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Några Coola Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Några Coola face cleansing device is an upgraded V-Sonic facial brush with 5 adjustable massage intensities. The new Nordic design features brand new details, a larger brush head, softer, fine touch-points and waterproof. Add them up and you get one thing: a way better and a way deeper cleanse.

Features & Specifications

  • REVEAL YOUR BEST SKIN WITH EFFORTLESS CLEANSING: Några Coola advanced sonic face brush is made of ultra-hygienic silicone, meaning you can get a much gentle cleanse. It is your perfect face cleansing brush that any skin type can enjoy. Removing 99% of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, this lightweight electric face scrubber is the go-to solution for refreshing and illuminating every complexion
  • ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF A RELAXING, FIRMING MASSAGE: Compared to the facial brushes for cleaning and exfoliating on market, Nagra Coola face wash brush boasts a reverse, anti-age brush side that massages in your favorite creams and serums and helps their absorption. A 90-seconds soothing routine also firms your skin and enhances blood flow for an even better glow
  • RADIANT RESULTS AFTER EVERY CLEANSE: The face care routine with Några Coola facial cleanser brush is quick and effortless, and the electric facial cleansing brush will see to your skin looking glowing and radiant every day. Only 3 minutes of your time is enough for a complete treatment: first, you remove the dirt in 90 seconds, then you flip the device and massage wrinkle-prone areas for another 90
  • BENEFITS: Nagra Coola face cleanser brush lifts away dirt, oil, and makeup residue and unclogs your pores. At the same time, anti-age massage promotes circulation with silicone ridges on its reverse side. Regular use leaves skin luminous and firm. Plus wireless charging and ergonomic handle design
  • SUGGESTED USE: Dampen your face and apply your favorite cleanser to your electric face cleaning brush. Wet sonic facial brush and turn it on. Glide facial scrub brush in circular motions over your face for 1 and half minutes. After that, rinse rechargeable face cleansing brush, pat-dry your face, reverse and massage wrinkle-prone areas for another 1 and half minutes

Pros & Cons


ASNME vs ASNME Summer/Winter vs Nagra Coola vs PMD Clean Pro. I checked out 4 different silicone cleansing brushes and have ranked them from favorite to least-favorite in the analysis below: The winner: ASNME Sonic Silicone Face-Cleansing Brush (Round & teal, upgraded model) I had a hard time picking a winner between the two ASNME brushes, but in the end, I decided my favorite is the small round teal brush. This one edged out the other ASNME model, because of the brush head itself. The bristles are super soft and there is a pillowy cushion beneath those bristles. This combo makes it the most super-soft and gentle brush I have found yet. The brush head on this particular model is also bigger than the other ASNME model, and of all the others in this comparison. This model also has light therapy and none of the others in this comparison have that feature. Even though the brush head is the biggest of the 4, the overall product size is the smallest and most compact of all of the brushes in this comparison (because it doesn't have a handle), so it is really portable and great for travel. The magnetic charging function makes connecting so easy. What this model lacks is the cooling feature of the other ASNME model, and it has only two brush speeds. Because there is no handle, it’s a little harder to grip than the others, and it doesn’t come with any kind of drip tray or travel pouch, so those things have to be found and purchased separately. Here’s the link for this model: 2nd place, by just a smidgen: ASNME with Summer/Winter feature I really like this brush too. I only rated it second because the brush head is a little smaller and it doesn’t have that pillowy cushion beneath it. The bristles are, however, very soft, and it feels nice on the skin. The main reason I like this particular brush is because of the metal plate on the other side. Not only does it have the heating function, just like the other ASNME model, but it also has a cooling function! This cooling function could be a real boon to anyone with under-eye puffiness. I do not have puffy eyes, but my undereye area is really dry, and putting moisturizer under there and going over it with the cooling function feels fabulous! I also like that you can open your pores while putting on serums using heat, and then go back over everything with the cooling function to close up your pores. That’s a really neat feature! This brush comes with a stand to help it drip-dry. I was hoping the stand would be the actual charger, but it isn’t. The charging process is done separately with a cord. It isn’t magnetic like the other ASNME brush, but it’s still easy to connect. The long-handled grip feels nice and secure in my hand. This brush has more options for speed. There are 3 intensity settings, plus one option for a pulsed vibration, and then a final button press takes you to no vibration at all, so you can then just do heat or cold without vibration. I love that no-vibration setting, with the winter option, for under the eyes. What I’m not as thrilled with is the purple color. That’s just a matter of taste, but I wouldn’t want to keep this on my counter, since it clashes with my bathroom. I would have preferred a spa-blue or some neutral color. But that’s a minor thing. This particular brush does not have light therapy. And it’s quite a bit noisier than the other brushes in this comparison. Here’s a link for this model: 3rd Place (this product): Nagra Coola The best feature of this brush is the slightly more intense vibration on the back side, for massaging. This brush is super quiet (quieter than all of the others) and has more speed options (5). The sonic sensation feels strong. The brush head is very soft, although not as soft as the small ASNME brush. It has a magnetic charger which is super easy to connect. The handle feels comfortable and secure. This brush has a tiny patch of firmer, bigger bristles up at the top, I guess so you could maybe focus on, for instance, a dry patch of skin? The color of this brush differed from the product pic. They show it as a lighter blue color, but it is quite dark actually. I would have preferred light blue. This brush does not have light therapy or heating and cooling. It also does not come with a stand. But if you mostly just want a sonic brush, you don’t care about light therapy or heating and cooling, and you like the idea of the massaging side, this is a very nice brush and it feels great on the skin. Least favorite: PMD Clean Pro RQ The nicest feature of this brush is the rose quartz. It really does feel lovely and cool on the skin (even without having a cooling setting). The heating function is also nice and will stay on for a long period of time. There are several vibration options. The grip feels very secure in the hand and the brush comes with a hard plastic travel pouch. The base is wide and so the brush will stand up on its own for drying. But because of the high price tag on this item, I can’t recommend it. The ASNME brush with the winter/summer feature is just as nice as the PMD brush, at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but I really disliked the brush head on the PMD unit. It is very firm and not gentle at all. It is not a good option for someone with sensitive skin. I have also read lots of reviews that said they accidentally knocked over the brush and the quartz broke or the quartz just developed cracks for no apparent reason. Please note that at the time of this review, I no longer had this brush in my possession, so I was unable to take a picture with all 4 brushes together. But I included a photo of this brush next to the smaller ASNME brush for size comparison. Here’s a link for this model: Final thoughts: I highly recommend both ASNME brushes. If you don't care about the cooling function, go with the smaller round teal brush. If you like the idea of the cooling feature and don't care about the light therapy, go for the long-handled purple brush. Or, you can get both ASNME brushes. I decided to keep both, since I can then have all of the features between the two brushes. The price point on these is low enough that owning both is affordable and still WAY cheaper than buying one PMD brush.

This product is really making a difference in my facial skin!! Amazing! Detailed review! It's only been 2 weeks since I've used this facial cleansing brush and I can tell a difference in my skin already. It does come with a charger that's magnetic and the charge seems to last a long time! I've had this for two week and haven't had to charge this product yet and I use this product at least twice a day (Once in the morning before shower and the second time before bed!) It's waterproof and very small! As far as what I use with the brush with I've started using the CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser For Normal to dry skin ( You can check the product on amazon). I'll usually take two drops from the tube and put it on my brush and dampen it with a little water and I'll turn the spin brush on and begin going all around my face and nose in circular motions slowly and GENTLY for about 1 minute, then I rinse off the brush with water. I wash the cleanser off my face with my hands with cold water.(Cold water is said to close your pores so this will be good so your skin doesn't get exposed too heavily to dirt toxins etc.). This leaves my skin glowing and more firm with a more even complexion. I literally feel like I've gotten a spa facial every time I use this brush! After drying my face with a clean warm towel I apply a moisturizer... I use the CeraVe healing ointment which is great I highly recommend. Since using the brush I've had zero breakouts so far and it seems to be slowly fading old stubborn scars I've had in the past year,I had a bad acne breakout last summer but since starting with my new regime, it seems to help even my complexion and fade scars. I've actually had people staring and complimenting on how good my skin is looking now!

Amazing!!! The first day I started using this, after I got done washing my face, I felt a HUGE difference in my face. It felt so smooth like a babies bottom. I am not lying when I say my face has been feeling differently ever since I started using this. It washes out my clogged pores & it feels like my face can actually breathe now. It even has a vibration option to make it easier to remove any dead skin / dirt off ur face. 100% recommend

A must for All. I was super disappointed when I found out Clarisonic no longer sells face brushes. So after being influenced to purchase this one I had to write a review I purchased one for me and my daughter for the price point great little device. It is on the smaller in but that’s just a job, we both love it. Perfect for traveling charge as well. Highly recommend.

I LOVE THIS DEVICE!!! Thi s is the BEST cleansing device I've ever used! I"m 58 and have really good skin. I never knew my skin could be even better! This cleanses the skin at another level! My pores are entirely cleaned out and my skin is so soft and smooth! It even makes my makeup look amazing cause my skin is so smooth! I own the Clarisonic and eh, it was okay, but this is far superior to that. Don't sleep on this!!!! For the price, you won't find anything to clean your skin better than this!!!

So nice, I bought it twice! I picked this up on special before, and I love it so much that I'm grabbing another one (on special) as a backup. When my Clarisonic finally bit the dust, I started searching for an alternative that would be kinder to my older, more sensitive and delicate skin. I had never used a silicone scrub pad for my face before, so I got a little flat manual scrubber to try out first. After deep cleansing with a Clarisonic for so many years, I had no expectation that soft silicone bristles would be effective at all. I don't know about deep pore cleansing, but I was very pleased to discover that silicone scrubbers definitely polish the skin and slough off any dead skin so that your face is very soft afterwards - meaning it is definitely turning over skin cells. Satisfied with those results, I found that I still missed the vibration aspect of my Clarisonic - I just feel like it helps with pore congestion and tones the face and neck a bit. So, after trying a couple different designs, I stumbled on this little Sonic Face Scrubber - it is a keeper! The size of the unit is perfect; the handle is a comfortable size to hold and the cleansing head is the right size for all the angles of the face and neck, and the bristles are not too blunt. I tried one of those other scrubbers that is shaped like the palm of your hand, and found that it was awkward to hold and it was difficult to use on the various angles of my face and the bristles were too rounded at the ends - that one will probably be relegated to the shower for shoulders and chest. I love that this is easily rechargable, so no batteries or loss of power. I have been using it for months and rinse it thoroughly without problem, so it does indeed seem waterproof. My only critical comment would be that there does not seem to be a noticeable difference in the speeds - when I click the + button, I can't discern that the speed has increased. The initial speed works great for me and the price point is reasobable enough that it has never been an issue for me. To aid with deeper pore cleansing, I have sought out some gentle products that have some glycolic acid included in the ingredients - this is very helpful in opening clogged pores to more gentle cleansing methods (really necessary for my T-zone). If you're wanting to try a silicone face scrubber, this is a great starting point! My skin definitely appreciates the gentler touch.


Nice Face Brush, Bad Cleanser. This is probably one of the most beautiful facial brush cleansers I’ve seen and used that’s also sanitary. However, it just does not clean as good as I thought. I normally get a lot of build up around my nose and T-zone area. But, it does not get all of the gunk around the crevices of your nose so I’m left with residue on my face still. I sometimes have to make one or two more passes just to get it all the way clean. It’s very nice with the different modes for cool/heat and vibrations but, does not clean as great as I’d imagine.

Does not come with charger. Received item, although it looks like it works wonderfully I have no clue where to get the charging cable for this thing nor what kind of charging cable it pretty useless.

Extremely beautiful design. Extremely beautiful design. I was so impressed with how pretty it was. But it barely vibrated at all, and basically was only good for manual cleaning. If you want an actual vibration or tool brush to swirl and really exfoliate the skin, I don’t recommend this product. That man! was I in love with a beautiful design! And the color was stunning. I nearly kept it to use as a manual face wash brush.

Good while it lasts. Lasted a whole four months so I guess you get what you pay for.

Use. It's not as good as I thought brush is very soft

Okay for the price. I had an expensive Clinique face scrubbing brush that I loved for years. It left my face incredibly smooth and clean. It died after several years of use and unfortunately I couldn’t fix it. I didn’t want to shell out another hundred bucks+ so I gave this one a try. It gets the job done but isn’t nearly as good as my other one. I also cannot get the heating function to work. It’s worth it for the price if you really want a brush over just using your hands.

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