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Nude Grey Poly Nail Gel Kit Slip Solution Kit B09NCZY6H1 Deep Nude Poly Nail Gel Nude Poly Nail Gel Pure White Poly Nail Gel
Nude Grey Poly Nail Gel Kit Slip Solution Kit 12colors Nude Poly Nail Gel Deep Nude Poly Nail Gel Nude Poly Nail Gel Pure White Poly Nail Gel

Modelones Dual FormsThe advantages of Modelones nail molds

The advantages of Modelones nail molds

  1. Easier and faster, save your time and energy.
  2. Easy to apply. Choose one piece of nail mold of your finger size, apply it as you apply an artificial nail usually.
  3. Easy to Remove. There is a special designed curl on one end for you to take the nail mold off.


4. The inside of the nail mold is smooth, which Create a smooth and beautiful nail surface

and thus saves your time to file and buffer.

5. Reusable. Clean the nail mold with nail polish remover after using and you can use it next time, which saves your money to buy so much nail forms.

12 Size and 10 pcs each Size

12 Size and 10 pcs each Size

12 Sizes and 12 Slots

You can easily find the ones you want!

Never lead to the size mixing problem!

Box design

Box design

A box of dual forms. It is very easy to package after using!

The advantages of Modelones nail molds


12 Size and 10 pcs each Size

Box design


Features & Specifications

  • ♥ POLY DUAL NAIL FORMS: Modelones dual nail forms used with poly nail gel can quickly and perfectly complete the nail extension. The nail forms are made with high quality ABS material, they are strong, durable and reusable. Great for professional use and home DIY nail art.
  • ♥ VARIED SIZE: The 120pcs artificial nail plastic forms offer 12 different sizes. Pre-numbered 0-11 on tips, fit most fingers and is convenient to choose the suitable size. 10pcs of each size.
  • ♥ TWO KINDS OF SCALES: Perfect length and curvature flat make your perfect nail extension. Flat curved dual forms make nails more natural. Curved scale and straight scale on the forms. Convenient to control the length you want and there are two shapes for you to choose from.
  • ♥ MULTIPLE APPLICATION: Full cover false nails design, suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home, can be used for building poly nail gel/ extension nails/ gel nails, perfect for painting clear nails and french nail tips.
  • ♥ WORRY-FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE: All the products were under quality control, for any pre-sale and after-sales problems about products, please contact our customer service team, we are always standing by for you. Thank you and enjoy your beauty journey.

Pros & Cons


Take your time. I absolutely love my nails. I only had 3 issues, one was that I sat on my carpet and did them so I kept getting fuzz on my nails (so make sure you're at a table), 2 was the UV light. I had to pry the legs out for it to stand, they were really stuck and ended up having to use a knife, and 3 is that this kit didn't come with nail clips. Thank God I bought them or this wouldn't have worked out at all. For my first time, it took me almost 2 hours bc I messed up a few times and had to remove some bc of the fuzz (obv my fault). If you're gonna buy this, spend the extra 4$ and get nail clips. Next time this will probably only take me an hour to do, which is just a bit longer than when I'd pay to get my nails done. The colors are just what I expected too. And make sure you have a paper towel to wipe your brush onto. Definitely will buy this again when I run out

Works well, colors diff than shown, a little messy. Good product! Took 2hrs to do both hands, but it was my first time (so it might be faster next time). The color that looks dark grey/black is actually a very light grey, which was disappointing. The black sparkley color has translucent black with holographic black glitter in it. So cute! The UV lamp must be plugged in to cure the basecoat, cure the nails (front and back), and cure the topcoat. 60secs each time. The application is TRICKY & a bit MESSY. The instructions are a little unclear... Mainly due to poor translation, but I figured it out. When you put the gel on the nail form & press it on your nail, it gloops out the side & onto you skin. The you use the brush provided and 'slip solution' to shape it/clean it up... ONLY PROBLEM WITH THAT: when you're shaping the back of the nail/the underside, it sometimes pushes the nailform off of your nail (will all the nail goo/nail form gel) and creates air pockets that (when cured) look weird! It's very fiddly but I the (mainly) professional result. Still a bit messy but overall a good product that does what it says!

Great for beginners, but took some improvising. This is only my second time using a poly-gel nail kit. That being said, I am still learning. This kit was easy to work with for the most part. However, it is missing a few items and instructions that are needed to applicate the nails correctly. There are other items needed that aren't included in the kit. The kit included slip solution (used to move the polygel into place on the nail form), multiple polygel colors, a brush, nail forms, UV light, nail clippers, and a spatula to scoop the polygel. he instructions will tell you to put the slip solution in a small dish, however one is not included in the kit. I used a glass mug which seemed to work. The UV light does not include a plug either, but if you have an i-phone charger or adapter, this works too. The instructions also tell you to use a cuticle pusher and trimmer to prepare for application. Neither was included in the kit, but I had my own. Lastly, the dual forms work well but don't have as many sizes as they should. The sizes are not very inclusive, they were all either too small or too big. There are some other things to keep in mind with this kit. The base gel is extremely sticky. If you touch anything after applying it. I tried curing it for up to 4 mins, but it still remained sticky. The same thing applies for the top coat. I ended up ditching the top coat all together, and just using one by OPI which worked much better. Overall, it was easy to work with, but took some improvising as well. It took me about 1.5 hours (this only being my second time) from start-finish. Including the setup , application, and prep. It takes practice to learn the right thickness and how to shape, but this kit is good for those who don't want to spend a fortune on a nail kit.

Great manicure for a low price! This stuff definitely takes practice and patience to use. I’ve never used polygel before and this was my third attempt and by far the best. My nails are currently nubs so the whole nail in my photo is polygel. I added sparkly nail polish on top for fun. If you’re having trouble, I found that it’s much easier to squeeze the gel directly on my nails then push it down with the dual forms after adding a thin coat of isopropyl alcohol than the technique in the directions. Also be sure to clean all the gel off your cuticles before curing. It seems obvious but I wasn’t thorough enough which is why mine look kinda messy. All in all it’s a great value for the price and my result is decent. ****UPDATE**** The second pic is my latest try and they came out much better! I made sure I cleaned up my cuticles more and filed them to more of an almond shape and I’m very happy with the result.

Not bad, but takes time, fun experience if you like doing things like this! I read through hundreds of reviews, many good and many bad before buying. I was hoping for the best! I watched a ton of YouTube videos on application before I started so I was aware of what not to do and what was recommended to do. It took me about 2 hours to do both hands. I was worried about the Poly gel not setting due to the kit I had having a 20w lamp Vs 40+ It actually did just fine! Didn’t have any issues. What I learned is don’t use too much slip solution. When applying on the form I’d dip my brush then dab on a towel before spreading. If I used too much the nail wasn’t staying in place and would come off before I could cure it. I’d recommend starting with shorter nails then working to longer when you’re more comfortable. I started with long and couldn’t get them all the same shape so I cut down a bunch. The pigment is sheer, If you want better pigmentation I’d recommend using a gel cover over the poly gel. I even thought it might make more sense to do a clear poly gel then do regular gel after. Not sure if that can be done, but I might try it. I think it’d also help with application being less tedious. It’s very obvious areas that are thicker than others which I’m sure does get better with practice. I like how they turn out and excited to keep getting better. I feel like this was a great value for the money and it’s worth giving it a go!

Decent item. I believe i received my kit used. Some gel colors were sealed while others were not. The dual brush pen had gel residue on the hard end where you scrape the gel and place it onto the dual nail form. The only thing that was new was the nail file (i suppose because it would be super obvious if that was used). I still kept the item as there was still product to be used. I made sure to clean and sterilize myself before use. Aside from how the product arrived... so far, meh. This is my first time trying out poly gel. It's not hard to use and easier when doing someone else's nails. I've done my own nails along with practicing on two other family members. The nails only lasted a day before some started to break. Strenuous tasks were not being done when the nails broke. I'm wanting to say it's because i didn't make them thick enough to be strong enough, so i'll continue to practice. I suppose it's worth the price (especially if all material is new/unused). Not sure if i'd buy it again, depends on how future nails come out. I'll experiment with the thickness and that'll determine whether i'd recommend or buy again. The nails do come out looking pretty, i just have to figure out how to make them durable.


Things you need to know in order to use. A few important things to note about this product. The way the video shows where you put the product on your mail then press the form is the best way considering just how sticky the product is, if you tried to paint it on the mold as the instructions say it would never work. Once you have pressed the nail on MAKE SURE you dip the brush in nail polish remover before touching up the edges, and MAKE SURE you press the nail and touch up the back to thin out the extension or you’ll be left with chunky nails. The instructions also don’t tell you that the base coat will still be wet after you cure it but it should be wet still. The instructions also don’t tell you you can’t reuse the forms because of the film the nail leaves. I tried to reuse them and it made a COMPLETE MESS. the hardest part about these nails is the form doesn’t stay on all the time, half my nails came out great because the form stayed secure to the nail, while others continued to pop off while trying to cure and made a mess. Also if you see a portion messed up and you want to fix with another layer or a little patch… it won’t work, it will chip right off you will have to remove the whole nail and start again. Once these kinks are figured out it’s not so bad. So far I have tried this kit 3 times all different ways and it took about an hour each time. Is it a time saver over the nail salon? No. Is it convenient? Ehh. Is it far less damaging? Yes. Is it a lot cheaper? Yes. So far I have mixed feelings. If it took 30 mins or less it would be a great buy for me. But an hour for something that is time consuming, frustrating and isn’t perfect …. Idk. Hope this helps.

not the easiest to use, expect to have to do it more than once. i bought this product because i wanted a less expensive and healthier way of getting artificially long nails. normally, i go to the salon and get dip powder or i do a simple manicure at home. dip powder gets costly, so i decided to look into polygel which is supposed to last longer, be easy to use, and be healthier for your nails. i can't say the quality of the product is terrible, but i do think it's lacking a couple items such as a primer and certain tools to aid in the process. i tried to do my nails and it took me three hours to only get one successfully completed (even though i had to file the bottom part down using an electric file). I had moved on to the next nail which i had to redo the whole process three times, and the same occurred with another nail. after realizing that this wasnt gonna get any easier using this product, i decided to give up. I WISH I COULD RETURN, but unfortunately I used the product, so that's no longer an option. super upset and wish I would've known better than to spend my money on this. OVERALL: if you know how to do nails, this may work. if not, save yourself the trouble or be EXTREMELY PATIENT.

Easy to use to beginners *disclaimer: pain on nail beds with light and clear poly gel doesn't work*. This is all really easy to use for inexperienced people wanting to do their own nails. I have always just bought the glue on kits. I like they way these look and feel more than the typical "Kiss" or other brand nails that you glue on. I haven't seen any damage to my nails after taking the first set off and putting on a second; HOWEVER, I will say this disclaimer ****during the process of curing under the light, my nail beds BURNED LIKE HELL**** while the base, poly gel, and top coat, all THREE steps that you have to separately cure, ALL hurt under the light. Personally, my nails are naturally thin, so maybe it's just my experience and I got used to the feeling. It doesn't hurt bad enough to not use, and like I said, I haven't noticed any damage this far. I just want to let new users know that there may be discomfort while using the light, but the results are great. Also, the clear poly gel, which I was looking forward to using the most, barely works at all. It is nearly impossible to work with and immediately went in the trash after I gave it a few tries. Maybe another brand like beetle has higher quality gel that I can use with this light/ kit. Other than those things, I don't regret my purchase. I will probably invest in different brands of poly gel and I also bought a nail drill with multiple head shapes to help shape the poly gel. This is a great deal with almost everything you need to help beginners like myself learn and obtain a nice manicure that lasts.

Not beginner friendly. First off I will say that I am a person that does their research. I bought this kit for my daughter as a Christmas present because she always has fake nails on and I will not take her to the salon to get them done like that. At first I was impressed by what was in the kit. Everything was there just like the picture. So after watching I don’t know how many YouTube videos I felt that this was going to be so easy to do. I followed the instructions to a tea. I got half way done with one hand and right at the tip of my daughter “real” nails the “fake” name popped off. And yes it was a long nail, so I tried to do a shorter one and still the damn thing. The nails just would pop off right at the tip of her own nail. I told my daughter to see what happens the next day. She couldn’t even sleep with them on because they came off in bed. Oh and I should also mention that this product is messy and sticky feeling. I am not sure if I would try this product again.

Not my thing & I followed the directions. This product obviously takes practice. I tried one time and it's not for me. It's too complicated. Not really sure what I was expecting as the videos made it look easy. That wasn't my experience. I'm sure I could have practiced but really who has the extra time for that. I would have returned it but used it once so figured my mistake. If you know how to do these types of nails, this will more than likely be very easy for you. For the beginner, I don't think so.

Not great for beginners. UPDATE- I tried it again, did ok this time around, still oozes out the sides even with less product used, used a darker shade and can still my nail underneath. One popped of the next day, yes I primed etc... still no for me. I've had my nails done by a nail tech for 20 plus years and figured I would try and save some money and get this kit that TikTok and others rave about. Let me tell you it's not easy. I like my nails a little thicker (like the acrylics) and this kit you can't use to much product or it oozes out the sides of the nail set, so you're going to end up with thinner nails and a mess. Also they just popped off. I read the instructions and did all they recommend, but just didn't work for me. Maybe it's just me and not using it right, I got so frustrated I gave up. It comes with all that is specified, the colors are weak so I'd suggest using good old fashion nail polish. Maybe when I have more time I will try it again, but honestly thinking of getting the acrylic set as to me they seem strong than the Poly Gel nails. So if you're a beginner like me beware Poly Gel isn't as easy as some make it to be, might better for someone who has done nails before.

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