Luseta shampoo and conditioner Biotin&Tea Tree set

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Our signature ingredients in every product are extracted from natural plants. No synthetic ‘natural’ ingredients!


Founded by industrial chemists and stylists with over 20 years of salon industry experience. Always in for high standard.


We are fully entrenched in the belief that our first priority is to ensure the health of our consumers.


Strict quality control system in order to maintain and exceed industry and government standards.

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Tea Tree Oil: The volatile essential oil derived mainly from the leaves of the Australian native plant, Melaleuca Alternifolia. Most widely known for the ability to treat wounds.

Argan Oil: A plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) native to Morroco. Argan oil contains high quantities of vitamin A, C and E, and omega-6 fatty acids, which helps repair and fight damages

key Feature of Tea Tree & Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set

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Built on all-healthy ingredients, among them argania spinosa kernel (argan) oil, melaeuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf Oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, as well as mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, this deep cleanse aims to purify the scalp from dirt and excess oils while sustaining hair’s natural shine. This duo set contains both a shampoo to cleanse your hair deeply, and conditioner to leave it feeling smooth and radiant.


Split ends, dandruff, and dry, itchy scalp are common problems that can detract from otherwise healthy hair. A dry, irritated scalp ultimately leads to dandruff (bleh). The tea tree oil may prevent allergic skin reactions, argan oil gives your hair gloss, and coconut oil keeps your hair thick and strong. It gives soft and shiny hair while also getting rid of dandruff.


This sulfate- and paraben-free product comes with a pleasantly mild scent, and helps you fight dry and damaged hair. The moisturizing formula with argan oil works wonders for even the most problematic hair, despite constant challenges due to styling or environment. Regular use of the product will give it a healthy shine, a soft feel, and will provide a calming sensation on your scalp.

tea tree hair shampoo tea tree hair oil tea tree hair mask shampoo conditioner shampoo and conditioner
Tea Tree Shampoo Set Tea Tree Hair Oil Tea Tree Hair Mask Keratin Smooth Shampoo Set Coconut Milk Shampoo Set
Key Ingredients Tea Tree Oil & Argan Oil Tea Tree Oil & Argan Oil Tea Tree Oil & Argan Oil Keratin Protein & Wheat Protein Coconut Milk
Suitable Hair Type oily hair; dandruff oily hair oily hair damaged hair & tame frizziness dry, damaged hair
Size 2*16.9oz 3.38oz 16.9oz 2*33.8oz 2*33.8oz
Tested on animals NO NO NO NO NO
Sulfate NO NO NO NO NO
Paraben NO NO NO NO NO

Features & Specifications

  • Tea tree and argan oil rid hair of impurities
  • Leaves hair full of luster and vitality
  • Color safe hair care product
  • Tea tree oil deeply cleans hair
  • Argan oil moisturizes and repair hair damage

Pros & Cons


Nice shampoo. This is a good shampoo. It smells good and cleans my hair well

It definitely worked for my Dandruff and Itchy Scalp and did not make my hair dry but instead gave some shine . I ordered and paid for the smaller bottles ( this is not an exchange review Lol) , one shampoo and one conditioner , just to first check if these will work for my moderate to severe dandruff before investing money in the bigger bottles. Many sources say that tea tree oil helps to relieve itching , inflammation and combat dandruff to a good extent . So my main purpose of buying this was to have a set of a more natural Shampoo & Conditioner for controlling dandruff and itchiness on my scalp and also some areas behind the ears and simultaneously do the job of any good general purpose shampoo and conditioner without over drying or damaging my scalp or hair or fade the color ( I am a male in my 30s and I dye my hair with products made by a German company Schwarzkopf ). Therefore , in my review , you will be reading mostly about how good this shampoo/Conditioner worked for the above problems. If you don't like reading long reviews you can jump to the summary at the end . Before testing the Luseta Tea Tree & Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner, I completely stopped my therapeutic shampoos i.e Nizoral 1% and another Coal Tar shampoo named MG217 which I had been using ( one at a time , not both ) for almost 5 to 6 years and without which my scalp itching and dandruff would always come back in 2 to 3 days and become intolerable after 4 to 5 days even if I washed my hair with other good quality Non-Anti-Dandruff shampoos & conditioners . After using solely the Luseta Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner during my routine shower , I was surprised that they controlled my Dandruff to a significant level . I experienced as much relief of Itching and Dandruff including clearing up white flakes as I had experienced with either Nizoral 1% or MG 217 Coal Tar shampoos( maximum strength ) . A big advantage I saw with Luseta was the absence of drying as well as frizz of my color treated hair and my hair would comb easily. That drying effect and frizz were two things which happened to my hair with most shampoos I have tried , specially with Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and to a lesser extent with the 2-in-1 Coal Tar shampoo & Conditioner as well. To see the effect on the color, I kept checking my color treated hair at regular intervals of 3 to 4 days to see if there was any fading or unwanted change in the color e.g copperish or reddish tones etc . To my satisfaction my hair color remained more vibrant than previous and also the color stayed for longer time , i.e for more than 45 days , something I rarely noticed while other shampoos . A third big improvement I saw with Luseta was the increased smoothness and shine on my hair . This helped me to quit using a separate shining conditioner which i used to do for special occasions. I think the improvement in shine was due to the Argan Oil present in both the Luseta Shampoo and Conditioner , but I am not sure about it , cos other ingredients might have contributed . One thing which I didn't like about the Luseta was the tendency to keep my hair less straight , and more wavy ( that is how my hair originally are ), but my wife liked it and noticed the change. I personally don't like my hair to be too wavy i.e close to being curly that's why I keep my hair short ( between 1.5 inches to 4 inches max ) and my natural hair color is darkest brown ( close to soft black ). I have been using the Luseta Shampoo & Conditioner for almost a month now and I can definitely tell you that it brought some waviness back to my hair . It is not something that will bother me unless it becomes excessive like getting close to curly. If you like your hair is wavy or curly and you want to keep it that way , then trust me , this Shampoo/Conditioner will keep it that way . Though it didn't straighten my hair, the good thing is that in exchange I got an increase in smoothness and shine. That doesn't sound like a bad deal to me if I also get relief from Dandruff and Itchiness through a more natural way( the main reason I bought these ) rather than using Coal Tar shampoo or Nizoral which are both quite harsh for skin and hair and also eyes. If some of you have ever used Nizoral 2 % or even 1% , you might have noticed the burning of eyes the moment the shampoo's lather touches the eyes . That is understandable cos that has anti-fungal drug Ketoconazole in it and I don't want to say bad things about Nizoral shampoo as it has for sure helped me relieve the excessive dandruff , itchiness and white flakes for all those years . Same with the MG 217 Anti-Dandruff shampoo, quite effective in this regard. But my main purpose was to have a less toxic and more natural alternatives to these prescription strength remedies. Recently when I was searching for an alternative to using harsh chemicals , I found out that Coal Tar has thousands of chemicals in it . Yeah , thousands not hundreds . That sounds very risky , at least to me , cos many of those ingredients are not known to be safe and some of them are linked to cancer according to medical studies , if used excessively . In SUMMARY , I wrote this review to help others , cos I my self spent hours and hours on internet forums, reviews , articles etc to find a good shampoo/conditioner with more natural ingredients as well as a replacement for the harsh shampoos I have been using regularly for more than 5 years . The verdict is that : ( 1) I found the Luseta Tea Tree & Argan Oil shampoo and Conditioner ,both excellent . They don't have any bad smell like some natural oil based products might have . In fact I don't remember any strong smell , good or bad , even though i have almost finished the two small bottles during the last few weeks. (2) The shampoo lathers o.k to good level and you don't need much to make a good lather. I try to use the same amount of conditioner as well so that both finish at roughly the same time. I don't feel the touch of the conditioner as much as shampoo cos it doesn't leather ( obviously ) and is less thick than most other conditoners I have used before. Anyways , together they definitely added SMOOTHNESS AND SHINE to my Hair. I don't know about what other users may find but I personally have noticed it clearly. ( 3) These did not fade the color of my color treated hair, something that I specifically watched and made sure. The bottles look cute and the product comes out easily with simple squeezing while holding the bottle upside down ( I am talking about the small bottles which don't have pumps ) . (4) The shampoo and Conditioner together controlled my dandruff , itchiness and white flakes but on the fourth day of shower , the dandruff and itchiness started to come again just like they did while using the doctor's recommended Nizoral or MG 217 coal Tar (that is how severe my dandruff is ) But I am satisfied with the effectiveness cos the Luseta has not specifically claimed to eliminate dandruff and itchiness altogether . Also , in my opinion you cannot eliminate Moderate to Sever Dandruff permanently with any shampoo, though I am not sure about mild dandruff . Yeah I mean it , you can only control it with continuous use . That is my conclusion after researching and dealing with Dandruff for many many years. According to current medical studies , Dandruff ( also called Seborrheic Dermatitis ) is thought to be a type of chronic allergic skin's reaction to a type of fungus resulting in inflammation, flaking , itchiness and possibly other symptoms. You can suppress the count / number of these specific fungus organisms on your skin and thus relieve the symptoms to a negligible level through a variety of methods , e.g shampoos, ointments , drugs , oils , scalp temperature, humidity, PH regulation, changing the food you take and modifying body's response to the organisms etc etc but it is hard to completely kill and eliminate these specific organisms ( fungi) from your skin altogether . If that was easy , then doctors would have done that long ago cos after all Dandruff is more like a skin/scalp's disease than just a variation of normal skin . Thats why it has a proper medical name " Sebohrreic Dermatitis " In a nutshell I recommend this shampoo/Conditioner set if you are looking for a less aggressive approach to help with Scalp Dandruff, Itchiness and white flakes etc OR even if you just want to replace your shampoo and conditioner with a more natural product and still get good results , specifically improving dryness, frizz , smoothness and some shine as well . I will be buying the bigger bottles soon . Thank you for reading .

Grande. Los botes son grandes y huelen muy bien, lamentablemente no me deje el cabello suave por el contrario. Creo que no los volveré a comprar.

Great hair care. I’ve purchased this about 2-3 times at this point and will probably continue to use it unless I find something else worth trying. It’s not too expensive and works great for my hair. I’m a 24 year old male with medium length hair and it leaves my hair looking and feeling full and fresh after use. My only complaint is it doesn’t smell the best. Don’t get me wrong, it smells decent and doesn’t smell bad by any means but it could be a bit better. Not enough to sway me away from the product obviously, try it out

Detangles, moisturizing, and smells delicious. Just used this shampoo and loved the way it made my hair feel. It made it feel so moisturized, detangled, and fluffy. Idk if it’ll work for hair loss just yet, but I’ll update within a few months I was using purador but had to stop because it made my hair tangled matted and very dry and seemed to take out more hair than help it grow this shampoo is the complete opposite when blow drying the tangles were gone . I have been doing diy rosemary water with peppermint and tea tree oil as well and homemade rosemary oil as well to help combat the hair loss as well. So hopefully with consistent use everything will work out.

It does the job! I've used the light purple bottles of Luseta (biotin/collagen) for a long time now. Bought all of my sets directly here from Amazon. The combo does a nice job with my hair type, obviously it's not a one-size-fits-all for everyone. My mid-40s hair is beginning the aging process - gray hairs beginning to creep in. I keep my hair pulled back every day so I have a decent amount that falls out due to the tension, but it isn't terrible. My hair is normal - not oily, not too dry. This doesn't weigh it down and it does condition it pretty well. I can usually go every other day washing with this stuff, so it's a win in my book. Does it do anything miraculous like make my hair grow in faster? Nah, not really. But it washes cleanly and gives a nice, light condition that keeps it soft. My 12yo daughter did not care for the formulation in the bright pink bottles (keratin smoothing) as she felt it was too heavy for her thick, blonde hair and it did not wash out cleanly. I haven't tried it myself so I am not sure how the two compare. Either way, this is a pretty good purchase in my book. It's a solid product at a decent price for the largest bottles.


Just no for me. I really wanted to like this product and was hoping for great results, but it dried my scalp out really bad and gave me super gross dandruff... Like really bad...flakes everywhere. I have to be very picky about shampoo and conditioner and this was not it.

Smells great, not super moisturizing. I love the scent but my hair has actually dried out since starting this. I was hoping it’d be more moisturizing. Also the conditioner bottle’s pump won’t open, which is annoying. I won’t be ordering again. Came in fun packaging.

My own opinion. We’ll I’ve tried this for a week or 2. It smells ok, very faint. Not a heavy product, light and lathering. But, my hair has been falling out when using this, and super itchy scalp and I don’t see any new hair growth like advertised! I’m disappointed that I spent that kind of money to have a product that doesn’t work. I’ve emailed the company to ask for other options with no response.

definitely not for dyed or dry hair. my hair type: bleach &dye treated, extremely thick, dry ends, combination oily scalp i really gave it a chance :( but every time i wash my hair with it my hair literally falls out twice as much and breaks off. the conditioner is super light and i wouldn’t say it does the job. smells good and has great packaging just really isn’t for me.

Not a fan of the scent but great shampoo and conditioner. The scent reminds me of Christmas it isn't horrible just not my favorite, but it does make my hair feel good.

It’s okay…. I have curly, frizzy hair. I wanted to try a shampoo that was good for my hair but wouldn’t cause build-up on my scalp like most of your generic shampoos. This set really dried out my hair. I looked like a lion after letting it air dry. My scalp did feel clean….but my hair felt like straw. I do like the smell but even after adding leave in conditioner, my hair still feels rough.

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