Wavytalk 5 in 1 Curling Wand Set

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curling iron wand5 in 1 curling wand set

Wavytalk 5 IN 1 Curling Wand Set

Different size can make different hairstyles

0.5″ barrel works for small curls

0.5-1″ conical barrel works for medium curls

1″ spiral barrel works for vintage waves

1.25″ barrel works for loose curls

1.49″ curling iron brush works for loose relaxed curls, volumizing, and Bangs.

Details of our curling wand set

  • Voltage:120-240V
  • Power:55-60W
  • Max temperature: curling wand 410℉(210℃)
  • Curling brush: 356℉(180℃)

curling wand

dual voltage curling wand

curling iron wand set

Heat Up Instantly

With advanced PTC heat technology, it helps heat up instantly within 30s to save your time when you are in a rush.

Dual voltage (120-240V AC)

Dual voltage 120-240V, plug meet US standard, for Trips Around the World!

Easy to Interchange

Assemble: Make sure the button and the icon of the barrel is on the same side, then insert the barrel into handle to lock it in place. Disassemble: Pull the barrel directly off the handle while keep pressing the button.

curling wand set

bubble curling wand

bubble wand curling iron

curling wand

Heat Resistant Glove

Safety Stand

Anti-scald Insulated Wand Tip

360° Swivel Salon Cable

Make your own style anytime and everywhere!

styling wand

curling wand set small curling wand bubble curling wand curling wand 137 curling iron set
Curling Wand Set Curling Wand Bubble Curling Wand Beach Waves Curling Iron Flat Iron Curling Iron Set
Temperature Range 356℉- 410℉ 260℉- 420℉ 260℉- 420℉ 300℉ – 420 ℉ 170℉-450℉ 410℉
Dual Voltage

Features & Specifications

  • Curling wand with different size can make different hairstyles:The sizes of Wavytalk 5 in 1 curling wands are 1 inch bubble barrel curling wand ;0.35-0.7 inch tapered barrel curling wand; 0.5-1inch tapered barrel curling wand ; 1.25 inch curling wand; 1.49inch curling brush.
  • The Unique Curling brush engineered longer thermal bristles that grab and gently glide through the hair, helping to wrap the hair around the barrel for a smooth styling. Works for loose relaxed curls, volumizing and Bangs.
  • Heats Up Instantly: This 5 in 1 curling wand set made of high quality PTC & Ceramic Technology which help to make smooth and shiny hair style.
  • Easy to Interchange barrels: Quick to install design makes it easy to change the barrel.The handle of our curling wand is made of heat-resistant rubber material, and designed an insulation tip on curling wand & a insulated glove to protect your hand!
  • Make your own style anytime and everywhere:Dual voltage curling iron (110-240V AC), for Trips Around the World;An deal Gift for yourself/ family/ friends.

Pros & Cons


Interesting, but not as amazing as I was hoping. EDIT::So I wrote the review below and didnt think much of it, just hoping to bring awareness to those who might be questioning their purchase, a few weeks ago a customer service agent by the name of Carrie reached out to me through email in regards to the concerns that I had lodged here. I was very impressed as they not only read the reviews but had a few different ways for me to rectify my concerns. They offered me the updated (from what I had) version, the version with the clamps on a few curlers as well as a refund. I was blown away with the customer service!! I chose the updated version with the clamps on a few barrels and I LOVE it! It has created AMAZING looks and Ive only had it for less than 2 weeks! I have very long hair, IE lower back, so getting curls isnt easy, but this has kept it (with product) unlike others that I have used. Thank you Carrie and company for making my opinion feel validated and rectifying my concerns! Kel I was honestly hoping for more with this. Though, I cant say that it isnt a decent curler. My issue is that this is not easier that just using a typical curler, its just nice to only have one handle and a few heads.... Honestly cant say that I am super happy with this purchase. The....ball chain?...dunno what they call it.... makes a really lovely curl, if you do it right. The two tampered cones- not great, cant really hold the hair and curl, it just goes down the barrel. regular barrel is decent, but still... could be done easier with a normal curler. Honestly havent used the curling brush and honestly didnt realize that I had that (checked I do) so I cant imput with that attachment at all. Overall, I honestly hesitate to recommend this to any of my friends. For the price? a typical curler works fine for 1/3 the price...

Excelente kit. El kit es muy completo y fácil de usar, se puede crear diversos estilos con este, la temperatura es moderada y el la duración del peinado realmente vale la pena, mi cabello es muy fino y realmente me lo mantiene bien sin necesidad de utilizar ningún fijador.

Broke after having it for 7 months. EDIT: after posting this review; their customer service msged me asking if I would like them to send me a new one or a refund (via Amazon gift card) 10/10 customer service! Bought this to do my hair for my wedding last year (September 2022) I use it pretty often when I want to quickly do my hair. Worked great first. But died on me this week after not using for a while. Disappointed.

I love it! I was very surprised at the quality of the irons for the price. I love the fact that I can effortlessly swap out the different attachments. Definitely would recommend if you like to switch up styles.

So far it's pretty great! I'm just learning how to use hot tools on my hair, never even used a blow dryer until this year. This tool works pretty good, but the temperature is way too high. If I'd known it's important to pay attention to temps for different kinds of hair, I wouldn't have gotten this one. Unfortunately I use it less than I planned, so I don't damage my hair. But besides from not having a temp control, it's pretty good. I use the bubble wand the most because it's easy for beginners... I can't really figure out what to do with the brush, it doesn't seem to have any effect on my hair when I use it, even after watching multiple videos on how to use it. I haven't really figured out the tapered barrel.. my hair just slides to one end when I try to use it.. but I'll keep practicing. And the tiny wand makes really slinky small curls and I just haven't needed those for anything, but testing it out, it was pretty neat!! The glove is a necessity.. I usually burn a finger when I don't use it, lol. But the clips only work for small handfuls of hair. It's easy to set up, heats up fairly quick, and does work pretty well. I am learning that the products you use with your styling tools are what makes the most difference in hold, longevity, frizz, etc. But over all, the tool itself is pretty good if you need a high temperature! Oh and the thicker wand is nice for wavy looks! Especially just curling the end of my hair or ponytail! So I'd say it's worth it for the sale price that I paid!

AMAZING CURLING IRON! I'm absolutely in love with this curling iron! I've used it multiple times since purchasing and my hair always comes out the way I want it. It's easy to use when styling and when switching attachment heads. It does get pretty hot but that's a plus for me since I have very thick hair.


Came as advertised. Really cool attachements. I guess I am new to the world of real hair care though because I didn't understand that there is no barrel clamp like traditional curling irons. I guess the photo should have made that obvious but it never occured to me that anything was made like that (maybe to avoid the clamp-y look at the ends of your hair?). Anyway I just don't have the patience to figure out how to not burn my forearm a million times trying to use my glove-protected hand to wind my hair around these admittedly cool attachments. I kept the product but recent bought a traditional curling iron and use it every day instead.

Great product, but……. The quality of this curling iron is awesome!!! The only problem I have with it, is that the 1 inch attachment does not have a clasp to hold hair in place like the rest of the attachments. I do not know about you, but I’m not a fan of being burned. I did my time with that when I was young and inexperienced with holding a curling iron. I really didn’t want to purchase another curling iron, but I guess with my preference of a 1 inch, I’m left with no choice. Sucks!!!

Hot, hot, hot and no clamps on barrells. So I was excited to get this because of all the attachments it has for different styles. The barrells do not have clamps to hold the positions which I prefer. And while I saw the glove, I did not read the instructions because doing my hair I am not new at. Reading instructions, my bad. I burned my finger when I accidently used the brush and was trying to make sure my hair would curl. So mental note...put the glove on lol. I'll get over it. Still I would prefer this to have all barrells with a clamp on them. So I now have to buy yet another with the clamps as well.

I love it, but very HOT a lot of smoke when I style. The media could not be loaded. Fine hair people be careful this gets HOTTTT. There’s smoke when I style my hair, which idk if that’s normal, haven’t seen anyone talk about that on here. - But I love how it comes with clips, gloves, a bag, and multiple heads. I saw it on tiktok & got it, cause I’ve been wanting the Amika. So far I like it, I’m just worried of how hot it gets.

Gets extremely hot so I returned. I found no huge issue with this product but only had for one day because it was extremely hot. Even on the lower temperature settings.

It is NOT a Blowdryer. I would just like to explain on why I gave it a 3/5 stars.I love how they all turned out especially with many different curling styles but the only thing I was disappointed in is that the blow drying on isn’t really a blow dryer.It’s literally just a heater which really upset me and now I have to order a blow dryer alongside with this product.

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