SURKER Mens Hair Clippers Cord Cordless Hair Trimmer Professional Haircut Kit for Men Rechargeable LED Display

SURKER Professional Hair Clipper

1.5-19MM Adjustable Length

1.5-19MM Adjustable Length

Equipped with 8 length adjustment combs, which can precisely adjust the hair length of 1.5-19mm to meet your various hair cutting needs.

Packed with a full range of grooming accessories for all your home haircutting needs. Whether you are inconvenient to go to the barber shop or want to save time or money, this professional hair clipper can provide you with an excellent experience.

SURKER Mens Hair Clippers Cord Cordless Hair Trimmer Professional Haircut Kit for Men Rechargeable LED Display

USB Universal Charging& 2500mAh Lithium Battery

Length Adjustment Lever

Self-sharp Stainless Steel Blade

It can maintain long-term sharpness, and the blade speed is extremely fast, and will not pull hair, which is suitable for dry/wet hair style.

USB Universal Charging

The rechargeable clipper has a long-lasting battery life of up to 5 hours and can be charged by USB for convenience.

Length Adjustment Lever

The thumb taper lever on the left side enables easy haircut length adjusting(From 0.8mm to 2.0mm)

Heavy Duty Motor

Selective Trimming Comb Attachments

LCD Display

Heavy Duty Motor

This hair clipper is equipped with a high-power motor, which can cut hair quickly and accurately, and easily trim thick hair without pulling the hair

Selective Trimming Comb Attachments

The trimmer is supplied with 8 Guide comb attachments of 1.5mm,3mm,4.5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm,19mm.

LCD Display

From the display you can get: battery percentage display (1%-100%),right charging light (flashing when less than 10%).

SURKER Mens Hair Clippers Cord Cordless Hair Trimmer Professional Haircut Kit for Men Rechargeable LED Display


Model: K9C

Charging time: 3 hours

Using time: 5 hours

Operating voltage:3V

Package Include:

1* Hair Clipper

1* USB Cable

8* Guide Combs (1.5mm,3mm,4.5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm,19mm)

1* Protection cap

1* Cleaning Brush

1* User Manual

1* Hairdressing Cape

Features & Specifications

  • ELECTRIC PROFESSIONAL HAIR CLIPPER - Designed for smooth, quick,and precise clipping performance on all types of hair with long lasting high-carbon enhanced self-sharpening precision stainless steel blades(Blade can be washed by water,easy to clean)
  • WIRELESS WITH HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY -Built-in rechargeable premium and safer battery cell, offers up to 300 minutes of running time with charging 3 hours,LED light indicates battery level
  • LENGTH ADJUSTMENT LEVER - The thumb taper lever on the left side enables easy haircut length adjusting From 0.8mm to 2.0mm
  • 8 COLORFUL GUIDE COMBS & ADJUSTABLE CUTTING LENGTH - The adjustable taper lever of clipper allows customization of cutting lengths from 0.8mm to 2mm. Equipped with new style 8 color coded guide combs(1.5mm,3mm,4.5mm,6mm,10mm,13mm,16mm,19mm), making your haircut easy and funny
  • LED DISPLAY AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The LED display of this clipper clearly shows remaining percentage of battery.This professional hair clipper for men is very comfortable to hold,easy to use and clean even for first-time users

Pros & Cons


PROFESSIONAL QUALITY. Ive been a master barber for over 30 yrs. .one of the BEST clippers I've ever used AMAZING!!!..My coworkers have clippers that are over $200 and lower quality... UPDATE: After using daily for approximately 3 weeks and doing approximately 10 hair cuts a day I'm even more sold....I can go2 days without a charge..cuts threw thick curly hair like nothing..SO IMPRESSED! ......Almost 2 yrs. later using 40 hrs a week there STILL cuting like new...A must buy!

YOU MUST READ THIS! Had to rewrite this review because these clippers blew me away once i got it to work! I have most of the expensive brands and these are equivalent to the wahl seniors or even better with just 1 simple modification. Once you get these clippers, throw away those stock blade and get yourself a magic clip blade and they fit really well and easy to zero gap! Motor is strong and lasted me 5 haircuts before needing to charge, crazy! It is made very well and solid. I also use my wahl guards and my babybliss fx chord to charge. motor is not loud at all compared to the other well known brands. All i could hear is hair getting cut like butter. Power is consistent and doesnt lose power. Stays the same. I will definitely be purchasing 3 more!

Not a fake review! Simply the best clippers no one knows about! I'm normally skeptical of Amazon reviews, so I zoom in on the less than 5 star reviews as the truth. Regardless, the truth is that these are best clippers I've ever used to cut hair. I've been doing so for nearly 25 years, using the typical Wahl, Andis lines, etc, and none come close to the quality of cut, price, or wireless flexibility of this unknown brand that I bought on a whim. I may have to get another pair just because it's so rare to find a high quality anything on Amazon anymore. Rest assured, these clippers are among the best ever made. They cut sharply, leaving a uniform length head-wide, without any knicks. One 15m cut only reduced the battery from 100 to 94. The materials seem high quality and have weight. Probably heavier than my wahl masters, but man, these 'Surkers' (change the name) cut like butter. Companies like this stay in business during Corona. If you're starting out as barber, definitely get a few of these. I hope they make liners too one day.


NOT GOOD. Obviously used. Had finger prints and bent/broken parts. Warning to others

received the use one. I received the use one, so disappointed, hairs all over the clipper, so scare to tough. I will send it back to Amazon on Monday.

Very disappointed, oil leaked, chipped blade, damage guard. Just got the package today and I am very disappointed. When I opened it, first thing I noticed was oil all over. The bottle of blade oil that came with it has a leak on it and it leaked out over half of it. I had to wipe and clean everything including the clipper. Second I noticed some small chipped behind the blade as seen on the photo attached. It doesn’t look to be dented but I’m not sure if this will have an affect when cutting hair. Also it made a scuff on the side of the blade after turning it on to test it. Third I noticed the smallest blade guard has a hole/cut on it. It looks like it got burned and the plastic melted. I haven’t tried to cut hair with it yet, I decided to write a review right away out of my disappointment with this item.

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