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Collapsible Foot Bath Spa with Heat and Massage, LED & Timer

This HOSPAN foot bath is equipped with 6 sets of massage balls as smooth as pebbles, which can automatically massage the skin of the soles, promoting blood circulation. It also features bubbles, remote control, temperature adjustment function to make your feet completely relaxed after a long day of hard work.

  • 6 groups of automatic massage balls
  • 95°F ~ 118°F temperature control
  • Remote control within 1 meter
  • Space-saving foldable design
  • 10 min~ 60 min timer
  • Water and electricity separated

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The oxygen bubbles impact the soles of the feet to reduce feet pressure and relieve muscle soreness.

Massage Balls

6 groups of motorized massage balls are smooth and do not hurt your feet. 3 massage modes can be chosen.

Remote Control

No need to bend over, it is easy to control the bubble, massage, red light, timing, temp adjust function.

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Comes with a handle to save effort and add safety when pouring water, especially for the elderly.

Support Rod

Don’t forget to rotate the rod to the support position if you want to put your feet on the panel to do a pedicure.


According to the time you set, the foot soaker tub can automatically stop working after 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 minutes.

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Why is foot spa so popular worldwide?

There are numerous acupuncture points on the human feet. Foot bath spa therapy generates energy in the body by massaging the pressure points on the soles of the feet, which boosts blood and energy flows. Therefore, the foot spa helps relieve stress, lower blood pressure, induce deep sleep, reduce the effects of anxiety and depression, and improve immunity.

Why is there a small amount of water in my newly purchased foot tub?

If residual water is found, please wipe it up before using. It is clean water for testing.

Warm Tips:

1. It is recommended to fill in warm water around 95°F to reduce your waiting time.

2. Don’t fill the foot spa with hot water above 113°F directly. This will cause the foot tub to enter an overheat protection state and stop working.

3. Rotate the support rod to the supporting position if you want to put your feet on the panel.

4. Remove the remote control before pouring out the water in case the remote is dropped.

5. You can use Epson salt or essential oil in it, but we highly recommend Hospan foot bath bombs which are specially designed for the foot spa!

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Foot Bath Bombs Collapsible Foot Bath, Green Collapsible Foot Bath, Blue Collapsible Foot Bath, Sky Blue Extra Remote
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Features & Specifications

  • Automatic Rotary Massage: This foot bath is equipped with 6 groups of 3D Tai Chi massage balls, which automatically massage the acupuncture points on the soles to relieve foot pressure and improve blood circulation. Massage frequency can be switched between 3 modes: continuous, intermittent, or intelligent
  • Bubble & Intelligent Temperature Control: The oxygen bubbles continuously impact the soles of the feet to offer a soft massage like in hot spring water. The temperature ranging from 95°F to 118°F can be freely adjusted according to your needs. The foot soak tub will maintain water temperature without the need for additional hot water
  • Remote Control: The magnetic remote control is attached to the foot tub. You can also hold it in your hand to control the foot spa without bending over. Note: The infrared transmitter on the remote control needs to be aimed at the display screen, within a distance of 1 meter and at an angle of 90 degrees to the red light
  • LED Display & Timer: The temperature sensor accurately monitors the temperature of the water, and the bottom LED screen displays the real-time temperature or the set temperature. Built-in timer can be set from 10 to 60 minutes for a relaxing foot spa after a tiring day of work
  • Amazingly Foldable: It can be folded easily in two seconds with no tool required. Only 5.5 inches tall when folded, the foot spa can be stowed under a table or sofa to save space

Pros & Cons


Heaven for the Feet!! It took me WEEKS of reading reviews and looking at pictures to decide on this model, and I'm definitely not disappointed!! There is just nothing like it for tired, sore feet. The max temperature to heat the water way higher than I could stand, but that would absolutely be a plus for others who want it super hot. The biggest plus for me are the round, smooth massage balls on the bottom. If you've been doing any comparisons of foot spas on Amazon, you'll see most of them have these plastic rollers that look to me like they'd cut your feet open! I'm sure they don't, but they do NOT look comfortable, and, in fact, if you read reviews, that's a steady complaint. Not an issue here. Smooth, round and just heaven on achy feet with three different massage options or you can leave them off and just kind of roll your feet around on them. I also love that it collapses for storage, but I use it so often, I have yet to collapse it. I just keep it in my guest bathroom tub so it's ready to go with some Epsom salts at a moment's notice. I also appreciate that it has a cover so I can keep my nosy cat out of it when it's not in use and it stays dirt and hair free. If I had one minor issue, it's that I have to maneuver a little to get my size 11 feet into the spa, but it's for sure not a deal breaker. Oh, and as an unexpected bonus! - using it with a foot soak that has essential oils, the skin on my feet has actually greatly improved. I work from home and am in socks or barefoot most of the year, so calluses tend to build up. This has done wonders for that situation. Get this - you won't be disappointed!!

Helps my PN pain immensely. I purchased this foot bath after being diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy that has been causing pain in my feet. After using it only a few times, I can say that it is incredibly soothing for my aching feet and the relief lasted for hours. The variable speeds of the massagers are great, being able to adjust the temp is also wonderful. It collapses down to smaller than I thought it would, so storage is a snap! Having a remote is excellent because you don't have to bend over and risk spilling any water to make adjustments. The only thing that would make this better would be if the power cord were detachable so it could be stored inside the collapsed unit. I even got my father to try it out...I expected him to be in and out saying it wasn't for him, but even he liked it and stayed in for about 20 minutes.

Big feet fit, but a bit tight getting in. This was bought for a 95-year-old man with feet size - 11.5W US men's shoe. His feet fit with plenty of room. He did have a little trouble getting his fit into the tub, due to his swollen ankles and loss of mobility. I wish the opening was larger, but there is plenty of room in the tub. He did not like the massage aspect as the plastic knobs were too much on his tender feet. However, with that turned off, just resting his feet on the knobs did not bother him. He liked how the water was kept warm and he was able to relax during his foot soaks. It's easy to clean and the cover is nice as it keep the water was spilling out while moving the Foot Spa.

Collapsible foot spa. I have wanted one of these for a long time and after carefully researching all the reviews I finally got myself this one for Christmas, love it! The remote lets you dial in the heat exactly where you want it keeps it there. Also allows you to have bubbles or not and turn the shiatsu massage action on and off and changes between three different styles of massage. It folds down for easy storage and expands up for a nice deep well that completely covers your ankles, which is nice. Cheers!

Good Product. This was a gift for my wife. She's used it several times now. I opted for this one for the depth, as it will actually soak ankles too. The folding feature is great - it easily fits under the cabinet, taking up less space than our previous unit. The bubbles and heat from it are great, and the remote offers easy control without her having to bend over to reach the device itself.

EASY STORAGE! I love how it compacts for easy storage; it takes hardly any space. My feet are so grateful to be able to completely relax after a long week on them, great massages. Just add some epsom salt or arnica, and viola spa time. I have pretty tiny feet so it does force em to the front, that's the only issue, but i think that is more of my foot size than anything. Thanks for helping my feet achieve good self care!


Great remote and hear - though hard on the feet. Got this for my wife as a Xmas gift. She loves the great temperature it maintains and the remote control makes using the foot spa so easy. Also the handle to carry the unit around is nice as well. The unit is suppose to be collapsible, but it took both of us a few minutes to figure that out. Her only complaint is the “nubs” that her feet/heals rest on are fatiguing after a while which is ironic since the point of this foot spa was to make her feet feel relaxed and to have a pleasant experience.

I used it once..... ......and will now most likely give it away. I think I'm too short to comfortably sit in a chair and soak my feet. It's just not for me. I love the idea of it but if I sat up straight as a board on the edge of my chair my feet were in the right position for the massage but if I tried to sit back comfortably I had to strain to get my feet to the bottom of the bath and they didn't reach. All in all, frustrating, but it was me I think, not the foot bath itself.

I took a chance. Was disappointed. I have peripheraI neuropathy and my feet ache every day, especially after a day of work and thought something like this might help. It doesn't. I researched reviews on many different models before deciding on this one. I should have saved my money. It's basically a glorified bucket that can heat water to a high temperature. It can get the water very hot if you want it to. That is the best thing about it. It shoots out weak bubbles from only two small openings near the center sides of your feet only, in the middle of the bucket in a very weird place, like on the inside edges of the sides of your feet: the bubbles are almost non-existent. It has hard plastic pads with an uneven surface that you sit your feet on that rotate when you turn them on. The concept is that they act as "massagers." They're not very comfortable and just feel like spinning, very hard plastic under your feet. I can't see myself bothering to fill this with water & lugging it out to where I'm sitting very often, just to soak my feet in hot water. After a hard day of work, just sitting upright in a chair to put your feet in this is uncomfortable sitting for me. I find the ability to collapse this is a detriment. It is very hard for me to collapse/expand it by myself. It leaked slightly when I used it & I couldn't tell where the leak was coming from.

Great Foot Spa - but not for larger feet. I absolutely loved the collapsible style, the remote is awesome, the massagers are fantastic and wow does it heat up fast. The only two complaints I had was the bubbling which was so light I felt it shouldn't even be included as a feature. The other problem was the opening. I have larger feet 10 1/2" and my boyfriend does as well. We both scraped the top of our feet trying to get into the opening which I thought could be a LOT larger. If you have tiny feet, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Doesn't maintain heat well, massagers uncomfortable. Wanted to like this. Unfortunately it didn't work for us. It didn't do a great job maintaining the heat had to constantly turn the heat on and off to try to keep it at the right temp. I didn't like the massage feature. the way it moved just shoved my feet around and wasn't very comfortable.

EVERYTHING BUT THE BUBBLES. The hot temp, the massage, the collapsible... and barely there bubbles. I am not going to return it, but it's kinda ruining the experience for me to be honest.

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Customer Reviews

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