TPOB Slime 2 Professional Hair Clipper – Superpowered 6500 RPM Whisper Quiet Barber Clipper, Black Diamond Carbon DLC Fade Blade for The Closest Haircut and Beard Trims

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Ideal For Size Zero Cuts, Fades, Lineup, Beard, Mustache & Home Haircuts

Tired of spending your hard earned Money, Time and Energy on expensive Mens Hair Clippers which don’t deliver the wanted results? Enjoy a Professional Hair Clipper Made Especially for Barbers & Stylists. Get the Best experience from the comfort of your own home with our Barber Clipper! Our Cordless Hair Clipper includes everything you need for a user-friendly Hair Clipper. The Slime2 has a rechargeable li-ion battery which provides up to 90 minutes of continued use, having a practical Detailer Trimmer allows you to reach all angles for perfect results. The Adjustable DLC blade (or Taper on the Candy) provides highly precise cuts, ideal for zero Gap cuts, Outlining, Sculpting, Head Shaves, Beard Trims and more !

Technical Specs:

  • Super Torque Box Motor
  • 440c Japanese Steel Blades
  • USB Charging
  • Color Coded Guide Combs
  • Available in Slime Green or Candy Pink



TPOB Slime 2 Professional Hair Clipper - Superpowered 6500 RPM Whisper Quiet Barber Clipper, Black Diamond Carbon DLC Fade Blade for The Closest Haircut and Beard Trims


Black Diamond Carbon Blade

Choose from either our DLC Fade Blade (Slime) or Titanium Taper Blade (Candy) Both stay cooler, + rust free for longer giving you the closest precision cut possible.

Luxury Packaging

Iphone style’ high end collectible packaging, with slime decals and plush inner foam to keep your Trimmer safe after use.

Matching Charge Stand

All Clippers come with a matching Charge Stand. Place your Slime2 on the stand after each use to make sure you always have power! (Also can use with the charging cable)

Color Coded Lengths

Now with a Color Key so you can easily achieve the perfect length, so simple even a beginner can do it! Perfect for Home Cuts

TPOB is a Barber and Stylist Brand that represents a new Generation of Professional Tools, Trimmers, Clippers, Shavers & Accessories aiming to bring High End Barber Tools at the Best Prices.

How we were founded?

TPOB was created in 2018 because we were sick and tired of the Barbering industry being run by Corporations and non Barbers, TPOB has quickly become one of the worlds leading clipper brands. Our company goal is to create high end products for a more affordable cost, products created by Barbers for Barbers.

Why We LOVE what we do?

We love to provide Customers with Quality Devices & Colorways they have never experienced. Most Professional tools are pricey for a single Device. We are Here to provide the Similar products for Less. Most people can’t Afford Trimmers and Clipper sets. We Want our community to know we have their back, and what way to do that than to provide a product that performs without breaking the Bank. That’s what Drives us, That’s what keeps us moving.

Features & Specifications

  • The ultimate clipper for speed and power, the TPOB SLIME 2 uses advanced Lithium Ion technology for sustained power and performance with a 6800 RPM box motor and whisper quiet running.
  • Professional clipper with Carbon Blade Technology, for a sharper cut and a smoother finish, with faster feeding and smoother blending.
  • Includes: Charging Stand, (0.5,1,1.5,2,3,4,5,6) guards, USB Charger, Oil, Protection Cap.

Pros & Cons


Love it! Love this clipper ! I will be buying a back up as well as trying out the rest of TPOB clippers. I was originally drawn to the clippers for the green aesthetic to match my style. I was a bit nervous due to the pricing. I thought it was to good of a price to be a quality clipper. I was intrigued none the less as is did have similarities to my whal clipper, I was curious if it cut similar. When I opened the product I was in love and when I felt the clipper I couldn’t believe how light the clipper is. I’m a female barber, my hands are smaller then most men so clippers like the baybliss can be very bulky for me to work with . These worked perfectly. The light weight had reduced the shoulder discomfort I deal with on a daily basis. The clipper also does not heat up fast the way my whals tend to quickly heat up during a cut. Honestly a 5 star product. Worth every dollar! I I I Am a TPOB FAN!

Light weight. I love these clippers. I cut around 30 heads a day and Im always searching for light weight clippers. These things are amazing. They glide through thick, course hair like nothing. Fades great. The only issue I have is now the charge barely last through a haircut (20 -30 minutes). I always have my Whals on stand-by. If they could fix this issue or make a cord to attach I would never buy another brand.

Best bang for your buck. I was skeptical of the clippers when I saw the price but no joke these cut better than other clippers I’ve tried 3 times the price I love these clippers and look forward to trying some more tpob clippers in the future them candy clippers forsure get the 5 stars in my opinion

Cuts hair like butter with a hot knife. These things just gliiiiiide through hair! I was using Wahl magic clips and loved them but they started to go out on me and I figured it was just time for a new pair. I do 20-30 men's cuts a day where I work and wowzers these bad boys do the trick! The material feels so nice, they're light so they're easy on my wrist, and I feel like I'm just flying through the hair. Big fan. 10/10. I was afraid the pink material would be similar to how my babyliss rose fx clippers were and that the color would fade off but nope, they're pretty legit.

Amazing clippers. I liked the design and the charging stand it comes with, it has all the guards including its 0.5 and1.5. I am a beginner barber and these are perfect for me , they are kinda like the qual magic clips

Literal Perfection. Before purchasing these I have been using the Babyliss Boost+ clippers and Wahl gold magic clips and the Babyliss silverFX prior. SilverFX was trash for it’s price level; battery life was hot garbage and the frequency at which you have to remove the blades to clean all of the hair that gets trapped and bogs them down is ABSURD! (That goes for the Boost+ as well) Wahl gold magic clips are just entirely too loud and I despised them. The TPOB Candy Clippers legitimately fix every issue I’ve stated above. They cut like an absolute dream, they’re insanely quiet, super lightweight, so incredibly easy to keep clean, and the battery life is amazing! Also, THE PRICE POINT… insane. The quality of this clipper is far beyond it’s price. Couldn’t possible recommend these any more highly! I’ve let two of my coworkers use them and they’re both waiting on theirs to arrive. Do yourself a favor and ditch these corporate duds and support TPOB. You won’t regret it.


Don't put your magic clips in the charger accidentally. I blew two clippers that way. You can't really zero gap and you have to go over and over again but all in all they are cute.

Would return if I could. The media could not be loaded. I am a barber and I bought these knowing they were high dollar clippers. I thought they looked cool so I wanted to give them a try. If I could send them back I would. There is little power and the fading lever doesn’t have a true center. So that makes it difficult to give a good fade. The main thing u do when fading is to put the lever in the middle to fade a section out. This lever moves in quarters. Meaning it has 4 positions. Top, 2 middle spots and the bottom. So the lever goes above and below the middle but not the middle. I used these on my son bc I didn’t know if that would be an issue or not. I’m glad I didn’t use them on a client. I had to get my other clippers to finish the cut. This is my experience. Maybe someone else had another one with them? But this is me being honest. I would not recommend them. I gave it 2 stars bc they look cool

I don't like how it works. I trusted in the opinions and videos on YouTube, everyone said that it was an excellent machine, a marvel on the planet and it was not like that, I was disappointed, it looks well built, it is striking but when I used it I realized that it does not cut with precision, as if it had difficulty catching the hair and cutting it, the hair just slipped on the blade, and that makes me desperate. To use the technique on the comb on thick hair, it did not work well, it has the same blades as the magic clip. if you want a good machine go for the style craft absolute, it cuts like butter, good facing, good polishing and precise.

Not so good. They are good for low fades! The hair gets stuck in the guard! Their like cheap hard plastic I would recommend to a student barber

Not professional. This clippers show an amazing bald fade ... they are not for professional they do not cut thick hair at all and pull very disappointed, especially since they were so lite don't be spoofed by the great video.

Slime big flop. Not a good clipper for professional barbers. I thought I was ordering the tpob goblin, but that was my fault ordered the wrong clippers.

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