchy app that sets up blink cameras. It's very difficult to get any blink device to easily communicate with a home Wi-Fi signal. I have a blank camera installed on my home, and my father is purchased several different types of blink cameras, since I provided with this one. Everyone of them is a challenge of setup. It is nothing to do with understanding the setup, the instructions are simplistic, and the ideal behind sending them up is simplistic. But when it comes to your camera tying in to your local Wi-Fi is the challenge. No matter what you will have up to 15 to 20 if not more failed attempts before a camera can enjoy your local wifi network. For someone you like me that has an IT background, this can be easily overcome. Somebody like my father who does not, this is a real frustration and makes him feel like the devices are not good quality. Had a reassure him several times, the cameras and the service is great, there's just some challenges with the app communicating with your local Wi-Fi. This is the reason I can only get four stars for these cameras. If there was the way to ensure they were able to communicate with your local network easier, five stars would be guaranteed for the system. I hope blink continues to work on this.

Watch their install video first!!! Check for all supplied hardware! Going through the instructions includes with the camera and unpacking all of its contents from the box, all the mounting hardware is individually packaged and seperate from each other with clear pictures of whats wrapped up. Well, in my packaging, the was no NUT to secure the camera to the threaded post that comes with this camera, no seperate package that was marked with a picture showing a bit, only the plug afterwards. I then proceeded to carefully check every single package and the box, nope, no securing nut once camera was installed over threaded stud. So, thankfully I had another one, complete with a mounting screw that I had to use in its place. Just make sure you have everything they list, and if not, do not install in till you do. Otherwise this linked right up to my other blink cameras I have and was simple to set up, so far, I l ije the flood lights ability to set how bright or din you'd l ije it, but most important to myself was it will light up the dark and make a color video, ever notice how hard it is to see the person on your cameras in inferred? Unless You know that person, good luck.

Great Blink light/camera! Great Blink product! We've been very happy w/ our Blink cameras but having this one w/ really BRIGHT lights and having it powered through the house electrical power is a real stroke if genius. It was easy to install... I already had a motion-detecting light there so I just had to replace it w/ the Blink It is easy to set up like the rest of the Blink products, and has excellent picture quality. Did I mention that it's BRIGHT? At first I was slightly disappointed because I thought the unit had to be armed before the motion-sensing lights worked but I was mistaken about that and they work as expected whether or not the camera system is armed or not.

Another good Blink camera ! I like this unit; fairly east to install and set up except for one major problem! The whole through the center of the unit was too small for the center mounting screw that holds this unit to the mounting bracket! I had to drill it out to the correct size (5/16”) to be able to mount it. Of course, I didn’t discover this this tool after I had the unit all wired up and ready to mount. Not wanting to take all the wires back apart and take unit down to drill it, I carefully took my cordless drill up the ladder to reach the camera (I mounted it to an existing box on my back yard patio that is on the second story up from the ground). This was very inconvenient and should not have been necessary if the whole through the camera were the correct size already !! I wonder if other people have into this same problem?? Well, other than that and several attempts to get the camera linked to my wife, it’s working good and am very happy with the result !

Works Very Well. Update4-16-2023 Upon updating my review on April 8th, Blonk support contacted me and arranged to send me a replacement. The replacement was very easy to install, the previous one had difficulty finding and connecting to the internet, the replecement connect wothin seconds and has been flawless. Based on this, I am restoring the 5 stars it had and deserved and cudos to the Blink team who were very helpful, and very responsive… Update 4-8-2023 I am having an issue where this becomes “disconnected” from the sync module. It has done it now about 5 times in 2 month. While disconnected, the lights don't work and neither do the camera. Pressing the button on top of the camera for about 5 seconds brings it back to life, but it then needs to be reconnected as if its a new device. It does not take long to do this, but yesterday it was raining and I could not do it until today. Other times it has become “disconnected”while I was away traveling leaving that area void of coverage. I have watched many of the help videos and have now move the sync module closer to the camera. I will do an update later if this helps… but one of the battery operated cameras on the sync module is a lot further away and has never failed… other than that, I am still pleased with it. This was a breeze to set up. Granted, I already have two Blink battery operated cameras and this connected to that modem / controller or whatever. It was very easy. Just carefully follow the instructions! The camera image is excellent and the wide angle gets everything into frame. Colors are bright and it has a good image. Night images are B&W and good. The quality of the video is good in the dark and much better when the lights are on. The brightness of the lights can be adjusted from the app. Actually everything can be adjusted from the app. You can even turn on or off the lights, talk or even sound a siren… thats pretty impressive!. The build quality is solid and i can't fault this (wired) light set with camera.. i do question the ridiculous amount of cardboard inside the box…total overkill! From what I see, I strongly recommend this set. It jumps right to the front of the pack…


Great lights and camera. I ordered two of these a couple of weeks ago. They came very promptly and I installed them. The first one was replacing a motion detecting floodlight and installation was very simple. Just took the old light down and put this one up. Once up scanned the code on the front of the manual and added it to my existing Blink system. The second one I put in a new location. I had to run a 120 volt wire and electrical box and then install the camera. Once the electrical work was done, the installation was as easy as the first one. I do like the S hook that comes with the package to hold the light/camera while you connect the wires. Also the package has the bolts, wire nuts, and S hook, everything you need to install. I did have a minor problem and had to call Blink technical support. I got right through to them and they were very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Blink system. I now have two doorbells, two wired lights/cameras, and two outdoor cameras. They all work well. When I drive in the driveway at night, the front and side of the house light up. A person cannot get into my house without being recorded. After a couple of weeks I want to add one thing. I had to get a new router and I set the WIFI name and password the same. But the Blink items would not connect without changing the WiFI on the Blink equipment. The wired floodlights have a reset button on the top of the camera. It has to be held for a few seconds to put the camera in the proper mode for resetting the WIFI. This is just STUPID. These cameras are made to be installed on the outside of houses up on walls. One my cameras requires a 24 ft extension to get to it to push the reset button. The engineers who designed the camera should have thought of this. So I still think these are great items, but just realize that if you need to change your WIFI you are going to be climbing up on a ladder to change the WIFI on these wired floodlight cameras. I just lowered the rating to 3. First after getting a new router I had difficulty connecting the 2 wired flood lights to it. On about the third call to support I learned for the first time that the Blink products only support 2.4 GHz wifi. This is a brand new product and I just can't imagine why they would design a product like this in 2022. I think it is a real design deficiency. Second, I normally have my iPhone on the 5 GHz wifi and I also just learned that in order to configure the blink products you have to be on the 2.4 GHz wifi. I wish I would have known this when I first got my units. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. I had to climb the 24 ft extension ladder again today to get one of the wired floodlights working. So I think these are good products with limitations. I think the biggest one is that the only way to connect to a different wifi or to reconnect if the connection is lost is to push the reset button. And since a lot of these will be mounted high on an outside wall, that will mean climbing a ladder. I just lowered my rating to one. They send me a replacement wired floodlight camera because the one would not work. I installed the new one and it still would not work. I called technical support and was on the phone over an hour with them. The conclusion was that I could not set the cameras to "Best" video mode, I had to reduce the resolution. So when I hung up it was working. That was at 8:47 p.m. AT 9:02 p.m it quit working. So the bottom line is that these wired floodlight cameras are just not reliable. In addition I bought them to get the best video I can because if someone is breaking into my house, I want the police to be able to identify them. If it can't produce quality video, then it is not worth having. At this time I suggest that everyone avoid these cameras. It may be that Blink will be able to fix the issues, but at this time the cameras are unreliable.

The siren is NOT motion activated. I bought this in hopes that any motion would not only activate the flood light but also SET OFF THE SIREN. But this is not the case. I admit, the description and everything I read before making this purchase was a little vague. Anyway, very disappointed that the siren does not go off with motion, you have to truly turn the on/off switch to ON to set the siren and when you do, the siren sounds, then goes off after 30 seconds! And the range with regards to the motion activation is not all that great either, no more than a regular Blink indoor outdoor camera in my opinion. I was hoping to see a broader range but I had to almost walk up to the camera, probably 10 ft before it detected motion. Lastly, the floodlight does not seem to work during the day either, only at night. We were going to use this indoors and was also hoping the flood light could be used more of a deterent no matter day or night time. I am still undecided if I am going to return it or not.

Mix review. There's nothing wrong with this camera and I like the fact that it announces over alexa when motion is detected - however... it's not a full 5 stars for the following reasons. 1 It requires a subscription to do PERSON MOTION DETECTION, which means that all you can do is ALL motion without it. This creates a problem because birds, bugs, cats, anything can give you a false reading. It only works while it is armed. I would prefer it announce motion during the day natively on alexa without the security being armed. On the plus side, grandfathered users can record to the cloud for free, but with several restrictions which can force you to take a subscription any way. Kinda buying a game console, but the catch is that the real cost is on the games you must buy to use it.

Camera doesn't take a still picture when I tap on the camera icon. The floodlight doesn't dim in the blink app.I have many blink cameras that work the flood camera to me doesn't work like it should im going to return it n buy a ring one n the light will not adjust to dim or bright.up date 6/3/2023 I got the floodlight camera to work better but it still will not take a still picture by tapping on the camera icon in the app. The live view works but can't set up the motion space with out a picture

Motion detector and flood light detect every tiny bug that passes the camera. didn't catch the car driving up the driveway. All evening long ding, ding, ding, ding...every 3 min. letting me know a bug passed by. Light was on most of the night. We returned it.

The ring product is better. I felt the RIng doorbell and flood light was a better product even though they are more expensive. Worth the extra $

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