Morovan Poly Gel Nail Kit with Everything Nail Extension Gel Kit with 48W LED Nail Lamp 8 Pcs 0.5oz Poly Gel Nail Kits with U/V Light Starter Kit Nail Supplies

Morovan Poly Gel Nail Extension Kit, 8 Colors Nail Extension Gel with 48W Nail Lamp All In One Poly Gel Set

poly gel nail kit

Why Choose Morovan Poly Nail Gel?


  • Along with numerous product testing trials, we’ve improved the poly gel to healthiest as well as the best quality for our customers. Made of 9 toxin FREE Gel formula, which provides great pigment, coverage, and long-lasting finished effect.


  • Stronger than hard gels;
  • Easy to apply, friendly with nail starters;
  • Safety, it’s monomer-free, 7-free, NO airborne dust.
  • Lightweight, it seems like that you’re not wearing enhancements;

poly gel nail kit

poly gel nail kit

poly gel nail kit

poly gel nail kit

48 Watt High Quality Nail Lamp

Quick Drying:Your average curing time is shortened by 50% with this nail dryer.

Wide Compatibility:Suitable for poly gel, nail polishes, base top coat and uv gels.

Smart Sensor and Adjustable Timer:3 timer settings of 5s/30s/60s and one automated setting at 99s. Ideal for home and salon use.

Comfortable for Eyes and Skin:White light source, protects your tender skin from getting darker or burn.

Professional Foundation Agent

Preparing the nail plate to create a foundation is the most important step in any professional artificial nail application. This set includes Base Coat and Top Coat,all ofthese are necessary to prepare your nails well.

Rhinestone Glue Gel and Sparkle Gems Sequins

Items: multishape rhinestones, butterfly and holographic sequins, nail stripping tapes, tweezer, dual-use nail brush and dotting pen, 15g rhinestone glue.

120PCS 12 Sizes Nail Dual Forms

Varied 12 Sizes Nail Dual Forms with curved scale and straight scale, more choices for you, no worry about that the dual nail forms do not fit you fingers any more.

DIY your style of poly gel nail art now!

Basic Nail Art Tools

High quality basic nail preparation tools and nail cleanser. You will need to use all of these when you want to get a strong, beautiful and long lasting effect of poly nail gel.

Morovan Professional Poly Gel Manicure Tools

poly gel nail kit

Design Yourself Poly Gel Nail Art

poly gel nail kitpoly gel nail kit


Best Service

If there are any problems with this poly nail gel kit, please does not hesitate to let us know and we will try our best to help you solve the problem.

Replacement Service is always available.

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Sequins – Eyes Catching/

This nail extension gel kit has shiny Sequins and Glitters as well as beautiful colors, with a little surprise in simplicity, this decoration can make your nails looks more gorgeous.

Morovan Poly Gel Kits Morovan Nail Foil Nail Art Kit Morovan Hard Gel for Nails Morovan Best Partner for Poly Gel Nails

Features & Specifications

  • MOROVAN Poly gel nail kit: With this complete poly nail gel kit, you can create trendy nail looks at home. All of this poly gel are popular colors and easy to create special beauty poly gel nail arts with other nail art supplies.
  • ALL-IN-ONE POLY GEL NAIL KIT: Come with 48W LED Lamp,8 pcs charming color poly gel, base coat,top coat and other basic poly gel nail art tools.whether It is beginners or nail lovers, this poly nail gel kit is convenient for you to build strong,flexible,feather-light nail extension.
  • LONG-LASTING POLY GEL NAIL EFFECT: Morovan Poly nail extension gel is easy to make shape and will last about one month or longer(filing, buffering, and cleaning ).With this,you can make this poly gel to shape easily and form on dual forms smoothly.
  • WARM TIPS FOR APPLYING THIS POLY GEL NAIL KIT: For preventing poly gel sticking to the brush or other poly gel nail tools,you can dip the brush in 75% rubbing alcohol , so the poly nail extension gel can be picked and formed on dual forms smoothly. If you want to change the nail art style and remove this poly gel for nails, you can file the poly gel down and then buffer it. A nail drill machine will save your time and help to remove faster and cleaner.
  • BEST SERVICE OF THIS POLY GEL NAIL KIT: We promise to provide all our customers with excellent products and services. If there are any problems with this poly nail gel kit, please does not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to help you solve the problem. please go ahead and make the purchase with full confidence. we offer replacement or refund service. Enjoy Your Shopping~

Pros & Cons


WORTH EVERY PENNY! *See important tips below! *EDIT- my nails lasted 3 weeks until I finally removed them to put on a new set! I love this polygel kit! I can quit wasting so much money on nail salons! I am a beginner doing my own nails. In fact, I got my nails done professionally for so long that I couldn’t even paint my nails right. But realizing how unhealthy acrylics are for the nail bed and how ridiculously expensive it is to maintain them I had to stop. The bad reviews on this product definitely scared me but I figured I would try it. First off, the kit was very well packaged and still arrived sticky like something had been leaking inside. Everything was pretty much full though and I was able to clean it up pretty easily so beware when you open it and be somewhere near a sink where you can clean up. It is kind of a messy process but once you get the hang of it you can easily contain the mess. Second- I did NOT expect these to turn out so cute on my first try!!! I love them and I have gotten compliments. Third- they are very sturdy and I didn’t have problems trying to open a soda can which would usually snap a weak nail. I’m on day 4 of wearing them and considering I didn’t put them on very well I’m really shocked none have chipped or fallen off. Fourth- the value for the money in this kit is great. The lamp is very good quality and it comes with all the tools you need! A couple of important tips: *WATCH THE YOUTUBE TUTORIALS BEFORE BEGINNING!!! *The base coat does not dry smooth. It dries very sticky so be prepared to apply the polygel nail shortly after applying the base coat! *Double the cure time! Cure the base coat for 120 seconds and the polygel for 120 seconds. *Keep the alcohol pads nearby to clean your fingers off because they will get sticky! *Do one nail first to find if you’re putting the right amount of polygel on. Go one at a time until you feel like you’ve got it down.

Beginner friendly, highly recommend! My very 1st time doing my own nails! Was a bit confused at 1st but after reading the directions & watching a quick YouTube tutorial this is how they came out. The only con would be to buy the nail clips to hold the polygel down while being cured under the UV light & use a nail drill to get them extra clean & professional looking

First time ever writing a review on Amazon. Definitely worth every penny. Extremely beginner friendly. Very easy to use. I definitely would rather this method instead of acrylic when it comes to doing your own nails. Literally comes with everything you need to essentially prepare your nails (primer and dehydrator is a plus) , love the colors and the nail art accessories. The lamp is great quality. Can’t wait to do my nails again with this kit and just with polygel in general. I would give it five stars but I would have loved for the size of the polygel colors be bigger. But you do get your money’s worth just seeing everything you get

Definitely recommend for beginners. The polygel itself is pretty thick and very sticky but with the slip solution they provide it's very easy to manipulate. I used the white first and did my right hand first, which was kind of difficult for me, then the next day painted the nails with regular polish and added a little gem. The gem glue wasnt the easiest or cleanest thing to open but its glue so I expected it... I added the provided top coat over top and I think they look pretty good. This was my first time ever using polygel and I will say I'm extremely satisfied with the quality of everything! For a beginner the instructions were clear and easy to follow but I also watched videos to help myself out. The nails feel very strong on my left hand (right hand was difficult for me because I'm right handed lol) after doing my right hand first though I became more confident and was getting the hang of it so the consistency of my left hands nails are pretty much perfect.. right hand is pretty uneven and I had a crack in one, that was easily fixed my dabbing a little gel on it. Pressing the form on with the gel loaded to my right hand wasn't as messy on the top but the underneath chunked up a little where I press down too hard that's really the only thing I don't care about but that was my own fault. I know when I go to do someone else's nails for them I won't have that issue I'll be able to control everything better it was just under my right hand that caused issues. And yes I know a lot of the nails are different shapes and that's my own fault because the way I was filing.

Great quarantine manicure. Very easy to use although I watched a few YouTube videos first. It takes practice and gets easier. These pictures show my nails before putting them on and before filing. I later purchased the clear clips to hold them on. Due to the shape of my nail bed, this provides a much better result. I also purchased an inexpensive nail drill. You will need one, so just include these items with your order.

Don't pay salon prices ever again! I had to find an affordable way to do my nails that didn't involve glue. I'm very allergic to the nail glue used with acrylics I was beyond skeptical when buying this. A kit that cost less than a trip to the salon was either going to be a bunch of junk or simply wouldn't work. I was wrong! Not only did it come with high quality items, it came with more than expected and was so easy to use! After using it twice I feel like I have a good idea of what I'm doing. This is great even for beginners. My husband, after a little confusion as to how it really works, was impressed with how good they look. To start it is more time consuming, but when you think of how long it takes for polish to dry, it's about the same. A couple of tips, make sure you use the correct size nail form. If you don't, you can get ridges, kind of like mini caves, at the base of your nail. It doesn't take much! The more you use the thicker your "nail" will be. Try to put a single squirt and spread it evenly. If you don't, you can get bubbles and weak nails. That all being said I can't wait to look at more colors. This is a great product! I'm so glad I spent the money. Totally worth it!


ultimately returned the Kit. Ultimately, I ended up returning this kit. Pros: the UV light was a very nice quality, it not only worked on a timer but also had motion sensors to turn on and off as I had my hands in and out. I almost considered keeping the kit just due to the light as I could use for gel nail polish and UV resin crafts. The instructions were clear, and the process was simple. The finish nail looked very smooth and pretty. Even the smell was surprisingly minimal. The colors were very pretty, and the accessories were fun to play with. Cons: The nails just did not have any staying power. They lifted and released withing 2 to three days. I even had many they popped off the first day doing such actions as sliding my hands into my pockets to grab and item. I ended up spending 15 to 30 min every other day just to maintain the nails. This is time I do not have to waist. Even though the nail bed is less damaged by the poly nails as opposed to solar or acrylic salon nails, by the time a few weeks had passed and the nails had to be replaced multiple times, my nails were very thin, and I had to pair the damaged nail down to the point there is not white showing and will have to regrow the whole nail out. This kit cost me over 10 hours of repairs and replacements by figure over three weeks’ time and now I have almost 2 months of time before my whole new nail bed grows out to remove the damage. I give it 3 stars as its possible my nail bed it to flat or something that is not the products fault. So, if you are looking at this as a pretty temporary nail, go for it. But is you want to replace your salon nails, I would not recommend it.


The lamps might not work after 2 time usage. The gels are awesome! I would've given higher stars, but after doing two sets of nails the lamps just stopped working. Yes I purchased two complete sets of this products containing different colors, because you cannot pick the specific colors that you want. First time used was fine and they lasted longer than normal. One cord overheated and needed to be replaced. Now even the other original cord that it came with isn't working giving no power. Now using the power cord that I purchased extra neither device wants to work. One top light comes on, but the LED won't come on when you put your hands in and the other one just doesn't want to work at all. Stuck with non working lights, so now I cannot use the product without purchasing a new lamp. UNBELIEVABLE!

Meh product, bad customer service. I received my package and 3 of the bottles had leaked inside. The base coat and slip solution were both nearly empty. The bottle of dehydrator was completely empty. I reached out to their customer service 12 days ago and still have not received a reply. Overall the product is ok. The lamp is great. The polygel themselves are good, as long as you find the ones with good consistency. Some are way too runny, and do not react to the slip solution. Honestly, I will not purchase from this company again. With how inconsistent the polygel formula is, and their lack of customer service, I will go with a different brand.

Fumes. So I ordered this kit was excited to use it. It’s very beginners friendly, the gel is tacky and thick so it’s kind of hard to spread but with practice it becomes a little easier. Now the top coat, primer and slip liquids are so strong I could only complete two nails I begin coughing a very harsh dry cough woke up the next morning my throat was sore and the cough had became worst had to go to the doctor just to find out the fumes from the chemicals was so harsh and strong it gave me laryngitis so here I am with two nails on not able to complete them because I can’t use those chemicals anymore because they are so harsh and the best part is I have a sore throat and no voice :( if u can handle the harsh chemicals and fumes then I’d suggest but I def will not buy again. Im so disappointed this has never happened before and I’ve always gotten my nails done for the last 18 years no problems

Make sure the nail mold is bigger than your nail! It is easy to use and has everything you need, minus paper towels. The product was a little bit drier than I was expecting, which made it harder to move around the mold. Make sure to use enough product but not too much and to press down at the base of your nail, near the cuticle. This will prevent bubbles underneath. Don’t press too hard though or the product with ooze out the sides. I would recommend getting a large nail trimmer as the one that comes with it is not quite big enough. It took me about 1.5 hours, start to finish for my first time. Also, I would invest in a buffer and a nail file. Additionally, I know they have fans that catch debris - which would have been nice, as I ended up with dust everywhere!

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