Head Shaver 7D, Wyklaus Upgrade Head Shavers for Bald Men, Head Electric Razor with Nose Hair Trimmer, Waterproof Wet/Dry Mens Grooming Kit, Anti-Pinch, LED Display, USB Rechargeable

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head shaver head shaver
70 Head shaver 7D Replacement Head
Areas of Focus Head & Sidebums & face & Nose & Ear & Beard Head & Beard
Water Resistance IPX6 Waterproof IPX6 Waterproof
Floating Head 7D 7D

head shaverhead shaver

head shaver

head shaver

head shaver

Rubber Non-slip Design

The side of this razor is made of rubber, and the surface is designed with some bumps, which can generate greater friction with the hand and prevent slipping during use.

Smart LED Digital Display

LED screen displays the head shavers working time, you can know clearly the remaining shaving time, cleaning reminder and low battery reminder.

Cordless & Rechargeable

Head shavers uses new lithium battery technology. Enjoying 90 mins of cordless running time after just 1.5 hours of charging only by a 5V1A charger or connected to computer charging.

head shaver

head shaver

head shaver

Wet & Dry Shave

The 7D floating electric shaver for men has a waterproof system, which provides you a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave. You can comfortably shave in the shower, and with or without gel or cream.

Head Shaver

The head shaver makes it easy for you to cut your hair at home, keeping your hair concentrated in the head shaver for a comfortable and clean home.

Easy to Carry

Long-pressing the power button for 3 seconds to lock or unlock the shaver to prevent from being turned on by accidental.

head shaverhead shaver

Features & Specifications

  • 【7D Floating Shaving Head】The upgraded version of the 7D floating shaving system is ergonomically designed.The design of 7 cutter heads increases the shaving area and saves shaving time. Our shaver is designed with a non-slip handle for easy gripping, a great choice for your shaved heads.
  • 【Double Blade & Double Protective Net】Men’s bald head shaver uses double-layer durable blade to accurately capture long and short hairs, which are precise, sharp and safe. The double net provides protection and reduces irritation. The intelligent induction system effectively prevents hair pinching and brings you a comfortable and smooth shaving experience.
  • 【Professional Grooming Kit】 Wyklaus men's electric shaver includes head shaver, hair trimmer, nose hair trimmer, cleansing brush, hair trimmer combs(3/5/7mm) and USB cable. A large number of accessories can meet any of your shaving, beauty and cleaning needs, suitable for home and travel, and convenient for your life.
  • 【LED Intelligent Display】The bald head shaver for men with LED display can accurately show the percentage of the battery power. Low battery reminder, water washing reminder more intelligent. Long press the switch button for 3 seconds to trigger the travel lock to avoid additional power consumption. This electric shaver uses 600mAh large-capacity battery, 1.5 hours of fast charging can provide 90 minutes of working time.
  • 【Waterproof and Wet & Dry】If you want a cleaner shaving experience, we recommend that you use shaving foam to soften the stubble before using our razor. The whole body of the shavers for men is IPX6 waterproof, offered you a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with shaving foam. You can use the small brush provided for cleaning, which is easy to operate and easy to clean. This versatile shaving kit is a great gift for your husband or boyfriend.

Pros & Cons


So far it's exactly what I was looking for. I'm currently keeping my head shaved for the summer. I was worried to use this since I have a full head of hair. It's been a few weeks and it cuts very nicely. I shave every 3rd/4th day. The battery out of the box read 100%, but went dead mid shave at 50%. Fully charged now, fingers crossed I don't have the battery issues mentioned in other reviews.

Shaves close, and holds a charge. First head shaver I've ever bought. It does a good job. In just a minute or 2 you can be done with the shave and it does a nice job. You have to pay attention because you can miss hairs, but I'm sure that's true of any shaver. This shaver makes getting hard to reach places easy because of the grip, and ability to mold to your head. I would definitely recommend. Also I get many shaves off of one charge, so it's pretty efficient. The only complaint I have (and it's minor) is that the charger cable is proprietary vs a standard USB cable, so it's one more cord to remember to bring on travel, but truth is, on anything less than a 3 week trip you won't need it anyway.

Good Quality at a Reasonable Price. Does a good, clean shaving job. As some others have indicated, works better when used regularly rather than waiting for the hair to grow out very much. Low on the scalp irritation scale.

Nice product. My husband loves it. It makes it easy for him to use and gives him a close shave.

Great product and Great Customer Service. Thank you Olivia for Great Customer Service on Handling the situation containing to my purchased item. I appreciate your hard work and how it was handled in a timely manner. Men i recommend that you purchase this item. It gives a clean shave and is suitable for your face and head. It will meet all your daily needs. Especially if you are a man on the go. It comes with a carrying bag and with all the items nessacary to keep your product clean and working . You should try this item. Am telling you, you will fall in love. It is very manageable. This product has a battery charge as well of a 100%. Once again if you are a man that's on the go , this product would be your ideal item to get. As well as a great gift request for your friends or your family. You might even want to get one for your buddy. And see how he likes it as well. Once you purchase this item it will change your view on some of the men razors that you have purchased at other places. I think that you will be very satisfied with this item. Once again if you are a man that loves to have a clean smooth shave. Especially your head and face, this shave will be the ideal shaver for you. Trust me you won't go back. My man loves it. And the price is not bad for what it can do. The performance is great. Am just encouraging you to try it and you can also rate the quality yourself. I just feel like it is a great item to purchase for your husband or your friend if your man loves a clean shave head or face or you might love a clean faced or head man. Wyklaus head shaver is the shaver to get. I think you would be satisfied. Thank you once again, "Olivia" for great customer service . Would I purchase this product again , I sure would. Great customer service is everything. This product I feel is worth you getting and trying it.

Great shaver, one tiny complaint. This is a great bald head shaver, definitely the best I've used so far. It does best if the stubble is on the shorter side. The only complaint is that it's really hard to get my temples/above my ears totally close with this. Other similar shavers have a flip up trimmer that would have been a nice addition here. Without a doubt this is better than the others for doing the crown area of my head, where the others usually struggle.


Works very well the first month. As first this seems like a game changer to me. Smooth and easy to use. Over the time (a few months), I still use it, but: - I found this could be more powerful. Even with deep cleaning, I feel the power is not as good as first. - I feel like the "blades" are less efficient already. Need to shave longer and longer month after month in order to get the job done. - Quality parts is questionable. The main "plug" of the head shaver got damaged over the time. I still can use it, but I am not sure for how long. Overall, I like the idea of this product, but I am skeptical about the quality of the parts. I feel this will not survive a year.

faster head but not.... Gives a faster head shave but still not smooth. Still feel a little stubble. Doesn't cut very good on you face, chin, or beard. It's so big to get the curves of your chin, upper lip etc. Works best on your whole head because of the size, shape and the hairs are softer too. The face hairs can be tough stiff, so it doesn't cut that well and sometimes you can get a pulling on your beard vs a cutting. I like it somewhat for my head because it saves some time. But still use a better handheld Remington shaver to get that no stubble silky smooth feel when needed.

Good but manufacturer need to correct things. This shaving machine is good but need to do the finishing touches on the blades. When use this blades, it work well but the hairs filled up the back of each blade and it won’t make work fine on next cut. Cleaning up these blades requires a lot of work if you use brush but if use air blower it might make it easier. Seller and manufacturer need to correct this issue.

‍♂️. Worked great for a few months then the head buzzer attachment piece stopped turning so I bought a replacement and it worked great. However now when I plug in the actual shaver to its power source I get a blinking “Er” message

Not as fast of a cut as shown. Bought this for my husband because he likes his head shaved often. So, I thought this would be a great item to have and would be very quick to use. Not at all quick. It takes longer than what is shown and doesn't do a clean cut either.

Ehh. Wild not buy again. The shaver at first worked fine. My two biggest issues - 1. Battery goes from 70%-0 2. You can’t properly clean the foils. The blades aren’t removable so hair gets stuck and there’s no way to get it out. The unit is only effective for the first few uses.

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