M MIVONDA Title Test for HM15WS 20230302

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Vanity Mirror with Lights and 10X Magnification for Makeup Desk

Hollywood vanity mirror with lights with 10x magnification HM12MS

M Mivonda’s vanity mirror is with light bulbs, let every corner of the makeup, even the details on the 10X magnified mirror can be lit up brightly. It works as bright as your another table lamp on dressing table, who provides ultra bright light for makeup and routine personal care.

Dimmable 3 tones of lighted makeup vanity Hollywood mirror with 10X Magnification HM12MS

Dimmable 3 Color Lights of Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights

3 LIGHTING MODES: Tap “M” switch of the makeup vanity mirror can switch three lighting modes conveniently. It provides daylight mode, neutral white mode, warm white mode. Let you have the correct color light for perfect makeup.

  • DAYLIGHT Mode: color temperature 7500L~8500K, simulates office white light for doing office ELITE makeup
  • NEUTRAL WHITE Mode: color temperature 5500K~6500K, simulates sunshine for doing OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES makeup
  • WARM WHITE Mode: color temperature 4500K~4500K, simulates party light for doing ROMANTIC DATING makeup, PARTY QUEEN makeup, etc.

DIMMABLE BRIGHTNESS: Tap and hold “P” switch of this makeup mirror with lights can adjust the brightness smartly. Each lighting mode has its own brightness memory function. You may enjoy your ideal brightness of each tone conveniently.

2in1 Hollywood vanity wall mounted mirror with lights with 10X magnification HM12MS

Mirror with lights for Makeup Desk and Wall

Most of lighted vanity mirror are table standing only. It is not friendly to who has small vanity. So M Movinda upgrades this large makeup mirror with lights to be 2in1 Hollywood makeup mirror with simple installation methods:

  • Desk Mirror with Lights: Locking the detachable base with the Hollywood vanity mirror, allowing it can be your mirror with lights for makeup vanity.
  • LED Vanity Mirror: Hanging up this big makeup mirror with lights allows it to be your wall mounted mirror.

Dual Power Ways Of Hollywood vanity mirror with lights HM12MS

Detachable 10X Magnification Mirror of Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights HM12MS

Specification of Hollywood vanity mirror with lights with 10x magnification HM12MS

Dual Powers of Vanity Mirror With Lights

  • DC Port Power: This vanity mirror is charged by adapter via the DC port.
  • USB Charging Port: it can also charge your phone, Ipad, nail dryer, facial stream, etc. with the USB charger port. It is convenient for daily usage of other cosmetic or electric device.

Detachable Mirror with 10X Magnification

This 10X magnification mirror can magnify details for precise makeup. Ideal for shaving, wearing contact lens, brush eyelash, etc.

Specification of Makeup Vanity Mirror with 10X Magnificaiton

  • Lighted Tabletop Mirror: 20″x16.7″x4.7″
  • LED Wall Mirror: 20″x15.7″x1.7″
  • Reflection of Mirror with 1X Magnification: 25.5″
  • Surface of Removable 10X Magnifying Mirror: Dia 3.5″

Multi-functional Usage of the 2in1 Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights

Multifunctional usage of Hollywood vanity mirror with lights HM12MSVanity Mirror With Lights Hollywood Makeup Mirror With 10X Magnification HM12MS

What does the package of vanity mirror with lights have?

  1. 1 x Vanity Mirror with Lights
  2. 1 x 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror
  3. 1 x 12V/2A Adapter with 60inch cable
  4. 1 x Detachable Metal Base
  5. 1 x Package of Anti-slip Pads
  6. 1 x Package of Screws to assemble your table vanity mirror
  7. 1 x Package of Screws and Anchors to be your wall-mounted lighted mirror
  8. 1 x Soft Cleaning Cloth
  9. 1 x Instruction Manual
Vanity Mirror with Lights Large Vanity Mirror with Lights X-large Vanity Makeup Hollywood Mirror with Lights
Vanity Mirror with Lights Large Vanity Mirror with Lights X-Large Vanity Mirror with Lights
Size 20″x17″ 23″x19″ 26″x22″
Bulbs 12pcs 15pcs 18pcs

Features & Specifications

  • 【3 Lighting Modes】This vanity mirror is with ①Daylight for office makeup, ②Warm Light for party/dating makeup, ③Neutral Light for outdoor make up.
  • 【Mirror for Table or Wall】Depends on the usage, this lighted makeup mirror can either be a lighted tabletop mirror or a LED wall-mounted mirror.
  • 【Mirrors with 1X & 10X Magnification】Besides a vanity mirror with 1X magnification for comprehensive makeup check, a detachable 10X magnifying mirror is included. It makes up the limited usage of 1X magnification, ideal for squeezing, shaving, eyeliner, etc.
  • 【Mirror with DC and USB Ports】This lighted vanity mirror is charged by the adapter. It can also be a charger with the USB port to charge your phone, nail dryer,etc.
  • 【3 Touch Sensors】This vanity mirror is with 3 smart touch sensors that operates different light functions. Let you set different lighting mode with its specific brightness smartly.
  • 【Dimmable Brightness】With dimmable light function, this Hollywood vanity mirror provides suitable brightness for you no matter in the morning or at night.
  • 【Brightness Memory】The makeup vanity mirror with brightness memory function releases your re-setting of each lighting mode. You can enjoy the ideal brightness of each color light any time.
  • 【Best Gift】M Mivonda’s vanity mirror with professional lighting modes and the intelligent brightness function allows applying-Hollywood-star-makeup be more convenient. The extra 10X magnified mirror allows details also be taken good care of. What’s more, as a star of your own life, you deserve the best.
  • 【Maintain & Warranty】Safety Packaging and the cleaning cloth is included. M Mivonda provides 18-MONTH WARRANTY! Both your mirrors and you can get the guarantee from M Mivonda.

Pros & Cons


Perfect perfect perfect. I love this little mirror <3 It has the ability to dim the lights as well as change the warmth. Also has a place to mount to the wall if the stand isn’t really your thing. Love the USB feature to be able to charge your phone while listening to music and getting ready or connect a UV curing lamp to do your nails with perfect lighting. Best investment ever. Obviously its not huge, I opted for the biggest size but my table is 30 inches wide so It’s perfect because I have room on the side to store my acrylic makeup drawers (not pictured). If you have fundamental reading skills and own a measuring tape you wouldn’t be complaining in the reviews about the size lol but I love it!

Cute and just what I needed! Make sure you know the measurements! I thought I’d ordered the larger mirror but instead ordered a smaller one. My fault bc I didn’t measure. However, I’m keeping it bc it’s bright, lightweight, and small enough to place over my shelf. I’ve only had it a few days but I’ll update my review in a few months to see if the lights still work properly.

Exceeds expectations! The lighting on this mirror is BRIGHT! It lights up my entire bedroom. I absolutely love the touchscreen functionality as well as the usb port on the side. It also included a small magnifying mirror that has suction cups on it, which easily adheres to the main mirror. It’s dimmable and also has a warm/blue hue light- don’t think I’ll ever use those because I love the bright white, but love having the option. This mirror is everything I thought it would be and more.

Love it. Fast delivery good packaging everything was safe in travel. Bought it for my daughter she loves it. Good bright light and dimmer setting.

Definitely worth it ! Really pretty, it was smaller than I expected but still love it.

Just what I wanted. Good price, lights up the room, great size fit perfectly.


Very small. The mirror was very small and I couldn’t see my in it. All the light and stuff worked though it was very pretty

It’s okay. The mirror is a perfect size for a vanity, however I had to build a little shelf to sit it on because it wasn’t tall enough. It’s a good little starter mirror I just wish it was brighter. It has three settings of light and it’s dimmable. Even at its brightest setting, with my curtains open and my overhead ceiling light on, it still wasn’t bright enough to completely light up my face for good makeup application

Not what I was expecting for $120. My fault for not paying attention to the actual measurements. I went off reviews and pictures in the reviews. I was expecting the XL mirror to be a lot bigger. It’s super funny on my daughters vanity. So far the quality is good but just beware that it’s not XL.. I’d say medium size is the correct advertisement for size.

Pretty mirror-arrived cracked. Didn’t get a chance to check the brightness and/or any features as it arrived cracked at the top of the mirror. The mirror wasn’t bubbled wrapped or any protection around it at all-only a plastic bag covering it. Then it was placed in a box with random styrofoam around it. The vanity mirror itself was pretty and my 13 y/o loved it but her heart sank when we pulled it out of the box and saw the crack. Needless to say it’s going back.

Looks nice, but.. Stopped working after a couple of uses.

Es un buen artículo pero es pequeño, por el precio pensé que era más grande. Es un buen artículo pero por el precio me imagine que sería más grande, no me siento conforme porque es pequeño

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